Elden Ring BEST Prophet Build

This Elden Ring Prophet Build will showcase stats, weapons, armor, talismans, incantations, and gear to use for players!

Elden Ring has some of the best weapons, armor sets, talismans, and sacred seals to mix and create unique builds. In our Elden Ring Prophet Build, we will uncover the stats to allocate, main weapon choice, armor sets, incantations, talismans, etc., to focus on decimating any enemies. Make sure to check out our Best Builds to never miss out on future builds!

Key Highlights
  • Elden Ring has the best weapons, armor sets and sacred seals to support its players and to make unique builds.
  • In Elden Ring Prophet Build, the player will uncover the stats to find the main weapon choices, armor sets, incantations, and talismans to focus on eliminating the enemies.
  • The players in Elden Ring will most likely focus on the overall damage created and its output.
  • You can use different weapons provided in the game to master the Prophet Build and dominate their enemies.
  • The players need to focus on the builds for the Elden Ring Prophet Stats. Main Stats are Faith and Vigor.
  • The players looking to master in Elden Ring Prophet Build will equip the Blasphemous Blade as their primary weapon and Sacred Dagger as a secondary weapon.
  • Therefore, the players who wanted to excel in the game are advised to look into the Elden Ring Prophet Leveling Guide.

Prophet Build In Elden Ring

With this Prophet Build Elden Ring, players will most likely focus on the overall damage output. With the main weapon being the Blasphemous Blade, the build will be a hybrid of Prophet and Confessor class which further ties down with heavy Faith and Vigor stat allocation. By combining it with high-ranged damage unleashing, players can use these weapons, incantations, and gear to master the Prophet Build and dominate their enemies. With that, let’s get started! 

Stat Allocation 

Elden Ring Character Stats
Character Attributes

As for the Elden RIng Prophet Stats that players need to focus on for this build, there are two main stats and two secondary stats to which players can allocate their points. The main stats are Faith and Vigor, while the secondary stats can be Mind and Dexterity, as seen below. Just like these stats, why not read up on our Strength build and Arcane builds guides.


Since players that main as a Prophet will want the Best Prophet build for Elden RIng gameplay, the first stat allocation that we would recommend is Faith. The entire build is solely focused on Faith and renders it one of the most vital stats players need to allocate points into. 

The main aim of Faith itself is to grant the players the ability to cast forth their incantations. Since the Elden Ring Prophet Build will also use incantations, players must allocate the highest points. Alongside that, with Faith in the player’s arsenal, they will be able to experience that their incantations that scale off of Faith will get a boost in their overall magic power. While you’re at it, why not check out our Elden Ring Faith Build guide.


Another important Elden Ring Prophet attribute is Vigor, and it is the second main priority that players need to allocate the highest amount of points. Without Vigor, players can not expect to succeed in combat, and almost all types of Prophet and Confessor will use Vigor as one of their primary attributes. 

In essence, Vigor is responsible for governing the player’s overall HP. When the player is in combat, they will be running around and getting hit by enemy attacks many times. Therefore they must protect their HP and stay alive until they win the fight. Vigor is also responsible for increasing the player’s overall Fire Resistance and Personal Immunity. 


Subsequently, while we are on stat allocation, the second attribute that players need to invest in is Mind, which essentially governs the player’s overall FP. If you are unaware, FP is the amount of energy that is required to cast potent spells as well as unleash skills on foes. 

While FP governance is vital, it is not the primary concern for our build; therefore, players can lay back on point allocations into Mind and instead focus on investing more into Faith and Vigor but do make sure to support some points and raise it above the base stats to get some amount of FP control.


Last but not least, another important attribute that players will need to look into is Dexterity since the weapons that players will be using for this build scale are primarily off on Faith. Still, it does also contain a Dex D scaling. Therefore, players are advised to invest some points into Dexterity to raise it above the base stat points. 

Dexterity is the attribute that players require to wield stronger weapons that will be responsible for dealing the highest amount of damage output, all the while being able to provide the player with enhanced attack power. It also reduces the overall time taken to cast deadly spells. You might want to educate yourself by reading our Dexterity Build as well!

Main Weapon/ Off-Weapon 

Players looking to master the Elden Ring Prophet Build will typically equip the Blasphemous Blade as their primary weapon while having a secondary off-weapon with it being the Sacred Dagger simply for off-handing it and for its main ash of war buff that it provides. 

Blasphemous Blade 

Elden Ring Blasphemous Blade
Blasphemous Blade Weapon

The highest damage output will be achieved with the Blasphemous Blade, the best weapon for the Prophet class in Elden Ring. The weapon itself scales primarily off of Dexterity, Faith, and Strength, all the while providing one of the best long-ranged damage outputs for veteran players. 

