Top 16 Elden Ring BEST Strength Weapons

Elden Ring has a wide variety of strength weapons. We have listed the 16 best STR weapons in Elden ring that can destroy your opponents.

Elden Ring provides immersive gameplay for the players as tarnished ones travel the open world to complete their journey. Often, they would be required to tackle a lot of strong enemies and bosses. You can utilize a few Talismans and Incantations to destroy various enemies. However, To take down these opponents effectively, players would be required to use equally strong weapons. We have discussed some of the Best Strength Weapons in Elden Ring through our guide. Utilize these weapons against bosses and mobs, and you will not be disappointed.

Key Highlights:

  • The Strength Weapons In Elden Ring offer the highest physical damage output which can utterly destroy bosses with the right builds.
  • The best weapons are unique from one another such as the Axe of Godrick, the Grafted Blade Greatsword as well as the old reliable, Zweihander.
  • Our top picks for the best strength weapons include the Nightrider’s Glaive which can be modified with different ash of wars to drastically alter its capability in combat.
  • It is also worth noting that most of Strength weapons can be found as rewards for defeating certain bosses and acquiring their remembrances or by simply exploring the world.

What Are Strength Weapons In Elden Ring 

One of the most important stats in Elden Ring is Strength and many players use Strength weapons in their builds to take on the tough bosses in the game. Strength stat is a crucial part of any build especially if you’re using heavy weapons and armaments in Elden Ring. Players prefer using Strength scaling weapons as they are the best early game as well as end-game weapons in Elden Ring. 

Moreover, Strength-based weapons can boost the attack power of some of the best armaments you have in Elden Ring. It will also impact your Physical Defense and in most cases increase it. The damage dealt by a strength best weapon increases with the increase in Strength stat. It will also affect your ability to maneuver any Strength-based weapon or armament.

Furthermore, Strength is one of the most popular attributes among the eight main stats that many players level up by spending runes. By spending runes on the Strength attribute you can increase its effectiveness and you can also influence any of the secondary stats in Elden Ring. 

You cannot progress in Elden Ring without increasing your Strength one way or another. It is to be noted that armaments like Claws, Ornamental Straight Sword, and Fists are not given a Strength bonus if they are being dual wielded.

We recommend you use Claw Mark Seal or the Frenzied Flame Seal when using Strength based armaments. A great Strength based armament is Ordovis Greatsword. However, most of the Strength-based armaments also require points in Faith or Arcane and even Intelligence in order to wield them. 

How To Increase The Strength Of Your Armament

There are many ways that you can increase the Strength attribute for some of your best Strength based armaments and weapons in Elden ring. The best way to increase Strength is to level up in Elden Ring. 

First, spending runes will help you level up and increase your Strength as well. Consequently, the strength of your Strength scaling weapons also increases. Keep in mind that the ability to level up will only be unlocked when you go to the Gate Front Sight Of Grace and interact with Melina. After you have unlocked the leveling up mechanism you can then visit any Site Of Grace to level up.

Also, as you progress and your character level increases, the number of runes needed to increase strength for your Strength scaling weapons in Elden Ring also increases. A great way of getting runes is by defeating enemies and bosses. You can also use consumables like the Fringefolk’s Runes that will help you gain a certain amount of runes. 

Best Strength Weapons

The strength weapons would require a lot of strength to equip them and use in actual combat. These weapons derive their damage potential mainly from the strength attribute so focus on increasing it for maximum damage. There are a number of great melee weapons that can utilize the STR attribute to increase their damage. Also, if you’re going for STR/Int build, then you should get a Moonlight Greatsword in Elden Ring.

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Golden Halberd

Best str weapons Elden ring
Golden Halberd stats

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The Golden Halberd is often considered one of the best early-game Elden Ring polearms. It can do a great amount of physical damage in addition to massive holy damage. Golden Halberd’s weapon skill, ‘Golden Vow,’ can boost your character’s attack and defense, and this can prove super handy against many difficult bosses and enemies. You can obtain this weapon after defeating the Tree Sentinel boss in Limgrave. The moveset of Golden Halberd will involve both poking and slashing the enemies for tremendous damage.

