Elden Ring: All Sacred Tear Churches Locations

Sacred Tears help increase the potency of your flask, helping you heal more. Read to find all the Elden Ring Sacred Tear Locations!

Understanding healing in Elden Ring is not that complex. There are two flasks, one restores focus power, and the other restores health power. But, upgrading these require two items, “Golden Seed” and “Sacred Tear”. Golden seeds increase the number of times you can use the flasks, whereas the sacred tears increase the potency of the amount of HP or FP restored. In this guide, we will look at Elden Ring Sacred Tear locations to help us win our next battle. 

Key Highlights
  • Sacred Tear is used to increase the potency of a flask, they can be used at any site of grace where you can also upgrade your flask and dedicate its use from available uses.
  • Sacred tears are spread all around the map, found in most broken churches. As of now, only 12 of them are known however you can find more too.
  • Limegrave Churches:
    • Third Church of Marika: This church is just southeast of Summonwater village, it is just next to a Site of Grace, so easy to find.
  • Weeping Peninsula Churches: 
    • Callu Baptismal Church: It can be found nearby the South of the Lookout Tower Grace Site. You’ll have to kill many rats to enter it.
    • Fourth Church of Marika: Being just west of the Callu Baptismal Church, it is really easy to find.
    • Church of Pilgrimage: Church of Pilgrimage is at the northmost top of the Weeping Peninsula.
  • Caelid Churches:
    • Church of the Plague: This church can be found on top of a cliff, in the center of Caelid.
    • Liurnia of the Lakes Churches:
    • Church of Irith: This location can be found southwest of the Lake Facing Cliffs Site of Grace. You will have to defeat Godrick the Grafted to get access to it
    • Bellum Church: Just northwest of the church of vows, Bellum Church is really easy to spot.
    • Church of Inhibition: This is a tricky location to get to, you’ll be attacked by frenzied enemies, which you can kill and claim your sacred Tear.
  • Altus Plateau Churches:
    • Second Church of Marika: Just north up the Atlus Junction Highway Site of Grace, is the Second Church of Marika. You’ll interact with a dead person which will initiate a fight with a mini-boss, you can run from the fight and the Sacred Tear will remain in the Church.
    • Stormcaller Church: This church is just southeast of the previous one.
  • Mountaintops of the Giants Churches: 
    • First Church of Marika: Travel east of the Whiteridge Road Site of Grace and you can spot the church.
    • Church of Repose: It is located in a peaceful area along the southwestern edge of the Mountaintops of the Giants, you can just visit and collect the Sacred Tear.

Elden Ring Sacred Tear Locations

Sacred Tears are items that you can utilize to increase the potency of your flasks. To apply them, you have to be at a Site of Grace, where not only can you upgrade your flasks, but you can also assign how many uses you want of which flask according to the total uses that you have.

Elden Ring Sacred Tear Locations
Statue in the Third Church of Marika

Sacred tears are found throughout the game in the main areas, Limgrave, Weeping Peninsula, Caelid, Liurnia of the Lakes, Altus Plateau, and Mountain Tops of the Giants. There are 12 of them known as of yet, and they’re found in broken-down churches throughout the Lands Between. But do note that these are just the current found Tears, there could possibly more as the map is huge and new items and places are discovered by the day!

So, if you do run into a church, make sure to have a look around. However, not every single church has one. For example, the Church of Elleh doesn’t. But most churches with the statue of Marika will have the Sacred Tear at the bottom of the statue.

Although there are more churches in the game than the ones mentioned here, we only mentioned the ones that have “Sacred Tear” in them at their altars.

Limgrave Churches

Here are the churches found in the starting location, Limgrave. There is only one notable church:

Third Church of Marika

ER - Third church of Marika Location
Elden Ring – Third church of Marika Location

The third Church of Marika can be found on the west side of Caelid, north of the Siofra River Well, and southeast of Summonwater Village, as shown in the image. But perhaps the easiest way to remember this is that it is just north of the Site of Grace right next to it.

To reach the Third Church of Marika, you can fast travel to the Gatefront Ruins in Limgrave and travel East to the Mistwoods. You will be able to pick up the Limgrave East map fragment, if you have not already, which will reveal the map. There onwards, it is a journey up north to the church.

Weeping Peninsula Churches

You can find three churches in this area. Although some may consider Weeping Peninsula the southernmost point of Limgrave, we decided to split this up into another category.

Callu Baptismal Church

Elden Ring Sacred Tear Locations
Elden Ring – Callu Baptismal Church Location

Callu Baptismal Church can be found southwest of the South of the Lookout Tower Grace Site and west of the Castle Morne Rampart Grace Site, as shown.

However, do be careful as there can be many enemies found in the surrounding. A giant rat surrounded by other rats will attack you, forcing you to deal with them to get into the church safely.

