Elden Ring Network Status Failed [SOLVED]

Is the Elden Ring Network Status Failed issue not letting you play the game online? Check out this write-up for a thorough guide.

Elden Ring Network Status Failed issue manifests when you launch the game and approach the title screen. This is usually where you must push a button, notify the game with your preferred profile, and proceed toward the “End User License Agreement” page. Once you go through all that, the next process will be “Checking network connection status.” You’ll be able to observe this prompt in the top-right corner of the screen unless you’re soon struck short with the “Network status check failed” notification. 

Key Highlights
  • To fix Elden Ring Network Status Failed, you can double-check server availability.
  • You will keep on getting the error if your internet connection is not strong enough
  • You must at least have 2-3 Mbps download speed, 1-2 Mbps of upload speed, and below 60ms ping
  • A Virtual Protocol Network (VPN) can sometimes help you resolve this issue.
  • Try using another connection, you can sometimes join Elden Ring servers with personal hotspots.
  • Changing your Domain Name Server(DNS) works out occasionally.
  • If you are on Xbox, try sorting out your Elden Ring update files.
  • Submit a ticket to the game developer Bandai Namco so they can fix it quickly.
  • If you are unable to play Elden Ring online, just play it offline. It still is Elden Ring.

Why is the “Network Status Check Failed” Occurring? 

Statistics coming straight from Steam Database tell us that the Soulsborne follow-up has had a colossal 765,646 concurrent player peak. In simple terms, this figure is the number of users that have played, or at least, tried to play Elden Ring at the same time. 

The title is doing so incredible at the present that its multiplayer servers cannot handle all the load they’re receiving. Apparently, some players will have to miss out on the cooperative play of Elden Ring for now while others just might be able to get themselves in. This is how the situation is at the moment. Everyone wants a piece of multiplayer gameplay with friends and family, but it’ll probably be a while before FromSoftware can accommodate every Tarnished with a copy of the game. 

On the plus side, the developers are hard at work trying to acknowledge and resolve what hiccups are players currently encountering with Elden Ring. This dedicated support page identifies some of the most prominent struggles with the title and even lists solutions for a couple of them. You’re definitely not alone with your multiplayer-centric struggles, as thousands of other users have been affected in different ways. 

More often than not, a server overload is to blame for why we’re being faced with the Elden Ring Network Status Failed, but there is another important reason why you cannot play online, especially if you’re on Xbox One. It appears that players of some platforms are getting affected more in comparison with others. For instance, Xbox One users running into the Network Failed issue are reporting that they have the 1.02 calibration version of the game. Most players on current-gen consoles seem to be having this version of Elden Ring, hence the reason they cannot play online.

  • A quick tip: You can easily check what game version you have by looking for it in the bottom-right corner on the main title screen.

In contrast, next-gen console owners who are playing Elden Ring on the PlayStation 5 seem to be having the calibration version 1.02.1 of the game, alongside the 1.02 app version. This appears some sort of a hotfix that was rolled out to the relatively newer platforms first.

  • Note that the app version and the calibration versions differ from each other. Calibration refers to the updates dropped for Elden Ring after its launch. 

If you’re facing the Elden Ring Network Status Error problem on the PS4 or Xbox One, you will have to wait for an update from the developer’s side. Unfortunately, there isn’t much that you can do at the moment since this is entirely an incompatibility issue from the developer’s end that’s barring people from getting into online play. 

However, if you have confirmed that you’re currently running Elden Ring on calibration v.1.02.1, but you still cannot connect to online servers, you might have a connectivity issue on your end or the servers might be pulled for maintenance.

The following subtitle goes over everything that you can do for the issue at the time of writing, so be sure to test them out on your end.  

How to Fix the Elden Ring Network Status Failed

The following is a list of all the potential fixes that you can employ for fixing the Elden Ring Network Status Failed bother. 

