Elden Ring: How To Increase Equip Load [Explained]

Learn how players can increase their overall Equip Load through talismans, and also learn where each talisman is located!

Elden Ring has tons of stats that players can level up and grind for to increase them, one of which is the Equip Load stat. While playing the game, players might face difficulty having a lesser Equip Load. 

Key Highlights
  • Equip Load determines how well players can move and governs their overall mobility. 
  • Maximum Equip Load will be directly related and impacted by Endurance and depends on whether players increase it. 
  • Three talismans can help players boost their equip Load, which will be the Great-Jar’s Arsenal Talisman, Arsenal Charm, and Erdtree’s Favor!
  • Players can find different variations of these talismans and have their equipment load boosted according to that. 
  • Having too high Equip Load will also negatively impact the player’s gameplay experience, making moving and mobility difficulties. 

In my experience, there are three main ways that players are able to have their overall equip Load increased, which will be determined by a few pieces of equipment as well as some talismans that players will need to get their hands on, which will essentially boost up their Equip Load in one way or another. 

Great-Jar’s Arsenal Talisman 

Great Jar's Arsenal
Great Jar‘s Arsenal (Image Credits Exputer)

In my experience, one of the biggest ways to Increase Equip Load is by equipping the Great Jar’s Arsenal. 

  • The Great Jar’s Arsenal is a talisman, and talismans are considered accessories that offer various stat boosts and effects. Talismans can be encountered in chests, looting from corpses, and they can also be awarded to players if they defeat a tough boss. 
  • Now, when it comes to the Great Jar’s talisman, it will have its main aim is to be equipped by the player so that it can increase the overall max Equip Load by 19%, which will incredibly boost up the equip Load. 
  • The talisman is described as a charm resemblant to a jar filled to the brim with nothing but weapons, and it is also described to be handed out to only the strongest of warriors so that they can grow stronger. 

Talisman Location 

  1. Start at the Third Church of Marika grace area.
  2. Head down the safe route towards the Siofra River Well.
  3. Take an elevator down to an underground area.
  4. Proceed on foot or horseback to another elevator on the left.
  5. Reach the Siofra River Bank grace site and follow the blue beam to stairs.
  6. At the Below The Well grace site, head toward distant stairs.
  7. Use Stonesword Keys on a statue at the top of the stairs.
  8. Take the revealed elevator to the Deep Siofra Well area.
  9. Defeat a large enemy in this area.
  10. Find a giant jar and interact to reveal Knight of The Great Jar’s summons sign.
  11. Summon and defeat three knights.
  12. Receive the Great Jar’s Arsenal Talisman.

Arsenal Charm Talisman

Arsenal Charm
Arsenal Charm (Image Credits Exputer)

Another way that players will be able to increase Equip Load will be by using the arsenal charm talisman in Elden Ring. There will be smaller weapons on either side of it. 

  • The talisman is known to be sourced from a random greatsword that used to be equipped by a warrior that would continue to seek vengeance by any means necessary. 
  • There will be two types of charms that players will be able to sue, one of which will be the normal talisman, and whenever players can equip it, they will be able to have their Equip Load increased by 15%, 
  • The second type of talisman that players can get their hands on will be able to boost up their overall Equip Load by 17%, which will be the +1 version. 

Below, I have listed the location of both of these talismans:

15% Talisman Location 

  1. Start at the Secluded Cell area.
  2. Exit the room, make a sharp right turn, and leave another room.
  3. Head out of the cell and take a left turn.
  4. Encounter a giant and either defeat it or continue past.
  5. Defeat a smaller enemy and proceed downstairs.
  6. Enter a room with barrels along the walls.
  7. Interact with an entity who you must speak to before defeating Godrick.
  8. Convince her to help you against Godrick.
  9. Return to the boss fog area and summon Nepheli Loux to aid you in defeating Godrick.
  10. After defeating Godrick, find Nepheli at the roundtable, and she will give you the Arsenal Charm.

Arsenal Charm +1 Location 

  1. Head to the Altus Tunnel in the Altus Plateau area.
  2. In the southern part of Altus Plateau, you’ll find a minor erdtree.
  3. Enter a small entrance in the middle of the mountain, resembling a mining area.
  4. Continue inside and take an elevator heading down.
  5. Explore the Altus Tunnel, defeating enemies and collecting loot.
  6. Keep going until you reach another mining area with a balcony overlooking an abyss.
  7. Collect some golden runes on the balcony.
  8. Head towards the edge, where you can jump down to a lower platform.
  9. Safely land on another balcony.
  10. Climb back onto the giant tree trunk that you took down earlier.
  11. Look for an enemy throwing purple rocks in the distance.
  12. Ascend the tree trunk and find a corpse that will grant you the Arsenal Charm +1 talisman.

Erdtree’s Favor 

Erdtree's Favor
Erdtree’s Favor (Image Credits Exputer)

The third talisman that players will be able to use to increase their equips Load will be known as Erdtree’s Favor talisman, which alongside the equip Load, will also give players a boost in their overall HP, as well as stamina. 

