How To Drop Items In Elden Ring? [SOLVED]

Learn how you can share items with your friends by dropping them in Elden Ring.

Dropping items in Elden Ring may seem simple, but it serves a crucial purpose. In co-op, players can share items with friends by easily dropping them. This simple action can greatly assist you and your friends, particularly when confronting specific bosses. If you’re new, then it is quite important to know how to drop items in Elden Ring.

Key Takeaways
  • Dropping items is a fairly easy task to perform in Elden Ring.
  • Players can drop items to share or trade with friends in the Lands Between.
  • Items like weapons, armor, talismans, ashes of war, consumables, and others can be shared with friends in the co-op mode.
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How To Drop Items?

elden ring dropping items from inventory
Inventory icon in the pause menu [Screengrab by Us]
These are the steps I took to drop an item. The method is very straightforward. 

  • You just have to pause Elden Ring by clicking the Options button on your PS/ Xbox controller. If you’re on a PC, then you can click the ESC key situated at the top left of your keyboard.
  • Once the side pause menu opens up, choose the “Inventory” option.
  • Once you open up your inventory, simply hover over the item you want to drop and click/ select it. 
  • Click on “Leave” to make the player drop the item.
  • You can also pick the “Leave Selected” option if you plan to drop multiple items in the world. 
Important: Remember not to click on “Discard” because that will completely delete the item from your inventory.

Do keep in mind that any item you drop over the 8th one will automatically discard one of the earlier items on the floor. Therefore, when you’re trying to share items with your friends, make sure that you do not drop more than eight items at once.

Items That Can Be Shared

what can you trade in Elden ring?
Crafting materials in Elden Ring [Screenshot by eXputer]
Before we call it a day, it is important to know that you can only share certain types of items in Elden Ring. Players aren’t free to drop and trade all kinds of items in Elden Ring. Therefore, it’s best to know what items are eligible for trading after summoning a friend. 

Here are all the items you can trade in Elden Ring:

These are the things you get to trade with your friends safely. Whereas story items, spells, enchantments, and other similar stuff can not be traded in Elden Ring.

So there you have it! My quick and informative guide on how you can drop items in Elden Ring. I hope my guide helped you out. In case this is your first RPG, do consider reading the Best Starting Classes guide. Apart from that, you can also check out the Faith, Samurai, and Strength build. If you plan to use the Samurai build, then it’s worth finding out all the Best Katanas in Elden Ring. Make sure to go through the Best Buffs and Merchant Locations to enhance your character even more.

But that is all from me, do let me know what you think about Elden Ring in the comment section below.

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