Elden Ring Best Sacred Seals & How To Get Them

Strengthen your incantations by using Elden Ring's Best Sacred Seals. With the right seal, you can dominate enemies with your spells.

Elden Ring provides players with a variety of options for combat. You can go for a melee build and destroy enemies with pure Strength. Or you can opt for more of an intelligence build and deal damage from afar. Whatever you use, incantations can always be a vital part of a build to help give the extra boost in battle. However, to cast those incantations, you will need sacred seals. Therefore, we will be looking at Elden Ring’s Best Sacred Seals that you can use to make sure your build is amongst the best builds out there.

Key Highlights

  • The Sacred Seals in Elden Ring play an essential role as they allow players to cast incantations across Mage-build characters.
  • There are Nine total Sacred Seals and each one is unique from the others as they have different stats and requirements that can ultimately affect incantations too.
  • Players can utilize sacred seals by equipping different incantations into the available memory slots, done by resting at a Site of Grace in the game.
  • A few of the best Sacred seals in Elden Ring include the Godslayer’s Seal which has balanced stats as well as the Erdtree Seal for Faith-focused builds.
  • Players can discover seals whilst exploring the lands Between in the form of rewards via chests and other hidden locations or dungeons.

What Are Sacred Seals?

Sacred seals are one of the most powerful items that you can obtain in Elden Ring. These seals can help you perform powerful incantations. These seals will help you in your boss fights and make the battle a bit easier for you.

Sacred Seals are important to cast incantations and if you are going for a mage playstyle, then these seals are an essential part of your build. These seals are usually associated with Faith and are a crucial part of Faith builds. You cannot upgrade the Sacred seals using Ashes of War. Sacred seals cannot be given an armament buff as well.

How To Use Sacred Seals?

Sacred seals are an essential item if you want to use incantations in Elden Ring. There are various types of Sacred Seals in Elden Ring, each of these is unique and has different attributes. These seals can be obtained by either purchasing them or getting them as a reward after completing certain missions.

You can purchase the seals along with incantations to equip at the Roundtable Hold. At the Roundtable Hold, the Finger’s Seal can be obtained from the Twin Maiden Husks for 800 runes. You can visit Brother Corhyn if you want to purchase incantations to equip.

Now to equip the incantations using the Sacred Seals, all you have to do is visit any Site of Lost Grace. Now while your Grace is being restored, you will see a menu on your screen with many options. One of these options is to memorize an incantation

When you memorize a spell or an incantation, it will be saved in your memory slot. The next step is to visit the Equipment area and wear the Sacred Seal. Now with the seal equipped, you can conjure and perform a powerful incantation easily in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Best Sacred Seals

Elden Ring Best Sacred Seals
Elden Ring – Sacred Seals Allow You to Use Incantations

It is important to note that the term “best” can be relative when discussing Elden Ring Best Sacred Seals. Unlike item tier lists that discuss “best” items, best depends on your playstyle and your character’s stats. Therefore, consider your stats and what you will be investing in when choosing a sacred seal. Additionally, if you are unsure whether incantations or sorcery are best suited for your build, then consider reading: Elden Ring Incantation Vs Sorcery guide.

Regardless, all of the mentioned Sacred Seals work as great catalysts for incantations, and you can use any of them as you please.

Finger Seal

The Finger Seal may be a good option if you are aiming for a build that is not heavily focused on using incantations or sorcery. Finger Seal is suited for players who mostly rely on ranged weapons or strength weapons. Strength is especially an important factor as the seal scales with Strength. Also, read our Elden Ring Best Weapons and learn about the top-tier weapons in the game.

However, what makes the Finger Seal not suited for the heavy Faith builds is the fact that it does not provide an extra boost to any of the incantations. But it does provide decent damage, and for an early-game seal, it is quite good.


The Finger Seal is a starting item for the Prophet and Confessor starting classes. But if you choose another class like the Samurai, then you can purchase the Finger Seal from Twin Maiden Husks at the Roundtable Hold. It will cost you 800 Runes.