Double-Check Server Availability

Elden Ring’s official Twitter handle just posted a little over 13 hours ago that the game’s PC servers are due for maintenance on February 26, which is today. Apparently, multiplayer connectivity won’t be an option during this update period, so you will have to stay put for further developments. The point we are trying to make here is to encourage you to keep pace with what FromSoftware is currently doing with the game and how it can affect you.

If the servers are pulled for maintenance, it’s not going to be possible to play the RPG cooperatively no matter what you do. You’ll be stuck with the Elden Ring Network Error issue in an endless loop if you keep trying without pause. Therefore, checking for server availability is the fundamental facet to approach here before venturing onto any other fixes. 

You can continue to troubleshoot the error if you’ve confirmed that the multiplayer servers Elden Ring aren’t being maintained. Lastly, try checking the Elden Ring channel of the official Bandai Namco Europe website for another source of authentic game information. 

Check Your Internet Connection

There’s a strong likelihood that Elden Ring’s overpopulated multiplayer servers are to blame for your inability to play online, but that doesn’t mean we can rule out other possibilities too. The issue in question primarily pertains to network connectivity. This can be a complication on FromSoftware’s end or your own internet connection is the culprit here. We definitely have to make sure of things by focusing on the latter. 

It’s generally recommended to have your internet connection comprise the following specifications at the very least to play online games: 

  • Download Speed: 2-3 Mbps 
  • Upload Speed: 1-2 Mbps
  • Ping: Below 60 milliseconds

An ideal website that you can use to check whether your internet speed makes the cut is Speedtest by Ookla. Give the test a go and confirm if your router’s working fine on your end. Furthermore, it’s highly recommended to restart your internet setup, whether it’s a Wi-Fi modem or an ethernet connection. Simply unplug all relevant devices and allow them to have a proper reboot. 

Once done, connect your PC or console to the internet and try launching the game. Hopefully, if the problem resided within your internet, the Elden Ring Network Status Failed won’t continue to bother you anymore. Keep on reading for more fixes if your internet connection was fine in the first place or getting it up to speed didn’t work either.  

Try Using a VPN 

A Virtual Protocol Network, or VPN, can potentially help you resolve this whole debacle and get you back within the confines of the Lands Between, although with a strong focus on the word “potentially.” Some players have cracked the code and negated the Elden Ring Network Error by switching to another IP address, and this is only possible easily with the help of a VPN software on your PC. 

If you have one already, try launching the game with the VPN connected. See if it brings you any favorable results. If not, ProtonVPN is an admirable choice, providing a good standard of features for free. On the contrary, you can always gravitate toward something like NordVPN for a premium-grade experience. 

As soon as you’ve got a proper software to get started with, try incorporating its functionality to possibly evade the “Network Status Check Failed” prompt. You may or may not be able to fix the problem with even the help of a VPN, so keep on reading for more potential solutions.

Test Your Luck With Another Connection 

This is yet another measure that you can take that’s related to your network connection. There are slim chances of fixing the problem at hand with the help of another internet connection, but it’s sure worth a shot. One user tried connecting to Elden Ring’s multiplayer servers with their personal hotspot and it shockingly worked. Now, obviously, we cannot guarantee if this will work for everyone, so it’s only a matter of you trying it out. 

Before you start diving into the game, make sure to test the internet speed of this alternative connection. Furthermore, we highly encourage using a wired connection instead of a wireless one. You get more dedicated bandwidth that way, not to mention lesser interruptions and outages. The benefits of gaming with a wired connection are manifold, and you should definitely look into it. 

However, if such a commodity isn’t available at the moment, you can try any other connection apart from the one with which you usually get the error prompt. Give it a go and see if there are any noticeable changes in server connectivity. You’ll either be thrilled to find out that the game works online now or you’ll simply have to continue to the next fix. 

