Alleged PS5 Exclusive FromSoftware Title Will Be “More Souls-Like Than Sekiro/Elden Ring”

Enter an entirely different IP

FromSoftware has a fanbase of its own. The Japanese giant is notorious for its array of harder-than-usual IPs that sport a gaming experience like no other. The Dark Souls franchise is the first thing that comes to mind when someone hears about a FromSoftware game. Apparently, they’ve done no less than create a genre-defining series, paving the way for other developers to take inspiration and create like-minded games of their own. The relatively recent Returnal by Housemarque is a fine example of that. 

In recent times, it was rumored that FromSoftware is developing a PlayStation 5 exclusive title and it’s not the sequel to Bloodborne. Nick Baker, a reliable leaker and also the co-host of Xbox Era, seconded that leak when it first emerged and has now come out with crucial details regarding this exciting rumor. 

Talking to his guests on the latest XboxEra podcast, Nick says that he has been fed information from his sources and he’s reading out what was sent to him verbatim. Starting off with the affirmation of the leak, he stated, “They do have an exclusive game in development for PS5, for Sony.

Next, he discloses information regarding the architecture of the game by saying, “Deal-wise, it’s pretty much identical to Bloodborne and Demon’s Souls as in Sony owns the IP but it’s made together with obviously From[Software] and Sony XDev Japan, which is former Sony Japan Studio.” What follows after has our curiosity fairly piqued. 

According to Nick’s sources, Hidetaka Miayazi is going to be working on this title. Furthermore, the game’s “not Bloodborne, it’s not Demon’s Souls, it’s an entirely new IP and apparently has no connection to the former two games.” After briefly mentioning that the development of a new Armored Core game has been put on hold at FromSoftware, Nick continues, “It’s believed the… I think the PS5 exclusive is more Souls-like than it is Elden Ring/Sekiro.” 

Dark Souls hinges on the classic attack-and-dodge combat with constant grinding. The difficult level is round about the same across the board with FromSoftware games, but I believe Sekiro’s deflect system makes the game much more bearable once you master the technique. Then there’s the upcoming Elden Ring, which is the first title from the famed developer to feature free-roam gameplay and horseback combat. 

Elden Ring
Elden Ring

What this rumored PS5 exclusive is supposedly bringing to the table is going to make the OG Dark Souls fans go wild. However, as of yet, we don’t have much to go about with this game. Nick has proved his reliability with the Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island expansion in the past, so we’ll have to take his word for it momentarily.

You can skip to the “Rumor Mill” section starting at 45:40 in the following video to catch Nick with these leaks. 

YouTube video

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