Elden Ring Stonesword Key Locations: 29 Map Points

As if the world of Elden Ring was not big enough, they decided to add secret areas for players to explore and get themselves either awarded or killed. But to access these areas, players need a reasonably rare item known as Stonesword key. These keys can be found throughout the map and bought by merchants scattered in the Lands Between. Therefore, let’s explore all the Elden Ring Stonesword key locations to get you into those secret areas.

There are many locations and merchants where you can get Stonesword keys from, but the very first Stonesword key that you will be able to acquire will be through the Keepsakes. But perhaps it might not be the best keepsake option, read our Elden Ring Keepsakes guide and find out how to get them. 

Elden Ring Stonesword Key Locations – Merchants

There are quite a few keys to be collected, some out in the wild and some sold by merchants. If you are to rely solely on purchasing the keys through merchants, you can gather a fair amount of them. Here are all the merchants that sell the keys. 

Additionally, if you are looking to buy Stonesword Keys from these merchants, you will be needing Runes. Here are the best ways to farm a great number of Runes to make your purchasing a lot easier: Elden Ring fastest Rune farming methods and exploits.

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Murkwater Cave Merchant

Elden Ring Swordstone keys merchants
Elden Ring – Murkwater Cave Merchant Location

Our first Merchant can be found in the early game area, Limgrave. Make your way over to Murkwater Cave as labeled in the picture. There will be an NPC invasion event as you make your way over for the first time, but you can avoid it by simply running past.

Once inside the cave, you will encounter yet another NPC, Patches, who will try to fight you. But the fight is short-lived as Patches, our Merchant, will give up and surrender after a few strikes. From here, you have the option to either kill him or spare him. Choose to spare his life, and he will allow you to trade but needs time to set up shop. Simply fast travel out of place and then back to it, and you can then purchase 1 Stonesword key for 5000 Runes.

However, if you ended up already killing him, then don’t worry. There is a chance that he dropped you a bell which you can give to the twin maiden husks at the round table. Upon receiving the bell, they will sell all his items there.

Round Table Merchant

Round Table Merchant Location
Elden Ring – Round Table Merchant Location

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The next Merchant is quite simple. Two-three hours into the game, you will get the option to fast travel to the Roundtable. Over there, you will find a merchant who has 3 Stonesword keys for 4000 Runes each.

Siofra River Merchant

Elden Ring stonesword merchants
Elden Ring – Siofra River Well Merchant Location

The next Merchant can be found underground in the Siofra River. Head over there and take the lift to go underground. You’ll be led to a vast subterraneous area. Try to head towards the Central Site of Grace which is, well, you guessed it, in the center. From there, take the scaffolding pathway and climb the ladders up to a dungeon-like area. Inside, you will find the Merchant that sells the 3 Stonesword key for 2000 Runes each.

Siofra River merchant
Elden Ring – Siofra River Gameplay

Isolated Merchant Shack Merchant

Isolated Merchant Shack Location
Elden Ring – Isolated Merchant Shack Location

This Merchant is a little bit easier to get to, even having a Site of Grace named after him. Isolated Merchant Shack can be found west of Weeping Peninsula, inside his mini wooden shack. He also sells 3 Stonesword keys for 2000 Runes each.

These merchants not only provide Stonesword keys, but also other useful items that you can use throughout the game. If you are also looking for other NPCs which can sell you useful items, consider checking out all the blacksmiths around the map: Elden Ring Blacksmith Location guide.

Castle Morne Rampart Merchant

Elden Ring Stonesword key in Castle Morne Rampart
Elden Ring – Castle Morne Rampart Merchant Location

Another merchant can be found in the same area as the last, in Weeping Peninsula. Just East of the Isolated Merchant Shack, south of the bridge, near the Castle Morne Rampart Site of Grace, you can find this Merchant. He sells only 1 Stonesword key for 2000 Runes.

South Caelid Merchant

South Caelid Merchant Location
Elden Ring – South Caelid Merchant Location

The next Merchant can be found in South Caelid, a relatively tougher area. So, if you are still in the early game, don’t try to fight anything; go to the Merchant. He sells 1 Stonesword key for 2000 Runes.

Mt. Gelmir Merchant

Elden Ring Stonesword key locations with merchants
Elden Ring – Mt. Gelmir Merchant Location

The final Merchant is in one of the later areas in the game. Halfway up Mt. Gelmir, north-east of Ninth Mt. Gelmir Campsite, and South-east of Volcano Cave, you can find this Merchant as marked in the picture. Mt. Gelmir merchant well may be the most expensive Merchant out of the list as he sells 1 Stonesword key for 5000 Runes.

