Elden Ring Melee Build: Weapons, Armor, Shield & More 

Our Elden Ring Melee Build mentions the best weapons, armor sets, talismans, items, and spells you should use to destroy enemies and bosses.

Elden Ring is filled with opponents and enemies waiting to be fought, which players can take advantage of when they experiment with newer Elden Ring builds and get more experienced as the game goes on. With the countless bodies available in Elden, players should look into the Elden Ring Melee Build if they want to dominate the battlefield. 

Key Highlights

  • Melee builds revolve around using the best Strength Weapons in close quarter combat while utilizing deadly normal and charged attacks. 
  • The best starting class is the Vagabond class, as it provides a little bit of everything when it comes to kickstarting your Melee build.
  • Prioritize leveling up Strength as your primary stat, while focusing on Vigor, Endurance, and Mind as your secondary stats.
  • The weapons recommended for the Melee build are Ruins Greatsword, Heavy Greatsword, Heavy Great Stars, and Prelate’s Inferno Crozier.
  • These weapons can be found at Redmane Castle Plaza, northwestern Caelid, Atlus Plateau, and Fort Laiedd, respectively.
  • The Melee build gives you a chance to equip some of the best shields like the Golden Greatshield, Erdtree Greatshield,
  • The Sacred Seal that makes the Melee build shine the most is the Clawmark’s Seal.
  • The armor sets that are perfectly suited for the Melee build are the Beast Champion Set and the Veteran’s Set. 
  • The Talismans that go well with the Melee build are Erdtree’s Favour, Green Turtle Talisman, Great Jar’s Arsenal, Dragon Quest Shield Talisman, and the Axe Talisman.
  • Our favorite spells when it comes to the Melee Build are Bestial Sling, Stone of Gurranq, Beast’s Claw, Gurranq’s Beast Claw, and Bestial Vitality.
  • Ashes of War such as Hoarfrost Stomp and the Quickstep can be utilized by experienced players to maximize their damage output in the Melee build.   
  • The optimal playstyle of this build revolves around hitting the enemies with slow but deadly attacks that will eliminate them within a couple of thrusts. 

Melee Build In Elden Ring

The build is mainly based on Strength and focuses on some of the best strength weapons that can launch out normal and charged attacks that can appear slightly slower, but the hits are deadly and can render the enemy useless. Let’s get started! Check out another Elden Ring Strength Build that we have already covered to get more ideas. 

Character Attributes

Elden Ring Melee Build 
Character Attributes

To get the most out of the Melee Build in Elden Ring, players will typically invest in a few attributes to become stronger and confidently sprint across the battlefield and take control. Players can look into our Elden Ring Dexterity Build if they want to experiment with more attribute investments. Also, read our Elden Ring Dex Weapons and learn about the best dex weapons in the game.


To start things off, Strength is one of the most crucial attributes to work out this build. With Strength in the player’s arsenal, they can become one of the most overpowered players in the game, both in mid-game and endgame. 

In essence, Strength itself will affect how easily an adventurer will be able to use heavier weaponry and how well they will wield some of the best weapons. If players invest enough Points into Strength, it will automatically improve their overall wielding ability, and they will be able to dominate the battlefield. 

Another excellent point to note is that Strength will boost the overall attack power of melee weapons that scale off the attribute Strength, making them even more powerful, and allowing adventurers to take over enemies even faster. Strength also enhances the overall physical defense of players, which can help them be better players. 


Another attribute that players are recommended to look into is Vigor, which is mainly concerned with the way an adventurer’s Health Points or HP is maintained during close combat, whether in PvP or PvE. since protecting your HP is a vital step that players need to take to fight enemies faster and stay alive for longer, players can invest points into Vigor to boost it. 

Investing in Vigor will also slightly enhance the player’s overall Fire Defense, allowing them to tank hits launched at them by enemies, precisely Fire Damage. Personal immunity is also increased, allowing players to resist Poison a lot more. 


Moving right along with the Melee Build, Endurance is also considered essential to invest in. while Endurance is mainly concerned with how a player can maintain their stamina and consume it when they are busy sprinting around and taking down enemies while in battle. 

The more points players invest into Endurance, the more they will be able to maintain their stamina, which is crucial to get more speed while moving in the arena. Endurance investment will also enhance players’ overall Equip Load Limit, which will allow them to wield some of the best armor sets and weapons. 


