Easy Fixes For Elden Ring Network Status Failed

Address Elden Ring "Network Status Failed" By Ensuring Server Availability, Optimizing Internet Connections, Using VPNs/DNS, And Leveraging A Friend's Console For Calibration.

Elden Ring Network Status Failed issue manifests when you launch the game and approach the title screen. This is usually where you must push a button, notify the game with your preferred profile, and proceed toward the “End User License Agreement” page.

Once you go through all that, the next process will be “Checking network connection status.” You’ll be able to observe this prompt in the top-right corner of the screen unless you’re soon struck short with the “Network status check failed” notification. 

Update: According to a tweet from the official Elden Ring account, they’ve successfully resolved this issue on Xbox.

Before we delve into the detailed fixes, start by trying out these straightforward solutions to tackle the issue:

Key Highlights

To resolve the “Network Status Failed” issue:

  1. Ensure game servers are online.
  2. Utilize a friend’s console for calibration issues.
  3. Play in Offline Mode.

Double-Check Server Availability

server status elden ring
Elden Ring Server Status (Image by eXputer)

For such network-related errors in games, firstly always make sure that the game’s servers are currently available. You’ll need to check if the game servers are operational and not undergoing maintenance.

This method ensures that the “Network Status Failed” error isn’t due to temporary server issues, allowing you to confirm if the problem is with the game servers or something else.

Switch Up Your DNS Server Address

There’s another potential fix that has worked like a charm for a niche group of Elden Ring players. The Domain Name System—short for DNS—is a substantial part of your Windows PC that lets your device communicate with websites and access the internet in a through-and-through manner. It’s possible to change your DNS server address and alternate it with something other than the default arrangement. 

This will help you switch up things in terms of your internet connectivity, so you just might be able to hop back online on Elden Ring. Give it a shot and see if it does anything on your end. If not, then it appears you’ll have to play the wait game for now. 

Sort Elden Ring Update Files on Xbox 

It appears that even if users had their copy of the game updated to the latest version, the installation files couldn’t exactly register and incorporate themselves into the title.

I have managed to find a workaround for the “Network Status Failed” error involves having a friend with the game’s correct calibration version log into your Xbox account on their console. By doing so, your account is expected to access the accurate calibration version, resolving the issue.

You’ll need to follow the steps given below to do this:

  1. Locate a friend who has the Elden Ring game with the correct calibration version that doesn’t encounter the “Network Status Failed” error.
  2. Have your friend log into your Xbox account on their own Xbox console. 
  3. Once logged in, launch Elden Ring using your account on their console.

The idea is that by using your account on a console with the correct calibration version, it might pull the accurate version required to resolve the error.

After launching the game, verify if the “Network Status Failed” error persists. Ideally, this method should allow your account to access the correct calibration version, fixing the issue. 

Elden Ring Offline is Still Elden Ring

Optimizing the Launch Setting of Elden Ring
Optimizing the Launch Setting of Elden Ring – [Image captured by eXputer]
Elden Ring remains enjoyable offline, providing the same core experience without co-op features. To switch to “Offline Mode,” access the “Settings,” navigate to “Network,” and adjust the “Launch Setting” accordingly. However, if multiplayer is your priority and the offline mode doesn’t suit your preferences, try the suggested fixes or wait for further solutions, as no additional workarounds are currently available.

Wrap Up

The “Network Status Failed” error at launch is a widespread issue affecting players globally as shown from forums (Steam, Reddit, and Microsoft). Fixes suggested involve checking server availability, optimizing internet connections, and using VPNs or alternate DNS servers.

I experimented with these fixes, finding limited success. The error isn’t specific to any platform or country, and its cause from recent updates remains uncertain. A workaround involving a friend’s console with the correct calibration version worked for me as I play Elden Ring on Xbox.

Bandai Namco has acknowledged these issues in their patch notes and their tweet suggests they’ve resolved Xbox multiplayer problems. Despite ongoing efforts, it remains a frustrating issue for players on other platforms.

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