Stats and Requirements

As it is an early Sacred Seal, you only need 4 Strength and 10 Faith to wield it. It has E and C grade scaling for Strength and Faith. You can use Smithing Stones to upgrade it. That will lead the Faith scaling to an S grade and Strength to a D grade.

Giant’s Seal


Giant’s Seal may seem like a great sacred seal for all those fire incantation-loving players. In fact, it may even be well suited for the Pyromancy Build. However, the Giant Seal is on the lower end of Elden Ring’s Best Sacred Seals because it is only available quite late into the game. Now that is usually not bad, as some of the best Dex weapons can be found in the late game. But by the time you get the Giant’s Seal, you most likely would’ve already got some other seal to replace it. While mentioning weapons, give our Elden Ring Weapons Tier List a quick look.

However, it is a great Sacred Seal for those players who heavily use the Fire Giant Incantations. It boosts the Fire Giant Incantations such as the Burn O Flame, which is acquired after beating the Fire Giant himself.


You can find the Giant’s Seal in the Giant Conquering Hero’s Grave. It can be found in the southwestern part of the Mountaintops of the Giants. If you are heading there for the first time, then make sure to take the Dectus Medallion with you as that will be needed to get to the snowy area. But once you reach the Conquering Hero’s Grave, you can find the Giant’s Seal at the bottom of a pit.

Stats and Requirements

The Giant’s Seal requires 4 strength and 14 Faith. Additionally, it has an E and C grade scaling for Strength and Faith. But as you upgrade it using Smithing Stones, you will be able to push the Strength scaling to D and Faith to an S scale. As mentioned earlier, Fire Giant and Fire Monk incantations receive a buff. Specifically, a 20% buff. The overall spell buff for the Giant’s Seal is lower than the Finger Seal, with a buff of 273. But by the time you reach 80 on Faith, you get a 307 buff.

Frenzied Flame Seal

Elden Ring Best Sacred Seals
Elden Ring – Frenzied Flame Seal

Most Sacred Seals tend to buff certain types of incantations. That is the case with the Frenzied Flame Seal as well. However, the incantations that it buffs are quite a niche, and you would need to have a very specific build to make use of the Frenzied Flame Seal. As suggested by the name, the incantations in question are the Frenzied Flame Incantations in question. These incantations cause a madness build-up, one of the many effects in Elden Ring. A great use for these incantations is in PvP situations.


The Frenzied Flame seal is received after completing the Hyetta questline and becoming Lord of Chaos. To initiate the Hyetta questline, you will have to finish Irina’s questline. Irina’s questline is the same quest that is also required for the Banished Knight’s Halberd +8. After that, you can find Hyetta at the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace.

Regardless, once you begin Hyetta’s questline, you will be taken across the map as you complete her tasks. You will even be taken to the Church of Inhibition at one point. But once you do finish all her quests, you will be rewarded with the Seal.

Stats and requirements

There are no requirements for the Frenzied Flame seal. However, it does have quite a variety in terms of scaling. It has an E scaling for Strength, Dex, and Intelligence and D scaling for Faith. This makes it great for multiple builds, especially dex builds, as it’s rare to have a dex scaling with sacred seals. The scaling reaches C for Strength, Dex, and Intelligence as you upgrade the Seal. At the same time, it reaches B for the faith scaling. It is not the highest scaling as compared to some of the other Sacred Seals. However, due to its 20% increase in Frenzied Flame Incantations and the madness build-up, it has a place in Elden Ring’s Best Sacred Seals.

Gravel Stone Seal

Elden Ring Best Sacred Seals Gravel Stone Seal
Gravel Stone Seal

Yet another late-game seal is the Gravel Stone Seal. The said Seal is great for all those players that love feeling like Zeus by throwing a little bit of lightning. The Gravel Stone seal is great for all the Dragon Cult incantations and gives them a slight boost. One of these incantations is acquired through the Remembrance of the Lichdragon that you can get after beating the Lichdragon Fortissax. If you are curious as to how to reach that boss, consider reading: Elden Ring Lichdragon Fortissax Location Walkthrough guide.


