25 Best Melee Weapons In Elden Ring 

Elden Ring has a beautiful combat system involving tons of melee weapons, ranged spells and incantations, and much more. Your melee weapons arsenals include katanas, swords, daggers, halberds, spears, and more. You, the tarnished one, will have a hard time deciding which weapon to pick and start your first journey to become the Elden Lord. Therefore our curated the best melee weapons Elden Ring guide is sure to help you decide the best one to stick to for a long time. While you’re at it, also check our top 40 Elden Ring best weapons.

Key Highlights
  • Elden Ring has the Melee Weapons ranked based on their abilities and how better they serve the players to win the game.
  • The best Melee Weapons in Elden Ring include Katanas, Swords, Daggers, Halberds, Spears.
  • The Daggers include Wakizashi, Crystal Knife, Reduvia, Misericorde, and Erdsteel, which are famous for being high-speed weapons.
  • Katanas include weapons like Moonveil, Serpentbone blade, Nagabika, Uchigatana, and River of Blood which help you fight the strongest enemies.
  • The Straight Swords weapons are famous for their attacks which increase overall damage. These weapons include Crystal Sword, Golden Epitaph, Longsword, and Sword of St Trina.
  • The Halberd’s weapons include Guardian’s Sword, Golem, Banished Knight, Golden, and Commander’s Standard, which has the most long-ranged attacks.
  • Spears weapons include Partisan, Death Ritual Spear, Inquisitor’s Girandore, Short Spear, and Pike.

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THE Best Weapons In Elden Ring

Elden Ring best weapons
A complete guide listing Elden Ring‘s best weapons

We have listed some of the top-tier melee weapons you can find in Elden Ring, along with the base stats required to equip these weapons. We have also listed their base stats and the main skill that you get while acquiring these weapons in the game. You can always visit Blacksmith’s location and upgrade these weapons to a higher level and get the most out of them.

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The first type that players can come across are daggers in Elden Ring. While wielding the weapon itself, players can obliterate enemies with insane speed, launching high attack numbers and getting rid of opponents quickly. Players can deal highly great crit damage, which can account for victory in combat. Below listed are some of the best melee weapons Elden Ring


Wakizashi is a dagger that aims to be used by players who want to deal significant crit damage but want to take part in close-ranged combat against stronger enemies. It comes with a lot of combo attacks that can increase melee damage. You, as a player, can take advantage of the skills it provides.


The stats of Wakizashi are as follows: 

  • Physical Attack damage is 94, aiding players greatly in excessive Damage against foes. 
  • Critical Damage is set at 100, which makes the Wakizashi an insanely potent weapon. 
  • When it comes to Guards and Defense, Physical Guard is set at 42; Boost is set at 18; Magic Guard is set at a total of 24; Fire Guard at 24; Light Guard at 24, and Holy Guard at 24. 
Requirements and Scaling 
  • The Wakizashi weapon requires players to have 9 Strength Points and 13 Dexterity Points. 
  • The weapon primarily scales with Strength D and Dexterity D; therefore, players should invest in these scalings. 
Main Skill 

The primary skill of Wakizashi in Elden Ring includes “Quickstep”, which gives players the ability to regain their original position while they are fighting enemies to dodge opponent’s attacks. 

Crystal Knife 

Crystal Knife is yet another dagger that aims to support players in close-ranged combat, and you can combine it with “Magic Damage”, which will buff the player and increase their overall crit damage. 


The stats of crystal Knife are shown below: 

  • The Physical Attack is set at 82, which will help close combat against enemies. 
  • Magic Attack is 53 since Crystal Knife has “Magic Damage” embedded in it. 
  • Crit Damage is set at 100 since daggers aim to increase crit damage. 
  • When using Guards, the physical Guard is at 32; Boost is at 15, Magic Guard is no more than 31, while Fire, Light, and holy Guards are set at 18.
Requirements and Scaling 
  • Crystal Knife requires a total of 8 Strength Points, plus 12 Dexterity Points. Along with that, 9 Intelligence Points are also required to wield this weapon. 
  • The weapon scales with Intelligence D, Dexterity D, and Strength D when it comes to scalings. 
Main Skill 

The primary skill of Crystal Knife is “Quickstep”, which is the same as Wakizashi. 


