Elden Ring Bandit Build [Bleed & Archer Builds]

This Bandit Build ensures that you get the most out of your Bandit class and gain victory against enemies!

Elden Ring is an open-world RPG with dynamic starting classes that offer different benefits to your Tarnished. Players can choose the one they want from Vagabond, Samurai, Prisoner, Confessor, Bandit, and many more. Players might need assistance with their Bandit Build with a starting class like Bandit.

Key Takeaways
  • The Bandit build can be considered a subsidiary of an Arcane build due to its dependence on the Arcane stat.
  • The attributes players need to focus on for Bandit build are Vigor, Endurance, Dexterity, and Arcane.
  • Since the Bandit build depends much on the Bleed ailment, the best weapon for this build is the Reduvia in close range.
  • As for long-range, the Horn Bow does the job correctly.
  • For Bandit build like this, in close range, players will need an armor set that’s slightly light and sturdy, and nothing fits the description better than the Royal Remains Set.

Today, I will cover two different kinds of Bandit Builds. Here are their summaries:

BuildStatsWeaponsArmorTalismansAshes of War
Endurance: 31
Strenght: 10
Dexterity: 18
Faith: 10
Arcane: 37
Reduvia DaggerRoyal Remains SetLord of Blood’s Exultation
Arrow’s Reach Talisman
Kindred of Rot’s Exultation
Bloody Slash
Golem Great Bow
Exile Set
White Reed Set
Arrow’s Reach Talisman
Arrow’s Sting Talisman
Mighty Shot

Bandit Bleed Build 

Players who choose to focus on a Bleed build will always aim to fill up the “Blood meter” of opponents they face and cause them as much damage as possible within a short period. After foes lose significant blood, their health bar sees a massive hit, gaining players instant victory. 

Attributes To Focus On

Elden Ring Bandit Build character Attributes
Character Attributes

Best Weapon For Bleed Build 

reduvia weapon
Reduvia DaggerAttack: 79
Guard: 38
Guard: 22Guard: 22Guard: 22Guard: 22Attack: 110Guard: 16

Reduvia Dagger is perfect for close combat due to its short range. Its passive ability, focusing on Backstabbing, inflicts consistent damage and blood loss, crippling enemies over time. Fast attack speed, though stamina-intensive. Upgrading boosts its “Blood Loss” effect.

Below, I have listed the corresponding Blood Loss Buildup’s increase with each upgrade:

Upgrades Passive Effects
Standard 51 Blood Loss Buildup
Standard +1 51 Blood Loss Buildup
Standard +2 52 Blood Loss Buildup
Standard +3 52 Blood Loss Buildup
Standard +4 52 Blood Loss Buildup
Standard +5 53 Blood Loss Buildup
Standard +6 54 Blood Loss Buildup
Standard +7  61 Blood Loss Buildup
Standard +8 61 Blood Loss Buildup
Standard +9 93 Blood Loss Buildup
Standard +10 99 Blood Loss Buildup

One thing I picked up was that the “Reduvia Blood Blade” weapon skill also accounts for consistent blood loss buildup when launching projectiles that will cause opponents to take considerably more significant damage. 

Best Armor Sets For Bleed Build 

Here’s a quick look at my choice for the Best Armor set for the Bleed Build:

Armor SetArmorPhysicalStrikeSlashPierceMagicFireLightHoly
Royal Remains Set Royal Remains Helmet4.
Royal Remains Armor11.911.412.911.99.510.28.08.8
Royal Remains Gauntlets2.
Royal Remains Greaves6.

Royal Remains Set 

The Royal Remains Set is essential for the Bleed build, as it offers players consistent Resistance and increased damage negation, which allows players to intake minor damage and allows you to stay on the field for more extended periods. It is a heavy set with Chest Armor, Gauntlet, Leg Armor, and Helms.

Useful Talismans To Equip 

When you focus on the Bleed build, you want to equip some of the best talismans that will offer offensive and defensive benefits to players so that enemies can take increased inflicted damage launched upon them. 

Lord Of Blood’s Exultation

Elden Ring Bandit Build Lord of blood's exultation
Lord of Blood’s Exultation Talisman

The Lord of Blood’s Exultation aims to increase opponents’ blood loss. The main passivity of this talisman is to take note if there is blood loss in the arena where the player is present, increasing the player’s attack power to a certain degree. 

This talisman is potent as it can enhance the attack power by 20% if any opponent, whether small or large, is inflicted with heavy, ranged, charged, or basic lighter attacks.

Arrow’s Reach Talisman

Elden Ring Talisman
Arrow’s Reach Elden Ring Talisman

The Arrow’s Reach Talisman aids the players with their Bleed builds; when they are on the battlefield, the talisman has three arrows in its arsenal, and it will allow for an increased range for combat against formidable enemies. Players will benefit from using this talisman if they stay in the arena for longer and their bow runs out of arrows. 

Kindred Of Rot’s Exultation 

The Kindred of Rot’s Exultation main passivity of increased attack power to players wielding the weapon allows players to slash and taunt opponents quickly. Whenever enemies surround players and inflict Poisoning damage on you, it will significantly increase your overall attack power and render them useless. 

