Elden Ring Twinblade Location & Stats

The following are my tips on how to get the Twinblade easily.

The Twinblade is a melee-based weapon that you can get hold of. It can allow players to attack fast slashes on foes with significant AoE damage, so you would want to know about the location of Twinblade in Elden Ring. Its basic scaling is with Dexterity and Strength

Key Takeaways
  • Find the Twinblade in the Dragon-Burnt Ruins at Limgrave’s center.
  • Avoid the Dragon’s path near the ruins to postpone the boss fight.
  • In the ruins, two underground paths are available, each leading to different chests—one housing the Twinblade, the other an unpleasant surprise.
  • Access the underground cellar with the Twinblade in the southeast building of the ruins, reachable via Torrent.
  • To wield the Twinblade, meet the stat requirements of 10 Strength and 18 Dexterity.

Elden Ring Twinblade Location 

twinblade elden ring location
Elden Ring Twinblade Weapon Location

If you like Twinblades and you want a great one from the start, as soon as you finish the tutorial, I would recommend you get it. You can expect to come across the Dragon-Burnt Ruins when you start heading east from your spawn area. There is a lake located on the southern end of your spawn point; start making your way there. 

twinblade hunting agheel lake
Agheel Lake

On your way, you will come across a cliff that is a bit steep, so make sure to leap off of it to avoid injury. As you go forward, you will come across some barren trees you want to cross through. Keep going straight, and steer a bit to your right from the first ruin that you can come across. Now, leap up across the small wall guarded by one of the “Dragon Burnt Ruins.” 

dragon burnt twinblade ruins
Elden Ring Dragon Burnt Ruins

To get to the Elden Ring Twinblade Location route, head towards the southern ruins from the corner of Agheel Lake. Once you are in ruins, turn left and start walking forward until you see a staircase protected by brick walls.

Start walking down the cellar-type building; once you are inside, there will be some skeletons. There will be a chest that you can open, as it is no longer guarded, and you can retrieve the Twinblade. 

elden ring twinblade location
Getting The Twinblade

Twinblade Stats  

I consider Twinblade a great weapon in Elden Ring. You can choose an Ash of War of your own preference, but it is my recommendation to go with one that causes blood loss.   

  • It requires 10 Strengths, along with 18 Dexterity. 
  • In terms of attack, its physical attack is 119, its attack crit is 100, while the others are 0. 

Twinblade Guard Stats 

  • Its Guard Boost is around 32
  • Holy Guard comes out to be around 30 
  • The Lightening Guard is around 25 
  • Fire Guard is around 25 
  • Magical Guard is around 30 
  • Physical Guard is around 45


Elden Ring is the finished product that FromSoftware took years of experience in making the previous Soulsborne series of video games. The game’s level design is beautifully crafted, with breathtaking graphics, an insanely well-optimized combat system, and a storyline that is sure to shake the player to the core. While you are at it, why not ponder upon the Elden Ring Review before moving on with the guide?

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