Elden Ring Bandit Build [Bleed & Archer Builds]

This Elden Ring Bandit Build ensures that you get the most out of your Bandit class and gain victory against enemies!

Elden Ring is an open-world RPG with dynamic starting classes that offer different benefits to the adventurer. Ranging from Vagabond, Samurai, Prisoner, Confessor, Bandit, and many more, players have free range to choose the one they want. Players might need assistance with their Elden Ring Bandit Build with a starting class like Bandit.

Key Highlights:

  • The Bandit build can be considered a subsidiary of an Arcane build due to its dependence on the Arcane stat.
  • The attributes players need to focus on for Bandit build are Vigor, Endurance, Dexterity, and of course, Arcane.
  • Since the Bandit build is much dependent on the Bleed ailment, the best weapon for this build is the Reduvia in close range. As for long-range, the Horn Bow does the job properly.
  • For Bandit build like this, in close range, players will need an armor set that’s slightly light and sturdy, and nothing fits the description better than the Royal Remains Set.

In the long range, the Exile Set will do the job for most players using this build, thanks to its fantastic protection against physical damage. The White Reed set is also a great alternative.

The Bandit is essentially an introductory class that the player starts with, that offers to focus on Arcane and Dexterity, and it is an excellent class to choose from. We have two of the best builds you can make using the Bandit class, and we will cover both! 

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Bandit Bleed Build 

Players that choose to focus on a Bleed build will always aim to fill up the “Blood meter’ of opponents that they face and cause them as much damage as possible within a short period. After foes lose a significant amount of blood, their health bar deteriorates quickly, gaining players instant victory. 

Attributes To Focus On

Elden Ring Bandit Build character Attributes
Character Attributes

There are two primary stats that players should focus on, along with two secondary attributes that they should consider investing in. 


Endurance is an attribute in Elden Ring that focuses on players to assist with their stamina consumption. Stamina consumption and maintenance are crucial to survival and deal increased damage during the battle. Endurance ensures that their stamina is up to the mark, affecting the adventurer’s Equip Load

It helps players take on heavy builds such as the Elden Ring Bandit Build, which requires a lot of stamina. Therefore, players are advised to invest in the Endurance attribute. 


Following through, Dexterity is another primary attribute that players are advised to invest in, as it allows and controls how strong a player can become. Essentially, players have a set power in the type of weapons they can wield, and Dexterity is one of the attributes that players need to wield some of the best melee weapons

For the best Blood build, players will equip the Reduvia, which requires consistent experience and Dexterity. Therefore players should place points into Dexterity. 


Arcane is one of the secondary stats that allows players to essentially come across “items” when obliterating opponents. Players should also invest in the arcane stat for weapons that scale primarily with the arcane stat—the stronger the investment, the stronger the weapon and the damage output. 

For the Bleed build, since players are concerned with damage output, higher arcane points are necessary. 


Lastly, Vigor is another attribute that players should look into. During a tough fight on the battlefield, as players are slashing through the enemies with the Elden Ring Bandit Build, they are to also take care of their HP and ensure that it does not fall out of line. This is where Vigor comes in, the attribute that governs an adventure’s overall HP. 

Best Weapon for Bleed Build 

reduvia weapon

Hands down, players that want to invest in a weapon for this build should look into the Reduvia Dagger. It is one of the most popular weapons that scale primarily with Dexterity and Strength, and it is ac crucial part of a melee build. Since it is considered a short-ranged weapon, it is perfect for battling enemies up close. 

Combining the powers of its passive, which focuses on consistent Backstabbing to foes, it can deal a consistent amount of damage and inflict continuous blood loss, eventually causing enemies to lose a great deal of HP and render themselves useless. The attack speed is considerably fast, with regular and charged attacks taking a bit of stamina. 

With Arcane D and Dexterity D scaling, adventurers will have a more substantial damage output and survive for a long. Reduvia’s passive “Blood Loss” increases as it is upgraded, as seen below. 

