Elden Ring Erudition Gesture: The Definitive Guide

This guide will showcase the location and uses of Erudition Gesture in Elden Ring.

Gestures are something very important in FromSoftware games. They are not only used to greet people you meet in multiplayer but are also used by many to express how they feel after defeating a tough boss. In Elden, Ring gestures are used as gameplay mechanics as well. In today’s guide, we will cover all you need to know about the Erudition Gesture and how it’s a crucial gesture you need, to unlock some of Elden Ring‘s locked towers.

Erudition Gesture In Elden Ring

Performing Erudition
Tarnished doing the Erudtition Gesture Loretta’s Arena

Unlike other gestures in Elden Ring, the Erudition gesture is used not only for making poses in PvP or at any other moment, but also for solving some tower puzzles. The towers in question are Converted Fringe Tower and Converted Tower. It is not the only gesture in Elden Ring which can be used to unlock secret paths or progress questlines.

Since this is a very important gesture, getting it is not an easy task. There are a lot of hoops you have to jump through before you obtain the Erudition gesture. So without further ado, let’s discuss all the things you need to do to obtain the gesture.

Thops Questline

To get the Erudition gesture, you need to activate Sorcerer Thops Questline. Thops can be located from the Lake Facing Cliffside site of grace just outside of Stormveil’s castle. Once there head towards the Church of Irith where you will find Thops sitting on a bench beside the giant Statue of Marika.

Thops location
Location of Thops

Standing infront of Thops
Thops sitting on a bench

Exhaust his dialogue and he will tell you that he needs to go back to Raya Lucaria Academy. For that, he needs the Academy Glintstone Key.

First Glintstone Key

Upon entering Liurnia of Lakes, one of the first things you’ll see is the giant castle in the middle of the region. To get inside the academy, you’ll need a Glintstone key as well.

To get the Glintstone key, go to the west academy until you reach Temple Quarters. Go north from Temple Quarter site of grace until you see a giant dragon sleeping and behind this dragon is a corpse holding the glintstone key.

Temple Quarter on the map
Map location of temple Quarter site of grace
Magic dragon
Tarnished standing infront of Glintstone Dragon Smarag
Dead sorcerer
First Glintstone Key will be located on this corpse

Glintstone Dragon Smarag isn’t a mandatory boss fight to get to the corpse. You can choose to fight this dragon or just rush towards the corpse and get the key. The choice is yours. The Dragon itself isn’t particularly hard to beat, too. It has the same moveset as Flying Dragon Agheel with a few additional magic attacks.

So you can take down the dragon to get its Dragon Heart and handsome amount of runes as well. Keep in mind that First Glintstone Key cannot be given to Thops, and he will give you back even if you offer it to him since he doesn’t want to take your only bypass of getting inside the academy. Luckily for him, there is another Glintstone key inside the academy as well.

Raya Lucaria Academy

Academy of Raya Lucaria
Raya Lucaria Academy is covered in magic.

Exploring Raya Lucaria isn’t particularly very hard. For the most part, you will follow a very linear path until you come across a giant moving wheel or lift.

Jump on the lift while it goes up and jump off of it towards the rocky terrain before it starts going down again. Naturally, you can also choose to use the moving lift to go down as well to explore the underground section of Raya Lucaria which is completely optional.

Now going back to where we were, jump off the lift after it takes you up, and follow the path until you reach the School Classroom site of grace. From there follow the hallway filled with academy sorcerers until you reach a set of stairs, Go up from there until you reach the Raya Lucaria’s first fog wall. It is where you will encounter the academy’s first boss.

School Classroom site of grace
Map location of school classroom site of grace
School classroom
Hallway after School Classroom Site of Grace.

Red Wolf of Radagon

Radagon's Wold
Red Wolf of Radagon walking around

If you are an avid fan of the dark souls’ games, you’ll notice how much this wolf is reminiscent of Great Grey Wolf Sif from Dark souls (2011). For the most part, the way it moves and some of its moveset is inspired by Sif as well.

