How To Parry In Elden Ring: Best Tips

Parry in Elden Ring can help you against many bosses, Though mastering it takes time and practice. Here are a few helpful tips

Parry is a skill that is an intrinsic part of combat and is something FromSoftware has put into their soulsborne games from the first Dark Souls game. When you parry an opponent attack, you can block and stagger your opponent for a devastating incoming hit. This would allow you to do a powerful counterattack that can damage significantly.

Key Highlights
  • Equip a shield with the parry skill.
  • Wait for an attack and hold down the parry button as the attack connects with your shield.
  • Follow up with a counterattack by pressing the attack button.
  • The timing of your parry depends on the movement and weapon of your opponent.
  • Parries only work against physical melee attacks, not ranged or magical attacks.
  • Make sure to check if your shield is capable of performing parries.
  • Practice is key to mastering the parry technique.
  • A successful parry allows for a critical counterattack opportunity.

Mastering parrying in Elden Ring is recommended, especially if you prefer melee combat. We’d suggest learning to parry as soon as you start the game, as it would help you defeat a lot of mini-bosses and enemies easily. A successful counterattack can critically damage an opponent while packing massive power in it.

How To Parry In Elden Ring

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To parry an opponent’s attack, you must have a shield equipped. A shield can block an opponent’s attack, after which you can use your sword to counterattack for massive damage. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to parry with all the shields available in the game. This is because most shields are weak and cannot block an attack. It’s important to have a strong shield with the parry skill available in its abilities.

A lot of shields in the game can parry. Some of the shields you can use to parry are Red Thorn Roundshield, Rift Shield, Large Leather Shield, Blue Crest Heater Shield, Scripture Wooden Shield, Rickety Shield. You can use Ashes of war which are special items that can upgrade the abilities of the weapons to get the parry skill in some of the shields available in the game.

You can get ashes of war for parry skill at Warmaster’s shack by buying it from Knight Bernahl for 600 runes. The Warmaster’s shack can be found in Stormhill. Also, upgrade your weapon by visiting Blacksmith in Elden Ring to do more parry damage.

Mastering Parry In Elden Ring

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Golden Parry Ash Of War [Image Captured by eXputer]
Parrying can take a lot of practice because it is a skill that can be tough to master. Many rookie players have a tough time parrying against a lot of bosses. If you are a Fromsoft veteran, you may be able to parry more effectively.

It’s crucial to keep your timing right and parry just when you are about to get hit by an opponent’s attack. It can be difficult, especially if you face an opponent for the first time and are unfamiliar with its attack patterns and style. So, perfecting your parry attack can take a lot of time and effort.

Remember, it’s important to keep your timing right, as you must press the LT/L2 button at the exact moment when an opponent is about to strike you or your hitbox. Keep an eye out for the opponent’s attack, and as soon as it is about to land on you, you must parry to block it.

Once you block an opponent’s attack successfully, You will hear a little musical tone that will signal you to counterattack. The counterattack can land critical hits on enemies, so the immediate attack done after parry can massively damage your opponent. It’s important to keep your timing right and press the correct buttons at crucial moments.

It would take a few tries to master, but you can be truly destructive for your enemies once you perfect it. Also, you must not be two-handing your main weapon; otherwise, the shield would be tucked away and can’t be used to parry.

Best Tips To Parry Counterattack In Elden Ring

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Here are a few tips that can be helpful to you for performing a perfect Parry. Utilize these, and you will master the art of evading in no time.

Opponent’s Movement And Timing

The success of your parry would depend on the timing of a button press. Pay close attention to the opponent’s weapon to judge the timing of your parry. Focusing on the opponent’s hand can help you parry the attacks more effectively. Parry the enemy when the weapon is right in front of you.

Parry Blocks Melee Attacks

You cannot parry an opponent if they use a bow as their weapon. Moreover, Incantations and Sorceries can also not be parried, not unless you’ve special or unique shields to counter them back. You can only parry the attacks done by those enemies using a physical weapon such as a sword. So, do not attempt a parry on ranged and magical attacks.

Check Your Shield’s Attributes

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Shield Attributes [Image Credit goes to eXputer]
You must check your shield’s attributes before you equip to perform parry attacks. Many shields in Elden Ring can parry, but some shields cannot. It’s also recommended to use stronger shields for parrying.

Practice Brings Perfection

Many Fromsoft veterans, especially those familiar with Dark Soul 3, can perform the parry well in Elden Ring because of similar mechanics, though many rookies have trouble with it. It’s recommended to learn this skill as soon as the game starts. The more you practice, the better you will use this skill. A lot of practice is required to get those timings right. It’s recommended to practice on weaker enemies.

Counterattack Timing

When you do a successful parry, an opponent will be thrown off balance for some time. This is your chance to do a successful critical counterattack that can massively damage your opponent. This step would also require the correct button presses at crucial moments.


The Parry skill in Elden Ring can certainly come in handy as it can allow you to damage the enemies immensely with a powerful counterattack. You can parry with the help of your shield though not all shields can parry. The timing is crucial while Parrying, so make sure you time your attacks well depending on the opponent’s movement. Practicing from the start of the game can help you improve your skills and can help you take down many difficult enemies later in Elden Ring.

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