Elden Ring: How To Beat Godskin Duo [Cheese Method]

Godskin Duo is one of the worst boss fights in Elden Ring. The Elden Ring Godskin Duo Cheese method will hel you overcome the fight easily.

In my opinion, Elden Ring has many dreadful boss fights ranging from Margit to Godrick and even some very tough yet optional bosses like Radahn. However, among these boss fights, there is one that players absolutely despise. That is the Godskin Duo fight. If you have been struggling with that fight, my Elden Ring Godskin Duo cheese guide will ensure you do not have to die to those cursed beasts and can bid them farewell.

Key Takeaways
  • The Godskin Duo Boss is one of the most challenging boss fights in Elden Ring.
  • The Godskin Duo can be found in the Crumbling Farum Azula Location during the Endgame events of Elden Ring.
  • The Fight is considered to be difficult solely due to the fact that both of the bosses here can overwhelm the player if they’re not careful.
  • There are a few ways to cheese the fight and overcome it with ease such as using the sleep status effect on either one of the duo or using the Spirit Ashes Summons.

The Best strategy here comes down to proper positioning around the Godskin Duo and efficiently using a powerful build to trivialize their heath.

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Godskin Duo Cheese Method

Godskin Duo Cheese method
Elden Ring – Godskin Duo Cheese Method

The most frustrating aspect of the Godskin Duo fight is that it is a huge disadvantage for melee users. Intelligence builds that utilize long-ranged attacks or those capable of one-shotting with the Comet Azur build might not struggle with this much. Therefore, the cheese that is about to be discussed is best fitted for any Elden Ring build, even those that might be low on Faith or Arcane.

I will not use any specific weapon for Elden Ring Godskin Duo cheese. In fact, the weapon that you have does not matter at all. What we will be needing is the Hoarfrost Stomp Ashes of War. In fact, it is considered one of the Top 15 Best Ashes of War out there. Therefore, for this cheese, it works amazingly well.

Hoarfrost Stomp Location

 Hoarfrost Stomp Location Ash of War Location
Elden Ring – Hoarfrost Stomp Location

These are the steps I took to reach the Hoarfrost Stomp Location:

  1. Go to the Main Caria Manor Gate Site of Grace.
  2. From there, head southeast into the lake marked on the map.
  3. Look for glowing footprints or ripples in the water, which indicate the presence of the Teardrop Scarab (an invisible enemy) nearby.
  4. When you see the footprints or ripples moving toward you, swing your weapon or use an attack to kill the Teardrop Scarab.
  5. After defeating the Teardrop Scarab, you will receive the Hoarfrost Stomp Ashes of War.

Using Hoarfrost Stomp

Elden Ring how to beat Godskin Duo
Elden Ring – Hoarfrost Stomp Gameplay
  1. The Hoarfrost Stomp Ashes of War has a low FP cost of 10.
  2. It allows you to stomp the ground, releasing a frosty attack that spreads forward and outward, bursting into ice crystals and dealing damage.
  3. While the attack is not chargeable, its quick casting allows you to use it rapidly in succession, inflicting frostbite on enemies.
  4. The Hoarfrost Stomp works well against large bosses like the Godskin Duo.

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  1. Begin the Godskin Duo fight and create distance between you and the bosses.
  2. Use the pillars in the arena as cover to avoid incoming attacks.
  3. Cast the Hoarfrost Stomp through the pillars to hit the Godskin Duo.
  4. Continue casting the Hoarfrost Stomp until the frostbite status builds up.
  5. Frostbite damage will deal a significant percentage of the bosses’ health.
  6. Be cautious during the second phase when the Godskin Noble performs a rolling move. The rolling move can destroy pillars, so watch out for your cover.
  7. Keep an eye on the bosses’ attacks and be prepared to dodge when needed.