Fourth Church of Marika

ER - Fourth Church of Marika Location
Elden Ring – Fourth Church of Marika Location

If you just visited the Callu Baptismal Church then this one is straightforward. You can find the Fourth Church of Marika almost directly west of the Callu Baptismal Church. Specifically, southwest of Weeping Evergoal and northwest of Tombsward Cave. There are guards outside the Callu Baptismal Church, which you can avoid or fight. Additionally, there is a Site of Grace next to the statue as well.

Church of Pilgrimage

Elden Ring Sacred Tear Locations
Elden Ring – Church of Pilgrimage Location

Between and north of both the Callu Baptismal Church and Fourth Church of Marika, the Church of Pilgrimage is in the northmost top of Weeping Peninsula. Specifically, it is west of the Bridge of Sacrifice, north of the Erdtree symbol on the map, and northwest of the Demi-Human Forest Ruins. Yet again, there is also a Site of Grace next to it.

Caelid Churches

There is only one church in Caelid massive area. Having your trusty steed could help you traverse this rocky land.

Church of the Plague

ER - Church of the Plague
Elden Ring – Church of the Plague

Almost right in the center of Caelid, you will find the Church of the Plague. Above the cliff, southeast from Sellia, Town of Sorcery, and northeast from Gowry’s Shack.

By now, you should be halfway through Elden Ring Sacred Tear Locations, and there are only five more left after this.

Liurnia of the Lakes Churches

As huge as Limgrave, this area can be accessed through the Stormveil Castle. Here are the churches in Liurnia of the Lakes Churches.

Church of Irith

Elden Ring Sacred Tear Locations
Elden Ring – Church of Irith

You can find the Church of Irith southwest of the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace. You will have to beat the Godrick the Grafted before getting to the church.

Once you beat that monstrous boss, you can enter the area and turn left, following the path that will lead you to the church. You can also find Thops, the sorcerer here as well who teaches you basic Glintstone spells and gives Glinstone arc for 1500 Runes.

Bellum Church

ER - Church of Bellum Location
Elden Ring – Church of Bellum Location

Bellum Church is northwest of the Church of Vows, the eastern side of the ravine, and north of the Academy of Raya Lucaria. You can also spot this while traveling to the Grand Lift of Dectus. Simply go inside and fetch the sacred tear from the bottom of the statue.

To make your way into the church, you will encounter a long bridge that beaks off. Luckily, there is a sigil that you can use to teleport to the other side. From there onwards, it is a path up north to the Church of Bellum.

Church of Inhibition

Elden Ring sacred tear church locations
Elden Ring – Church of Inhibition

The Church of Inhibition Location is a tricky one. As you approach it you will be attacked by frenzied enemies. Take care of them before entering the church to claim your Sacred Tear.

Altus Plateau Churches

Altus Plateau is where the Erdtree’s base can be found and contains the Royal Capital of Lyndell to the east. There are two churches in this location. 

Second Church of Marika

Elden Ring Sacred Tear Locations
Elden Ring – Second Church of Marika Location

If you begin your journey from the Altus Highway Junction Site of Grace and take the path up north, you will spot the Second Church of Marika in the northwest.

Inside the church, you encounter a dying man lying on the floor. Speaking to him allows you to hear his final words as well as initiates a battle with a mini-boss, Eleonora. You can choose to run away or fight, but the Sacred Tear will remain in the church, which you can grab anytime.

Stormcaller Church

ER - Stormcaller Church Location
Elden Ring – Stormcaller Church Location

Southeast from the Second Church of Marika, you can find Stormcaller Church on a raised area of land. Living up to its name, lightning bolts will rain down from the sky as you make your way over. There are also a few boss fights in this area, and you can encounter Ancient Dragon Lansseax and the Black Knife Assassin. However, simply avoid them and make your way over to the church to get the tear.

Mountaintops of the Giants Churches

The final place which we have on our list has a single church with Sacred Tear inside.

First Church of Marika

Elden Ring Sacred Tear Locations
Elden Ring – First Church of Marika Location

With the closest Site of Grace being the Whiteridge Road, you can travel east from it to find the Church of Marika. It is east of Lord Contender’s Evergoal and south of the frozen lake.

Church of Repose

Elden Ring All Sacred Tears in the game
Elden Ring – Church of Repose

Located along the southwestern edge of the Mountaintops of the Giants, you will find the Church of Repose. You do not have to worry about encountering enemies here as it’s a relatively peaceful area. So you can make your way over and grab the Sacred Tear with ease.


With that, we have all of the Elden Ring Sacred Tear locations in the game. Do bear in mind that there is confusion among many guides as to the locations of the Sacred Tears. But overall, through a thorough search, the majority have only found ten total Sacred Tears, which lines up with Dark Souls 3 as well, where there were only ten items with a similar effect. If you have any questions, let us know in the comment section!

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