UpgradesPassive Effects
Standard51 Blood Loss Buildup
Standard +151 Blood Loss Buildup
Standard +252 Blood Loss Buildup
Standard +352 Blood Loss Buildup
Standard +452 Blood Loss Buildup
Standard +553 Blood Loss Buildup
Standard +654 Blood Loss Buildup
Standard +7 61 Blood Loss Buildup
Standard +861 Blood Loss Buildup
Standard +993 Blood Loss Buildup
Standard +1099 Blood Loss Buildup

The weapon skill, “Reduvia Blood Blade” also accounts for consistent blood loss buildup with launching projectiles that will cause opponents to take considerably higher damage. 

Best Armor Sets for Bleed Build 

Following through, in the Elden Ring Bandit Build, players can equip some of the best armor sets to increase their damage and get the most out of the build. 

Royal Remains Set 

The Royal Remains Set is essential for the Bleed build, as it offers players consistent Resistance and increased damage negation, which allows players to intake minor damage and allows you to stay on the field for more extended periods. It is a heavy set with Chest Armor, Gauntlet, Leg Armor, and Helms. Players can expect increased Physical as well as Magic damage negation. 

Royal Remains Helmet 
Elden Ring Royal Helm
Royal Set Helm

The Royal Remains Helmet is primarily placed on top of the adventurer’s head and is a consistent aid to players while on the battlefield against the toughest of enemies. As the Helmet provides consistent defense properties, it allows players to intake decreased damage and improve their overall defense. 

It aims to guard players against all types of damage such as Magic, Holy and light, and provide protection from Strike, Slash, and Pierce damage. The net weight is 4.6, adding the Helmet as a heavy helmet, but easy to wear. Below listed are the damage negation and Resistance. 

 Damage Negation
Physical Damage4.2
Strike Damage4.0
Slash Damage4.6
Pierce Damage4.2
Magic Damage3.4
Fire Damage3.6
Light Damage2.8
Holy Damage3.1
Immunity 15
Robustness 24
Focus 10
Vitality 5
Poise 5
Royal Remains Armor 
Royal Armor
Royal Set Armor

The Royal Remains Armor is aimed to support players with increased resistance and removal of debuffs from their chest and waist area. When worn, it increases the player’s overall defense against the strongest of enemies, allowing players to survive for long in the arena. 

The set itself also has the passive of healing the player if their HP falls below a certain point and gives increased Strike, Magic, Holy, Pierce, and Physical damage negation along with Focus and Poise Resistance. Take a look at the damage negation and resistance numbers below. 

 Damage Negation
Physical Damage11.9
Strike Damage11.4
Slash Damage12.9
Pierce Damage11.9
Magic Damage9.5
Fire Damage10.2
Light Damage8
Holy Damage8.8
Immunity 35
Robustness 57
Focus 24
Vitality 11
Poise 15
Royal Remains Gauntlets 
Royal Gauntlets
Royal Set Gauntlets

The Royal Remains Gauntlet is supposed to place on the adventurer’s hands, and it extends out to your arms. When placed on the arms, it can protect you from all kinds of regular and charged attacks by your foes and instead allows you to consistently launch regular attacks on your enemies and remain alive at the end. 

You will experience Fire, Strike, and Slash protection, and other types of elemental damage that are also negated while under the protection of the Gauntlets in Elden Ring. You can see the stats below to see if the gauntlet is worth equipping or not. 

 Damage Negation
Physical Damage2.9
Strike Damage2.8
Slash Damage3.2
Pierce Damage2.9
Magic Damage2.3
Fire Damage2.5
Light Damage1.9
Holy Damage2.1
Immunity 12
Robustness 19
Focus 8
Vitality 4
Poise 3
Royal Remains Greaves 
Elden Ring Royal Greaves
Royal Set Greaves

While adventurers are going through a tough fight against bosses, a heavy set is just what you need to stay alive, and the Royal Remains Greaves work excellently. They are adorned around the player’s feet and legs and slowly heals the player back up to see below a certain point. 

Players will feel increased Focus, Vitality, Poise, and Robustness resistance, and the greaves are vital for the Elden Ring Bandit Build. Let’s take a look at the stats that the greaves offer.