Elden Ring: Stonesword Key Locations – Open World 

Asides from Elden Ring Stonesword key locations, which have merchants selling the item, you can actually find them out in the wilderness too. Let’s explore those locations. Many of the map screenshots are taken using the useful interactive map created by the Elden Ring Wiki.

Many of these locations are spread widely across the map. Traveling to them could take a while which is why if you have not unlocked your horse, Torrent, yet then consider doing that first: Elden Ring Horse location and summon guide.

Stranded Graveyard Locations

These are the keys that can be found in the Stranded Graveyard area.

Dragon-Burnt Ruins

Dragon-burnt Ruins Location
Elden Ring – Dragon-burnt Ruins Location

The following Stonesword key can be found east of Cave of Knowledge, west of Waypoint Ruins Cellar, in the Dragon-Burnt Ruins. Next to the main arc, a corpse will be in a room with the Giant Rat. The corpse will be holding the Stonesword Key.

Weeping Peninsula Locations

The following keys are accessible in the main game area, Weeping Peninsula.

Bridge of Sacrifice #1

Stonesword key areas
Elden Ring – Bridge of Sacrifice

Make your way over to the Bridge of Sacrifice in the upper east Weeping Peninsula. You can easily spot the Stonesword Key on the ground at the bridge’s southern end.

Bridge of Sacrifice #2

Elden Ring Key Locations
Elden Ring – Bridge of Sacrifice Location #2

There is another Stonesword Key near Bridge of Sacrifice. It is not precisely on the bridge but directly south from the Bridge of Sacrifice Site of Grace, in the northeast area of Weeping Peninsula. You will find the item on a body sitting on a chair.

Castle Morne

Behind The Castle Morne Location
Elden Ring – Behind The Castle Location

To access the Stonesword Key in Castle Morne, you need to make your way from the Behind the Castle Site of Grace down towards the west back. You will find a castle section with a wooden platform on the left. The area will have a corpse hanging from it with the Stonesword Key.

Stormhill Locations

In the upper half of Limgrave, we find Stormhill. Therefore, the following are the Elden Ring Stonesword Key locations found in that region.

Stormhill Shack

Stormhill Shack Location
Elden Ring – Stormhill Shack Location

Found right next to the Stormhill Site of Grace, the Stonesword key is just waiting on the ground to be collected. It is southeast of Limgrave Tower bridge, close to the boss arena of Margit.

Stormveil Castle Locations

Stormveil Castle is a massive Dungeon like area with the most challenging enemies and bosses that you probably faced/will face. Well, it also has some Stonesword keys.

If you are looking for a way to deal with the harder enemies, consider upgrading your weapons. Discover the best-ranged weapons out there: 13 Best Ranged Weapons In Elden Ring.

Rampart Tower

all the stoneswork keys elden ring
Elden Ring – Rampart Tower Location

Right near the Rampart Tower in Stormveil Castle, the Stonesword key in this location can be found inside a building section with a broken roof. To gain access to it, approach it from the top of the Rampart Tower.

Liurnia of the Lakes Locations

Up next, we have locations in the Liurnia of the Lakes.

Academy Crystal Cave

Academy Crystal Cave Location
Elden Ring – Academy Crystal Cave Location

The next Stonesword key can be found in the Academy Crystal Cave, west of Church of Cuckoo and directly south of Crystalline woods. Head towards the Sages on the left side and enter the next room. Look for the cage in the room and find the item inside it.

Siofra River Locations

The vast underground area of the Siofra River also contains many Elden Ring Stonesword key locations.

Hallowed Grounds

In the Siofra River, climb across a ruin next to the Hallowed Grounds. Take up the gust of wind at the edge of the cliff, taking you up towards the item.

Beam Pillars

The next Stonesword key can be found by climbing across the support beams and pillars of a ruined wall in the Siofra River.

Nokron, Eternal City

Near the deer carcass, you will find a corpse by a ledge that overlooks the entire ruined temple. Furthermore, this ledge can be found near the cliff with the spirit jellyfish, just a level lower.

Mt. Gelmir Locations

Up next, we have Elden Ring Stonesword key location in Mt. Gelmir.

Fort Laiedd

Elden ring - all stonesword key locations on map
Elden Ring – Fort Laiedd Location

Although it is not directly inside Fort Laiedd, the following Stonesword key can be found on a corpse north of Fort Laiedd in Mt. Gelmir. The carcass should be under a burnt tree in the marked location.