Following through with Reduvia, it is considered one of the best-ranged attack weapons for combat against formidable foes. It allows players to obliterate enemies with Backstabs and allows them to deal a lot of damage and launch attacks with a good amount of speed. 

  • The physical Attack is set at 79, which can help players deal with ranged attacks. 
  • Crit damage is comparatively significant compared to other weapons, with it being 110. 
  • When talking about Guards, Physical Guard is 38, Boost is 16, Light is 22, Fire, Light, and Holy Guards are set at 22; all guards are essential for combat. 
Requirements and Scaling 
  • The players need to have at least 5 strength Points, 13 Dexterity, and 13 Arcane Points in their arsenal to equip. 
  • When talking about scaling, Reduvia scales off Arcane D, Dexterity C, and Strength D, which makes the player stronger when dealing with opponents. 
Main Skill 

Reduvia’s primary skill, called “Blood Blade”, carries its name with pride, obliterating enemies while decreasing their blood buildup slowly but surely, rendering them useless in the end. 


Making our way along, another dagger that belongs in the best melee weapons Elden Ring includes Misericorde, which is excellent for close-ranged combat. Its main aim is to support players with repositioning during motion in the battle to avoid taking damage from opponents. 

  • The Physical Attack is set in stone at 92, suitable for consistent melee output. 
  • Crit damage is excellent, with a total of 140, it is excellent for dealing higher Damage. 
  • Guards for Misericorde are interesting, as it has a higher Physical Guard at 36, while Boost is 15. The other Guards, such as Magic, Holy, Light, and Fire, are set at 21. 
Requirements and Scalings 
  • To equip Misericorde, players will need to own up and give 7 Strength Points, as well as 12 Dexterity Points. 
  • Misericorde scales with Dexterity D and Strength E can significantly aid players in battle. 
Main Skill 

Misericorde has “Quickstep” as its primary skill. It aids players in battle with repositioning to get rid of enemies while dealing insane Damage but also not being able to take any themselves. 

Erdsteel Dagger 

For players who want to deal with a lot of crit damage and want the ability to get rid of opponents while being close with them. The Erdsteel Dagger grants extra attack powers to the adventurer, aiding greatly in combat. 


The Erdsteel Dagger comes with the following states: 

  • The physical Attack is 67, which will help players deal with melee damage. 
  • With significant crit damage of 110, adventures can get the chance to gain victory with ultimate ease. 
  • Guards include Physical Guard at 36, Boost Guard at 15, and others like Magic, Fire, Holy, and Light Guards set at 21. 
Requirements and Scalings 
  • Erdsteel Dagger requires a total of 7 strength points, along with 12 Dexterity Points too, which players can start investing in if they want to equip it. 
  • Scalings-wise, Erdsteel Daggers aim to scale off of Strength D and Dexterity D.
Main Skill 

The Erdsteel Dagger gets its primary damage buff off of Quickstep, which is the skill that is equipped by high-class daggers like Misericorde. 

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elden katana types
types of katanas elden ring

Following up with the following types of weapons, we come across the Katanas, which aim to help players with combat that is mid-range to slash your way through the toughest of foes. You can also launch consistent “Thrust Attacks” at your opponents and place the status of Hemorrhage on them. Let’s look at some of the katanas that belong in the best melee weapons Elden Ring


Moonveil aims to be excellent assistance for adventurers that allows you to attack opponents with consistent Pierce damage, which can inflict the Hemmorage status. You can also take out your weapon with isnae speed and get rid of your foes in a split second using Light. 

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  • Physical Attack is set at 73, allowing adventurers to deal a significant amount of melee damage. 
  • Crit is set at the standard 100, neither too less nor too high. 
  • Since Monnveil is embedded with Magic Damage, it is set at 87, which aids players in battle. 
Requirements and Scaling 
  • Players are advised to take care of their Strength Points, as this weapon requires 12 Points. Along with that, 18 Dexterity Points and 23 Intelligence Points. 
  • With scaling, the Moonveil scales off with Intelligence C and Dexterity D. it also scales partially with Strength E, so players should invest in these skills. 
Main Skill 

Moonveil has the skill “Transient Moonlight”, which allows players to deal with an additional normal attack upon making their slash attacks. 

