Elden Ring Digital Preorder Guide Snippets Leaked (Spoiler-Heavy)

The guide shows a bunch of spoiler heavy details about Elden Ring ahead of launch.

Elden Ring is on its way to a global release. The souls-like title has seen a lot of praise and hype surrounding it. Players have already initiated hailing it as a successor to souls-like games. The game has taken a different approach to its world-building. Elden Ring retains its same old color scheme, expanding in other areas by giving them a more color-oriented look. On the other hand, the world appears to be full of life and lore.

Elden Ring is considered one of the biggest titles released this year. It already took the top spot in Steam‘s most wish-listed games. The community has been proactive regarding leaks; more and more leaks and spoilers have been seeping through. Some leaks include dozens of Elden Ring spells to cryptic maps that enhance the lore, and recently, the Elden Ring credits were also leaked. Thankfully though, nothing prominent about the story has been spoiled. 

Elden Ring Official Guide Snippets Come To Light

Like other leaks, this one is spoiler-heavy, so we suggest you cautiously scour the rest of the article. Elden Ring blends the genres of adventure and story-telling perfectly. A while ago, more Elden Ring leaks were spotted on Imgur.

This time, the Elden Ring digital pre-order guide snippets came to light. The guide provides a lot of lore that the game has to offer. The guide incorporates details about a little of everything, from academies to classes and magical abilities. We will go ahead and describe each snippet that was revealed. It is called the “Adventure Guide,” one can get their hands on it if they pre-order the digital version of the game.

Elden Ring Digital Preorder Guide Snippets Leaked (Spoiler-Heavy)
The Academy of Raya Lucaria lore.

The snippet above mentions the Raya Lucaria Academy. Scholarly sorcerers of Elden Ring study and enrich their skills to face the dangerous world that awaits them. The building appears to be big and built in ancient times. According to leaks we have seen, the game seems to look as pleasing as its artwork. Perhaps this building will look just as magnificent, as long as one can enter the building forbidden to outsiders.

Elden Ring Digital Preorder Guide Snippets Leaked (Spoiler-Heavy)
Overview for the Raya Lucaria Academy.

This snippet cites more details about the academy. The area boss’s name is noted alongside influential enemy names. The guide provides points about everything from enemy loot to unique treasures waiting to be unearthed in specific landmarks. 

Elden Ring Digital Preorder Guide Snippets Leaked (Spoiler-Heavy)
Starting class description.

The page above contains various details about each starting class that the game offers. If the page is unclear, kindly open it in a new tab to enlarge it. That page alone can give you insight into the lore of the game. Notable fantasy author George R.R Martin created the Elden Ring lore. Each class has a lot of story behind it. One can choose a class that suits their imagination the most. The starting class determines your initial stats and how you progress throughout the game. A total of 10 starting classes are mentioned in that snippet.

Elden Ring Digital Preorder Guide Snippets Leaked (Spoiler-Heavy)

Above, this snippet appears to be a boss fight against the Red Wolf of Radagon. All in all, these snippets give us the gist of what’s to expect from the adventure’s guide. This is a good collector’s item, considering how the game emphasizes lore and world-building. The guide may prove to be a big help in traversing the dangerous world of the Elden Ring. The game is dropping on February 25, 2022, on all major consoles and PC. What are your thoughts about it? Let us know in the comments below!

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