Elden Ring: How to Beat Rennala [Cheese Method]

Here's my quick take on how you can easily defeat Rennala in Elden Ring!

Let’s be honest: Rennala in Elden Ring is a cheat, and if you are reading my “Elden Ring Rennala Queen Of the Full Moon Cheese Method” guide, chances are you also agree strongly. While she may not have a massive health pool like the Fire Giant or Commander Niall, she packs many tricks up her sleeve, making her another iconic hard boss who just doesn’t know when to die. 

Key Takeaways
  • Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, is one of the major bosses in Elden Ring and can be found in Raya Lucaria Academy.
  • First Phase: Break the yellow shields of one of her students to stun her momentarily.
  • The Second Phase will make her aggressive, as she can summon different creatures from wolves to a giant.
  • Players should dodge her deadliest attacks in the 2nd phase, such as her constant laser beam, to win the fight efficiently.
  • Rennala is susceptible to Blood Loss, so I recommend using the Bloody Slash Ash of War.
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Phase One Rennala Boss Fight

Rennala, queen of the full moon

The first phase of Beating Rennala in Elden Ring can seem intimidating, but in reality, it is really easy if you know how to tackle it. Keep reading to find out how you can do that.

Breaking Rennala’s Shield

Rennala's Shield
Rennala’s Shield

In her first phase, Rennala will be in the center of a library protected by a yellow bubble, making her immune to any damage. Needless to say, you first need to break her bubble actually to start damaging her. To do that, you have to take down her students (the ones with a glowing yellow ball around their heads). 

Absolutely Bullying Rennala

Bullying Renalla
Bullying Rennala

Run up to her and rain her with your attacks by absolutely spamming the attack button. If your weapon is damaging enough, you can get through her first phase in just one go. But if that’s not the case, I recommend you simply keep staggering her until a yellow light starts shining in Rennala.

Once this happens, take your clue and just run away from her, as this light is the beginning of an AOE (Attack On Area) attack that can do massive damage if not dealt with properly.

Phase Two Rennala Boss Fight

The Second Phase
The Second Phase

After trying this almost 10 times, here’s what I figured:

  • The second phase of Beating Rennala in Elden Ring is tougher, marked by a cutscene after depleting her health in the first phase.
  • Post-cutscene, teleport to a different arena, alone with Rennala, eliminating worries about her minions.
  • The second phase starts with Rennala firing a giant laser, necessitating preparedness for dodging.
  • The biggest threats in the second phase are her summons and the “Lone Wolf Ashes” mentioned earlier become crucial in this context.

Combining The Spirit Summon And The Ash Of War

Combined Wolves And Bloody Ash Of War
Combined Wolves And Bloody Ash Of War
  • After dodging Rennala’s initial laser attack, she quickly summons wolf companions to prevent her from summoning reinforcements and indirectly assist in the battle.
  • While the wolves keep her busy, they continuously attack and tank hits while watching out for her moves.
  • Utilize “Bloody Slash” to maximize damage, especially since Rennala is highly susceptible to hemorrhage.
  • Inflict enough damage quickly to poise-break Rennala, leaving her vulnerable to a critical strike.

Must-Have Gear To Fight Rennala

One thing I’ve learned is that before facing Rennala in the boss fight, ensure that you have three essential items:

  • Equip your highest-damage weapon with good staggering capabilities.
  • Obtain “Lone Wolf Ashes” spirit summon to disrupt Rennala’s attacks and prevent reinforcements.
  • Acquire the “Bloody Slash” Ash Of War for its hemorrhage effect, which is ideal for a swift takedown of Rennala.

To locate the equipment that facilitates cheesing Rennala Queen Of the Full Moon, let’s explore where you can find the necessary gear.

Lone Wolf Ashes

Lone Wolf Ashes
Lone Wolf Ashes

They are found pretty early in the game. To get them, you need to travel to the church of Elleh in Limgrave to the north of First Step Site of Grace. On arriving at the church, look for Renna and select the “I can call the spectral steed” option. She will give you the Lone Wolf Ashes along with the spirit-calling bell you need to actually summon them. Also, read our Best Elden Ring Ashes of War guide.

Bloody Slash

Bloody Slash
Bloody Slash

To get the “Bloody Slash” Ash of War, you need to travel to the top of the ramparts at Fort Haight and defeat the Godrick Knight roaming there. Once defeated, he will give you the “Bloody Slash” Ash of War.

Let me know more in the comments section if you found my Elden Ring Rennala Queen Of the Full Moon Cheese Method guide helpful.

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I didn\'t find her hard but I was WAY over leveled.

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