Elden Ring Sealed Tunnel: Location, Rwards & Fight

This guide will showcase the location, collectibles found in tunnel and Onyx Lord's bossfight at the end of Sealed Tunnel in Elden Ring

In your journey through The Lands Between you are bound to come across a lot of hidden dungeons and caves. The Sealed Tunnel is one of the dungeons hidden in the huge world of Elden Ring. What sets it apart from other dungeons is that this is the only dungeon in Elden Ring which leads to a Divine Tower making it very special. In today’s guide, we will cover all you need to know about Sealed Tunnel in Elden Ring

Key Highlights
  • Sealed Tunnel Location is on the SouthEast of Outer Wall Phantom Tree Site of Grace.

Collectibles in the Sealed Tunnel are:

  • Gold Runes
  • Smithing Stone Minors Bell Bearings
  • Cracked Crystals
  • Stone Sword Key
  • Golden Pickled Fowl Foot
  • Furlcalling Finger Remedy
  • Rune Arc
  • Old Fang
  • Large Glinstone Scraps
  • Lightning Grease
  • Onyx Lord Boss Fight: He does not only guard the final collectible of Sealed Tunnel, but also the gateway to Divine Tower of West Altus.
  • After defeating the boss you receive Onyx Lord’s GreatSword which will open a gateway to Divine Tower of West Altus.

Sealed Tunnel Location in Elden Ring

Sealed Tunnel is located southeast of Outer Wall Phantom Tree site of grace. The location of the Sealed Tunnel is marked on the map below:

Location of Sealed Tunnel
Location of Elden Ring’s Sealed Tunnel is marked on the map.

Once there, you’ll see a couple of sloped rocks you can jump onto that will take you to the bottom of the cliff. Once there, head straight south of the lake and past the egg-looking enemies, you’ll see the entrance to the Sealed Tunnel.

Edge of the Cliff
Edge of the cliff where Sealed Tunnel is located
Entrance to Elden Ring’s Sealed Tunnel

All Collectibles in Sealed Tunnel in Elden Ring

Once inside the tunnel, rest at the site of grace. After making your way inside the tunnel, you’ll notice that there is no way further, even though the sounds of mining can be clearly heard. This is because there is an Illusory wall in the tunnel. 

Site of grace
Tarnished resting at Sealed Tunnel site of grace

Between the summoning pool and fire structure is an unusual patch in the wall. Attack or roll towards that area of the wall to reveal the hidden path that will take you inside the tunnel. After entering the tunnel, deal with the miner sitting right in front of you and head towards the wooden platform through wooden stairs, turn right and pick up the Golden Rune[5].

First illusory wall
Tarnished standing in front of Sealed Tunnel’s first invisible wall.
First area
The first portion of Sealed Tunnel in Elden Ring
Elden Ring currency
Golden rune found on the wooden platform

From there, look below, and you’ll be able to spot a treasure chest. Now, before you jump towards the treasure chest, keep in mind a Vulgar Militia is waiting to ambush you there. So go jump down and take out the Vulgar Militia who you can find standing just opposite the treasure chest.

Now open the treasure chest and collect Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing 2. After that, head towards the main floor of the area, where you can find a couple of miners. Most of them are mining and will remain passive unless you attack them.

Treasure drop
Bell bearing found in the chest

Take out the miner with the flamethrower patrolling the main floor. After that, look for the miner on the dark end of the floor just beneath the wooden bridge. Kill him and collect the Smiting Stone [5] from the wall behind him.

Now turn around and head towards the area with three miners minding their own business. Take them out and collect the Cracked Crystals from the wall they were mining. 

Passive miners
Tarnished gazing at miners working to get crystal shards out of the wall

With this, you are done with the area now head to the area where you opened the chest. Behind the chest is an Illusory wall. Attack or roll through it to continue your journey through the Sealed Tunnel.

Second illusory wall
Tarnished hitting the invisible wall located after the chest

After making your way through the invisible wall, you’ll come across a lift which will take you down. Keep in mind, if you take the lift, you’ll miss a collectible. Luckily, there is another you can use to go down while picking up the collectible at the same time.

It’s through platforming. On the left of the lift, there is a rocky platform and a giant tree trunk you can jump down to. Once there, jump down on another rocky platform below you and collect the second Smithing Stone [5] of the Sealed Tunnel in Elden Ring.

Stone used for upgrading weapons
Smithing Stone found on a rocky platform

After picking up this material, keep jumping down through a series of rocky platforms until you reach the bottom. Once at the bottom and follow the main path until you come across another wall blocking your progress. The wall is as well, you guessed it, another Illusory wall.

Third Illusory wall
Tarnished hitting the illusory wall located after the lift

Hit the wall, keep heading straight and pick up Golden Rune [5] from the corpse. Behind the corpse is another invisible wall, attack it to reveal the next portion of the Sealed Tunnel in Elden Ring. There you’ll see large tree roots right in front of you which can be used to make your way across the room, but before we do that there are a lot of very important collectibles we need to pick up.

