Elden Ring Coded Sword Location: Complete Walkthrough

The location of Coded Sword in Elden Ring is Leyndell, Royal Capital. Getting to its location is hard, not impossible. Here's how you do it.v

If you are following the Faith-build in Elden Ring, then you might want to know about the best weapons that will help you on your journey. The Coded Sword is an excellent faith-based weapon. The weapon requires 20 Faith to wield, but for this, it deals a ton of Holy Damage.

The Coded Sword has B-level scaling with Faith Stat when you obtain it and the scaling goes up when you update the weapon. The location of Coded Sword in Elden Ring is at Leyndell, Royal Capital, and our step-by-step guide will tell you how to obtain it. 

Key Highlights

  • Coded Sword is a Faith-dependent sword that requires 20 Faith and deals heaps of Holy damage.
  • The Coded Sword is located in Leydell, The Royal Captial.
  • From the Capital Rampart Site of Grace, head towards the huge Dragon Statue and climb the ladder to reach the next site of grace.
  • From the West Capital Rampart Site of Grace, head to a replica of Round-table hold and open the left door. Once inside pick up the Coded Sword from the Throne inside the room.
  • Reaching Leyndell, The Royal Capital requires conquering Godrick, Renala, and Draconic Tree Sentinel.
  • One of the biggest stands out advantage Coded Sword gives is its unblockable attacks, capable of piercing through any shield.

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One of the best things about this sword is that you don’t have to fight any of the bosses to get it. The sword is lying in a throne room at its location. All you have to do is to get through a swarm of enemies that you can roll past. It is a relatively mid-game item that you can quickly get after killing two of the bosses and a field-boss.

Now that you’ve made up your mind to get this sword, here’s how you get to the Coded Sword location in Elden Ring. But before that, check out Confessor Build that utilizes the Coded Sword.

How To Get Coded Sword in Elden Ring

Coded Sword is located near the Dragon's Statue.
Leyndell, Royal Capital, where the Coded Sword is located.

Leyndell is one of the hardest locations in the Elden Ring. The area is swarming with enemies left and right. Some of them are relatively easy to fight while others are harder and tougher. So, once you’re inside Leyndell, you can follow this guide to get to the Coded Sword’s Location.

Capital Rampart to West Capital Rampart

elden ring coded sword location
You enter Leyndell, Royal Capital from the Capital Rampart Site of Grace.

When you enter Leyndell, Royal Capital, you’ll enter through its North-Eastside at the Capital Rampart Site of Grace. Once inside, you’ll have to get down from the Ramparts and get to the Dragon’s Statue. Climb on it through its wing and jump down into the building. Next up, you’ll have to climb the ladder and go forward to the Site of Grace.

As we’ve mentioned before, Leyndell, Royal Capital is one of the hardest locations in the Elden Ring. So, during all this, you’ll face countless enemies strong and weak. And if you plan on fighting them, learn How to Parry to show them who’s the boss. We recommend that you roll past them as it will be time-consuming and you might die a few times. 

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West Capital Rampart to Coded Sword Location

elden ring coded sword location
Its easier to get to the Coded Sword Location from the West Capital Rampart Site of Grace.

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From the West Capital Rampart Site of Grace, head forward. And then go down the stairs. And then to the left side get out in the open. Here you have to jump down, so move to the extreme left and jump on the roof of the horse stable. This will save you from fall damage. Once down, head to the right side where you’ll see an abandoned stable, and climb on top of it. From there, enter the building and go through the corridor to the door on the right side.

Now you’ll find yourself in a room with a Round-table. This Round-table is a replica of the one in Roundtable Hold. There is a passage on the left side from the Round-table with a door. Once you open the door, you’ll be in a Room with a Throne. The Coded Sword is Located on the Throne in Elden Ring.

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Throne Room in Leyndell, Royal Capital.
Entering the Throne Room.
elden ring coded sword location
Coded Sword is located on the Throne.

Coded Sword Stats In Elden Ring 

The Coded sword is one of the best weapons that Faith players can get. We are sure that it’s worth it to travel to the Coded Sword location in Elden Ring to get it. That is because this sword can deal massive amounts of Holy damage to the enemies. Want to try something new? Here’s our guide on the Best Samurai Build.

