Elden Ring Opening Cinematic Intro Has Leaked (Spoiler-Heavy)

The leaked cinematic gives us the backstory of the Elden Ring and some images of the desert area have also leaked.

Elden Ring is one of the long-awaited games coming out this year. Announced way back in 2019, the players have been waiting three years for its release. The hype for the game is at its peak, with only a few days to go from the worldwide launch. And another thing that is common this close to release is leaks. Similarly, Elden Ring is also a target of these leaks. Recently, the digital preorder guide got leaked, and it is filled with spoilers. Plus, a bunch of magic spells got leaked as well alongside the end credits. But these leaks will only excite you up for the upcoming game. 

The now-deleted cinematic intro of Elden Ring leaked on YouTube a few hours ago. This intro contains the backstory of the Elden Ring and the war. Bandai Namco has since taken down the YouTube video through a copyright strike. But fans have already put this video up on mirror sites like streamja. 

The trailer shows us the shattering of the Elden Ring and how Queen Maraka’s children claimed all the shards. This newfound strength made them mad and led to a war from which “no lord arose.” A voiceover tells us the story while art stills from the game show up.

Elden Ring Opening Cinematic Intro Has Leaked (Spoiler-Heavy)
A screenshot from the Cinematic intro

The intro ends when the voice tells the tarnished to arise and answer the call. This group includes Fia, the dung eater, and Sir Gideon Ofnir, who are all present in the Souls lore. This leaves more questions than answers for the fans. However, one thing is for sure; this intro has excited players even more for the Elden Ring.

The game looks beautiful, and the lore sounds interesting by its looks. But, this wasn’t the only leak. Some leaked images of the Desert area of Elden Ring were also brought to our attention a few hours ago. The images of the desert are of poor quality but give us a good look at the area.

Elden Ring Opening Cinematic Intro Has Leaked (Spoiler-Heavy)
The screenshot shows us the reddish desert area of Elden Ring.

You can make out the landscape, and even in this low-quality image, the game looks pretty good. The gameplay also got leaked with the images but was quickly taken down. Some fans who watched it say the area had “creepy enemies” and giant dogs. Seeing the hellish landscape, this was probably true. In short, this dark area of Elden Ring will be a challenge for every player.

Elden Ring is out on the 25th of February, 2022. Therefore the players don’t need to wait much longer to see these leaks in the flesh. The cinematic intro filled with lore and the harsh desert had got us all excited about the lore and challenge that Elden Ring will provide. Let us know in the comments below what you think of the game!

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