Lastly, while Mind is not a primary attribute that players need to invest in for this build, it can still be considered. In essence, Mind will take care of how the player can handle their overall FP, and the higher the investment into Mind, the safer they will be in terms of FP. Other attributes like Arcane are not required in this build, however, the Elden Ring Arcane Build might still interest you. 


There are a confident few weapon choices that players can invest in if they want to go towards any enemy and obliterate them with deadly hits. 

Ruins Greatsword 

Elden Ruin's Greatsword
Ruin’s Greatsword

Starting things off with the Ruins Greatsword, it is a weapon that will make players feel confident battling the worst of bosses and the hardest of enemies on the battlefield. Whether it is a PvP battle or a PvE fight, the Ruins Greatswords can support the player by allowing them to launch a consistent amount of regular and heavy attacks. While you’re at it, consider reading our Elden Ring Carian Greatsword Location.

The weapon itself scales off of Strength and Intelligence, and with the high physical Damage, players can expect a damage output that will kill off enemies. The weapon can also unleash Magic Damage at enemies when needed, which can help in specific builds. Also, if you fancy sorcery builds, then read our Elden Ring Best Intelligence Build guide.

The skill, “Wave of Destruction,” allows players to wield the sword and lift the sword with their hands and then go up to any enemy and strike down the greatsword in a way that causes strong gravity that will knockback enemies. With the weapon scaling with Intelligence E and Strength B, players need to have 50 Strength Points and 16 Intelligence Points to wield this weapon. On the subject of swords, why not read our Elden Ring Best Swords guide.

Physical Damage124
Magic Damage37
Fire Damage0
Light Damage0
Holy Damage0
Crit Damage100
Physical Guard65
Magic Guard56
Fire Guard50
Light Guard50
Holy Guard50
Boost Guard45

Heavy Greatsword 

Elden Ring Melee Build 
Heavy Greatsword

Another excellent option for the Melee Build is the Heavy Greatsword, which can be useful when players want to one-hit enemies and launch heavier attacks without putting in a lot of effort. Due to the duel-wielded options that the heavy greatsword provides, it can be of excellent support during heavy combat. If you fancy weapons in the game, then consider reading our Elden Ring Greatsword Build guide. 

The weapon itself can be enhanced with the help of Ashes of war and can be leveled. With the weapon itself scaling off of Strength and Dexterity, players can wield the weapon and dominate the battlefield. The tremendous physical damage allows for a consistent source of physical damage output while in the arena. While you’re at it, consider reading our Elden Ring Weapons Tier List.

The weapon skill, “Stamp,” allows the adventurer to wield the heavy greatsword and enhances the overall stance of players. While they are standing in front of taller enemies, they will be able to launch stronger attacks that can kill them beautifully. The weapon itself scales with Dexterity E and Strength C, and players need to put in 31 Strength Points and 12 Dexterity Points. 

Physical Damage164
Magic Damage0
Fire Damage0
Light Damage0
Holy Damage0
Crit Damage100
Physical Guard67
Magic Guard50
Fire Guard50
Light Guard50
Holy Guard50
Boost Guard39

Heavy Great Stars 

Elden Heavy Great Stars
Heavy Great Stars

We have the Great Stars, which is another impeccable option that players can experiment with for this melee build. While it cannot be duel-wielded, it is hands down one of the most viable weapons to one hand and thrashes down on bigger and smaller enemies and obliterate them. 

The weapon typically scales off of higher strength and dexterity and is made more for players who want to kill enemies faster and move on to their next goal. The physical damage is also quite decent, as it allows for consistent white numbers and is more than enough where players can take part in a lot of boss fights with the weapon wielded. 

The weapon skill, “Endure,” allows players to get into a stance that will be mentally and physically ready for any enemy that dares launch regular or heavy attacks their way. For a few seconds, it enhances the player’s overall Poise. With the weapon scaling off of Dexterity D and Strength D, players can invest in 22 Strength Points and 12 Dexterity Points to take advantage of the Great Stars. This build is catered more for heavy weaponry, but you might also benefit from the Elden Ring Moonveil Katana Build in the future. 

Physical Damage135
Magic Damage0
Fire Damage0
Light Damage0
Holy Damage0
Crit Damage100
Physical Guard52
Magic Guard36
Fire Guard36
Light Guard36
Holy Guard36
Boost Guard36

Prelate’s Inferno Crozier 

Elden Ring Melee Build 
Prelate’s Heavy Inferno

After finishing off the melee weapons, we have the Prelate’s Inferno Crozier, an excellent option for players who would instead launch enemies into the air before giving them special treatment and killing them. The weapon is more than able to establish such heavy attacks that it will instantly kill off opponents. 