 Damage Negation
Physical Damage6.8
Strike Damage6.5
Slash Damage7.4
Pierce Damage6.8
Magic Damage5.4
Fire Damage5.8
Light Damage4.5
Holy Damage5.0
Immunity 22
Robustness 35
Focus 15
Vitality 7
Poise 9

Useful Talismans to Equip 

When you focus on the Bleed build, you want to equip some of the best talismans that will offer offensive and defensive benefits to players so that enemies can take increased inflicted damage launched upon them. 

Lord of Blood’s Exultation

Elden Ring Bandit Build Lord of blood's exultation
Lord of Blood’s Exultation Talisman

The Lord of Blood’s Exultation is a magnificent piece of talisman that aims to support the players who are building upon the Elden Ring Bandit build, which is aimed to increase blood loss in opponents. The main passivity of this talisman is to take note if there is blood loss in the arena where the player is present, increasing the player’s attack power to a certain degree. 

This talisman is potent as it can enhance the attack power by a total of 20% if any opponent, whether small or large, is inflicted with heavy, ranged, charged, or basic lighter attacks. It is perfect for taking out more enormous bosses that inflict too much damage upon the players and having it in your arsenal. 

Arrow’s Reach Talisman

Elden Ring Talisman
Arrow’s Reach Elden Ring Talisman

The Arrow’s Reach Talisman aids the players with their Bleed builds; when they are on the battlefield, the talisman has three arrows in its arsenal, and it will allow for an increased range for combat against formidable enemies. Players will benefit from using this talisman if they stay in the arena for longer and their bow runs out of arrows. 

Kindred of Rot’s Exultation 

The Kindred of Rot’s Exultation is yet another helpful talisman that is especially useful for this build; it can offer a hand on the battlefield when faced with enemies that seem too strong. Its main passivity of increased attack power to players wielding the weapon allows players to slash and taunt opponents with ease. 

Whenever enemies surround players and inflict Poisoning damage to you, it will significantly increase your overall attack power and render them useless. 

Ashes of War to Equip 

Ashes of War will typically act as items that can enhance their weapon and make it even more robust with different affinities that can be infused with their weapons. It allows them to improve on their gameplay and improve on their combat. Each Ash of War can take on a different role in enhancing the weapon it is infused with, and this Ash of War is the best for the Bleed Build. 

Bloody Slash 

Elden Ring Ash of War
Elden Ring Ash of War Bloody Slash

The Ash of War Bloody Slash is essential for a player’s bleed melee builds. It provides the player with the skill of launching consecutive slashes, one after the other, at the enemy that will inflict the “Blood Loss Buildup” on them, slowly filling their blood loss meter until their HP starts to significantly deplete overtime. 

It also ensures that the Blood affinity of the adventurers is improved upon, and it aids significantly in battle. It works by coating the melee weapon in a layer of Blood that, upon casting, regular attacks will unleash the Bloody Slash skill and obliterate opponents in their wake. 

Consumables to Look Into 

Next up, consumables can significantly help players provide special effects that temporarily buff them during brutal combat and help them achieve victory. Here are a few consumables that work for the Elden Ring Bandit Build. 

Blood Grease 

Firstly, Blood Grease is an essential consumable for the Bleed Build, as it can be crafted easily. Its main aim is to coast the weapon with itself, allowing players to launch regular attacks that will cause Blood Loss to enemies the passing second. To craft Blood Grease, you can take help from one Root Resin and one Blood rose. 

Place both the items in the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook, and it will give you an ample supply of Blood Grease that you can use to your advantage. 

Drawstring Blood Grease 

This consumable directly supports the original Blood Grease, as Drawstring blood grease stems from the original one. It can be crafted using one Root Resin, one String, and one Bloodrose using the help of Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook, and it can coat your weapon with your Blood, which will then be used to launch Blood towards enemies and kill them off quickly. 


Lastly, the next consumable that can come in handy in battle is the Kukri, located at a few locations such as the Liurnia of the Lakes, Stormveil Castle, and the Weeping Peninsula. Using this consumable to enhance the weapon will launch knives at the opponents, instantly increasing blood loss of enemies, and blood loss buildup will start, causing opponents to lose health quicker. 

Bleed Build Playstyle

When coming across the more challenging enemies, you want to make sure that you are wielding the Reduvia, and with the help, start with some basic attacks, getting up close and personal with the enemies and stabbing them with the help of the sharp blades. With Backstab by your side, you are sure to see the enemies’ HP go down fast. 

