How To Gesture In Elden Ring [Unlock All 46 Gestures]

Learn How To Unlock And Perform Gestures In Elden Ring

Elden Ring gestures are brief animations that last a couple of seconds. They are the easiest and best way to communicate yourself or your feelings in front of other players. Although you may use these gestures at any time and any place throughout the game while multiplayer is where most players employ them.

When you employ emotes, your character is transformed into a ghost that performs a certain animation. The most widely utilized gestures in the game are waving, clapping, and sitting. These gestures may be used to lead your team members in the right direction without having to wait for them.

Key Highlights

  • Gestures in Elden Ring are short animations that last a couple of seconds.
  • You can use Gestures in Elden Ring to lead your team members.
  • Gestures in Elden Ring are the best way to communicate with other players.
  • There is a total of 46 Gestures in Elden Ring.
  • You can get these gestures in Elden ring by completing certain questline and talking to NPCs.

How To Perform Gestures

How to Gesture In Elden Ring
In Elden Ring, how to perform gestures.

In order to perform gestures, press the Start button to access your player menu. On the right side of the screen, there will be two sections: one for gestures and the other for your pouch items.

By using D-pad, you will be able to choose one of six gestures that you want to perform at that time. Press A or X to perform the gesture after selecting it.

If you want to swap out a gesture, just simply select that gesture and hit the Y or Triangle key to open the customization menu. The list of all the gestures that you have unlocked for your character so far in the game can be found here. Select the gesture you want to be replaced with the standard gestures by pressing A and then return to the menu.

How To Unlock Gestures 

How To Gesture In Elden Ring
Erudition Gestures

You can place six gestures in the gesture menu at a time, but you can change them at any time. There is a total of 46 gestures in the Elden Ring. You can unlock these gestures by defeating enemies, completing certain quests, and talking to NPCs.

