YouTuber Finishes Elden Ring In Under 29 Minutes

YouTube content creator, Distortion2, breaks his own previously set world record to finish Elden Ring in under 29 minutes.

Just as the word implies, a speedrun is an attempt to complete a game as fast and in as little time as possible. Speedrunning is not something new; it has been a vital part of the larger gaming community for a long time and can have multiple aspects such as “Any%” speedruns in which the goal is to complete a game in as little time as possible while only doing the necessary activities and objectives, or even avoiding them using glitches and exploits. It is sort of a race between speedrunners to determine who truly is the most skilled.

FromSoftware’s games have long been the prominent and popular candidates for multiple types of speedruns, such as Any%, NoHit, or even No Death ones. The latest title to join the wishlist of speedrunners is the company’s new action role-playing game, Elden Ring, which was released just last month. Seeing how popular the games are in the speedrunning community and how popular Elden Ring is, it was only a matter of time before we would see attempts by multiple players popping up.

It started when YouTuber niko bellic beat the game in about two-and-a-half hours without dying even once, or, a No Death Run. As the video got famous, it spurred players to attempt to beat the game in even lesser times. Soon followed YouTuber LilAggy with the world’s first Elden Ring speedrun, clocking in under 1 hour. However, unlike niko bellic’s run, it was an Any% speedrun as LilAggy attempted to beat the game in as little time as possible, and for that, he used multiple tricks and died about five times.

All of this was within just 12 days of the game’s release, and since then, there have been others who have continued the trend and beat the game in even lesser times. The latest person to take the throne is Distortion2, who just set the world record by his Any% speedrun in an astonishing 28 minutes and 59 seconds.

YouTube video

This is not Distortion2’s first attempt, as just a day before finishing the game at a little under 29 minutes, he did an Any% speedrun in 33 minutes and 55 seconds. As more and more time passes and players discover more about the game, it wouldn’t be surprising to see more speedruns in even lesser times.

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