Elden Ring Twinblade Location & Stats

We have mentioned the easiest step-by-step guide to find Elden Ring Twinblade Location which is a perfect weapon for early game bosses.

The Twinblade is a melee-based weapon that you can get hold of in Elden Ring. Buried deep underground, there is quite a lot to get through before getting your hands on this weapon. This is a weapon that you as a player can single-handedly apply melee attacks to enemies while also being able to unleash its power while dual-wielding it. It can allow players to attack fast slashes on foes with significant AoE damage. Its basic scaling is with Dexterity and Strength

Key Highlights

  • The Twinblade is located in the Dragon-Burnt Ruins, in the middle of Limgrave.
  • As you approach the ruins, steer clear of the Dragon’s path if you wish to avoid the boss fight for now.
  • In the Dragon-Burnt Ruins, there are two paths that players can take to go underground.
  • Both paths lead to different chests, one contains the Twinblade while the other contains a very unpleasant surprise for the player.
  • The entrance of the underground cellar that contains the Twinblade is in the southeast building of the ruins that players can reach by using Torrent.
  • The stat requirements to use the Twinblade are 10 Strength and 18 Dexterity.

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Elden Ring Twinblade Location 

twinblade elden ring location
elden ring twinblade weapon location
starting point elden
twinblade hunting starting point

In the bizarre, long-lost area of Limgrave, you can come across the “Dragon-Burnt Ruins,” which can be found right in the middle of Limgrave. When you first spawn into Elden Ring, you can expect to come across this area when you start heading east from your spawn area. There is a lake located on the southern end of your spawn point; start making your way there. 

twinblade hunting agheel lake
agheel lake

Get on a move on either by foot or by taking the help of an animal, start heading down the main path, and steer right, moving as fast as you can. You will come across a cliff that is a bit steep, so make sure to leap off of it to avoid injury. Moving swiftly through the patches of grass that are laden across the lake, you can continue moving forward. 

steep cliff elden ring
elden ring cliff ledge

As you go forward, you will come across some barren trees you want to cross through. Keep going straight, and you will start to slowly venture through some old ruins that are no longer populated. Steer a bit to your right from the first ruin that you can come across, and with your leaping abilities, leap up across the small wall guarded by one of the “Dragon Burnt Ruins.” 

dragon burnt twinblade ruins
elden ring dragon burnt ruins

The main thing to note here is that you want to avoid following the dragon’s path as much as possible. For this, you can follow our Elden Ring Twinblade Location route by heading towards the southern ruins from the corner of Agheel Lake. Once you are in ruins, dismount from your animal, and wander around looking for a way underground. 

From the point of dismounting, turn left and start walking forward until you see a staircase protected by brick walls. Start walking down the cellar-type building; once you are inside, there will be some skeletons that you can already defeat using your Fighting abilities. There will be a chest that you can open, as it is no longer guarded, and you can retrieve the Twinblade. 

underground cellar twinblade
twinblade cellar location

You might want to start using it right away. Still, unfortunately, if you are an early game player, you will not have the required stats to wield it since one of the main stats requires 18 Dexterity

elden ring twinblade location
twinblade chest completed

Twinblade Stats  

Stats and Requirement 

  • It requires 10 Strength, along with 18 Dexterity, which as an early gamer, is challenging to acquire. 
  • It scales off of Dexterity and Strength. 
  • In terms of Attack, its Physical Attack is “119”, the magical Attack is 0, Fire attack is 0, Lightening attack is 0, Holy Attack is 0, while Attack Crit is 100

Twinblade Guard Stats 

  • Its Guard Boost is around 32
  • Holy Guard comes out to be around 30 
  • Lightening Guard is around 25 
  • Fire Guard is around 25 
  • Magical Guard is around 30 
  • Physical Guard is around 45

You can infuse “Ashes of War” into the weapon itself to enhance its power, and it can provide buffs to you when “Magic” is added as a buff to it. 

Attack Moveset 

  • With the twinblade in hand, the adventurer can perform multiple slashes, leaning from left to right. One of the slashes can slash from right to left. Meanwhile, it can also slash in the opposite direction. 
  • Performing one of the slashes gives you the ability to pierce forward, pushing the blade into your enemies.  
  • Another twinblade’s moveset in Elden Ring includes getting a headstart and swinging 180 degrees to perform a fast attack. 
  • Jumping in the air allows the player to pierce down with the blade in their right hand straight into the foe. 
  • Using the strength of both hands, the player can also duel-wield this weapon, forming a figure 8 while performing consecutive fast slashes. 
  • Jump in the air while the twinblade is in both of your hands and strike down, applying insane damage. 

Types of Twin blades In Elden Ring

There are essentially two to three varieties of twin blades that can be found scattered throughout the land of Elden Ring. Each of them has its strengths and weaknesses; let’s brief through a few of the stats and abilities they might offer. 

Godskin Peeler 

With a pointed spear on one end and a scalding curved edge on one end, the Godskin Peeler is a true showstopper in its abilities. Being one of the Twinblades, it can scale with Dexterity and Strength

With the overall high Dexterity that it requires, it can be special equipment wielded by all adventurers. While wielding it, the player can “bor through flesh” with its curved end, while you can use the sickle for fast attacks. Let’s take a look at basic stats: 

  • It requires players to have 17 strengths and 22 Dexterity.
  • The scaling is from Strength E and Dexterity C
  • Physical Attack Damage is 121, while the other attacks like Holy, Light, Fire, Magic, and Crit are 0. 
  • Physical Guard is 47, while its Magic Guard is 31, Fire Guard is 31, Light Guard is 31, holy Guard is 31, and Boost is also 31. 

The weapon’s skill is known as “Black Frame Tornado,” which can be used to perform consecutive fast attacks, rendering enemies useless. “Ashes of War” can be added to the weapon itself to enhance its power. With the help of this Elden Ring Twinblade Location guide, you can come across this weapon in the land too. 

Twinned Knight Swords 

Moving along, the Twinned Knight Swords are yet another Twinblade assisted weapon that can come in handy for the adventurer if they want to perform fast-paced attacks. Scaling off of Dexterity and Strength, it is an essential melee weapon for daily combat in Elden Ring. 

While you can use it with one hand alone, it is recommended that you use it with two hands so that you can enhance its overall power and use it more effectively in battle. 

  • Its physical Attack is 122, while the others are 0. 
  • The required Strength and Dexterity are sitting at 16 and 18, respectively. 
  • The scaling is Dexterity D, while the strength scaling is D. 
  • When it comes to guards, the physical Guard is sitting at 47, while the other Guards like Magics, Fire, Light, Holy, and Boost are at 31. 


Elden Ring is the finished product that FromSoftware took years of experience in the making of the previous soulsborne series of video games. The game’s level design is beautifully crafted, with breathtaking graphics, an insanely well-optimized combat system, and a storyline that is sure to shake the player to the core. Elden Ring itself is set in the older area known as “The Lands Between,” which used to be under the reign of Queen Marika. Buckle up, and get ready for the battle of a lifetime; with old gods surrounding you, you have much to venture through, adventurer.

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