Elden Ring Church of Inhibition Location & Items

Find out Elden Ring’s Church of Inhibition Location, how to get there, how to fight one of the toughest NPCs and what items you get.

Reaching The Church Of inhibition has been a hot topic among Elden Ring players. Although the place itself doesn’t have too much to offer, it’s safe to say the Church of Inhibition is getting its fair share of hype. People who didn’t have much interest in it before, now have taken a keen interest in it and have decided to take on the challenge. The Church of Inhibition’s Location in Elden Ring is out in the open, but what’s still a mystery is how to get there. If you’re reading this guide, then chances are that you must have beaten Radahn and have come here. However, if you’ve not beaten the boss yet, then read our Radahn cheese method guide and beat him easily.

Key Highlights
  • The Church of Inhibition is located on the North side of Liurnia of the Lakes and be accessed by crossing a tower with a flame on top and heading toward the Frenzied Flame Village
  • You can Flask of Crimson Tears if affected by the flames.
  • You have to face the stronger boss in the Elden Ring named Festering Finger Vyk in the village. Defeat him by dodging his attacks; melee weapons can also be a good option.
  • After defeating him, you’ll get different items as a reward.
  • The items you’ll find in the Church of Inhibition include Eye of Yelough, Gold-Tinged Excrement, Sacred Tear, Finger Maiden Fillet, Finger Maiden Robe and Finger Maiden Shoes.

FromSoftware’s games have a reputation of being complex and for making players work for everything they achieve. The same goes for the newly released game Elden Ring, in which like many locations, as for here, The Church of Inhibition is pretty hard to reach. With terrifying obstacles and new challenges ahead, only those who dared to take the risk have succeeded to see the glorious sight of the Church.

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Church of Inhibition Location In Elden Ring

Church of Inhibition location Elden Ring
Church of Inhibition

It is safe to say that the Church of Inhibition is one of the hardest places to go. The creators sure took their time in making it as hard as possible. It would’ve been easy if the only hard thing here was the location, but no. You have to face the dangers of dying from madness, giant rats, and one of the strongest NPC of Elden Ring, Festering Finger Vyk.

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The Church of Inhibition can be found on the Northern side of Liurnia of the Lakes. After that, go to the Academy of Raya Lucaria and start heading north. From here onwards, you’ll encounter many enemies, including giant rats blocking your way. The best course of action would be to ignore them and let them be. Now, you must have reached the Grand Lift of Dectus, which requires the Dectus Medallion. Then, from that point, travel east and prepare yourself for some action.

Giant Rats to avoid
Giant Rats

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Keep your eyes open and stay on the lookout for a tiny tower with a flame on top. Next, as soon as you spot that tower, that’ll be your signal to stay alert. Then, time and time again, the flame will grow, causing you to succumb to madness. So, don’t panic and look for places to hide or run away as fast as possible. The safest way is to hide behind rocks or anything that’ll keep you away from the range of sight. Use Flask of Crimson Tears if affected by the Flames. Now, take your chance and go past the tower quickly.

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avoid dying from madness

Unfortunately, that won’t be the end of your problems as you enter the Frenzied Flame Village. Ride in the village and ignore any attacker and head straight up the hill. Finally, you’ve reached the Church of Inhibitions, but as mentioned before, something’s coming for you. Don’t panic and sprint into the church and activate the site of grace. Now, prepare for battle as the deadly Festering Finger Vyk invades.

Festering Finger Vyk NPC Fight

Festering Finger Vyk the NPC
Festering Finger Vyk

Festering Finger Vyk is an NPC who is regarded as one of the most dangerous NPC’s of the game. The best way to deal with him is to take the fight outside the Church of Inhibition. Now, you can actually fight him without getting bullied by his fast attacks even in the smallest of places. Still, Festering Finger Vyk will come at you quickly and will take any opportunity to strike. To ensure victory, you must be patient and swallow any pride you have. Dodge his attacks and wait for the right moment to strike.

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The battle will take longer than usual and will be frustrating as you’ll have to dodge and run continuously. Any wrong move and you’re dead. So, the most preferable weapons would be those that don’t take time to attack. Melee weapon users are advised to attack when they see an opening in Festering Finger Vyk’s attack. Festering Finger Vyk’s attacks inflict madness on the opponent, so patience is key, or else you’ll be left immovable for a few seconds, resulting in the loss of FP and HP.

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Items in Church of Inhibition

Items vary from church to church in Elden Ring, but one thing that the majority of churches have is a sacred tear. These things upgrade your flask potency. Anyways, here are the items that you’ll find in the Church of Inhibition in Elden Ring. Below Rewards can be found in Church of Inhibition.

  • Eye of Yelough- It is a crafting material that can craft a wide range of items.
  • Gold-Tinged Excrement- It is a crafting item that can create various items.
  • Rowa Fruit- It is also a crafting material that has the ability to craft many different items.
  • Sacred Tear- Sacred Tear is a Consumable Item that has the ability to upgrade the Crimson and Cerulean Flask Potency to +12.
  • Finger Maiden Fillet- Finger Maiden Fillet is part of the Finger Maiden Set. It is worn by those who serve the Two Fingers. The Finger Maiden Fillet protects the head of the user by increasing the vitality and Focus resistances.
  • Finger Maiden Robe- Finger Maiden Robe is chest armor that is worn around the torso area. It is an armor that protects you from physical and magical attacks. This too is worn by those who serve the Two fingers.
  • Finger Maiden Shoes- Finger Maiden Shoes is armor that protects the lower area. It boosts vitality and focus resistances allowing the user to move without any worry. Similar to the other two finger maiden armors, the Finger Maiden Shoes are also only worn by those who serve the Two Fingers.

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This was all the information you needed to reach the Church of Inhibition in Elden Ring. Today, not only did we tell you how to reach there without getting in trouble, but we also provided the solution to prevent any enemy attacks.

We have also listed ways that you can apply in your game to defeat the NPC Festering Finger Vyk. In the end, we have also listed the items you get when you reach the Church of Inhibition, so if you’re not interested in them, you can save the trouble and start working on something else in Elden Ring. Let us know what you think of the guide, and comment down below if the guide helped you. We have covered every Elden Ring topic, so do check those out as well. Lastly, if you see any of your questions uncovered, consider reaching out to us on Exputer’s Twitter.

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