To get the Gravel Stone Seal, you will need to make your way to the West Capital Rampart site of grace in Leyndell. Once there, make your way to the Fortified Manor with the dragon foot. There will be a knight guarded by an archer. Take them down, and the knight will drop you the Gravel Stone Seal.

Stats and Requirements

With a 4 Strength and 18 Faith requirement, the Seal has an E and C scaling, respectively. The scaling reaches as high as D and S for Strength and Faith with its +25 version. As it is specific to the Dragon Cult Incantations, it gives them a 15% boost. Additionally, you can expect a 282-spell buff with 60 Faith and 318 with 80 faith.

Golden Order Seal

Many players in Elden Ring often either take the sorcery path or the incantations path. However, the Golden Order Seal is great for those players that want a mix of both worlds. One great example of this would be the Night and Flame Build, which utilizes both incantations and sorcery. Although you will have to progress far into the game to acquire it, the Golden Order Seal gives quite the buff and is worth being in your arsenal.


Luckily, you do not have to fight any hard boss to get the Golden Order Seal. You need to make your way over to the Minor Erdtree Church Site of Grace in Leyndell Royal Capital. There will be a dead body from which you can get the Seal. Although many churches have Sacred Tears in them, the Minor Erdtree Church does not. If you are looking for all the churches with Sacred Tears in them, then consider reading: Elden Ring: All Sacred Tears guide. 

Stats and Requirement

As it is a hybrid of Faith and Intelligence, you will need both the stats for using the Golden Order Seal. Specifically, 17 in Intelligence and Faith. The Seal initially has D scaling for both stats and can be scaled up to an A grade with the +10 variant. You will be needing the Somber Smithing Stones for upgrading the Seal.

The Golden Order Seal gives a 10% buff to all Golden Order Incantations. These incantations also include the Immutable Shield, which strengthens your shields, making it great for defense.

Clawmark Seal

Elden Clawmark's Seal
Clawmark’s Seal

The Clawmark Seal is one that you can get early on in the game. It is great for the more melee-focused players that want to use beast spells alongside. What makes it even greater for all the strength builds is that the Seal scales quite well with Strength. Therefore, if you are not looking to commit to Faith but want a slight touch of incantations, it may be Elden Ring’s Best Sacred Seal for you.


To acquire the Clawmark Seal, you will need to give Gurranq, Beast Clergyman, a single piece of Deathroot. You can get one in Summonwater Village after defeating Tibia Mariner. That is also the area where you can get the Green Turtle Talisman which is one of the best Talisman to have.

Once you have Deathroot, you can talk to D, Hunter of the Dead, at the Roundtable, who will reveal the location of a teleporter. The teleporter is the earliest method of getting to Caelid, where you will find Gurranq. You can find Gurranq in the Bestial Sanctum, northeast area of Caelid.

Stats and Requirements

The Clawmark Seal requires 4 strength and 10 Faith. It has an initial D scaling for both the stats, but it can be scaled up to a B scale for both. Bestial Incantations such as the Beast Claw get a 10% buff.

Godslayer Seal

Best Sacred Seals
Godslayer Seal

The Godslayer Seal is perhaps one of the more well-rounded seals. Despite being specific to the Godslayer Incantations, it provides an amazing boost to most of the incantations. Therefore, if you are a player that wants to use a variety of incantations, then this is the Seal for you. If you are looking for various incantations and want to know which are the best, consider reading our tier list: Elden Ring Spells Tier List.


To get to the Godslayer Seal, you will need to go to Stormveil Castle. That means you will have to fight Margit before getting the Seal. If you start off from the Rampart Tower Site of Grace, you can take an elevator that leads downwards. That will lead you to a hall which you can exit out of into a courtyard. From the courtyard, there will be stairs leading underground into a room with rats. Ahead of the rats will be a room blocked off by an Imp Statue. Use a Stonesword Key to unlock the room where you can find the Seal in a chest.