  • Wait!: You can receive this gesture at the start of the game. You may tell your teammates or other players to wait by spreading your arms when performing this emote.
  • Pointing Emotes: These emote are available right away as the match starts. Point Upward, Point Downward, and Point Forward are some of these emotes. With the help of this emote, you may lead other players in the right direction by pointing in various directions.
  • Wave And Beckon: As a default gesture at the start of the game, you have the Wave and Beckon gesture. You can say Hi to other players with this emote.
  • Casual Greeting: When you summon Great Horned Tragoth, you can get this gesture either during the battle with Starscourge Radahn or just before the battle with Magma Wyrm Makar. You can casually greet other players by waving your hand in the air while using this emote.
  • Calm Down!: After becoming friends with Patches, you need to open the chest next to him, and you will be taken to Mistood Ruins. You will next return to the Murkwater Cave to meet Patches there. He will apologize once more, and you will get this gesture as a gift.
  • Warm Welcome: It is available right away in the game. You might perform this gesture to welcome other players with open hands.
  • Bravo!: You must take down Limgrave’s first demigod, Godrick the Grafted, in order to get this gesture in Elden Ring. After that, go back to The First Steps Site of Grace to discover White Mask Varre. The message will be shown beneath Varre. To get this gesture, interact with this message. You can clap your hands in front of your friends by performing it.
  • By My Sword: You must visit the Leyndell and go into the Fortified Manor, which is the same building as the Roundtable Hold. On the second floor of the Fortified Manor, you may find this gesture. You can hold your weapon close to your chest by using this emote.
  • Hoslow’s Oath: When you invade Juno Hoslow at the Mountaintops of the Giants as part of the Volcano Manor questline, you will get this emote. You get to flex your muscles with this gesture.
  • Golden Order Totality: You need to visit Marika’s Statue in Leyndell and cast the Law of Regression spell there to reveal Radagon’s secret. To get this gesture, you must provide this secret to Goldmask. You may adopt the T posture by using this emote.
  • Strength!: You may discover this gesture at the graveyard on the cliffside after killing the guard of Godrick the Grafted.
  • Jump For Joy: This is one of the standard gestures you acquire at the start of the game. You jump joyfully while making this gesture.
  • Triumphant Delight: In order to acquire this gesture, you will need to help Iron Fist Alexander to free himself from the ground on Stormhill, which is on Limbgrave’s upper side. You can cheer by using this gesture.
  • Fancy Spin: You just need to summon forth a Jellyfish spirit at the Stargazer’s Ruins at the Mountaintop of the Giants to obtain this gesture. By using this emote, you can dance.
  • Nod In Thought: You may get this emote from Sorceress Sellen in the cellar of the Waypoint Ruins. You can nod your head while making this gesture.
  • Finger Snap: When you talk to Merchant Kale about the howling in Mistood, he will offer you this gesture. With this emote, you may just snap your fingers.
  • Rallying Cry: You receive this gesture at the beginning of the game as well. In this gesture, you lift your hand cheering everyone.
  • Heartening Cry: Visit Redmane Castle during the Radahn Festival and speak with the Witch-Hunter Jerren to obtain this gesture. With this emote, you can raise your hand to celebrate your win.
  • Bow: This gesture will be given to you at the start of the game. You simply bow to the other participants by using this emote.
  • Polite Bow: To get this gesture, before confronting Starscourge Radahn in a boss fight, you must visit Redmane Castle and speak with Finger Maiden Thorelina. The Bow emote, and this gesture are fairly similar. You can bow respectfully to other players by using this emote.
  • Reverential Bow: For this gesture, you must go to Roundtable Hold and leap over the ledge. Alberich will invade you here. After Alberich has finished his emote, you will receive this gesture.
  • My Lord: In Elden Ring, this gesture can only be acquired by purchasing legendary armor from the Finger Reader Enia in the Roundtable Hold. The Gold Sewing Needle must then be obtained from the Church of Vows and presented to Boc the Seamster as part of the Boc the Seamster questline. With this emote, you may crouch and dab.
  • What Do You Want?: To get this gesture, you must first visit Roundtable Hold and then speak with Ensha. This gesture allows you to create a pose.
  • Extreme Repentance: Throughout the battle in Murkwater Cave, you must attack Patches until he surrenders. Then, by striking Patches once more, let him reduce your HP nearly to zero. You will automatically receive this gesture if you complete this. Using this emote, you can entirely prostrate yourself.
  • Grovel For Mercy: Simply battle Patches in Murkwater Cave, which is located northwest of the Limgrave. You will obtain this emote once you defeat Patches. You can plead for mercy by using this emote.
  • Fire Spur Me: From the Church of Vows, turn south to find the Fire Monks’ camp. Around the camp, you can spot this emote. You will place your hands on your chest in this gesture.
  • Ring: Players that pre-ordered the game are awarded this gesture for free. But even if you didn’t pre-order the game, you may still get this gesture by teaming up with another player in the boss battle who has this emote. By using this emote, you may create a circle with your hands.
  • Erudition: The second Academy Glinstone Key, which can be obtained at the Church of the Cuckoo, must be presented to the Thops at Raya Lucaria Academy in Liurnia in order to receive Erudition gesture. With this gesture, you may raise both your hands and your face.
  • Prayer: To obtain a prayer gesture, you must go to the Roundtable Hold and speak with Brother Cohryn. You simply crouch and pray while making this gesture.
  • Desperate Prayer: Simply visit Caelid to meet Gowry’s Shack and purchase the Past Threads from Gowry’s Shack to acquire this gesture in Elden’s ring. The next step is to exhaust all of his dialogue. With this emote, you may crouch and pray with all your might.
  • Rapture: To receive a Rapture gesture, just go to the Roundtable Hold and engage with The Two Fingers. This emote allows you to raise your hands.
  • Inner Order: At the completion of D’s quest line, when you reach Siofra Aqueduct, you must engage with D’s brother in order to obtain this gesture. You can tilt your hand to the left with this emote.
  • Outer Order: You must go to Atlas Plateau to visit Minor Erdtree Church, which is located west of Leyndell. To obtain this gesture, speak with Melina at the Site of Grace when you arrive. With this emote, you may tilt your hand to the right.
  • Crossed Legs: From the Stormhill Shack, you must travel south to a ravaged structure. Interacting with a corpse that is seated on the ravaged structure will give you this gesture. By performing this emote, you can cross your legs while you sit down.
  • Dozing Cross-Legged: You may find a corpse on the roof of Stormveil Castle in Limgrave, which is close to the Rampart Tower Site of Grace. This corpse will give you the emote. Using this emote, you may cross your legs and doze off while sitting.
  • Rest: You will receive this gesture in Elden Ring when the game first starts. With this emote, you can sit down on the ground.
  • Sitting Sideways: You can obtain this gesture just by interacting with Roderika when you go to Stormshack Hill. Using this emote, you can sit with your legs crossed to the side.
  • Dejection: You will also receive a Dejection gesture as the game begins. This emote allows you to kneel before the other players.
  • Patches’ Crouch: When Patches arrives back from The Shaded Castle, you must defeat him in Murkwater Cave to receive this emote. With this emote, you may crouch like Patches.
  • As You Wish: You must deliver a Shabriri Grape to Hyetta in the Church of Irith after completing her quest line in order to obtain the As You Wish emote. You can bow to other players with the help of this emote.
  • My Thanks: You must go back to the Volcano Manor after you defeat Rykard. After that, exit the outside rooms and walk down the hallway. At the end of this halfway, you will receive this emote. You may give thanks to people using this gesture.
  • Curtsy: When you ask Roderika to enhance your spirit to +4 after she becomes your Spirit Turner at the Roundtable Hold, you will receive this gesture. With this emote, you can merely bow to other people.
  • Bailed Up: To fight Queen Rennala and receive rebirth in exchange for your Tears, go to Raya Lucaria Academy. When you use rebirth, you will receive this emote. Using this emote, you can lie on the ground with your arms over your head.
  • Spread Out: You must locate Boggart the Blackguard in Liurnia of the Lakes and buy a boiled prawn from him in order to perform this gesture in Elden Ring. You lay on the ground with your legs and arms spread out when you use this emote.


Each mission in Elden Ring must be completed in order to progress the game and receive emotes and rewards. Some of the best weapons, armor sets, and talismans may be among these awards. You can progress to the game’s conclusion by accumulating all these incentives.


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