Serpentbone Blade 

The serpentbone blade, a katana that takes after a serpent bone, is aimed towards players who have invested a lot in Dexterity. This katana is not for short-ranged combat instead for mid-range. It allows adventurers to ruin enemies with a few Slash and Pierce attacks with a lot of speed. 

  • Physical Attack is set in stone at 120, able to deal a decent amount of damage output. 
  • The Crit is 100, which is pretty standard for katanas. 
  • As for guards, all guards such as Boost, Holy, Light, Fire, and Magic stop at 30, while the Physical Guard stops at 45. 
Requirements and Scalings 
  • The player needs to have at least 11 Strength Points while also having 22 Dexterity Points in their arsenal. 
  • The weapon scales with dexterity E and Strength E, so make sure to look into the investments. 
Main skill 

The serpentbone blade comes with the “Double Slash”, allowing players to bend down low and perform consistent slashes in figure X to taunt enemies and get rid of them quickly. 


Following the nagabika, this weapon offers an excellent physical damage boost to the tarnished one. It allows for close-ranged combat, the perfect combination needed to take down the worst of enemies. 

  • When talking about the physical Attack, the nagabika comes with 104 damage, which is essential for melee combat. 
  • Crit is set at the typical 100, not too much and not too little. 
  • As for guards, since the nagabika boosts physcial Damage, the physical Guard is also higher, with it being 49. All the other guards, such as the Magic, Fire, Light, Holy, and Boost Guard, are set at 33. 
Requirements and Scaling 
  • Players are required to lend in at least 18 Strength Points and 22 Dexterity Points, which are needed to equip this weapon. 
  • The Nagabika scales with Dexterity C and Strength D, 
Main skill

The primary skill of the Nagabika is the “Piercing Fang”, which aims to support players with increased physical Damage. 


The Uchigatana is essential for players who want to get rid of foes quickly and get out of the battlefield safe. This weapon allows for increased piercing and Slash damage, both essential skills during combat. 

  • The physical Attack is comparatively high compared to other katanas, with it being set at 115. 
  • Crit is set at the standard 100, perfect for regular damage output. 
  • Except for the physical Guard, which is 45, all the other guards stop at the limit of 30. 
Requirements and Scaling 
  • The Uchigatana in Elden Ring wants players to have 11 Strength Points and 15 Dexterity Points in their arsenal. 
  • Scalings-wise, the weapon itself can scale primarily off Dexterity d and Strength D, both essential investments for the adventurer. 
Main Skill

After casting the skill, “Unsheathe”, it allows the players to perform consistent regular attacks on the opponent to get rid of enemies quicker. 

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Rivers of Blood 

Lastly, for katanas, we are familiar with the Rivers of Blood, an excellent weapon that deals insane amounts of Damage with Pierce attacks, obliterating enemies and rendering them useless. It is also perfect for people who want to perform mid-range combat. 

  • The physical Damage of the Rivers of blood comes out to be 89, perfect for players who want a higher damage output. 
  • The Crit is the usual 100 needed for mid-range combat. 
  • River of blood also has Fire Damage embedded, with it being 89. 
  • As for guards, since the weapon scales with Physical Damage and Fire damage, both have increased guards of 36 and 52, while Boost Guard is 31, and Magic, Light, and Holy are 26. 
Requirements and Scalings 
  • Rivers of Blood needs the adventurer to have 20 Arcane Points, 18 Dexterity Points, and 12 Strength Points. 
  • This particular weapon will aid players a lot more in combat since it is scaled with Arcane D, Dexterity D, and Strength E when mentioning weapon scalings. 
Main Skill 

The primary skill of this weapon, upon casting, will allow the players to cause the blade to be covered with Cursed Blood, which will allow for consistent attacks on the enemy. 

Straight Swords 

elden ring straight sword types
elden ring straight swords

Players that want a different type of melee weapon can look no further than to try out the Straight Swords. This weapon type excels in aiding players with performing Thrust and Slash consistent attacks, which increase damage output and get rid of enemies in no time.

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Crystal Sword 

Starting with a bang, we have the Crystal Sword, which allows for dealing increased “Magic Damage”, killing enemies with a singular slash, and getting rid of their HP quickly. When casting the weapon’s Damage, you can consistently spin and lunge out a final attack that kills off foes. 

