Elden Ring Ghiza’s Wheel Location Walkthrough

Our Elden Ring Ghiza's Wheel location walkthrough guide entails method of obtaining this unique weapon in the game that looks like a wheel.

Elden Ring is home to tons of weapon that includes some new weapons designed and many returning strength, dexterity, and legendary armaments as well from previous FromSoftware games. Weapons such as Moonlight Greatsword (aka Darkmoon blade) and Ghiza’s Wheel are two unique and returning weapons in the game that many players would love destroying Elden Ring bosses with them. Our Elden Ring Ghiza’s Wheel Location Walkthrough guide entails the complete process of how you can get this weapon in the game.

Key Highlights
  • You’ll need to get to Volcano Manor for this weapon. There are two ways to get there. One is to get kidnapped to the under level, and the other is to get an invite to the main level.
  • You can get to Volcano Manor by completing an NPC’s quest near the Scenic Isle site of grace and then meeting her again at the top of Grand Lift of Dectus.
  • You’ll need to go to Boilprawn Shack for the quest. Here you can buy the item from the ruffian or kill him for the quest item and a weapon. You can then return to the NPC.
  • You’ll need to take both parts of the Dectus Medallion to use the Grand Lift of Dectus and reach Volcano Manor.
  • The first half of the medallion is in Fort Haight, east of Limgrave, and the second half is in Fort Pharaoh.
  • After being transported to the Main Hall of Volcano Manor, make your way upstairs, where you’ll be invaded by an NPC using the Ghiza’s Wheel. Defeat him, and you’ll get it.
  • Ghiza’s Wheel scales with and requires 28 Strength and 18 Dex to wield. You can hold the weapon art without additional Stamina cost.

Location of Ghiza’s Wheel

To get this weapon, we are going to need an invite to Volcano Manor. There are a couple of ways to get here, you could be kidnapped and taken to the under level, or you can get an invite and go to the main level and get this weapon much faster. In this guide, we have mentioned the latter method to get the Ghiza’s wheel weapon.

Now what you need to do is unlock the lake region in Elden Ring, and you need to speak to an NPC in this sort of gazebo and the closest Site of Grace is the Scenic Isle

Talking To NPC

At this lake region, an NPC tells you that she has been robbed, and she is basically asking you whether you can get the thing that was stolen from her. You are also told that it is a ruffian or a bandit or something to the Northwest. The Boilprawn Shock is the place where that guy, ruffian, is.

Visiting Boilprawn Shack

Moving along with our Ghiza’s Wheel location guide in Elden Ring, as mentioned in the name, the ruffian is, in fact, boiling the prawns. He is also not very friendly, but if you ask him about the solenoid, he will, in fact, sell it to you.

Either that or you could kill him and get his pretty unique weapon. It is up to you; feel free to do whatever seems feasible to you as the player. Anyhow just make sure you get the item and take it back to the NPC.

Getting An Invite

At this stage, you will receive a Volcano Manor invitation from the NPC, but it is not that simple; even though it is an invitation, it is not a ‘real’ invitation. It is more of a ‘you may now prove yourself,’ and it literally says ‘prove yourself’.

By making this journey, the volcano manor will extend its invitation, and we must make it to the Altus Plateau region before they let us in. In order to do that, we are going to need two halves of a medallion, that medallion comes in two sides, and you need to collect both sides of it.

Collecting Dectus Medallions

Fortunately, it is not too hard to get both halves of Dectus medallions. For the first half, we need to go to Fort Haight, which is on the eastern side of Limgrave. You’re going to run through the fortress and eventually make it to the backside and up a single tower; inside of that tower is a ladder; climb that up.

As you reach the top, there is a chest from where you retrieve Dectus Medallion. 

The second half of the medallion can be retrieved inside Fort Pharaoh, which is quite harder because you are going to be attacked by a variety of creatures in it and because of its hefty location. Anyhow, as you reach the top of the fort, there is a chest from where you retrieve the other half, Dectus Medallion.

Grand Lift of Dectus

Now with the two sides of the Medallion, we are going to go to the Grand Lift of Dectus and present that medallion, which is located at the northern point of the lakes. You’ll need to step in and basically present your two halves of the medallion as a whole, and that will activate the lift, which will take you up.

Now, as you reach up from the lift, ahead of you on the left is that NPC we talked to and helped before. And as you talk to her, she would be very much pleased by your work and will let you know that you have actually proved yourself. 

Now she will actually invite you to the Manor, and you will be transported to the main hall and, in fact, the main grace of Volcano Manor.

Reaching Volcano Manor

Now you can finally get this saw blade, go up the stairs and then keep moving upstairs till you reach a big room with two dining tables; at the other end, collect the item, and loot it. 

This is the final part when it comes to getting to Ghiza’s Wheel location in Elden Ring. Now you are going to be invaded by an NPC who is, in fact, using the Ghiza’s Wheel. Now all you have to do is defeat that NPC and get the Ghiza’s Wheel.

And so this weapon is ridiculously useful against big health enemies as well as it is just a cool main weapon choice, and that is how you get a Ghiza’s Wheel.

Ghiza’s Wheel Weapon Art and Movesets

Ghiza’s Wheel is a colossal weapon meaning it scales over both strength and dex. Being reminiscent of a pizza cutter its main move set is fairly serviceable, consisting of two-handed horizontal-ish attacks and one-handed overheads. The damage is decent but nothing special if you do not apply various buffs to it; at 45 strength, the Ghiza’s wheel will give you 648 damage two-handed.

The unique standing-out point for Ghiza’s Wheel is the weapon art, holding down the weapon art button for the initial thrust and then a rip and tear spin to knock off the enemy. The attack will not use any stamina for PvE, and this can be incredibly effective when going up against enemies who are of medium to big size as the hitbox will increase significantly.

However, the slow initiation of the spin makes it very situational, especially against bosses, you can make it work, but most of the time, they will kick you out of animation. On top of the base physical damage that Ghiza’s Wheel deals damage with, it is also actually a bleed blade as well. So, players can do bleed build-up, and it is incredibly useful for killing big health enemies or those who are weak towards the bleed status effect in Elden Ring.

Regardless of the weapon stats and how good it is on paper, in order to get the most out of Ghiza’s Wheel, you will need to learn the timing for using the weapon art and when to trigger, and when to stop holding the button. It has an ash of war familiar hold L2 channel attack, and it requires 28 strength and 18 Dex to wield properly in one hand.

Also, let’s get real, it just feels good and looks cool, and you can walk around soaring. And so we think it is a great weapon, and a lot of players are going to have lots of fun being equipped with Ghiza’s Wheel. So if you want to get this weapon, then follow the walkthrough we mentioned above, and you will get Ghiza’s Wheel easily.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about Ghiza’s Wheel location in Elden Ring. Did you find our guide helpful? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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