But that’s not all. The sword has a unique ability called the Unblockable Blade Ability. This ability is as awesome as the name suggests. By using this special attack, you’ll be cutting through the enemy lines even if they’re blocking your attacks. But that’s not all that you get with this ability. It has a broken range. When using this, the sword’s length increases and so does its range that allows you to hit several enemies in one hit. This skill can keep the heavily armored enemies at a distance from you. But the cost of this skill is 25 FP, which is quite high but is worth it.

elden ring coded sword location
The Unblockable Blade Ability can’t be blocked by anyone.

But this isn’t what makes this straight sword awesome. It deals 85 holy damage with 100 critical damage. And to wield this sword, you only need 20 faith.

Coded Sword is perfect to deal Holy Damage.
The Coded Sword deals 85 Holy damage.

Reaching Leyndell, Royal Capital In Elden Ring

If you haven’t made it to Leyndell yet, and want to do so to get to the Coded Sword’s location, then don’t worry, you’re not lost. To get to Leyndell, Royal Capital, you’ll need to fight two main storyline bosses and a mini-boss.

The Main Bosses that you need to fight are Godrick the Grafted and Renalla Queen of the Full Moon. Without fighting them, the area to Leyndell, Royal Capital won’t be unlocked. After fighting these two, and before entering Leyndell in the Elden Ring, you’ll have to fight the Draconic Tree Sentinel.

So your to-do list to obtain Coded Sword in Elden Ring should be like this,

  1. Defeat Godrick the Grafted.
  2. Defeat Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon.
  3. Defeat Draconic Tree Sentinel.
  4. Entering Leyndell

Godrick the Grafted

Godrick the Grafted is the first boss that you fight with. Usually, players would have fought him if they wanted to progress to the next region. But if you haven’t, then you have to fight him at Stormveil Castle to unlock the next region in the Elden Ring. Even though Godrick is an early game boss, he managed to get to S-tier in our Demigod Elden Ring Bosses Tier List.

You get Godrick’s Great Rune after defeating Godrick.
Godrick the Grafted, the multi-staged boss gives Godrick’s Great Rune

Godrick the Grafted is a multi-staged boss. Once you’ve defeated him, he will drop the Godrick’s Great Rune. If you want to use the boost that this rune gives, then you can take this rune to Divine Tower which is located to the east of Stormveil Castle. Once you’ve activated the Great Rune, you can equip it at any Site of Grace and for that, you’ll need the Rune Arc. The Great Rune gives a +5 raise on all attributes. It will be quite helpful in your journey. Although, if you die, the Great Rune’s boost is deactivated.

Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon

Next up, you’ll have to fight Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon. She is the second big boss fight in the Elden Ring. Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon is a multi-stage boss. Rennala can be found in the Academy of Raya Lucaria. Her first stage is easier to kill. Whereas in the second stage, she shows why she is a Demigod.

To get Rennala’s Great Rune, you have to fight Rennala.
Rennala. Queen of the Full Moon gives Rennala’s Great Rune

Once you defeat both of her stages, you’ll get the Rennala’s Great Rune. Rennala is a hard-to-kill boss that managed to get to A-tier in our Demigod Bosses Tier list.

Draconic Tree Sentinel

Okay, once you have defeated both of the Bosses, head over to Leyndell, Royal Capital. You can’t enter through the main gate of Leyndell, Royal Capital to get to the Coded Sword location in Elden Ring. you’ll have to travel to the north of the Royal City and then enter through a small entrance.

But before you can even enter the city, you’ll be welcomed by Draconic Tree Sentinel. The Draconic Tree Sentinel isn’t there to greet you, but to fight you. Without fighting the Draconic Tree Sentinel, you can’t enter the city. Draconic Tree Sentinel is an S-tier boss according to our Field Bosses Tier List. So make sure that you’re fully prepared to fight him. He can put up a tough challenge for you.

Draconic Tree Sentinel is hard to kill.,
Draconic Tree Sentinel stands guard of the 2nd entrance to Leyndell, Royal Capital.

After defeating all three of the bosses, you can finally enter Leyndell, Royal Capital, and get to the Coded Sword’s location.


The Coded Sword is the perfect item if you are following the Faith build. Although, it doesn’t require you to fight any of the bosses to get. But getting to the Sword’s location itself is quite hard. You have to go through a swarm of enemies in Leyndell, Royal Capital.

Once you get this sword, you become invincible of sorts. No one will be able to block your attacks. It will greatly increase the damage output of your arsenal and will further help you in the game.

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