  • Physical Attack stops at the number 106, allowing increased melee damage. 
  • The Magic Damage is also embedded into the crystal sword, with the number being set at 68, increasing the elemental Damage against enemies. 
  • As for guards, since the Physical and Magic Damage is embedded into the crystal sword, there is also a guard for it, allowing players to be protected with 44 Physical Guard. The Fire, Light, and Holy Guard are the standard 30. 
Requirements and Scalings 
  • Players need to invest in consistent 13 Strength Points, 10 Dexterity Points, and 15 Intelligence Points to wield the weapon. 
  • As for scalings, the crystal sword will scale with Intelligence D, Dexterity E, and Strength D. 
Main Skill 

When the skill “Spinning Slash” is cast, it allows you to consistently spin and deal a lot of “slash” damage. 

Golden Epitaph 

The Golden Epitaph is an excellent weapon to wield that allows players to obliterate enemies through Slashing attacks and killing off enemies with utter ease, gaining victory. 

  • Physical Damage is 85 while allowing for increased white numbers against opponents. 
  • Since the weapon is embedded with “Holy”, it will unleash Holy Damage that is 85. 
  • As for guards, there is a consistent Physical Guard of 25, Holy Guard of 40, and Boost Guard 30; as for Magic, Fire, and Light guard, it is set at 15. 
Requirements and Scalings 
  • Golden Epitaph demands players to have at least 10 Dexterity Points, 14 Faith Points, and 12 Strength Points. 
  • When it comes to scalings, all of the scalings such as Strength, Dexterity, and Faith are D. 
Main Skill 

While casting the skill, players on the battlefield will have the status of “Sacred Order”, which allows them to kill enemies quicker. 


The Longsword is the perfect companion for players who want a stable damage output and dominate the battlefield with swinging, slashing, and thrusting attacks. This sword can produce consistent white numbers for you and your party when dealing with enemies. 

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  • Physical Attack is relatively high, rendering the enemies useless with several 110. 
  • As for Guards, the physical Guard is comparatively higher at 45 than Magic, Holy, Boost, Light, and Fire at 30. 
Requirements and Scalings 
  • Longsword is one of the best melee weapons Elden Ring, and it aims for players to have 10 Strength Points and 10 Dexterity Points. 
  • When mentioning scalings, it scales with Dexterity D and Strength D. 
Main Skill 

Upon casting the skill, “square Off”, players can start with a singular slash going forward, then continue with regular attacks that get rid of enemies for you. 

Ornamental Straight Sword 

The Ornamental Straight Sword is an excellent weapon for people who want to duel-wield and slash their way through enemies with consistent damage output, obliterating them with ease. 

  • The physical Attack is at a total of 101, which is enough to get rid of enemies quickly. 
  • The Crit is comparatively high compared to the other swords, allowing players to have 110 crit attack numbers. 
  • Only the Physical Guard is around 42, and the others are at 28. 
Requirements and Scaling 
  • The Ornamental Straight Sword can take in 10 strength Points and 14 Dexterity Points, along with letting you wield the weapon. 
  • The weapon primarily scales with Dexterity D and Strength E, essential for higher damage numbers. 
Main Skill 

While casting the skill, “Golden Tempering”, players can mix in their regular and “Heavy Attacks” to make them combos, so you can kill enemies quickly. 

Sword of St Trina

Lastly, the sword of St Trina is responsible for taunting enemies with a purple mist that will continue to cover the entire radius of the battlefield, this will allow enemies to go into a deep slumber, and then you can easily take them out. 

  • The Physical Damage is 107, enough to take foes out when they are asleep. 
  • Since the weapon is enhanced with Magic Damage, it is set at 32, allowing increased elemental damage output. 
  • As for Guards are set at 39 for Physical Guard, 33 for Magic Guard and 28 for Boost Guard, and 27 for the rest of the Guards. 
Requirements and Scalings 
  • Sword of st Trina requires 14 Intelligence Points and 12 Dexterity Points, and 10 strength Points if you want to wield the weapon. 
  • It also scales on Intelligence E, Dexterity D, and Strength D. 