The Golden Halberd would require 30 strength before you can wield it. Moreover, it would also require a small amount of dexterity and faith to equip it. The damage done by the Golden Halberd will scale based on the strength, dexterity, and faith attribute, but it will depend on strength and faith the most. So the more increased your characters’ attributes are, the more damage this weapon will deal.

Dragon Greatclaw

Dragon Greatclaw Elden ring
Dragon Greatclaw stats

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The Dragon Greatclaw is an amazing STR weapon in Elden Ring, especially if you want to take down a few dragons. The weapon has a high physical damage stat and can do great light damage. The light damage can prove to be handy against certain enemies. The weapon skill can allow you to endure a lot of great damage dealt by the opponents. You can find this weapon in Capital outskirts after beating Draconic Tree Sentinel.

Dragon Greatclaw generally derives its strength from the Strength attribute while also depending on the Dexterity attribute to a small extent. You would need about 30 strength and 14 dexterity to wield this weapon. Invest a lot in the strength attribute to bring out the true potential of the Dragon Greatclaw.

Starscourge Greatsword

Best strength weapons Elden ring
Starscourge Greatsword stats

The Starscourge Greatsword can inflict tremendous damage on the enemies with its sheer raw power. It is extremely helpful against bosses and enemies due to its strong physical and magical attacks. The weapon skill ‘ Starcaller Cry’ can pull the enemies towards you, making it easier for you to attack them though this skill does not work against bosses. You can obtain The Starscourge Greatsword at the roundtable hold after using Remembrance of Starscourge once you have defeated General Radhan.

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The Starscourge Greatsword is a heavy weapon, and it would require 38 strength before you can equip it. It’s worth getting the strength high to wield this weapon as its damage potential is fantastic. The damage inflicted by the Starscourge Greatsword would increase scaling on the strength, dexterity, and intelligence attribute. Focus on the strength and dexterity attribute to increase damage significantly.


Zweinhander stats

Zweihander makes a return in Elden Ring after getting massive popularity in other Fromsoftware games. It’s an iconic weapon capable of dealing tremendous damage. It has high crit and great physical attack to take down your enemies.

The weapon skill can allow you to change your stance that can help you prevent enemy attacks and make a strong attack in an upward position. The weapon can be bought for 3500 runes from an isolated merchant in the weeping peninsula.

Zweihander is a heavy weapon though it does not require a lot of strength to wield it. You would need 19 strength and 11 dexterity to wield it.

It is recommended to increase your strength attribute to increase your damage significantly. The tremendous damage potential makes it one of the best strength weapons in Elden Ring.

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Grafted Blade Greatsword

Best str weapons elden ring
Grafted Blade Greatsword stats

The Grafted Blade Greatsword can prove destructive with its insanely great physical damage and crit. It can destroy any opponent standing in your way, whether a boss or a regular enemy. Grafted Blade Greatsword is a great weapon to choose if you want to take down bosses easily. The weapon skill can increase all attributes for some time while also raising the poise. You can find it in Castle Morne, located in the weeping peninsula after defeating Leonine Misbegotten.

A high amount of strength is required to wield the Grafted Blade Greatsword due to its high weight. You would require 40 strength along with 14 dexterity to equip this weapon.

The damage dealt will be increased tremendously depending on your strength. The high damage scaling potential of the Grafted Blade Greatsword makes it worth it to have in your inventory.

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Ordovis’ Greatsword

Ordovis' Greatsword
Ordovis’ Greatsword stats

The Ordovis’ Greatsword has well-balanced stats in the game and is a good melee weapon, especially for players who prefer to attack from some distance. The weapon has good physical damage with great crit stats that can help you take down a lot of your opponents. The unique weapon skill can deal tremendous damage to the enemies. You can obtain this Greatsword near Lyndell’s capital north entrance after defeating the Crucible Knight Ordovis.

The Ordovis’ Greatsword is fairly lightweight, so you can equip it even when your character has less strength. You would need about 14 strength and 8 dexterity to equip it.