For personal protection, you can take on the Royal Remains set, with which the enemies can launch as many attacks as they want, but they are all in vain. If you start to lose HP mid-battle, the armor’s passive will heal you slowly. 

Use the help of blood grease, which can increase your attack launches, and mix in the Kukri consumable that will consistently launch knives at your foes, deliberately killing them off with utter ease and gaining you victory. 

Ranged Archer Bandit Build 

For players who want to go the other route and are looking for long-ranged combat against opponents, the Archer Build is essential for their victory. The main aim of the archer build is to stay at a safe distance and launch arrows at bosses to stagger, stun and shoot your way through their existence and gain victory. 

Attributes To Focus On

Following are the character attributes players will need to invest runes into leveling up so as to make Bandit Archer build in Elden Ring. Also, read our Elden Ring Fastest Rune Farming guide.


For the Elden Ring Bandit build, Dexterity is a Primary attribute to focus on, considering it gives players the ability to get more potent weapons in their hands and use them in battle. With as many investments as players can get into Dexterity, they can experience decreased fall damage, and attack power will also be increased. 


Mind is essentially concerned with increasing or decreasing your Focus Points, which gives the players the ability to resist Sleep. For long-ranged combat, players are highly advised to make considerable investments into Mind if they want to overtake their enemies and come out victorious. 


Endurance is a Secondary stat that adventurers can look into. It aims to take control over your stamina; the more Endurance points you have in your arsenal, the more you will be able to move around on the battlefield. It also affects Robustness, which is essential while taking on tankier enemies. 


Vigor takes into account how long a player might be able to stay alive in the arena when in combat, and while in longer fights against bosses, players should consider investing in Vigor Points, as it will determine your Health Points and ensure that you can obliterate your enemies. 

Best Weapons for Archer Build 

Here are the best weapons for Bandit archer build in Elden Ring.

Horn Bow

Elden Ring Bandit Build Hornbow

Players aiming for the Elden Ring Bandit build should look into wielding the Horn Bow, which is a light bow and is excellent for the Archer Build. With its S-tier rating across many platforms, it is infused with Magic, allowing players to consistently launch arrows at the enemies and render them useless. 

Strength E and Dexterity D scaling require consistent Strength points but give adequate output, allowing for long-ranged combat and consistent damage output. Its passive skill, “Mighty Shot,” allows adventurers to charge up their shot for as long as they want to, and when they are ready, launch it at enemies to finish them off with style. 

Upgrades can be done with the help of Smithing Stones, and the Horn bow can be enhanced using specific Ashes of War, which is perfect for the archer build and increased damage output. 

Golem Great Bow 

Greatbow Elden Ring
Greatbow Weapon

Another great alternative is the heavier and stronger Golem Great bow, which allows players to stay at a safe distance and consistently shoot heavy arrows and charge them at your foes, obliterating them and causing them great pain. The bow falls a bit on the heavier side, being wielded by players who have excellent strength. 

Golem Greatbow’s passive skill, “Through and Through,” allows for twisting of the arrow before charging the shot. When the player launches the arrow, it will increase the physical damage output and bring down opponents quite quickly. The Great bow scales with Dexterity E and Strength D, making it an excellent choice for the archer build. 

Armor Sets to Consider 

To get the most out of this Elden Ring Bandit build, you can take the help of these armor sets. 

Exile Set 

The Exile Set is a medium-weight armor that promises to protect the player when fighting long-ranged combat with all kinds of enemies. Its winning point is its physical protection against opponents that launch physical attacks. While under Exile’s protection, you can feel safe enough to launch powerful attacks at your opponents. 

Exile Hood 
Elden Ring Bandit Build Exile Set Hood
Exile Set Hood

The Exile Hood is a deep-red piece of cloth that is powerful and goes over the player’s head. While it is pretty lightweight, it is not to be underestimated, as it can provide much physical damage and Fire, Magic, and Holy damage against enemy attacks. Opponents will not reduce your HP if they launch headshots at you. 

Along with that, adequate Immunity, Robustness, and Vitality Resistance are also provided by the Exile Hood. Take a peek at the damage negation and resistance stats. 

