Rumor: Elden Ring Future Press Guide Volume 2 Seemingly Hints At More Games

The possibility of more Elden Ring content appears to exist.

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  • Volume 2 of Elden Ring’s Words of Knowledge guidebook hints at the possibility of future entries, citing the significance of the Roundtable Hold but withholding further explanation.
  • Kadokawa Corporation has previously stated that several measures are in place to maximize the LTV of the Elden Ring IP.

Volume two of the Elden Ring Words of Knowledge guidebook hints at the possibility of more games in the future. The information comes from the game’s subreddit where u/Jack_Packauge shared the news about receiving their order, bringing up the details about a brief interview in the book regarding the lore of FromSoftware’s most enormous universe to date.

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Based on this interview tidbit, it appears that the Roundtable Hold has a great amount of significance. But the reason for this will not be explained until future games. Given the expansive lore of Elden Ring, sequels are not out of the realm of possibility. While this could be a case of mistranslation, there are factors that make it sound plausible. 

One of these factors is the treatment of the Dark Souls trilogy. The first Souls game, excluding Demons’ Souls, birthed a universe with a captivating history and led to two sequels along with multiple DLC packs. With how vast the world of Elden Ring is, it’s not unusual to think of sequels as a prospect.

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Another user added to this comment by allegedly quoting a passage from the guidebook, providing some much-needed context on the matter.

As for the reason behind the Roundtable Hold’s existence, while there is lore that answers this question, it’s something we decided not to touch upon in this game, so I won’t be revealing it here either. However, it’s safe to say that the Two Fingers play a key role.”

They went on to explain their point of view, stating, “I get how the ‘in this game’ part can be seen as hinting at another game, but it certainly doesn’t confirm anything. It could very well just be a simple choice of words. Certainly doesn’t mention anything about future titles.”

Elden Ring launched in February last year to universal acclaim, selling twelve million units in less than a month, and igniting a conversation on game design and the formulaic nature of open worlds. Its success was met with misdirected criticism in the form of game developers expressing their frustrations on Twitter and the QuantumTV controversy.

The success of Elden Ring led to Kadokawa Corporation wanting to maximize its LTV.
The success of Elden Ring led to Kadokawa Corporation wanting to maximize its LTV.

In light of making the souls experience mainstream and more accessible than ever, FromSoftware‘s parent company, Kadokawa Corporation, revealed its plans to maximize the LTV of the Elden Ring IP. In its recent earnings report earlier this year, it also stated that various measures were in place to achieve the goal of fully realizing the IP’s potential. This is the second factor that lends some credence to the idea of future games.

The first of these measures appears to be the upcoming DLC expansion—Shadow of The Erdtree. While there’s no information for its release date, due to the imminent launch of Armored Core VI, fans speculate that details will be revealed once the mecha adventure hits the shelves on August 25. This also falls in line with FromSoftware’s state as a studio, working on multiple projects at a time.

As the winner of 2023’s Game of The Year at TGA, and a title credited with revitalizing open worlds alongside Breath of The Wild, Elden Ring has garnered support from players worldwide. While there’s no official statement on the possibility of sequels, fans can look forward to the upcoming DLC.

The Lands Between can be explored on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC, and last-gen consoles. Read on to find out why we believe it to be the greatest soulsborne game ever.

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