The blade is going to help the players when they are on the battlefield and aiming at dominating the battlefield since it will allow them to unleash their attacks while staying at a safe distance, far away from the enemy, allowing them to stay alive for as long as possible while decimating enemies. 

The physical damage output is pretty adequate for the Prophet Build in Elden RIng, and its main scaling is based on Faith D, Dexterity D, and Strength D, and it requires players to invest in 21 Faith Points, 15 Dexterity Points, and 22 Strength Points. Just like these overpowered weapons, you might like our Greatsword Build too!

Physical Damage121
Magic Damage0
Fire Damage78
Light Damage0
Holy Damage0
Crit Damage100
Physical Guard72
Magic Guard39
Fire Guard52
Light Guard39
Holy Guard39
Boost Guard50

Sacred Dagger 

Elden Ring Sacred Dagger
Sacred Dagger Weapon

The main off-hand weapon that players will want to invest in is the Sacred Dagger which is typically only used since it can be imbued with the Royal Knight’s Resolve ash of war which we will be talking about later. The dagger itself scales off of Strength, Faith, and Dexterity and is a solid off-hand option for mid-game and end-game players. 

While it is not the best Prophet gear Elden Ring has to offer, it still has a solid crit damage stat with it being 130, all the while having physical damage output. It is a secondary weapon, and its main stat attribution is going to be Strength E, Dexterity E, and Faith D, and it requires 5 Strength and 9 Dexterity Points. Make sure to not miss out on our Samurai Build, as the Samurai is an excellent class as well!

Physical Damage52
Magic Damage0
Fire Damage0
Light Damage0
Holy Damage0
Crit Damage130
Physical Guard33
Magic Guard21
Fire Guard19
Light Guard19
Holy Guard23
Boost Guard15

Armor Sets

When it comes to armor sets, players will typically want to invest in one solid set that can offer them ample guard and protection from all sort of enemy attacks and helps them stay alive throughout the end of the battle, and what better setting for the Elden Ring Prophet Build than the Crucible set. 

Crucible Armor Set 

Since players typically want to protect themselves from enemy launches and want to achieve victory in battles, the best Prophet armor Elden Ring players will require is probably the Crucible Armor set, as it is mostly aimed at players investing in Faith-based Prophet Build in the game

The Crucible set offers a set amount of Physical, Strike, Slash, and Pierce damage negation. It can also protect the player from all kinds of elemental damage output while allowing them to also gain ample amounts of resistance. You can check out the stats listed below for the four set pieces. 

 Damage Negation
Physical Negation38.3
Strike Negation30.3
Slash Negation36.7
Pierce Negation36.7
Magic Negation28.2
Fire Negation27.9
Light Negation24.7
Holy Negation29.3
Immunity Resistance 120
Robustness Resistance170
Focus Resistance84
Vitality Resistance84
Poise Resistance58
Crucible Helm 
Elden Ring Crucible Axe Helm
Crucible Helm

The first piece of Elden RIng Prophet Armor piece that we will look into is the Crucible Helm, which is essentially the headpiece that players will want to invest in. It is adorned on top of the head, it can provide the player with ample protection. At the same time, they are typically busy trying to get rid of enemies. 

Its main aim is to increase the player’s overall physical, pierce, and slash damage negation specifically, all the while providing a considerable amount of Robustness and Immunity Resistance. This greatly helps players stay guarded while launching attacks at their foes. Make sure to read up on its stats down below. 

 Damage Negation
Physical Negation6.3
Strike Negation5.0
Slash Negation6.1
Pierce Negation6.1
Magic Negation4.6
Fire Negation4.6
Light Negation4.0
Holy Negation4.8
Immunity Resistance 22
Robustness Resistance31
Focus Resistance15
Vitality Resistance15
Poise Resistance9
Crucible Armor 
Elden Ring Crucible Axe Armor
Crucible Armor

As for the chest piece, we are taking a look at the Crucible Axe Armor, which is not only a gorgeous piece that will be worn on the player’s torso, but it is hands-down an excellent piece of armor that completes the Elden Ring Prophet Build. It can also reassure the player that they need to succeed in their late-game battles. 

When the Crucible Armor is in the player’s arsenal, they will be able to experience increased Slash, Physical, and Pierce damage protection, meaning that any enemies that dare to hit you with their weapons will do barely any damage to you since you will be under the armor’s guard never draining HP.

These are the allocated stats for the armor piece. While mentioning solid armor, why not pair it with our Elden Ring Bolt of Gransax Build, which will require a strong armor set!