The hammer will typically require higher Strength investment, as it scales off of Strength and Dexterity. Still, with the higher physical attack, players can quickly expect to dominate the battlefield when faced with the most formidable enemies. 

The weapon skill, “Prelate’s Charge,” will support players by wielding the weapon, throwing it onto the ground with a heavy hit, and the weapon will bring forth large flames that will murder the enemies. The weapon scales with Dexterity E and Strength C and requires 45 Strength Points, which is why it requires such a heavy Strength Investment. 

Physical Damage156
Magic Damage0
Fire Damage0
Light Damage0
Holy Damage0
Crit Damage100
Physical Guard66
Magic Guard49
Fire Guard49
Light Guard49
Holy Guard49
Boost Guard44

Clawmark’s Seal 

Elden Clawmark's Seal
Clawmark’s Seal

The Clawmark’s Seal is the weapon that players will typically use with this build when they plan to cast incantations that will help them on the battlefield. With the clawmark’s seal, adventures can easily cast Beast incantations so powerful that they will render the enemy useless. 

Physical Damage31
Magic Damage0
Fire Damage0
Light Damage0
Incantation Damage60
Crit Damage100


Physical Guard25
Magic Guard15
Fire Guard15
Light Guard15
Holy Guard15
Boost Guard15

Armor Sets 

Moving right along with the Elden Ring Melee Build, to fully protect yourself, one needs to be under the guard and protection of an armor set that will be able to help the player achieve victory when they are in combat. 

Beast Champion Set 

Kicking things off with the Beast Champion Set, it stands true to its name, as it is one of the most beastly looking armor sets, and not only that, but it also provides the ultimate protection to players who aim to go into the battlefield and crush all opponents in their utter wake. The set itself is equipped with Helms, Gauntlets, Greaves, and Chest Armor. 

 Damage Negation
Physical Damage37.6
Strike Damage35.1
Slash Damage40.6
Pierce Damage40.2
Magic Damage28.0
Fire Damage29.7
Light Damage27.7
Holy Damage29.1
Immunity Resistance133
Robustness Resistance208
Focus Resistance96
Vitality Resistance88
Poise Resistance60
Beast Champion Helm 
Elden Ring Melee Build 
Beast Champion Helmet

The first piece to the puzzle is the Beast Champion Helm, absolutely gorgeous. While it is adorned on the player’s head, they will never have to worry about headshots launched from enemies, as they will be able to tank it all. The helmet fully protects the player from head attacks and allows them to fight easier. 

The main focus is to increase Physical, Slash, and Pierce damage negation, it is an excellent set to own. Robustness and community resistance are also catered to, and players will never feel like they are missing out. You can see below for its overall damage negation stats. 

 Damage Negation
Physical Damage6.3
Strike Damage5.9
Slash Damage6.8
Pierce Damage6.7
Magic Damage4.6
Fire Damage4.9
Light Damage4.6
Holy Damage4.8
Immunity Resistance24
Robustness Resistance39
Focus Resistance18
Vitality Resistance16
Poise Resistance9
Beast Champion Armor 
Elden Beast Champion Armor
Beast Champion Armor

Keeping things going, we have the Beast Champion Armor, which is worn mainly around the player’s stomach to protect them from shots launched at the torso by the opponent’s end. Not only that, but it also helps them to stay alive for longer when they are on the battlefield and fight back with grace. 

Since the armor is considered heavy-weight, players might feel that it adds a bit to the equip load. However, it does not affect overall mobility. The overall focus is placed on the Physical, Slash, and Pierce damage negation while elemental negation is not ignored, and Robustness resistance is massively increased. 

 Damage Negation
Physical Damage16.8
Strike Damage15.7
Slash Damage18.3
Pierce Damage18.3
Magic Damage12.8
Fire Damage13.5
Light Damage12.6
Holy Damage13.3
Immunity Resistance55
Robustness Resistance83
Focus Resistance38
Vitality Resistance35
Poise Resistance28
Beast Champion Gauntlets 

The Beast Champion Gauntlets are supposed to be adorned on the adventurer’s arms and hands. They will perfectly protect the player from all incoming damage and allow them to confidently stride up to the enemy and kill them all in one go without depleting their HP. 