Fourth invisible wall
Hitting the invisible wall after looting the corpse with the Golden rune
Second Area
Second portion of Sealed Tunnel in Elden Ring

Jump on the first wooden branch and head straight. Once you are halfway through the branch, jump onto the second wooden branch below and from there leap towards the small cave on your right. Keep in mind there are three Vulgar Militias here, so watch out for their attacks.

Tarnished facing the Vulgar Militia in combat

After taking the Vulgar Militia, head inside the cave to collect the Stonesword Key. After picking up the Stonesword Key, head back entrance of the cave and jump on the tree trunk in front. On the topic of Stonesword Key, why not go through our guide on Stonesword Key locations in Elden Ring.

Item found on a corpse
Tarnished standing in front of the corpse holding the Stonesword Key.

At the end of this trunk is another collectible you obtain called Golden Pickled Fowl Foot. Now you can head straight to the next portion of the Sealed Tunnel. That said, before you leave the area, there are a couple of crucial items you have to collect before you get out of the part of the Sealed Tunnel.

Item found on the tree root
Tarnished looting the Golden Pickled Fowl Foot from located on the tree root

Jump down from the tree trunk on which you were standing, and you’ll notice a handful of items scattered on the floor. Now, these items aren’t just lying around there for free, since hiding here is Abductor Virgin waiting to attack you. On the topic of Items why not go through our guide on Castle Sol and the locations of items found there and how to beat this castle’s boss: Elden Ring Commander Niall cheese method guide.

Make sure to take out the Vulgar Militia first so that he won’t annoy you during the fight. Before you decide to take on Abductor Virgin, make sure to lure him to the eastern corner of the floor, where a glowing statue is present.

Fight aganist Abductor Virgin
Tarnished Facing the Abductor virgin in combat
Breakable statue
Glowing Statue that can be broken by baiting the Abductor Virgin.

Once here, bait the Abductor Virgin into a charge attack to break the glowing statue. This might take a couple of tries, but you will eventually nail it. After that, continue your fight with the Abductor Virgin.

While you are fighting Abductor Virgin, you also have the choice to use your summons, so call upon your summons to ease your suffering. After killing the Abductor, Virgin now you can peacefully collect all the items scattered on the floor. Speaking of items why not go through our Elden Ring Items tier list.

Items on the floor
Items that can be looted from the floor after beating the Abductor Virgin

The items you will find are Furlcalling Finger Remedy, Golden Rune [1], Rune Arc, and a Somber Smithing Stone [5] hidden in the northwestern corner. Also, make sure to collect the item from the statue you just broke using the Abductor Virgin. The item you will gain from there is Smithing Stone [6].

After filling your inventory with all of these items, climb up the ladder, jump on the branches and follow the path across to the eastern passage. Keep following the path until you reach a Stake of Marika and a giant wooden root blocking your path. This root unfortunately isn’t an invisible blockage you can hit and continue your journey.

Third Area
Third Portion of Sealed Tunnel in Elden Ring

Luckily, there is another to get around this. On your right is the wooden platform you can drop to bypass the blockage. Before you jump down, keep in mind that the area below is plagued with self-exploding enemies.

Hidden platform
The wooden platform you can jump onto after getting blocked by the tree root in the third portion of the Sealed Tunnel.

So be prepared to dodge as soon as you jump down. After jumping down and dodging the blasts from the enemies, collect the Smithing Stone [5] off of the wall behind the tree root.

Smithing stone area 3
Picking up a Smithing Stone

Now turn around and follow the main path. Grab the Grace Mimic from the corpse along the way as well. Before you exit, this area, make sure you climb the flight of stairs since there are a couple of important items there too.

Standing near an item
Tarnished standing near the Grace Mimic item

Remember to keep your guard up, since as soon as you reach the wooden floorboards at the top of the stairs, self-destructing enemies will be waiting for you. After dodging through the explosions, climb up the second flight of stairs to collect Old Fang.

Self exploding enemies
Enemies about to self explode as the tarnished gets near them
Item located on the staris
Picking up Old fang

Descend from the stairs and head left towards the wooden wheelbarrow. Be mindful of another exploding enemy there. After you have dealt with it, collect Large Glintstone Scraps from the corpse.

Item hidden in a dead end
Large Glintstone Scraps are located in a dark corner

After collecting the Large Glintstone Scarps head towards the southeast of the chamber and hit the wall to reveal the next and final portion of the Sealed Tunnel in Elden Ring. Also, keep in mind that there is another exploding enemy sitting just beside the wall as well.

After hitting the illusory wall, follow the main path towards the illuminated area with a chasm filled with tree roots, you can jump onto the roots and rocky platforms below to reach the bottom. Naturally, there are some collectibles you can grab along the way as you go deeper into the ground.

Hole in the ground
Tarnished looking down towards a dark Chasm

While standing on the first root, jump left and keep descending from the rocky platforms to pick up Smithing Stone [5]. From there jump on the root right in front of you and from there perform a running jump from the root towards the rocky platform on the right-hand side of the root.

Once there, pick up the Lightning Grease. Now keep descending the chasm until you reach the bottom. Be cautious of exploding enemies at the bottom. After you’ve dealt with them, grab the Golden Rune [9] lying on the ground.

