Elden Ring Meteoric Ore Blade Location

Elden Ring was the most anticipated game of 2022, and it finally got released a couple of days ago. Just like how it was in the previous Souls games, the combat in Elden Ring is challenging, and you’ll need to have the right weapons in your hands all the time. Thankfully, the game lets you choose from a plethora of excellent weapons that can be acquired by using different methods. And today, we are going to talk about Elden Ring Meteoric Ore Blade location so that you can get your hands on a powerful weapon, that too during the early parts of the game. 

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Elden Ring allows players to choose from different categories of weapons, such as Axes, Daggers, Swords, Reapers, and more. We even have ranged weapons that include Bows and Crossbows. However, Katanas are what stand out from the rest, at least for me. These weapons are designed for mid-range combat, and they hit hard even if you one-hand or two-hand weapon them.

Elden Ring Meteoric Ore Blade Location

As for the Meteoric Ore Blade in Elden Ring, it is easily one of the best Katanas available in the game. In fact, out of all the Katanas in the game, it offers the second-highest base damage. It is an extremely powerful weapon that can deal Physical and Magical damage, thus making it an ideal weapon to use against multiple types of enemies. 

The best part about the Meteoric Ore Blade is that it can be acquired during the game’s early stages. If you’re someone who has played Elden Ring, then you already know how important it is to get a powerful weapon at the start.

It is because the starting weapons of the game are not that great, and the early enemies you encounter are strong. If you don’t have a powerful weapon in your hand, then it will be difficult and time-consuming for you to progress through the story. But with the Meteoric Ore Blade in your arsenal, you’ll be able to take down your enemies easily. So without any further ado, let’s dive into the Elden Ring Meteoric Ore Blade location guide.

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Go To The Dragon-Burnt Ruins  

The first thing you need to do is go to the location marked in the image below. This is on the right side of the First Step of Grace and relatively easy to get to. These are the Dragon-Burnt ruins just down by the lake. However, keep in mind that this is also near the place where the Dragon spawns, so make sure not to wander around the area, and use your Torrent horse companion to navigate without much trouble.

Meteoric Ore Blade Location
Dragon-Burnt Ruins

After you reach the Dragon-Burnt ruins, make your way down the stairs and enter the cellar. The area will be filled with Rats. You can either take them down or walk past them if you want to save your time. Also, note that not all enemies can be parried in Elden Ring, so don’t try that on rats. You’ll find a door at the back of the room that you can unlock. Behind this door, you’ll find a Teleporting Chest.

By using the Teleporting Chest, you will be able to go to the east side of Caelid. Now, you can also ride to Caelid, but using the Teleporting Chest will save a lot of your time as you won’t have to worry about encountering enemies on the way. 

One thing to keep in mind is that Caelid is a high-level area, home to some of the most powerful enemies in the entire game. If you’re visiting it during the early stages of the game, then the chances are that you won’t be able to survive a single fight here. Therefore, avoid every enemy you find and keep your focus on acquiring the Meteoric Ore Blade.

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Get Out of The Sellia Crystal Tunnel

The Teleport Chest will take you to the Sellia Crystal Tunnel in Caelid, and this place is also swarming with powerful enemies. You need to make your way through the tunnel while avoiding every enemy. Even if they attack you, don’t try to fight back. Some enemies in this tunnel use ranged attacks, so make sure to avoid them as well.

While making your way out of the tunnel, you’ll also come across a Site of Grace. Interact with it so that you can unlock a new respawn point and a fast travel point, which you can use in the future. 

Go To The Caelid Waypoint Ruins 

After you get out of the tunnel, make your way to the location marked in the image below. Make sure to use your mount to reach this place. Because if you try to go on foot, then it will not end very well for you. 

Meteoric Ore Blade Location
Caelid Waypoint Ruins

Keep on going until you reach the Caelid Waypoint Ruins. There, you will once again need to locate stairs that lead to a cellar. Just like the previous one, this cellar is also filled with enemies, and you’ll most likely encounter a couple of them while entering it as well. Avoid all of them and keep on running until you reach the end of the room. There, you will find a door, and behind it, there is a chest with the Meteoric Ore Blade inside it. 

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Elden Ring Meteoric Ore Blade Stats and Ability 

After going through all the trouble, you’ll finally have the Meteoric Ore Blade in Elden Ring. You can reduce the challenges if you do co-op and try to get this weapon. This Katana can deal 112 Physical Attack damage and 72 Magic Damage. When it comes to defense, the weapon has 50 Physical Defense, 32 Fire Defense, 45 Magic Defense, 31 Holy Defense, and 31 Lightning Defense. While the weapon is already powerful, you can upgrade it by using Somber Smithing Stones to boost its stats further. However, keep in mind that it can not be paired with Ashes of War, unlike some other weapons in the game. 

Meteoric Ore Blade Location
Meteoric Ore Blade

The Meteoric Ore Blade also has a powerful skill called the Gravitas. Through this, you can create a gravity well on the ground. This gravity well will deal damage to the targets within its radius and pull all the enemies in. Meteoric Ore Blade is already a very powerful weapon at the base stats. However, you can take the damage up a notch by visiting Blacksmith

This marks the end of our Elden Ring Meteoric Ore Blade location guide. We hope that it will help you acquire this powerful weapon without facing any trouble. As mentioned before, make sure to avoid all the enemies while making your way to the chest that has the weapon inside it. If you try to fight the enemies, especially in Caelid, you’ll keep on getting killed, which will result in wasted time. Therefore, it is best to avoid all fights and just get the Katana. After all, you’ll have plenty of fighting to do after the Katana reaches your hand. 

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