Players will experience that their protection and defense are catered to, which will enhance their overall resistance. As usual, the primary damage negation is focused on Physical, but Magic and Fire are also looked into. You can check out the overall stats and numbers below. 

 Damage Negation
Physical Damage4.4
Strike Damage4.1
Slash Damage4.7
Pierce Damage4.6
Magic Damage3.2
Fire Damage3.4
Light Damage3.2
Holy Damage3.3
Immunity Resistance19
Robustness Resistance30
Focus Resistance14
Vitality Resistance13
Poise Resistance6
Beast Champion Greaves 
Elden Ring Melee Build 
Beast Champion Greaves

Ending the Beast Champion Set in the Elden Ring Melee Build with the Beast Champion Greaves, they are worn around your feet and legs. They are supposed to provide the ultimate protection needed to dominate the arena and come out victorious. Players will also look incredibly stylish while adorning the greaves. 

It provides a decent amount of physical and elemental personal protection but will add quite a bit to the Equip Load Limit. 

 Damage Negation
Physical Damage10.1
Strike Damage9.4
Slash Damage10.8
Pierce Damage10.6
Magic Damage7.4
Fire Damage7.9
Light Damage7.3
Holy Damage7.7
Immunity Resistance35
Robustness Resistance56
Focus Resistance26
Vitality Resistance24
Poise Resistance17

Veteran’s Set 

Another excellent option for experienced players who want to mess around with the melee Build is the Veteran’s Set, which looks incredibly cool while also protecting the adventurer from all kinds of dangers. The veteran’s set comprises the main four pieces: Chest Armor, Gauntlets, Greaves, and Helmet. 

 Damage Negation
Physical Damage41.0
Strike Damage37.2
Slash Damage41.0
Pierce Damage38.1
Magic Damage29.3
Fire Damage30.7
Light Damage27.9
Holy Damage28.9
Immunity Resistance150
Robustness Resistance215
Focus Resistance110
Vitality Resistance110
Poise Resistance79
Veteran’s Helmet 
Elden Veteran's Helmet
Veteran’s Helmet

The starting piece of the armor set itself is the Veteran’s Helmet, which aims to support the player. At the same time, they are busy taking down formidable enemies and will consistently assist the player by being a source of protection and guard. Players will be able to stay safe from any kind of dangers while under the guard of the helmet. 

The heaviest focus for damage negation is placed on Physical and Slash repeal, while the lightest is placed on Elemental dissolution such as Light or Holy. The main form of resistance provided by the Veteran’s Helmet is Robustness and Immunity, and you can see the stats below. 

 Damage Negation
Physical Damage6.8
Strike Damage6.1
Slash Damage6.8
Pierce Damage6.3
Magic Damage4.8
Fire Damage5.0
Light Damage4.6
Holy Damage4.7
Immunity Resistance27
Robustness Resistance39
Focus Resistance20
Vitality Resistance20
Poise Resistance12
Veteran’s Armor 
Elden Ring Melee Build 
Veteran’s Armor

Moving things along, we have the Veteran’s Armor, conveniently fitted on the adventurer’s torso and aims to protect them while they are in the arena, whether for PvP or PvE matches. Players will notice that their overall personal resistance and defense will be significantly increased while under the protection of the armor. 

Slash, Pierce, and Physical damage are negated the most, while elemental damage incoming from enemies’ direction is also opposed. The armor is on the heavier side, so it may add to the overall Equip Load Limit; however, it means that players will be ultimately protected. 

 Damage Negation
Physical Damage18.7
Strike Damage17.0
Slash Damage18.7
Pierce Damage17.3
Magic Damage13.5
Fire Damage14.1
Light Damage12.8
Holy Damage13.3
Immunity Resistance63
Robustness Resistance90
Focus Resistance46
Vitality Resistance46
Poise Resistance37
Veteran’s Gauntlets 
Elden Veteran's Gauntlets
Veteran’s Gauntlets

While the Veteran’s Gauntlets are adorned on the arms, they are sure to provide an excellent source of protection to the adventurer, and the overall defense is greatly enhanced. While the player is protected, you can quickly go in the arena, wield your heavy weaponry, and thrust on the enemy to take them down. 

There is a considerable amount of damage negation and personal resistance. See below for the number. 