 Damage Negation
Physical Damage4.4
Strike Damage3.4
Slash Damage4.6
Pierce Damage4.4
Magic Damage2.8
Fire Damage3.8
Light Damage2.3
Holy Damage3.4
Immunity 12
Robustness 23
Focus 9
Vitality 8
Poise 4
Exile Armor 
Elden Ring Exile Set Armor
Exile Set Armor

Players who want to stay safe and protected against opponents that want to deal damage to your stomach can wear the Exile Armor that goes around your stomach. It will provide a considerable amount of personal defense and resistance. The net weight is around 9.2, rendering the armor lighter but still strong enough to support players during battle. 

The primary protection is focused on Physical and Pierce damage, both of which are essential during Archer combat. 

 Damage Negation
Physical Damage12.4
Strike Damage9.5
Slash Damage12.9
Pierce Damage12.4
Magic Damage8.0
Fire Damage10.9
Light Damage6.7
Holy Damage9.5
Immunity 28
Robustness 55
Focus 21
Vitality 18
Poise 14
Exile Gauntlets 
Elden Ring Exile set gauntlets
Exile Set Gauntlets

The Exile Gauntlets come in the protective category, and they are adequately heavy and will be able to tank all kinds of attacks from your foes. They are typically adorned around the hands and arms, and players will experience increased defense and resistance to all sorts of attacks. The appearance can drastically change based on wielding the gauntlets. 

The focus protection is on Magic damage and Strike damage, which can be detrimental to players’ HP. 

 Damage Negation
Physical Damage2.9
Strike Damage2.1
Slash Damage3.1
Pierce Damage2.9
Magic Damage1.7
Fire Damage2.5
Light Damage1.5
Holy Damage2.1
Immunity 8
Robustness 17
Focus 6
Vitality 4
Poise 3
Exile Greaves 
Elden Ring Greaves
Exile Set Greaves

The Exile Greaves work together with the entire armor set in the Elden Ring Bandit Build to provide adventurers with the protection they need. These are adorned around the legs, and they can tank in every single attack, whether it is Slash, Pierce, Strike, or any other damage by foes. 

Take a look at the personal protection that the Exile Greaves can provide. 

 Damage Negation
Physical Damage7.1
Strike Damage5.4
Slash Damage7.4
Pierce Damage7.1
Magic Damage4.5
Fire Damage6.2
Light Damage3.8
Holy Damage5.4
Immunity 17
Robustness 34
Focus 13
Vitality 11
Poise 8

White Reed Set 

The White Reed Set has an interesting backstory, but it is an armor set on the lighter side but will still be able to aid players when they are in the arena. With the Okina Mask, Armor, Greaves, and Gauntlets completing the set, players will find that they will stay alive for longer. 

Okina Mask 

The Okina Mask comes with a rather ominous outlook but provides ample resistance nonetheless to adventurers who feel like they are strong enough to take on opponents on the battlefield. The Mask aims to increase players’ skill and improve the attacking power. Focus as a side-effect is decreased. 

The Okina Mask is more than able to protect from the enemy’s Pierce, Holy, Light, and Physical attacks. Below listed are the damage negation and resistance stats. 

 Damage Negation
Physical Damage3.4
Strike Damage3.6
Slash Damage4.0
Pierce Damage3.1
Magic Damage3.8
Fire Damage3.8
Light Damage4.2
Holy Damage3.6
Immunity 29
Robustness 18
Focus 23
Vitality 22
Poise 2
White Reed Armor 
Elden Ring Bandit Build White Reed Armor
White Reed Armor

The White Reed Armor is worn around the adventurer’s torso and comprises banded iron plates that can tank any and every sort of attack launched by foes. Players will find that their resistance increases, especially Immunity, Focus and Vitality Resistance. It also aims to increase your overall defense. 

The armor is a bit heavier but can be adorned by stronger players. These are the damage negation numbers. 

