How To Co-op In Elden Ring: PVP & PVE

The following is my step-by-step guide on how to co-op in-game to experience PVE and PVP.

Like every other Souls game, Elden Ring features a co-op mode. Elden Ring‘s co-op can have four players to play together. I have noticed that Players are wondering about how to coop in Elden Ring. The Co-op in Elden Ring includes PVP and PVE, and none of them is hard to trigger.  

Key Takeaways

Co-op PvE In Elden Ring

    • To play co-op PVE in Elden ring, you can use the Furlcalling Finger remedy to summon other players into your world.
    • You can also leave your own golden summoning signs for other players to join your world by using the Tarnished Furled Finger item.
    •  Additionally, you can use the Small Golden Effigy near a summoning pool to invite other players for cooperative gameplay. 

Co-op PvP In Elden Ring

    • Use the Furlcalling Finger remedy to see and leave red summoning signs for other players to challenge you.
    • Use the Bloody Finger to invade other players’ worlds
    • Use the Taunter’s Tongue to invite other players to invade your world
    • Use a Small Red Effigy with a summoning pool to send competitive signs for co-op PVP in Elden Ring.

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Co-Op In Elden Ring

coop Elden ring
Furlcalling Finger Remedy

In Elden Ring’s open world, discover Martyr Effigies’ crescent-shaped engravings for hosting multiplayer gameplay with up to 4 players. As the host, use a Finger Severer to send players back to their world. Start the game using summoning pools for co-op instead of signs.

Craft a Furlcalling Finger Remedy to see summoning signs by other players. Interact with these signs to let players enter your world. Be cautious; red summoning signs indicate competitive PvP battles. Craft the remedy with two Erdleaf Flowers found in the world or through item drops.

Control who summons you by setting a password on your summoning sign when playing with friends.

How To Coop PVE In Elden Ring

Elden ring coop PvE bosses
PvE gameplay

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I have listed the steps below on how you can co-op in Elden Ring:

  1. Craft a Furlcalling Finger Remedy to reveal summoning signs from other players. Look for golden signs for assistance.
  2. Use a Tarnished Furled Finger item, found early near the starting area’s Site of Grace, to place summoning signs.
  3. For communication, use a Tarnished Wisened Finger, located near a wall in the tutorial area, to send messages to teammates.
  4. Employ a Small Golden Effigy near a summoning pool to invite players for cooperative gameplay. It enables PvE co-op play early in the game.

PvE Gameplay

Elden Ring offers challenging PvE (Player vs. Environment) gameplay with tough bosses and formidable open-world enemies. Single-player mode can be especially challenging, but co-op mode allows you to team up with other players for assistance and dungeon exploration.

In case of an invasion by another player in your world, you can use a White Cipher Ring to summon a Hunter for help. Conversely, if you want to assist another player against an invader, you’ll need a Blue Cipher Ring to respond to their summons. These rings can be purchased for 1000 runes in Twin Maiden Husk.

How To Coop PVP In Elden Ring

Elden ring PvP coop invaders
PvP gameplay

The PvP gameplay can take a competitive role during co-op against other Elden Ring players.

  1. Use the Furlcalling Finger Remedy to see summoning signs left by other players.
  2. To challenge other players, seek out red summoning signs.
  3. If you want to be summoned by other players, leave your own red summoning signs.
  4. You can do this with the Duelist Furled Finger.
  5. If you wish to invade a player’s world, use a Bloody Finger.
  6. The successful invasion will trigger a multiplayer PvP encounter.
  7. You can purchase this item from Patches in Murkwater Cave.
  8. If you want your world to be invaded by other players, use a Taunter’s Tongue.
  9. You can also use a Small Red Effigy near a summoning pool to initiate PvP battles.

PvP gameplay

PvP gameplay in Elden Ring, in my opinion, is competitive and adds excitement to co-op battles against other skilled players. It offers intense combat experiences, with enemies in the game world sometimes adding to the challenge.

The current balance in Elden Ring’s PvP gameplay is well-maintained, even for early-game competitive play. You’ll typically face players near your level, especially since the game is newly launched. However, as time goes on, it may become more challenging, so enjoy the experience while it’s still accessible.


With that, I conclude the guide on How to Coop in Elden Ring. Players can experience great competitive combat during PvP gameplay against other Elden Ring players. Moreover, they can also aid each other in a cooperative PvE style where they can help each other fight enemies or explore the Elden Ring’s punishing world.

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