 Damage Negation
Physical Damage4.7
Strike Damage4.3
Slash Damage4.7
Pierce Damage4.4
Magic Damage3.3
Fire Damage3.5
Light Damage3.2
Holy Damage3.3
Immunity Resistance21
Robustness Resistance30
Focus Resistance15
Vitality Resistance15
Poise Resistance8
Veteran’s Greaves 
Elden Veteran's Greaves
Veteran’s Greaves

With the final piece in hand, the Veteran’s Greaves allows the player to confidently take out monsters and achieve victory. The greaves can look common, but they are more than able to protect you, and while they might add a bit to the load, you will be more than protected. 

 Damage Negation
Physical Damage10.8
Strike Damage9.8
Slash Damage10.8
Pierce Damage10.1
Magic Damage7.7
Fire Damage8.1
Light Damage7.3
Holy Damage7.6
Immunity Resistance39
Robustness Resistance56
Focus Resistance29
Vitality Resistance29
Poise Resistance22


Another important thing that people might want to take advantage of in the Elden Ring Melee Build is the ability to equip some of the best shields that will be able to tank hits from enemies. Still, they will also be able to protect players from all kinds of physical elemental damage. 

Golden Greatshield 

Elden Golden Greatshield
Golden Greatshield

Starting them off with the Golden Greatshield, this is considered a heavy shield that mainly aims to protect you from enemy and opponent attacks launched at you that might deplete your HP otherwise. Shields like these can block deadly attacks and instead let players dominate the battlefield with their retaliating attacks. 

The shield itself scales off of Strength D, and players need to invest in 34 Strength Points to wield the shield. The security can intake more damage and guard the player even more as the protection is upgraded. Players can also enhance it with several different ashes of a war that can assist eh player during battles. 

Erdtree Greatshield 

Elden Erdtree Greatshield
Erdtree Greatshield

Another excellent option that players can look into is the Erdtree Greatshield, which can come in handy as it is a heavier shield and, therefore, will be able to last longer. Players will feel highly protected when they are behind the greatshield, and for Melee builds, great shields are mainly recommended. 

The Erdtree Greatshield itself scales off of Faith D and Strength C, and players need to place in about 12 Faith Points and 30 strength Points to gain the advantage of the shield. The shield skill, “Golden Retaliation,” can repel all sorts of incantations or spells that are launched towards your direction and direct them back to the caster. While discussing spells and incantations, why not read our Elden Ring Incantation Vs Sorcery guide.


When talking about Melee Build Spells, players will find that they can thrash their way across the enemies’ faces more quickly when they have a few incantations or spells in their arsenal, as it can massively increase their overall damage output. Here are some of the best spells available for this build. Also, you read our Elden Ring Spells Tier List and learn about some of the most and least used spells in the game. 

Bestial Sling 

Starting things off with the Bestial Sling, it is one of the most viable incantations that experienced Elden RIng players can take advantage of, as it can aid the player in gaining victory as fast as possible. 

With this incantation in hand, players can cast the spell and summon numerous sharp shards of extremely sharp rocks, and they will launch in the enemy’s general direction, hitting them and depleting their HP fast. It requires around 19 stamina and will require 10 Faith Points. 

Stone of Gurranq

Taking things forward with the Stone of Gurranq, this is yet another excellent option for players that aim to go into the battlefield and obliterate enemies without taking single damage themselves. 

Upon casting the Stone of Gurranq, players will be able to launch down a massive boulder from the skies and aim it towards the enemy, hitting them with ultimate force, knocking them down, and taking them out. The incantation itself requires 13 Faith Points, and it has 37 Stamina Costs. 

Beast’s Claw 

Keeping things on the bestial theme, we have the ever so overpowered “Beast’s Claw,” which can rivet and tear through the toughest of enemies without letting the player put in much effort themselves, effortlessly allowing them to take down their opponents. 

When the Beast’s Claw is cast, it will launch down five claw-like hits so deadly and sharp that once it hits the enemy, it renders them useless. The incantation launches them back with force and causes them to intake increased damage, allowing players to win the battle. Beast’s Claw requires 8 Faith Points and uses up 27 stamina. 

Gurranq’s Beast Claw 

Incantations like Gurranq’s Beast Claw are always helpful in the Elden Ring Melee Build when battling with enemies, whether in PvP or PvE, as it can be cast down with other spells that are similar to it such as Stone of Gurranq and murder every enemy in their wake. 

When the spell is cast, it will cause there to appear beastly sharp claws that strike down across the ground and keep moving forward until they strike down the enemy and obliterate them. The amount of damage that the Gurranq’s Beast Claw deals are enough to kill any enemy. It takes 15 Faith Points from the player and uses 42 Stamina. 

