Elden Ring is US’ Top-Selling Title in 2022

With only a little over two weeks into the year

FromSoftware’s latest foray into the open-world space seems to be making quite the headlines ever since its release. The latest word on the action-RPG comes from Mat Piscatella—the Executive Director of a renowned market analyst company called NPD Group.

According to the revealed results on his monthly round-up Twitter thread, Elden Ring is not only the best-selling title in its debut month in the United States of America, but the game has managed to top the whole year as well already. It proudly sits at the #1 spot for being the chart-topping title of 2022 as of yet. Bear in mind that you’re looking at an IP here that launched 15 days from now. 

The debut of Elden Ring has definitely gone hard, but not as hard as Call of Duty: Vanguard, reports Mat. The eighteenth game in the Call of Duty franchise appears to boast the strongest launch month in the past year, making our beloved FromSoft masterpiece fall a little bit behind it.

Matt Priscatella on Twitter
Mat Priscatella on Twitter

In recent times, Elden Ring also became the #6 all-time most played game on Steam with an absolutely colossal concurrent player count. There’s just no stopping this title, now that it has finally taken flight after all these years of patience and composure.

Adding to the growing list of Elden Ring’s feats is the fact that the title has sprinted just ahead of Horizon Forbidden West for February 2022. This was another highly anticipated IP released earlier than Elden Ring, even. Being a PlayStation exclusive, however, the action-adventure RPG did manage to land the top spot for PlayStation consoles. 

Elden Ring, on the other hand, ranked first for both Steam and Xbox, making it clear who’s the top dog at this moment in time. All this information comes directly from the analytics of the NPD group and can be verified by visiting their official website.

Top-Selling Games of February 2022 by the NPD Group
Top-Selling Games of February 2022 by the NPD Group

This is absolutely gorgeous news for the people behind Elden Ring. FromSoftware must be having a field day over at the office for now. The game does pack all the bells and whistles ingrained Soulsborne fans have been waiting for. Hybrid combat, a large open world vibrant with details, and the thrill of overcoming a maddening boss are all that make Elden Ring the latest and greatest from Hidetaka Miyazaki.

In our in-depth review of the game, we felt a moral obligation to hand it a solid 10/10, not just because of all the times we were made to suffer the pain of defeat, but due to each moment where we got back up and bested the foe in front of us. Easily one of the most entertaining games we’ve had the pleasure of playing in a while.

What do you think of Elden Ring’s eminent success? Is it beginner’s luck or something ever-green for the years to come? Jot down your opinion in the comments section below. 

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