The damage will scale based on both the strength and dexterity attributes. The Ordovis Greatsword can prove to be a good weapon at the start of the game, especially when you don’t have enough strength to equip stronger greatswords.

Axe of Godrick

Axe of Godrick
Axe of Godrick stats

The Axe of Godrick is one of the most powerful weapons in Elden Ring. It can potentially inflict massive damage on the enemies and bosses, though the weapon is heavy and the attack is much slower. The weapon has a lot of crit and physical damage in its stats.

The weapon skill can send shockwaves through the ground, which is highly effective against regular mobs. You can get the weapon after trading Remembrance of the Grafted with Enia at the roundtable hold. The Remembrance of the Grafted can be obtained after beating Godrick.

Since the Axe of Godrick is heavy, you would require a lot of strength to wield it. Moreover, it would also require great dexterity to be equipped.

You would need about 34 strength and 22 dexterity to equip it—the damage of the weapon scales depending on the amount of your dexterity and strength. Overall, the Axe of Godrick is an amazing STR weapon in Elden Ring, and getting it in your inventory is worth it.

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Onyx Lord’s Greatsword

best str weapons elden ring
Onyx Lord greatsword stats

The Onyx Lord’s Greatsword is a good option for players who prefer magical attacks along with melee damage. The weapon can inflict massive damage on the opponents due to its high physical and magic damage stats, so it can prove to be a great blade to tackle a number of your enemies. The weapon skill can create a gravitational field that can easily damage opponents. You can find Onyx’s greatsword in the sealed tunnel after you defeat the Onyx Lord.

Onyx’s Greatsword is fairly heavy, and you would require 20 strength, 16 dexterity, and 16 intelligence to wield it. The damage would increase scaling on all these attributes, though focus on the strength attribute to bring out the maximum potential of this weapon.

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Battle Hammer

Best strength weapons Elden ring
Battle Hammer stats

The Battle Hammer is capable of pummeling down your enemies with its attack potential. The weapon is packs great damage inside it that is unleashed on various mobs and bosses.

The Battle Hammer has a high physical attack and high amount of crit that can devastate your enemies. The weapon skill can give a good stat boost to the player’s character. After beating Grave Warden Duelist, you can obtain the Battle Hammer in Murkwater Catacombs.

Battle Hammer’s damage can increase tremendously with the strength attribute. Moreover, the damage also increases to a small extent depending on Dexterity. The weapon is heavy, so you need 26 strength to wield it and 8 dexterity. If you want to crush the opponents, then Battle Hammer is a good strength weapon in Elden Ring that you should choose because of its sheer raw power.

Prelate’s Inferno Crozier

 Prelate's Inferno Crozier
Prelate’s Inferno Crozier stats

Prelate’s Inferno Crozier is a great melee weapon with amazing damaging potential. It can inflict serious physical damage that can send your enemies flying. The weapon skill can inflict tremendous damage as you smash the heavy weapon onto the ground. You can find Prelate’s Inferno Crozier in Fort Laiedd; It can be found after defeating an enemy in Seethewater Terminus.

Many players might be unable to use the said weapon because it requires incredible strength to use and wield. You would need about 45 strength and 8 dexterity to wield. Though getting Prelate’s Inferno Crozier is worth it as the damage would increase tremendously because of the high strength this weapon requires.

Rusted Anchor

best str weapons elden ring
Rusted anchor stats

The Rusted Anchor is a uniquely shaped great axe in Elden Ring. It can potentially inflict massive damage because of its great physical attack and crit stats. The weapon skill can significantly increase the player’s attack, allowing you to take down your opponents with ease. You can get the weapon in Morne Tunnel once you defeat Scaly Misbegotten.

The weapon is heavy, requiring a lot of strength to wield. Investing in your strength attribute is worth it as it will allow you to equip this weapon while also increasing the damage significantly.

You would need 26 strength and 9 dexterity to wield this weapon. Rusted Anchor is a great STR weapon in Elden Ring for damaging because of its raw strength, so you should have this weapon in your inventory.