Elden Ring currency
Picking up golden runes before the Onyx Lord arena

With that, you are done with all the collectibles in the Sealed Tunnel. The only thing left for you now is to confront Onyx Lord, who is waiting for you beyond the golden fog wall.

Golden fog gate
Onyx Lord area gate

Onyx Lord Bossfight

Onyx Lord, the main boss fight of Sealed Tunnel in Elden Ring. He does not only guard the final collectible of Sealed Tunnel, but also the gateway to Divine Tower of West Altus. Onyx Lord comes from a race of ancients who rose to life when a meteor struck the lands between.

Onyx lords wield a greatsword and have mastery over gravity magic. He isn’t a very hard boss to beat. Onyx Lord has a low poise and is weak to all kinds of physical damage. So let’s discuss the tips and strategies for this boss. Also, consider reading our guide on Elden Ring Fire Giant cheese method and learn about the tips and strategies to beat it.

Tips and Strategies

Onyx Lord has three types of attack patterns: Meteorite, Swing attack, and Gravity Well. If you are a melee user, consider taking Colossal Sword with you because of Onyx Lord’s low poise, the weapon type will absolutely melt him. For the best Colossal Swords in Elden Ring, be sure to read our guide on Elden Ring’s Best Colossal Swords.

For Slice and Dice or swing attack, diagonally dodge his first swing to get behind him and punish. He will miss his second swing attack if you do this. After dealing a considerable amount of damage, Onyx Lord will cast Gravity Well.

Diagonal swing
Diagonal Sword Swing
Second swing
Follow up on the first Diagonal swing

Onyx Lord will form an orb of void in his hand and throw gravity projectiles at you. These projectiles have high precision, so accuracy in dodge is required here. Also, Gravity Well has a melee variant as well. If you are close enough, he will use the void orb in his hand to perform a melee swing attack.

Void projectile
Gravity wall projectile is thrown by Onyx Lord
Void melee
Onyx Lord doing a melee attack with the hand holding the void orb.

Onyx Lord’s third attack pattern is Meteorite. For this attack, he will plunge the sword into the ground and summon a black hole above him. Meteorites will come out and fly towards you from the black hole, so be prepared for that.

Meteorite summon
Onyx Lord summoning meteors from a black hole

Furthermore, these meteorites will explode upon collision as well as will leave a burning effect on the ground as well. So, maintain your distance and dodge horizontally to keep out of harm’s way. Rinse and repeat, and you will eventually take out Sealed Tunnel’s main boss in Elden Ring.

Enemy Felled
Tarnished delivering the killing blow to Onyx Lord


Defeating Onyx Lord will get you Onyx Lord’s Greatsword as well it will open the gateway to the Divine Tower of West Altus.

Weapon drop from Onyx Lord
Onyx Greatsword dropped after defeating Onyx Lord.

Divine Tower of West Altus

After defeating the Onyx Lord you’ll notice that the tunnel does end there like other tunnels of Elden Ring. Instead of a dead end with a blue puddle that sends you back to the start of the tunnel, now you have opened a gateway to one of the Divine Towers.

Site of grace
Tarnished resting at the Divine Tower of West Altus site of grace.

If you are somehow unaware of what Divine Towers are we’ll give a brief explanation for that. Divine Towers basically let you activate a rune of Demigods. These Demigod runes contain additional buffs you can use in battles to gain an advantage. After activating their runes you can rest at the site of grace and equip them. To use them in battle you only need to select and use a rune arc to use the equipped rune abilities in combat.

Divine Tower of West Altus lets you activate the rune of Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy. On the topic of activating runes, consider reading our guide on location of Godrick’s Great Rune in Elden Ring.

Volcano Manor & Rykard

Volcano Manor is located in Mt.Gelmir, and this manor is ruled by Lady Tanith and her associates. There are multiple ways you can use to get to Valcono Manor so be sure to check out our guide on the best ways to reach Volcano Manor in Elden Ring.

Valcano manor ruler
Lady Tanith sitting beside a Crucible knight

Volcano Manor is one of the Legacy Dungeons of Elden Ring and at the end of every legacy resides a Demigod. Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy can be fought at the end of Volcano Manor.

Lord of Blasphemy
Rykard’s intro cutscene

You can also complete Lady Tanith’s assassination contracts to get to Rykard as well. After defeating Rykard you will get Rykard’s Great Rune which you can later activate at Divine Tower of West Altus.

Effects of Rykard’s Great Rune

Upon activating Rykard’s Great Rune from Divine Tower of West Altus and equipping it from any site of grace,you can now gain additional advantages in tough situations. Using rune arc in combat now will restore 80% of your HP. Additionally, now every time you defeat an enemy your HP will restore by 7%.

The rune is extremely useful if you are taking on crowds of enemy mobs. At the same time, Rykard’s rune will be useless against bosses since killing the enemy is a requirement to regain HP. 

This wraps up our guide on Sealed Tunnel in Elden Ring. Let us know what other interesting dungeons you found on your journey through The Lands Between. Elden is currently available on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X & S, and Microsoft Windows.

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