 Damage Negation
Physical Negation17.5
Strike Negation13.9
Slash Negation16.8
Pierce Negation16.8
Magic Negation13.0
Fire Negation12.8
Light Negation11.4
Holy Negation13.5
Immunity Resistance 50
Robustness Resistance71
Focus Resistance35
Vitality Resistance35
Poise Resistance27
Crucible Gauntlets 
Elden Ring Crucible Gauntlets
Crucible Axe Gauntlets

The next Elden Ring armor piece that we will be investigating happens to be the Crucible Gauntlets which are meant to be adorned on the player’s arms and hands. While it is in their hands, no enemy will be able to damage the player’s hands, and instead, the player will be able to chargeback at them with utmost force. 

When it comes to stat allocation, it is mostly placed on providing the player with as much Robustness, Immunity, and Vitality Resistance as possible. It will also grant the player increased Pierce, Slash, and Physical damage negation. However, it is not to be said that it ignores the elemental dissolution, as it does not in the stats dedicated below. 

 Damage Negation
Physical Negation4.4
Strike Negation3.4
Slash Negation4.2
Pierce Negation4.2
Magic Negation3.2
Fire Negation3.2
Light Negation2.8
Holy Negation3.3
Immunity Resistance 17
Robustness Resistance24
Focus Resistance12
Vitality Resistance12
Poise Resistance6
Crucible Greaves 
Elden Ring Crucible Greaves
Crucible Axe Greaves

Ending the Crucible set off, we have the Crucible Greaves in our list, and even if they are worn outside of the Elden Ring Prophet Build, they are still one of the most overpowered Greaves that players can get their hands on therefore they are advised to invest into this particular piece. While being worn on the legs will grant the player ample protection from the opponent’s potent attacks. 

If we get onto the discussion for its damage negation stats, then we are looking at the main focus on the Physical, Pierce, Strike, and overall elemental damage negation.

It helps the players kill off enemies faster while staying confident that they will survive the entire battle. These are the stats that players will get if they wear the Greaves. 

 Damage Negation
Physical Negation10.1
Strike Negation8.0
Slash Negation9.6
Pierce Negation9.6
Magic Negation7.4
Fire Negation7.3
Light Negation6.5
Holy Negation7.7
Immunity Resistance 31
Robustness Resistance44
Focus Resistance22
Vitality Resistance22
Poise Resistance16


We hope that you are enjoying the Elden Ring Prophet guide so far! With that, Incantations are typically one of the most vital parts of the Faith-based build; as well as for players that are maining as Prophets, they might want to look at these incantations that we will mention moving forward. 

Golden Vow 

Elden Ring Golden Vow
Golden Vow Incantation

The first incantation that we would like to start with is the Golden Vow, an essential piece of Prophet gear Elden Ring late-game players will require following up with higher leveled bosses, especially for when they are going to battle against harder opponents. The Golden Vow can be an excellent incantation when used in pairing with other pieces. 

The easiest way to explain how the incantation works are that when it is cast, it will enhance the player’s attack, all the while being able to also enhance their overall defense. This allows them to stay alive for longer periods when they are out in the arena and trying to take out enemies. 

The incantation itself will last for 80 seconds, which gives players plenty of time to focus on maintenance of their HP and continue to attack and hit the foes until they are practically dead.

The overall damage output will be buffed by 15%, while damage negation will be increased by 10%. If you are someone who is obsessed with incantations-based builds, then get inspired from our Elden Ring Frenzy Build!

Flame, Grant Me Strength 

Elden Ring Flame Grant Me Strength
Flame Grant Me Strength Incantation

Another important incantation that players are encouraged to look into is the Flame Grant Me Strength incantation. It comes in handy for mastering the Elden Ring Prophet Build, and it will help the player dominate their opponents. With its abilities, players can launch potent attacks while staying safe themselves. 

The main focus of Flame Grant Me Strength is placed on increasing the player’s overall Physical attack power while also buffing up the fire damage output. For weapons such as the Blasphemous Blade, which also has fire damage embedded in it, it gets a massive attack boost and becomes more deadly against foes. 

Players need to place in at least 15 Faith points before even thinking of equipping the incantation and using it in combat.

Overall, the incantation itself will increase the physical damage and fire damage by 20%, which is pretty damn strong and makes the player all the more feared when approaching enemies. 

Crystal Tears

Apart from Incantations, players will typically also use a few Crystal Tears, which essentially provide the player with certain buffs when they are out on the battlefield and require an Elden Ring Prophet keepsake to work properly. Below listed two are the best physicks for the Prophet Build in the game.