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elden halberds types
elden ring halberd collection

Halberds in Elden Ring are a consistent source of Damage with their advanced long-reach stance. They can provide the adventurer with consistent Swing and Thrust attacks, making it inevitably easy to take out the enemy off the battlefield. Here are some of the best melee weapons Elden Ring

Guardian’s Swordspear

The Guardians Swordspear is aimed towards players who want to combine their regular attacks with Spinning slash attacks and want to kill off the enemies on the arena with style and excellent output damage. 

  • The Physical Attack is 139, higher overall, meaning that the white numbers will be higher. 
  • The physical Guard is set at 52, while all the other guards like Boost, Holy, Light, Fire, and Magic are set on a total of 36 since this weapon doesn’t compromise magic or holy Damage. 
Requirements and Scalings 
  • The Guardian’s Swordspear wants players to invest in 16 Dexterity Points and 17 strength Points if they want to wield it. 
  • The scalings are set at Dexterity C and Strength E. 
Main Skill 

With the “Spinning Slash”, players can easily spin and obliterate enemies with ease. 

Golem’s Halberd 

The Golem’s Halberd aims to provide an insane amount of physical Damage to adventurers, which is needed to take out enemies, along with consistent Strength so that the adventure can wield it. 

  • The Physical Damage is comparatively high, with it being a digit of 158, greatly helping adventurers. 
  • To guard themselves, the weapon comes with 60 Physical Guard, with 40 Boost Guard and 45 Magic, Fire, Light, and Holy Guard. 
Requirements and Scaling 
  • The Golem’s Halberd will need a total of 14 Dexterity Points and 36 Strength Points. 
  • The weapon scales with Dexterity D and Strength D if we talk about scaling. 
Main skill 

While casting the skill, “Charge Forth”, players can exert a significant amount of force using their hips to stab enemies in the stomach and kill them. 

Banished Knight’s Halberd 

The Banished Knight’s Halberd is infamous for letting players stay at a safe distance and allows for melee attacks that are consistent and high in number. 

  • The Physical Attack is 125, supporting the player with higher damage output on the arena. 
  • Guards are set at 50 for Physical and 35 for Magic, Fire, Light, and Holy Guards. 
Requirements and Scaling 
  • As the weapon is mainly based on Dexterity and Strength, players need to give up 12 Dexterity Points and 14 Strength Points to use this weapon. 
  • It scales primarily with Dexterity level D and Strength Level D. 
Main Skill

The Banished Knight’s Halberd has the same skill cast as the previous one; with the Charge Forth, players can kill enemies and gain victory. 

Golden Halberd 

The Golden Halberd is focused on players who want to wield it and dominate the arena in Elden Ring. Combined with Holy Damage, the weapon can increase your overall defence and attack power, making you more vital than ever. 

  • The Physical Attack is 134, which is comparatively higher and increases damage output. 
  • The Holy Damage is set at 87, enough to boost you in the arena. 
  • As for guards, Physical Guard is 58, 
Requirements and Scalings 
  • The Golden Halberd requires you to have 12 Faith Points, 30 Strength Points, and 14 Dexterity Points if you want to use it. 
  • The weapon scaling at Faith D, Strength D, and Dexterity E is undoubtedly a unique one. 
Main skill 

While casting Golden Vow, the player will experience increased Defense while fighting opponents. 

Commander’s Standard 

The Commander’s Standard aims to make enemies deplete their HP little by little with its overall high Damage and giving players a clear advantage over their foes. 

  • The Physical Attack on the Commander’s Standard is enough to support players throughout their battle. 
  • The highest Guard is Physical Guard at 58, while the rest fall a little short at Boost Guard at 38, and the ret at 41. 
Requirements and Scalings 
  • The weapon depictive requires a set amount of Dexterity and Strength, which has been claimed to help fight off opponents. 
  • The weapon sales with Dexterity D and Strength D as well. 
Main skill 

Upon casting the skill “Rallying Standard”, players can raise their Defence a lot during battle. 


elden ring spear types
types of spears elden ring

Spears in Elden Ring is primarily handy for fighting long-ranged battles against opponents, and with their overall long-range, players can stay safe and not take a lot of Damage. Let’s see the top 5 spears in Elden Ring. 


The Partisan is a spear that excels in long-ranged melee attacks towards foes and the ability to apply Thrust and Sweep, which will allow you to take down enemies quicker. 