 Damage Negation
Physical Damage9.5
Strike Damage10.2
Slash Damage11.4
Pierce Damage8.8
Magic Damage10.9
Fire Damage10.9
Light Damage11.9
Holy Damage10.2
Immunity 67
Robustness 42
Focus 55
Vitality 50
Poise 8
White Reed Gauntlets 
White Reed Gauntlets
White Reed Gauntlets

The White Reed Gauntlets are also made from iron-banded plates, allowing players increased protection on their hands and arms from potential opponent launches. The main aim while adorning the gauntlets is to achieve victory, and the best way to do that is to stay low, stay protected, and obliterate enemies without losing health. 

Players will have increased Immunity and Focus Resistance and protection against Holy, Light, and Magic damage. 

 Damage Negation
Physical Damage2.3
Strike Damage2.5
Slash Damage2.8
Pierce Damage2.1
Magic Damage2.7
Fire Damage2.7
Light Damage2.9
Holy Damage2.5
Immunity 22
Robustness 14
Focus 18
Vitality 17
Poise 2
White Reed Greaves 
White Reed Greaves
White Reed Greaves

The White Reed Greaves promise to protect the player’s feet and legs from all types of Physical tracks done by bosses. Players can tank hits and consistently launch regular and charged attacks to take down the enemies in sight. The main focus is on increasing Focus, Immunity, and Vitality Resistance. 

 Damage Negation
Physical Damage5.4
Strike Damage5.4
Slash Damage6.5
Pierce Damage5.0
Magic Damage6.2
Fire Damage6.2
Light Damage6.8
Holy Damage5.8
Immunity 41
Robustness 26
Focus 34
Vitality 31
Poise 4

Talismans for Archer Build 

There are a few accustomed Talismans that players are advised to invest in to enhance their gameplay experience with the archer build. 

Arrow’s Reach Talisman

The Arrow’s Sting Talisman significantly aims to increase the overall attack power of players by launching three arrows at the opponents, taking them down and depleting their overall HP. Adventurers can freely choose to equip this talisman at their disposal and use it to take advantage of their Archer Build and boost their attack damage. 

Physical damage is significantly enhanced, allowing players to shoot repeatedly until they win the battle. 

Arrow’s Sting Talisman 

Complimenting the Arrow’s Reach Talisman, the Arrow’s Sting Talisman will boost players’ long-range shots and improve the damage output. Greater emphasis is placed on average archer shots and buffing up charged bow shots, allowing players to deal a significant amount of physical damage to finish off more challenging bosses. 

The talisman is excellent to use while in low health to save yourself and get higher damage shots. 

Ashes of War to Consider 

To get the most of your Elden Ring Bandit Build, you might want to have these best ashes of War in your arsenal, as these will significantly enhance your weapon and let you do more significant overall physical damage. 

Mighty Shot 

Mighty Shot setup
Mighty Shot

The Ash of War Mighty Shot is an excellent one to have in your arsenal, as it can be applied to the Hornbow and greatly enhance your bowshot damage. Mighty Shot itself aims to support players to provide them with Standard affinity. Along with that, the Mighty Shot skill is also granted. 

The skill increases the bow damage output as the player charges their bow shot. The further back the bow is pulled, the more clear the shot will be. This is especially important for archer builds, and it can be equipped both on lighter bows and great bows. 


Ash of War

Following through, the Barrage is yet another attractive Ash of War, as it grants consecutive attack speed from the bow to the players. When launching attacks on your opponents, you will be able to charge the shots and launch them in split seconds and obliterate your enemies in their wake. 

This Ash of War can be implemented with the bow for lighter bows to enhance its damage and attack speed by a lot. 

Archer Build Playstyle 

The archer build is crucial for players who aim to get victorious early in Elden Ring. With the Hornbow in your arsenal, use its lightweight to your advantage when charging toward enemies; start with a distance and infuse the weapon with Mighty Shot to enhance the damage output. 

With as many points placed into Dexterity and Mind as possible, make sure to start with some swift basic attacks, then switch from two to three basic attacks to consecutive charged attacks, which will Pierce right through the toughest of enemies. With the Arrow’s Sting Talisman by your side, you can see the white numbers go up by the second as you launch arrows at enemies. 

Protect yourself throughout the entirety of your battle with the Exile set that will protect you, and it will allow you to tank ranged shots from opponents and make sure to stay at a safe distance, so your HP does not drain, and you can win with style. With that, these are the best Elden Ring Bandit Build. Let us know what you think down below! 

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