Dexterity-Knot Crystal Tear 

Elden Ring Dexterity-Knot Crystal Tear
Dexterity-Knot Tear

The first crystal tear that players want to equip is the Dexterity-Knot Crystal Tear, which can then be combined into a specific “Flask of Wondrous Physick” to increase the overall buff that it was going to originally provide for the player. This enables the player to become even more dangerous in battle than they originally were. 

The main effect of the dexterity-Knot Crystal Tear is to enhance the player’s Dexterity for a certain amount of time. Its general location will be when players make their way over to an island at Liurnia of the Lakes, which is located in the southwest area of the Boilprawn Shack. Our Elden Ring Dual Katana Build is worth a read for players that want to absolutely decimate foes!

Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear 

Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear
Flame-Shrouding Tear

The final crystal tear that players will want to look into is the Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear, which is essentially important for Prophet class mains since they will rely on the fire aspect of the build anyways. With this in their arsenal, they will be able to conquer any sorts of enemies in their path. 

The way that the Flame-shrouding cracked tear operates is that it will provide a temporary buff to the player’s overall fire attacks. This grants them the ability to charge forward toward their opponents and continuously launch fire attacks at them until they are murdered, and the player is deemed victorious. 


While mentioning important buffs for Elden ring Prophet class players, we definitely can not miss out on recommending some talismans, especially ones that can boost and enhance the player’s performance when they are in a tough battle. Whether the combat is PvE or PvP focused, these talismans will work for both fights. 

Radagon’s Soreseal 

Radagon's Soreseal
Radagon’s Soreseal Talisman

One of the first talismans that players might want to check out is the Radagon’s Soreseal; it works for the Elden Ring Prophet build, but it is a universal talisman that can be mixed and matched with any class build. The main aim of the talisman is to enhance the player’s stats. 

While it does increase the stats, the main focus of the talisman will be to increase the points of Dexterity, Strength, Endurance, and Vigor, most of which are crucial in this particular build.

Therefore, the Radagon’s Soreseal is a hit, but a small side effect of using it is that players will intake increased damage from the opponent’s end. Our Elden Ring Astrologer Build is perfect for Astrologer mains!

Fire Scorpion Charm

Fire Scorpion Charm
Fire Scorpion Charm Talisman

The next talisman that is important is the Fire scorpion charm. As mentioned before, players will be using fire damage as their main source of damage output, which means they need every fire buff they can get. This is where the talisman pops in, as its main aim is to increase the player’s fire damage output. 

With this in hand, players can go onto the battlefield. Whether it is against single-target enemies or a difficult boss, they can use their weapon, cast this talisman, and obliterate enemies in their wake. A minor side effect of the talisman is that it decreases the player’s overall damage negation. 

Ritual Sword Talisman 

Ritual Sword
Ritual Sword Talisman

Lastly, another super important talisman is the Ritual Sword Talisman, a gateway for the player to experience the Elden Ring Prophet build at its highest potential when trying to take out foes. 

The main way that the talisman works is to increase the player’s overall attack power when they are in the arena, allowing the player to dominate their foes and continuously hit and pierce through them. The talisman will only provide the buff for the player when their HP is full. Don’t skip out on our Elden Ring Bow Build as you may want it later!

Ash of War 

There is only one important ash of war that players should have with them: the Royal Knight’s Resolve. It will make the player stand in a firm line with their wielded weapon pointed flat towards them, and while taking an oath for their resolve, they can summon forth the ash of war, which will enhance their next attack damage output. Poison up enemies by following our Elden Ring Poison Build!

Prophet Build Playstyle In Elden Ring 

Since this build focuses more on being a hybrid of the confessor and prophet class, it can work for both mid-game and late-game content. However, it is probably not that beginner-friendly, so players are first advised to look into an Elden ring prophet leveling guide that they can follow to achieve this build. 

With the Blasphemous Blade in hand, players can use its fire attacks and long-range to stand a few meters away from their targets, slant up their weapon, and instantly strike it down towards their foe.

This will cause a straight line of fire damage to erupt and hit the enemies, ultimately rendering them useless. 

Off-hand the Sacred Dagger and use the ash of war Royal Knight’s Resolve on it to gain its main buff, attack enhancement. Pairing it all together, we have the Flame, Grant Me Strength! Incantations will increase the overall fire damage output while also increasing physical attacks. 

For personal protection, summon forth the Golden Vow and stay under the protection of the Crucible Axe Armor Set and stay guarded at all times from enemy launches towards you. The talismans will also provide a significant amount of enhancement to the overall damage that the player does. If you want a more flexible build, our Elden Ring Quality Build guide is for you!

Our Elden Ring Prophet Build is all done; let us know what you think of it! 

Build and Photos Credit: Sam Pham & Gooshy & Dutchy

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