  • Physical Attack is 123, which is enough to kill opponents with high damage output. 
  • Physical Guard is set at 48, allowing players to protect themselves, while Boost Guard is 36, and others are at 30. 
Requirements and Scalings 
  • The Dexterity required to wield this weapon is 12 Points, while you also need 15 strength Points.
  • It scales with dexterity D and Strength D, making it more robust in combat. 
Main skill 

When letting out the skill Impaling Thrust, which, as the name suggests, allows you to thrust right through the shields of enemies. 

Death Ritual Spear 

The Death Ritual Spear allows the players to consistently deal with increased Thrust attacks against your nemesis and stay far away enough that you will not take increased Damage. 

  • The Physical Attack of Death Ritual Spear is 99, which might sound lower, but it balances out evenly with the high Crit of 110. 
  • Physical Guard is 54, while Magic Guard is 42, and Boost Guard is 36, allowing players to defend themselves. 
Requirements and scalings 
  • The Intelligence Points you need are 18, while you also need 20 Dexterity Points and 11 Strength Points. 
  • Talking about scalings, the weapon scales with Strength E, Dexterity D, and Integrity D. 

Inquisitor’s Girandole 

The weapon that is fully infused with Fire damage, upon wielding the weapon and using it on the battlefield, will also inflict foes with Fire Damage when you launch your regular attacks. We hope that you are enjoying these best weapons, Elden Ring. 

  • Physical Attack Damage output is also sound when in the arena with the 66 Fire Damage. 
  • Guards are focussed more on physical at 56 and Fire at 43 since Fire Damage is infused into the weapon. 
Requirements and Scalings 
  • The Inquisitor’s Girandole comes with 16 Faith Points, 15 Strength Points, and 15 Dexterity points if you want to use the weapon. 
  • When mentioning scalings, the weapon will be assisted with Faith D, Dexterity D, and Strength D. 
Main Skill 

When using the weapon and launching the skill “Charge Forth”, players can unleash heavy attacks with the weight of their hips to opponents. 

Short Spear

The Short Spear works excellently to gain an advantage for short-range attacks on enemies and continue with victory shots at your foes. 

  • Physical Attack is 112, which allows you to fire shots at your foes and get rid of them quickly. 
  • Physical Guard is the highest at 40, allowing you to protect yourself against enemies; the other guards are at 25. 
Requirements and Scalings
  • The weapon needs 10 Dexterity Points and 10 Strength Points to enhance this weapon. 
  • The weapon scales with Dexterity D and Strength D, so makes sure to invest in that. 
Main Skill 

When casting this skill, “Impaling Thrust”, you can pierce through foes and gain victory on the battlefield. 


Wrapping things up with the Pike, it is used mainly in combat for long-distance battles, and the physical Damage is buffed when using it. 

  • Phy Attack is set at 115, which allows you to deal with higher Damage white numbers and take out your foes. 
  • Physical Guard is 53, Boost Guard is 39, and the other guards are 33.
Requirements and Scalings
  • The points needed are 14 Dexterity Points and 20 Strength Points to wield this weapon. 
  • Strength D and Dexterity D is required to use this weapon. 

Weapon Type In Elden Ring

weapons elden
Elden Ring weapons types

Weapons help to deal significant amounts of Damage to the strongest of foes. With more than 25 types of weapons, ranging from catalysts, melee weapons, and many more, weapons are essential to be strong in combat. In essence, weapons in Elden Ring can assist players through the toughest of battles. 

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Remembrance Weapons 

Along with regular weapons that the player can equip, Rememberance Weapons can be equipped after defeating difficult bosses and Demi-gods. These battles are always crucial to acquire some of the top-tier melee weapons, and these weapons will typically hone more vital stats and the power that is unrivaled by any other user. 

Players are advised to equip these weapons once they venture through the game to deal with more significant numbers and become stronger. 

Requirements, Skills, And Scalings 

Moving along, each weapon will also come with its own set of scalings in Elden Ring. There are specific “points” that players need to invest in, such as Dexterity and Strength and many others that will affect the amount of damage output by the said weapon. 

Skills are an additional upgrade that can be upgraded using “Runes” or “Smithing Stones”, both of which are upgrade materials and can be used to obliterate enemies easily. 

Alongside that, until the player can get a certain amount of “required” points, and levels, they cannot equip the weapon. With that, let’s see the best melee weapons Elden Ring that you can acquire! 

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