How To Drop Items In Elden Ring? [SOLVED]

Learn how you can share items with your friends by dropping them in Elden Ring.

Even though dropping items may seem like a simple and pointless task in Elden Ring but it has a great use hidden behind it. Players can drop certain things in co-op lobbies to share stuff with their friends. Dropping items is simple in the game; it can help you and your friends out a lot, especially while facing certain bosses. Hence, if you’re new to the game or unaware of the whole process, you’re at the right place!

Key Takeaways
  • Dropping items is a fairly easy task to perform in Elden Ring.
  • Players can drop items to share or trade with friends in the Lands Between.
  • Items like weapons, armour, talismans, ashes of war, consumables, and others can be shared with friends in the co-op mode.
  • Players can only see and pick dropped items equal to or lower than their character’s level.

How To Drop Items?

elden ring dropping items from inventory
Inventory icon in the pause menu [Screengrab by Us]
As we said earlier, dropping items in Elden Ring is a very easy thing to do. First up you need to load up the game on your PC or console. After that, load up your save file and then pause the game by clicking the Options button on your PS controller. If you’re on a PC, then you can click the ESC key situated at the top left of your keyboard.

Once the side pause menu opens up, choose the “Inventory” option. It will be the third icon in the list of options. Once you open up your inventory, simply hover over the item you want to drop and click on it. You will now see multiple actions that your player can perform with that specific item. Click on “Leave” to make the player drop the item. Remember not to click on “Discard” because that will completely delete the item from your inventory.

You can also pick the “Leave Selected” option if you plan to drop multiple items in the world. Even though Elden Ring has a high range of items capacity in its inventory, you can still make sure and let go of useless items every now and then. Although, the most common use of dropping items in the game is to share them with your friends.

How To Share Items With Friends?

how to leave items in elden ring
Leaving Items [Image Credit: eXputer]
So, how can you share your items with your friends in Elden Ring? Well, the procedure is as simple as it can get. However, there are some steps that you need to follow before sharing things with your friends in the Lands Between. Having specific items can help your friends out in creating the Best Builds, which will eventually allow them to take down some of the bosses in the game, such as Radahn, Maliketh, and Godskin Duo. 

First off, you will need to play with your friends in the Elden Ring Co-op mode. However, before you summon your friends or join their world, make sure to change a few settings in Elden Ring. Pause the game and head to the System settings. Here change the tabs until you reach “Network“. Now simply set “Send Summon Signs” to Enable. Apart from that, go to the Multiplayer settings and set a solid password so that you don’t have random people joining your world.

All you need to do now is use the multiplayer mode by acquiring the Tarnished’s Furled Finger and Finger Severer in Elden Ring. Finally, you will also need the Furlcalling Finger Remedy to access the summons formed by your friends. After your friend joins your world or vice versa, you can then proceed to share items with them.

Once you’re able to see your friend in Elden Ring, simply head to the Inventory and choose the item you want to drop. Then simply pick the “Leave” option and let your friend pick the item up. Before you try using the strategy, there are a few pointers you need to be aware of

You need to make sure that the item you are dropping, whether it’s a weapon or armor, should be lower or equal to the level of your friend. If you drop any item above their level, they won’t be able to see it or pick it up. Hence, it is important to keep this thing in mind while trading items in Elden Ring. Secondly, make sure not to drop more than eight items at the same time.

Any item you drop over the 8th one will automatically discard one of the earlier items on the floor. Therefore, when you’re trying to share items with your friends, make sure the item’s level is compatible with their level and that you do not drop more than 8 items at once.

Items That Can Be Shared

what can you trade in Elden ring?
Crafting materials in Elden Ring [Screenshot by eXputer]
Before we call it a day, it is important to know that you can only share only certain types of items in Elden Ring. Players aren’t free to drop and trade all kinds of items in the game. Therefore, it’s best to know what items are eligible for trading after summoning a friend into your Elden Ring world. 

Here are all the items you can trade in Elden Ring:

These are the things you get to trade with your friends safely. Whereas story items, spells, enchantments, and other similar stuff can not be traded in Elden Ring.

Wrap Up

So there you have it! Our quick and informative guide on how you can drop items in Elden Ring. Dropping items can lead you to share crucial things with your friends. Trading items could make a lot of boss fights easier for your and your friends. Although, make sure that you know all the types of items that are eligible for trading in the game.

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