Alternate Your DNS Server Address

There’s another potential fix that has worked like a charm for a niche group of Elden Ring players. The Domain Name System—short for DNS—is a substantial part of your Windows PC that lets your device communicate with websites and access the internet in a through-and-through manner. It’s actually possible to change your DNS server address and alternate it with something other than the default arrangement. 

Again, it’s not set in stone that this is a definite fix for the Elden Ring Network Error issue, but it’s certainly deserving of a crack. The following steps are going to walk you through the process of changing your DNS server address, so let’s get on with them. 

  1. Get started by firing up the “Settings” system app on your Windows PC. The Windows Start menu can help you do this easily or you can always launch the program from the Taskbar if you have it pinned there.
Elden Ring Network Status Failed
Opening Settings on Windows 10

2. After opening the “Settings” app, you’ll be faced with multiple options. Click on “Network and Internet” next to continue. The following screenshot illustrates where to click. 

Clicking on the "Network and Internet" Option
Clicking on the “Network and Internet” Option

3. You now will be taken to the internet connection settings of the device. Here, it will be possible to click on “Change adapter options” which will be present right under “Advanced network settings” in the “Status” section. The image below will help you pinpoint the area of interest. 

Changing Adapter Options
Changing Adapter Options

4. Clicking on “Change adapter options” will prompt a window to open up. You’ll now be within the “Network Connections” area and there are going to be four types of options here. The key here is to pick the connection type that you’re currently using on your Windows PC. If you’re using a wired Ethernet connection, you’ll have to go with it to get to the next step. The same goes for the rest of the options, so do assess your setup carefully. For this guide, we’ll select “Wi-Fi.” Double-click on the apparent option and then choose “Properties” to get to the move forward.

Elden Ring Network Status Failed
Selecting the Correct Connection Type

5. One more window, although much smaller in size, will now appear on the screen right after you select “Properties.” This is where you’ll be getting to alternate the DNS address on your Windows PC. Scroll down the list of the items you see and choose “Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4).” From there, click on “Properties” to proceed.

Elden Ring Network Status Failed
Opening the Properties of IPv4

6. Don’t get riled up now but another window will be appearing shortly after following the previous step. This is precisely where you’ll finally be putting in the alternate DNS settings in the hope of fixing the Elden Ring Network Status Failed issue. Click on “Use the following DNS server addresses” as instructed in the image below and enter “” in “Preferred DNS server.” You’ll then have to enter “” in the specified area for “Alternate DNS server.” As soon as you’re done with all that, don’t forget to check the box beside “Validate settings upon exit.” Once you’ve taken care of everything, finish the operation by clicking on “OK.” 

Elden Ring Network Status Failed
Inputting the Right DNS Settings

That’s about it for changing your DNS server address on Windows 10. This will help you switch up things in terms of your internet connectivity, so you just might be able to hop back online on Elden Ring. It was a fairly simple procedure to follow with a high potential reward. Give it a shot and see if it does anything on your end. If not, then it appears you’ll have to play the wait game for now. 

Sort Elden Ring Update Files on Xbox 

It’s outright wonderful when the gaming community comes together and players help each other out. We were approached by a fellow Elden Ring player who found a fairly unusual solution for the Network Status Failed issue. It appears that even if users had their copy of the game updated to the latest version, the installation files couldn’t exactly register and incorporate themselves into the title. 

This is a glitch that doesn’t let all players get the most recent Elden Ring release version. However, Chris Whitley has managed to find an exploit that can potentially trick your Xbox console into registering the latest update. You’ll need to follow the steps given below in order to do this. 

  1. The first step is to make sure Elden Ring isn’t running. If you’re in-game, exit to the home screen of the console, and quit the game yourself by manual input. 
  2. Once done, head over to the management section of Elden Ring with the help of the Menu button. Several options should appear on the screen for you, therefore, allowing you to click on “Manage game.” 
  3. You should now be in the following section on your console. From here, select “Updates.” 
Selecting "Updates"
Selecting “Updates” (Source: Chris Whitley) 

4. Right after that, you’ll see the “Sort by size” button in the top-left corner. Click on it to expand the area. The trick here now is to select each update parameter one by one. This means that you’ll first click on “Sort A-Z” and continue till the last options which is “Sort by size.”  