Bestial Vitality 

Last but not least, the Beastial Vitality is one of the spells that players can take advantage of when they might be short on health when fighting with foes in the arena. 

Bestial vitality aims to heal the player throughout their battle, allowing them to deplete the enemy’s HP while also healing themselves and winning with grace. It requires 12 Faith Points and will cost the adventurer 10 Stamina. 


While we are on the topic of buffing up the overall damage output, adventurers using the Melee Build in Elden Ring, can use some of the best talismans that can benefit them greatly, and here they are! 

Erdtree Favor 

Elden Ring Melee Build 
Erdtree’s Favor Talisman

Starting with the Erdtree Favor, players can easily equip this talisman. When using it, they will experience that their overall HP is increased, which is crucial when relying on melee attacks launched on enemies. Maintaining HP and survival are the two primary keys to winning any battle. 

Alongside that, players’ Stamina and Equip Load is also increased, which allows them to load on heavier armor, and tank even more hits. 

Green Turtle Talisman 

Elden Green Turtle Talisman
Green Turtle Talisman

Moving forward, the Green Turtle Talisman can also massively aid the player during any demanding boss or enemy fight, as one of the key things that players need to consider is their stamina maintenance during a battle. Also, read our Elden Ring Bosses Tier List and learn about the easiest and the most challenging bosses in the game.

Players can quickly move swiftly around the arena and take down enemies upon equipping the Green Turtle Talisman. The talisman itself will recover stamina comparatively faster than average recovery speeds. 

Great Jar’s Arsenal 

Elden Ring Melee Build 
Great Jar‘s Arsenal Talisman

Another important thing that players need to take account of is their overall Equip Load, especially during the times when they are using heavy weaponry or wearing on heavy armor, and this is where the Great Jar’s Arsenal comes into play, as it enhances the overall Equip Load Limit of players and allows them to wear even tankier armor. 

Dragon Crest Shield Talisman 

Elden Dragoncrest Shield
Dragoncrest Shield Talisman

Another viable talisman option that players can look into is the Dragoncrest Shield Talisman. After equipping the said talisman, players can experience enhanced physical damage negation. The personal negation can be boosted to 10% or even 15%, and it highly depends on high the talisman has been upgraded. Players are advised to upgrade the talisman to +2 for most benefits. 

Axe Talisman 

Elden Ring Melee Build 
Axe Talisman

Lastly, the Axe Talisman can come in handy, especially when adventures want to close in on the opponent and launch extremely heavy charged attacks. The talisman’s main aim is to boost overall charged attacks and cause players to lean in during close combat, and render the enemies useless. 

Ashes of War 

Ashes of war are typically used by experienced players who know how to work their way around a battlefield and know what buffs to use to gain the advantage of their enemies. We recommend these few ashes of war for the Melee Build

Hoarfrost Stomp 

The Hoarfrost Stomp ash of war is beneficial for players, as it allows them to consistently cause a buildup of Frostbite to their regular attacks, which can deplete the enemy’s HP faster. The provided skill will bring upon a snowy mist that spreads across the ground and causes the Frost effect on enemies. 


The Quickstep ash of war gives players the ability to quickly move around the arena and take enemies by surprise when you capture them and beat them down. The ash of war is mainly used when players aim to achieve victory faster and become one of the most experienced players. 

Melee Build Playstyle 

With the Elden Ring Melee Build, players mainly aim to kill off enemies with their melee weapons, launching attacks that are so deadly that it takes out the enemies in a couple of thrusts. 

With the Heavy Stars in hand, players can make quick work of their opponents and render them useless with regular and heavy attacks. With the help of the beastly incantations such as Beastial Slings, players can pair in smaller rocks that hit hard or a large boulder from the Stone of Gurranq and murder all opponent’s insight. 

Pair it all with the Erdtree Favor to enhance your overall HP and Equip Load to survive for long on the battlefield while also honing extra stamina recovery with the help of the Green Turtle Talisman. With the ashes of warlike Hoarfrost Stomp, players can further enhance the damage with the frost effect on enemies. 

With most points being placed into Strength, players can wield the heaviest armor and weapon possible, along with Endurance and Vigor, which allows for added benefits like HP maintenance on the battlefield. 

Protect yourself with the Veteran’s Set, which will allow you to stand guard and launch attacks on your opponents that are enough to kill them. For a more unconventional build, check out our Elden Ring Deathblight Build

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