Red Wolf of Radagon isn’t particularly hard to beat. It has low health, no delays in its attacks, and gives plenty of room for punishment after it’s done with the attack.

It can summon an ethereal sword and attack you with two big swipes. Afterward, it can chain a follow-up attack with either a slam attack or a 360-degree swipe attack.

Radagon's wolf holding the ethereal blade
Red Wolf of Radagon holding the ethereal blade

Furthermore, whenever Red Wolf of Radagon backs down, it’ll most likely summon homing projectiles which will stay in the air before flying towards you. So your best course of action here will be to keep your distance from the boss during this attack since you do not want to wind up in Wolf’s barrage of attacks and its projectiles.

Another one of its attacks is the rapid bite and claw attacks, which can be dodged or blocked. Wait for it to complete its chain of attack before you start to punish back.

Red Wolf's biting attack
A close-up of Red Wolf of Radagon’s bite attack
And last but not least is Red Wolf’s leap attack, where it jumps into the air and dives towards you. We recommend you dodge the attack because after this attack you will have plenty of room to punish the boss. So the more stamina you have, the better.
After you are done with the boss, light the Debate Parlor site of grace, and let’s get to the second Glintstone Key.

Rooftops of Raya Lucaria Academy

From Debate Parlor’s site of grace, head straight through the left-hand door, and you’ll enter a huge courtyard.

Academy courtyard
Raya Lucaria Academy’s courtyard
As soon as you enter the courtyard, turn left and head up to the rubble pile shown in the image below.
Rubble in Courtyad
Tarnished climbing Broken stairway
After you head up the rubble, there’ll be two mages and a couple of enemies that will attack you. You can easily run past them and jump over the balcony on your left after climbing the stairs with two mages.
First balcony
The first balcony you have to jump through
Make sure to look out for the mage that will be standing right behind you after you jump over the balcony. After you take out the mage, continue running up the stairs, where you will encounter another mage. Dodge his attacks, take him out and jump over the balcony to the left of the mage you just killed.
Second balcony
The second balcony you have to jump through to get to the Glintstone key
Now you’ll find yourself on the rooftops of Raya Lucaria. Just keep heading straight until you see a ladder on a platform to your right.
Academy ladder
Ladder located in the rooftop section of Raya Lucaria
After climbing up the ladder, you’ll find yourself on a narrow bridge. Watch out for the mages and the small gargoyles here, since they won’t let you get past the bridge very easily. Ranged attacks are what we’ll recommend here.
Raya Lucaria bridge
Tarnished gazing at the bridge
After taking out the enemies on the bridge, turn right at the end of the bridge, to go around the building until you see another rooftop you can jump down to. Keep jumping down the rooftops until start seeing enemies again.
Narrow path
Getting around the building after the bridge
First platform
Tarnished about traverse through a series of rooftop platform
Second rooftop platform
Traversing a series of platform

Second Glintstone Key

Once you take out the enemies on the rooftops, turn right at the first turn of the bridge and jump down on the platform below. Once you are here, keep running straight and make a running jump on the rounded platform in front of you. Take out the enemies on the rounded platform.
Third platform
Hidden platform you have to jump down to
Round platform
Tarnished about to jump on a rounded building
Once you take out the enemies, you are pretty much done. Head around to the left of the building and carefully jump on the first window sill. Now you have to be very cautious here since you’ll be walking on very narrow beams from here on out.
Open window
Tarnished about to go inside the window sill to grab the Second Glintstone Key
Maneuver very carefully and jump onto the second beam shown in the image below.
Standing on a ledge
Tarnished standing on ledge with second Glintstone key almost in reach
The second Glintstone key is just located on the first chandelier you see. Jump onto the chandelier and grab the second Glintstone key.
Glintstone stone key 2
Glintstone key 2 obtained

Receiving The Erudition Gesture

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