Stats and Requirements

Although the Godslayer Seal is well-rounded, you will need a high faith stat to wield it. It requires 27 faith and 4 strength. It scales from E to D in Strength and C to S in Faith. Godslayer Seal is great for all the Godskin Apostle Incantations, basically all the black flame incantations. It gives them a 10% boost.

Dragon Communion Seal

Elden Dragon Communion Seal
Dragon Communion Seal

Most of the Elden Ring’s Best Sacred Seals tend to focus on stats like Faith, dex, and Strength. Therefore, there are few options for the arcane build players. However, luckily for them, there is the Dragon Communion Seal which works greatly with Arcane weapons. The Dragon Communion Seal is actually one of the earliest Sacred Seals that you can get in the game. It works well with all the Dragon Incantations. If you are looking for a build that combines the dragon incantations, arcane, and the dragon communion seal, consider reading: Elden Ring Rivers of Blood Build guide.


As soon as you leave the tutorial area, you may notice a fogged wall. It will be next to one of the first grace sites you encounter, Stranded Graveyard Site of Grace. That fogged wall leads to the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave. You probably won’t be able to access it as you do not have a stonesword key unless you chose it as a Keepsake. But once you are a little bit more equipped and have the two stonesword keys needed, you can return to this area to claim the Seal.

But do be aware that the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave is a difficult dungeon. You will initially be greeted with the deadly chariots. But if you make your way past them by hiding between the walls, you will eventually find yourself in a small room after taking the upward path. If you kill the ghost knight inside, you will be awarded with the Dragon Communion Seal.

Stats and Requirements

The Dragon Communion Seal has 10 Faith and Arcane requirement. It has a D and C scaling for Faith and Arcane, respectively. As you upgrade them with Somber Smithing Stones at the Blacksmith, you can push the Faith scaling to B and Arcane to an S grade. The S arcane scaling is truly what makes it excellent for all arcane users. However, it is worth noting that some players have reported the scaling to be bugged ever since the 1.03 patch.

The Dragon Communion Seal buffs all Dragon Communion Incantations by 15%. All of these incantations can be acquired from the Cathedral of Dragon Communion in Caelid in exchange for Dragon Hearts. 

Erdtree Seal

Sacred Seals.

The Erdtree Seal is the go-to Seal if you want to rock a pure Faith build. Not only does it have a high faith requirement, but it also provides the highest damage output for all the incantations. However, it is worth noting that the Erdtree Seal is not specific to any one type of incantation. Therefore, there will be no additional buffs besides the base buff that every sacred Seal provides to each spell. On the subject of Erdtree, why not read our Elden Ring Erdtree Greatshield Location guide.


The Erdtree Seal can be found in the Volcano Manor. The Volcano Manor is the same place where you can initiate the questline that ends in fighting Rykard and receiving the Blasphemous Blade. The blade is quite useful for the vampire build.

Regardless, you can easily reach the Volcano Manor by following Rya’s questline, which begins in Liurnia of the Lakes, near the Scenic Isle Site of Grace. Once you complete her first task, you can find her at the Grand Lift of Dectus. When you talk to her there, she will give you the invitation to Volcano Manor and teleport you there.

When in the Volcano Manor, head to the Prison Town Church Site of Grace. Following the cobblestone path to the right of the grace site will lead you to the town below. There, you will be able to find a prison cell with a corpse that holds the Erdtree Seal.

Stats and Requirements

Erdtree Seal is a pure faith seal and requires 40 Faith. It has an initial C grade scaling that goes up to S grade with its +5 variant. The +10 variant with 80 Faith has the highest spell buff of 353. Therefore, it is Elden Ring’s Best Sacred Seal for the players that want to use incantations throughout the game. Its spell buff makes it versatile and compatible with almost any incantation, even going toe to toe with seals that buff specific incantations.

With that, we have the Best Sacred Seals that can be found in Elden Ring. In the end, it all depends on your build and what kind of playstyle you want to adapt. If you are looking to find out what are the best Faith weapons that you can use with your sacred seals, consider reading: Best Elden Ring Faith Weapons.

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