Godskin Duo Alternate Methods

The Godskin Duo Cheese method that utilizes the Hoarfrost Stomp ashes of war is a great method. In fact, it is the best method that can work with any build. I‘ve faced this tough boss multiple times, and here are some other methods that I discovered that may also work on the duo:

Using Sleep Status Effect

sleep status effect on two enemies
Elden Ring – Sleep Effect on Godskin Duo
  • You can induce the sleep status effect on one of the Godskin Duo bosses.
  • Sleep-inducing items include Sleepbone Arrows, which can be used with any bow.
  • Craft these arrows after obtaining Fevor’s Cookbook, available for 3500 Runes from the merchant in the Academy of Raya Lucaria.
  • The Cookbook also allows you to craft Sleep Pots.
  • Alternatively, you can use the Sword of St. Trina, found in the Forsaken Ruins on the border of Caelid and Limgrave, to induce sleep.
  • Once one boss is asleep, focus on defeating the other one to avoid unwanted attacks. Then wake up the sleeping boss to make both respawn.

Use Night and Flame Sword

Elden Ring Godskin Duo Cheese with night and sword blade
Elden Ring – Sword of Night and Flame Stats
  • Equip the Night and Flame sword, which has high Intelligence and Faith requirements (24 points).
  • You can find this sword in a chest in Caria Manor.
  • Utilize the Night-and-Flame Stance of the blade, allowing you to cast the Night Comet Sorcery with a normal attack.
  • Use this sorcery to shoot a beam across the battlefield, aiming accurately to hit both Godskin Duo bosses.
  • This strategy can make the boss fight easier, especially if you previously followed a melee approach.

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Utilize Your Summons

  • Distract the Godskin Duo bosses with your summons to split their attention between you and your summon.
  • While your summons won’t last long in battle, they can help you focus on one enemy at a time.
  • Consider using the Mimic Summon, which replicates your character’s abilities and equipment.
  • It can effectively challenge both Godskin enemies as it matches their strength.

A great summon for challenging the Godskin Duo is the Mimic Summon. As it is an exact replica of your character, it will have all of your weapons and abilities. Therefore, it can help even out the battle as both the Godskin enemies are evenly strong.

Godskin Duo Fight

Elden Ring Godskin duo bossfight cheese method
Elden Ring – Godskin Duo Boss Fight

The Godskin Duo fight in Elden Ring can be challenging due to its mandatory nature and the strength of the two bosses you face: the Godskin Apostle and the Godskin Noble. Here’s some information about the fight and how to reach it:

Reaching Godskin Duo Fight: The Godskin Duo fight takes place in the Crumbling Farum Azula, which is part of the story progression. To reach this point, you need to have defeated the Fire Giant in the Mountain Tops of the Giants. Beating the Godskin Duo is a required step to enter the Crumbling Farum Azula.

The Bosses:

  • The Godskin Apostle and Godskin Noble are formidable dual bosses.
  • Both bosses are equally strong and present a challenging encounter.
  • It’s not an optional boss fight, so you must defeat them to progress in the game.


  • Successfully defeating the Godskin Duo rewards you with 170,000 Runes.
  • You also obtain valuable items, such as the Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing and Ash of War: Black Flame Tornado.

Why is Godskin Duo Fight So Hard?

If you ask me, the Godskin Duo presents a unique challenge with both enemies possessing equal strength, resembling individual bosses. A strategic advantage arises from one opponent being weaker in typical dual fights. However, when both foes are equally formidable and attack rapidly, managing the encounter becomes perplexing.

Key Difficulties:

  1. Equal Strength: Prioritizing one boss over the other is difficult due to their equal strength.
  2. Shared HP Bar: The bosses share a single HP bar, preventing defeat of one before the other.
  3. Rapid Attacks: Quick and relentless attacks from both bosses make dodging challenging.
  4. Large Hitboxes: Their attacks have large hitboxes, making it hard to avoid damage.
  5. Mixed Attack Styles: Close-range and ranged fireball attacks by the bosses complicate the fight.
  6. Tough for Melee: Melee characters may struggle as they are vulnerable to both bosses’ attacks.

The Godskin Cheese method should be able to give you the edge needed to finally beat one of the worst fights in the game. It seems as if each FromSoftware game always has some sort of fight that just makes the players want to rip their hair out. And the Godskin fight is the one in Elden Ring. Regardless, do not lose hope, fellow tarnished, and hang in there!

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