Academy of Raya Lucaria Locations

There are also Stonesword keys to be found in the Academy of Raya Lucaria. Let’s discuss their locations. 

Raya Lucaria Academy’s courtyard

Elden Ring keys around the map
Elden Ring – Raya Lucaria Academy’s Courtyard Location

Through the main academy gate, found just near the School House Classroom Site of Grace, you will find the Stonesword key on a fountain. The fountain is in the center of Raya Lucaria Academy’s courtyard.

Raya Lucaria – Debate Parlor

Elden Ring best stonesword key locations
Elden Ring Raya Lucaria – Debate Parlor Location

Found in Raya Lucaria Academy, through an Illusory Wall near the Debate Hall Site of Grace and Schoolhouse Classroom Site of Grace.

Ainsel River Locations

If you head down towards Ainsel River, you can also find some Stonesword Keys.

Uhl Palace

Elden Ring best stonesword keys
Elden Ring – Uhl Palace Location

The Stonesword key can be found underground in the Uhl Palace Ruins next to a giant poison flower.

Nokstella, Eternal City

Elden Ring Key Stoneswords
Elden Ring – Nokstella Eternal City Location

Within Nokstella, Eternal City, you can run into a corpse lying on edge, overlooking the waters.

Leyndell, Royal Capital Locations

The following are the Elden Ring Stonesword Key locations found within Leyndell, Royal Capital.

Sealed Tunnel

Stonesword keys best locations
Elden Ring – Sealed Tunnel Location

Within the third secret area of the Sealed tunnel, you can find the Stonesword key at a higher ground. It is just west of the Divine Bridge.

Auriza Hero’s Grave

Elden Ring - Best Stonesword Key Locations
Elden Ring – Auriza Hero’s Grave Location

Upon passing the third part of the giant chariots, you can find the Stonesword key on a small platform in the middle near the Auriza Hero’s Grave.

Avenue Balcony Site – Chest

Just southeast of Avenue Balcony site, there is a chest in a side room of a building with five lightning pot throwing peasants. There you will find a Stonesword key.

Avenue Balcony Site – Grave

In Leyndell Royal Capita, northeast of Avenue Balcony site, you will find a grave guarded by two skeletons and a zombie. The Stonesword key is on top of that grave.

Lower Capital Church

The following key is on top of a gazebo south and up two levels from the Lower Capital Church site in Leyndell Royal Capital.

West Capital Rampart Site

The final currently known Stonesword Key in Leyndell Royal Capital is found on a corpse below the West Capital Rampart site. Drop down and onto the petrified dragon foot and then inside the 2nd story wooden building.

Elden Ring: Stonesword Key

In case you are confused about what a Stonesword Key is or how they work, this section will guide you through it. 

Stonesword key item
Elden Ring – Stonesword Key In game Item

What are Stonesword Keys

Elden Ring Stonesword Keys are rare items that are used to break the seals on Imp Statues. These items can be acquired by purchasing them through Merchants and exploring the map. They’re pretty hard to come by, making them rare, but there’s enough to unlock many of the fascinating hidden areas in the game. There’s no exact number on how many of these are in the game as of yet, but there are at least 20 in-game locations where you can find Stonesword keys just laying on the ground. Besides that, +10 keys can be bought from merchants.

The items are one-time use only. So, if you end up utilizing them, you will need more to access other Imp Statues.

How to use Stonesword Keys

As mentioned, the Stonesword Keys get used on Imp Statues. These statues and the hidden areas are also found throughout the map. What is behind these statues can be unpredictable. For example, the first statue you run into at the beginning of the game has a boss fight waiting for you. However, an Imp Statue at the Roundtable grants the player armor.

So just to be prepared against any boss fights that might be in store for you, consider checking out the best melee weapons to deal with any threats: 25 Best Melee Weapons In Elden Ring.

These statues can either use up one Stonesword key or two depending on the type of statue. They can be distinguished with the lit-up Imps on them. The number of lit-up Imps corresponds to the keys required. Do bear in mind if you run into a statue that requires two keys, you cannot unlock one and wait till you get another key. You have to use both the keys together.

With that, you are all caught up on what the item is and how it can be used, continue onwards to hunt down each key with all the Elden Ring Stonesword key locations that we discussed.

With that, we have Elden Ring Stonesword key locations. You can purchase them from merchants or hunt for them in the open world. Keep in mind that the world is massive and there could be many other locations. So, if we missed any spot you know of, do let us know in the comments!

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