  • There will be three variations for the talisman, one of which will increase Equip Load by 5% while also giving a stamina boost of 6.75% and increasing the overall max HP by 3%. 
  • The second variation for the talisman will be able to grant an increase in the Equip Load by 6.5% while also increasing the overall HP by 3.5% and stamina by 8.25%. 
  • The final variation will increase the Equip Load by 8%, HP by 4%, and stamina by 9.6%. 

Talisman Location 

  1. Travel to the Stormhill Shack, the area where you began the game.
  2. Locate the Site of Grace in this area.
  3. Jump onto a series of wooden platforms in this area.
  4. On the third platform, interact with a purple beam labeled “pillage remains” to acquire a stone sword key.
  5. Move on to the Dragon Burnt Ruins area.
  6. Inside a room filled with water, find the stone sword key in the right corner of the room.
  7. Head to the Stranded Graveyard and be prepared for poison damage; bring immunity armor.
  8. Run through the puddle of poison and proceed deeper into the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave area.
  9. Dodge the giant cart’s blades by taking shelter in one of the dips in the wall and jumping further down.
  10. Drop down and continue until you reach a bridge with the right edge exposed.
  11. Run through the tunnels until you reach the end of the bridge, where you will defeat an enemy and obtain the Erdtree’s Favor Talisman.

For the +1 variation, you can find it in the Subterranean Ground area. The +2 variant can be encountered in the Leyndell Ashen Capital area.


Max Equip Load
Max Equip Load(Image Credits Exputer)

From my weeks of experience, increase in equip can be achieved by considering the following factors:

  1. 1. Armaments: Equipping multiple weapons or carrying many armaments in your inventory will increase your Equip Load. Be mindful of the number of weapons you have equipped or stored.
  2. 2. Armor: Heavier armor has a significant impact on your Equip Load. Wearing heavier armor will reduce your mobility and increase your equipment load. Choose your armor wisely based on your playstyle and Equip Load preferences.
  3. 3. Talismans: Talismans also contribute to your Equip Load. While their impact may not be as significant as armaments and armor, they still affect your overall load.
  4. 4. Endurance: Investing points in the Endurance stat will directly increase your maximum Equip Load. The more points you allocate to Endurance, the more you can carry without being encumbered.

Endurance not only affects your Equip Load but also governs your stamina and overall robustness, making it a crucial stat for players who want to manage their Equip Load effectively while maintaining mobility.

By leveling up Endurance, players will be able to see their maximum Equip Loadbe boosted up as well. Ranging from level 1 to level 99, players will be able to see an increase in their Equip Loadas suggested following: 

Endurance Level Endurance Points  Increased By 
1 45 0
2 45 0
3 45 0
4 45 0
5 45 0
6 45 0
7 45 0
8 45 0
9 46.6 1.6
10 48.2 1.6
11 49.8 1.6
12 51.4 1.6
13 52.9 1.5
14 54.5 1.6
15 56.1 1.6
16 57.7 1.6
17 59.3 1.6
18 60.9 1.6
19 62.5 1.6
20 64.1 1.6
21 65.6 1.5
22 67.2 1.6
23 68.8 1.6
24 70.4 1.6
25 72 1.6
26 73.0 1.0
27 74.1 1.1
28 75.2 1.1
29 76.4 1.2
30 77.6 1.2
31 78.9 1.3
32 80.2 1.3
33 81.5 1.3
34 82.8 1.3
35 84.1 1.3
36 85.4 1.3
37 86.8 1.4
38 88.1 1.3
39 89.5 1.4
40 90.9 1.4
41 92/3 1.4
42 93.7 1.4
43 95.1 1.4
44 96.5 1.4
45 97.9 1.4
46 99.4 1.5
47 100.8 1.4
48 102.2 1.4
49 103.7 1.5
50 105.2 1.5
51 106.6 1.4
52 108.1 1.5
53 109.6 1.5
54 111.0 1.4
55 112.5 1.5
56 114.0 1.5
57 115.5 1.5
58 117.0 1.5
59 118.5 1.5
60 120.0 1.5
61 121 1.0
62 122.1 1.1
63 123.1 1.0
64 124.1 1.0
65 125.1 1.0
66 126.2 1.1
67 127.2 1.0
68 128.2 1.0
69 129.2 1.0
70 130.3 1.1
71 131.3 1.0
72 132.3 1.0
73 133.3 1.0
74 134.4 1.1
75 135.4 1.0
76 136.4 1.0
77 137.4 1.0
78 138.5 1.1
79 139.5 1.0
80 140.5 1.0
81 141.5 1.0
82 142.6 1.1
83 143.6 1.0
84 144.6 1.0
85 145.6 1.0
86 146.7 1.1
87 147.7 1.0
88 148.7 1.0
89 149.7 1.0
90 150.8 1.1
91 151.8 1.0
92 152.8 1.0
93 153.8 1.0
94 154.9 1.1
95 155.9 1.0
96 156.9 1.0
97 157.9 1.0
98 159.0 1.1
99 160.0 1.0


There you have it! The main ways that players can increase their equip Load, while also knowing how Endurance directly correlates with Equip load, and with that, I will wrap up my guide! 

If you are just starting out in Elden Ring, then you might want to read up on our Elden Ring Best Starting Class which will help carry you through the start of the game and help bring you to mid-game as well!

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