Elden Ring Fastest Rune Farming Methods And Exploits

Elden Ring has a strong level up system with its use of Runes. Discover Elden Ring Rune Farming locations to reach the next level quickly!

Gaining XP and leveling up is one of the oldest mechanics in video game history. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Elden Ring also has its take on that mechanic. So, if you’re stuck on a soul-crushing boss or are just looking to upgrade your stats, and helping people in Co-op isn’t giving you runes faster in Elden Ring, then I’ve got some fantastic Elden Ring Rune farming Locations and XP leveling methods for you!

Key Takeaways
  • Castle Troll: Defeat a Troll guarded by two soldiers.
  • Gatefront – The Troll Carriage: Kill two trolls pulling a carriage.
  • Stormhill – 5 trolls at once: Slay five trolls on Stormhill.
  • Impassable Greatbridge – AFK Farming method: Wait for soldiers to perish during a dog fight at Sellia Crystal Tunnel.
  • Nokstella, Eternal City – Slugs: Eliminate slugs in Nokstella, triggering a chain reaction.
  • Windmill Village – Villagers: Kill the villagers for runes.
  • East Capital Rampart: Defeat the Fire Breathing monster in East Capital Rampart.

Elden Ring: Rune Farming Exploits (Fastest ways):

  • The Boulder – Lenne’s Rise: Dodge a boulder at Lenne’s Rise to earn 1952 Runes, repeat for a potential 600K runes in an hour.
  • Dragon – Fort Faroth: Fight a large dragon in Fort Faroth, luring it near a site of grace and using a bleed weapon for maximum profit.

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Elden Ring: Rune Farming Methods

Since you’re here and reading the rune farming/exploits guide, it must be that you’re all caught up and want to level up faster in Elden Ring. Following are the farming methods that I discovered in the game.

The Castle Troll – (1000 Runes per run)

Elden Ring Rune Fastest rune Farming
Elden Ring – Stormveil Castle Troll

Follow the steps I have mentioned below:

  1. Find the Site of Grace near the entrance to Stormveil Castle before the Godrick battle.
  2. Engage a troll guarded by two soldiers.
  3. Defeat the troll to earn 1000 Runes.
  4. Optionally, target and eliminate the soldiers for extra Rune rewards.

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Gatefront – The Troll Carriage (2000 Runes per run)

Elden Ring fastest Rune exploits
Elden Ring – Troll Carriage

Here is the path I suggest:

  1. Head to Gatefront Site of Grace.
  2. Take the path leading downwards, where you’ll encounter two trolls pulling a carriage, attacked by soldiers.
  3. Defeat the trolls for 2000 Runes per run.

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Stormhill – 5 trolls at once (5000 Runes per run)

Fastest rune farming locations Elden Ring
Elden Ring – Storrmhill 5 Trolls

Following are the steps I took:

  1. Begin near Limgrave and head to the Gatefront Site of Grace.
  2. Use the air current to ascend to the top of Stormhill.
  3. Face five trolls at once, each dropping 1000 Runes.
  4. Maneuver between them, bait them into hitting each other and eliminate them for 5000 potential Runes.

Impassable Greatbridge – AFK Farming method (4000 Runes per run)

Elden Ring Rune best rune Farming spots
Elden Ring – Impassable Gatebridge Site of Grace

Here are the steps that I followed personally for the AFK farming method:

  1. Travel to the Impassable Greatbridge Site of Grace found near Sellia Crystal Tunnel.
  2. Stand near the battlefield where dogs harvest dead bodies.
  3. Soldiers will spawn and attack the dogs, initiating a fight.
  4. Remain still at the Site of Grace, allowing the soldiers to die in the crossfire.
  5. After 3-4 minutes, collect 4000 Runes without engaging in combat.
fasted rune farming spots Elden Ring
Elden Ring – AFK Farming Trigger Point

Nokstella, Eternal City – Slugs (4000-5000 per run)

ER - Nokstella Eternal City
Elden Ring – Nokstella, Eternal City

Follow my certain steps to understand this farming method:

  1. Start at the Site of Grace near Lake-Facing Cliff in Liurnia.
  2. Head north until you reach “Ainsel River Well.”
  3. Take the lift to go underground.
  4. Follow the path on the left to reach the Nokstella, Eternal City Site of Grace.
  5. Find giant slugs nearby and initiate a chain reaction by killing one, causing others to die.
  6. Earn 4000-5000 Runes per run with the convenience of the nearby Site of Grace.

Windmill Village – Villagers

ER - Windmill Village
Elden Ring – Windmill Village
  1. Journey to Windmill Village Site of Grace.
  2. Eliminate the villagers in the area for Rune rewards.

East Capital Rampart (3000 Runes per run)

  1. After defeating the Draconic Tree Sentinel, reach the city of Leyndell.
  2. Locate the East Capital Rampart Site of Grace.
  3. Find a fire-breathing monster and defeat it to gain 3000 Runes.
  4. This location may be more suitable in the later stages of the game

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Rune Farming Exploits (Fastest Ways)

I’ve talked about some of the vanilla methods and locations inside the game to farm some locations. Those Elden Ring Rune farming locations are right and will get the job done. But, if you do not mind exploiting bugs or just need quite a lot of Runes quickly, then consider the following methods I have mentioned below.

The Boulder – Lenne’s Rise (600,000 Runes per hour)

  1. Head to Lenne’s Rise Site of Grace in Dragonbarrow.
  2. Dodge the giant boulder that attempts to crush you.
  3. Collect 1952 Runes for each successful dodge.
  4. Fast travel to the Site of Grace, rest, and repeat for up to 600,000 Runes per hour.
ER - Portal Location
Elden Ring – Portal Location

Dragon – Fort Faroth (100k Runes in 5 minutes)

  1. Travel to the Site of Grace outside Fort Faroth.
  2. Locate the large dragon waiting for you.
  3. Use a weapon with the bleed effect to attack the main dragon without engaging the baby dragons.
  4. Consume a Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot before delivering the final blow to maximize Rune rewards.
  5. Receive 100,000 Runes in just 4-5 minutes.
ER - Fort Faroth
Elden Ring – Fort Faroth Location

Also, note that not all enemies can be parried in the Elden Ring. So, don’t try to parry fire attacks of dragons. 

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ER - Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot
Elden Ring – Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot

With that, now you have the various methods and Elden Ring Rune farming locations. Of course, there are plenty of other methods out there, but these are classified as some of the best locations as of yet. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below. 

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