Cranial Vessel Candlestand

Elden Ring Best Str weapons
Weapon skill shooting fire balls

Cranial Vessel Candlestand is a strong Warhammer in Elden Ring. The weapon has the potential to inflict impressive physical and fire damage. Moreover, it has a high crit stat that can allow you to damage your opponents significantly. You can do great fire damage with the weapon skill by making it rain fireballs.

The weapon has 98 physical and fire damage. You can find Cranial Vessel Candlestand in Giant-Conquering Hero’s cave. It is placed near an Imp statue in a large hall.

The weapon’s damage increases depending on three attributes: strength, skill, and faith. You would be required to focus more on the strength and faith attribute to increase damage greatly. Cranial Vessel Candlestand is a powerful weapon and one of the best strength weapons. The weapon is heavy as it weighs 12.5 kg, so manage your strength attribute accordingly.

Great Club

best strength weapons elden ring
Great Club stats

The Great Club is another cherished weapon among souls fans that returns in Elden Ring. The weapon has an incredibly high physical attack stat and great crit stat. The great club is a good choice against many bosses and enemies because of its attack potential. The weapon skill can inflict tremendous damage upon nearby enemies and unleashes a powerful energy blast. You can find the Great Club in Old Atlus Tunnel after defeating the Stonedigger Troll.

The great club is a very heavy weapon, and it would require a huge amount of strength for equipping and using it effectively. You would only need about 35 strength to wield this weapon. The damage would increase tremendously based on the strength, so focus on investing in the strength attribute. Due to its great focus on the strength attribute, Great club is an amazing STR weapon in Elden Ring.

Magma Wyrm’s Scalesword

magma wyrms scalesword
Magyma wyrm’s scalesword

Magma Wyrm is an amazing greatsword in Elden Ring. The weapon can inflict great physical and fire damage to the enemies. It is uniquely designed to inflict great damage on enemies and mobs alike. The weapon skill can inflict a great amount of fire damage to your opponents. The weapon can be found in northern Liurna of the Lakes after defeating the Magma Wyrm Makar.

Magma Wyrm’s Greatsword is heavy, and you would want to focus on the strength attribute. The weapon would require 24 strength, 15 dexterity, and 18 faith for you to equip it. The attack can increase depending on these three attributes though focusing on strength would increase damage tremendously.

Nightrider Glave

Nightrider Glave
Nightrider Glaive stats

The Nightrider Glave is a great Halberd in Elden Ring well suited for horseback combat because of its length and size. You can attack your enemies from a good range with the help of this weapon. The weapon has great physical attack and crit stats, allowing you to inflict tremendous damage.

The weapon skill can make a spinning attack and a follow-up attack that can be helpful in crowd control. You can obtain this weapon near Bellum church; the knight’s cavalry would drop it. In addition, you can find the weapon in Frenzied Flame Village outskirts after beating the Troll Knight.

The weapon is heavy, and you need great strength to wield it. You would need about 26 strength and 10 dexterity to wield it.

Your character’s dexterity can increase the damage to a small extent but focus on the strength attribute to increasing damage greatly. The amazing attack potential of Nightrider’s Glave makes it one of the best Strength weapons.

Ghiza’s Wheel

Elden ring best str weapons
Ghiza’s Wheel stats

Ghiza’s Wheel is another uniquely designed weapon that has amazing damaging potential. The weapon has an insanely high physical attack stat along with a good crit stat.

Ghiza’s wheel can damage the opponent’s greatly with its spinning wheel. You can keep the spinning wheel running for massive damage during the weapon skill. Ghiza’s Wheel can be obtained after beating Inquisitor Ghiza in Volcano Manor.

Ghiza’s Wheel is very heavy so the attack speed will be very slow, and you would be required to invest in the strength attribute greatly to make the weapon usable.

You would need about 28 strength and 18 dexterity to equip this weapon. Increasing both of your attributes will, in turn, greatly increase the damage of your weapon.

No doubt Elden Ring has a huge roster of great strength weapons. We have listed a few in this guide that are highly recommended for you to use. Utilizing these weapons will aid you in combat and significantly destroy many of your enemies. The more strength your character has, the more these weapons will be effective against the tough opponents found in Elden Ring. you may be able to use a few STR weapons effectively if you Two-Hand them.

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