Ashes Of War To Equip 

Ashes of War will typically act as enhancements that can add unique weapon traits and make it even more robust with different affinities that can be infused with their weapons. Each Ash of War can take on a different role in enhancing the weapon it is infused with, and this Ash of War is the best for the Bleed Build. 

Bloody Slash 

Elden Ring Ash of War
Elden Ring Ash of War Bloody Slash

The Ash of War Bloody Slash is crucial for players specializing in bleed melee builds. It allows the player to unleash a series of consecutive slashes on their enemies, causing “Blood Loss Buildup” and gradually draining their health over time.

Ranged Archer Bandit Build 

For players who want to go the other route and are looking for long-ranged combat against opponents, the Archer Build is essential for their victory. The main aim of the archer build is to stay at a safe distance and launch arrows at bosses to stagger, stun, and shoot your way through their existence and gain victory. 

Attributes To Focus On

Following are the character attributes I believe players will need to invest runes into leveling up to make the Bandit Archer build in Elden Ring:

  • Primary attribute: Dexterity
  • For long-ranged combat, players are highly advised to make considerable investments into Mind to overtake their enemies and come out victorious.
  • Secondary stat: Endurance, Vigor.

Best Weapons For Archer Build 

Here are the best weapons for Bandit Archer build in Elden Ring, according to my experience:

Horn Bow653010050
Golem Greatbow130-10050

Horn Bow

Elden Ring Bandit Build Hornbow
Stat Physical Magic Crit RNG
Attack 65 30 100 50

For the Bandit build, the Horn Bow is a top choice. This light bow is perfect for the Archer Build, boasting an S-tier rating. It’s infused with Magic, making it ideal for consistent long-range attacks.

With Strength E and Dexterity D scaling, it requires some Strength points but offers sound damage output. Its passive skill, “Mighty Shot,” allows you to charge up shots, delivering devastating damage when released.

Enhance the Horn Bow with Smithing Stones and Ashes of War for increased damage, making it an excellent choice for the archer build.

Golem Great Bow 

Greatbow Elden Ring
Greatbow Weapon
Stat Physical Crit RNG
Attack 130 100 50

Consider the Golem Great Bow for a more powerful option. It’s a heavier bow, ideal for those with strong characters. This bow allows you to stay at a safe distance and shoot heavy arrows that can be charged to deliver devastating blows to your foes.

The “Through and Through” passive skill lets you twist the arrow before charging, increasing its physical damage output when released. With Dexterity E and Strength D scaling, it’s a solid choice for the archer build.

Armor Sets To Consider 

To get the most out of this Bandit build, you can take the help of these armor sets. 

Armor SetArmorPhysicalStrikeSlashPierceMagicFireLightHoly
Exile SetExile Hood
Exile Armor 12.49.512.912.
Exile Gauntlets
Exile Greaves
White Reed Set Okina Mask
White Reed Armor 9.510.211.48.810.910.911.910.2
White Reed Gauntlets
White Reed Greaves

Exile Set 

The Exile Set is a medium-weight armor that promises to protect the player when fighting long-ranged combat with all kinds of enemies. Its winning point is its physical protection against opponents that launch physical attacks. While under Exile’s protection, you can feel safe enough to launch powerful attacks at your opponents. 

White Reed Set 

The White Reed Set has an interesting backstory, but it is an armor set on the lighter side that will still be able to aid players when they are in the arena. With the Okina Mask, Armor, Greaves, and Gauntlets completing the set, players will find they will stay alive longer. 


There are a few accustomed Talismans that players are advised to invest in to enhance their gameplay experience with the archer build. 

Arrow’s Reach Talisman

The Arrow’s Sting Talisman significantly aims to increase the overall attack power of players by launching three arrows at the opponents, taking them down, and depleting their overall HP. Physical damage is significantly enhanced, allowing players to shoot repeatedly until they win the battle. 

Arrow’s Sting Talisman 

Complimenting the Arrow’s Reach Talisman, the Arrow’s Sting Talisman will boost players’ long-range shots and improve the damage output. Greater emphasis is placed on average archer shots and buffing up charged bow shots, allowing players to deal significant physical damage to finish off more challenging bosses. 

The talisman is excellent for low health to save yourself and get higher damage shots. 

Ashes of War

To get the most out of your Bandit Build, you might want to have these best ashes of War in your arsenal, as these will significantly enhance your weapon and let you do more significant overall physical damage. 

Mighty Shot 

Mighty Shot setup
Mighty Shot

The Ash of War Mighty Shot is an excellent one in your arsenal, as it can be applied to the Hornbow and greatly enhance your bowshot damage. Mighty Shot itself aims to support players by providing them with Standard affinity. Along with that, the Mighty Shot skill is also granted. 

The skill increases the bow damage output as the player charges their bow shot. The further back the bow is pulled, the more precise the shot will be.


Ash of War

Following through, the Barrage is yet another attractive Ash of War, granting consecutive attack speed from the bow to the players. When launching attacks on your opponents, you can charge the shots, launch them in split seconds, and obliterate your enemies in their wake. 

Based on what I’ve tested, this Ash of War can be implemented with the bow for lighter bows to enhance its damage and attack speed. 

I always maintain a safe distance from my opponents, ensuring my health remains stable while I win battles with style. In my opinion, this is the best Elden Ring Bandit Build. Feel free to share your thoughts below!

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