Elden Ring network status failed
Sorting by Different Parameters

As soon as you’re done there, go back to the home screen and try launching Elden Ring again. You should now be able to play the title without the irksome Elden Ring Network Status Failed issue. 

In addition, Chris has reached out to us and says that he’s willing to walk players through the process who cannot get past this online-centric issue. His Xbox Gamertag is “Dcvenom420.” Feel free to reach out to him if you need further help with managing Elden Ring’s updates on Xbox.    

Submit a Ticket in the Meantime

Elden Ring is going through a difficult period at the time of writing in terms of bugs and issues. It would be responsible of you to become a viable part of the whole Elden Ring community and submit a ticket to the game’s publisher—Bandai Namco.

Here’s a direct link that you can use to do that. Most people are pouring in their reports to the people higher up, and the larger the number of tickets gets, the more the chances of this network error to be prioritized.

If you’re tired of waiting around, watching the clock as to when you’ll be able to play online, give the next section a read with an open mind.    

Elden Ring Offline is Still Elden Ring

While we understand that some players straight up refuse to play without an online companion by their side, it bears noting that Elden Ring is still a great deal of fun offline. It’s basically the same game, minus the co-op functionality and the extra few gimmicks that come in the wake of a stable internet connection. You can get a lot done on your own and it’s written nowhere that the game cannot be beaten offline. 

We recommend playing Elden Ring in single-player mode if you’re new to this genre of video games. Sure, you can get tons of help from other, high-level players throughout the campaign, but if there’s anything that can push you to get better at the game drastically, it’s the constant struggle of challenging your opponents alone. The joy of finally defeating that boss who’s embarrassed you 50 times and plus is nothing but amazing. 

It’s easy to optimize Elden Ring and make it launch in “Offline Mode” whenever you start it. Simply head over to the “Settings” area and skip to the “Network” tab. From there, you can tweak the game’s “Launch Setting” to behave it in the way we want accordingly. 

Optimizing the Launch Setting of Elden Ring
Optimizing the Launch Setting of Elden Ring

On the flip side, it’s still totally understandable if the offline mode of Elden Ring isn’t for you. If you cannot bother with the game on your own and want to prioritize the multiplayer experience, all that can be done for now is try the aforementioned fixes or wait. There are no other workarounds to go for we’re afraid.  


Elden Ring measures up to be the greatest Soulsborne title ever made to date, but a handful of issues are impeding it from achieving ultimate eminence. Given some time, however, FromSoftware will definitely hammer out these grievances, so keep your hopes up. Besides, the situation over at the single-player mode of the game isn’t too bad either. Players can brave the horrors of the Lands Between just fine on their own for the most part. 

Can’t experience this freshly released thriller online due to the Elden Ring Network Status Failed error? Don’t fret. A highly anticipated title, especially one that boasts the honor of being the latest Soulsborne game, will almost always get quickly saturated by curious players. Therefore, it’s not a rarity for multiplayer issues to arise early on in the game’s release, and the cherry on top is that it’s Elden Ring we’re talking about here. 

With that said, it’s probably for the best if you sit tight until a definite fix makes landfall for the Elden Ring Network issue. Small yet clearly noticeable nifty features of online play like death spots of enemy players and left messages, are little things that come together to provide a terrific multiplayer experience in the Soulsborne franchise, and it’s easy to see why people would prefer having online functionality right from the get-go. 

We genuinely hope you can get the game up and running soon. eXputer wishes you good luck!    

Update: The official Elden Ring Twitter handle has recently tweeted that multiplayer issues on Xbox, such as the Network Status Check Failed, have now been resolved. This official post confirms that the problem has been addressed, so you hopefully should be able to connect to the game’s multiplayer servers now. 

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