Modder Compares Armored Core 6 Boss Sizes In Elden Ring, And The Difference Is Unreal

The player Tarnished is about as big as the bosses' spiked teeth.

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  • A dataminer has ported Armored Core 6’s Ice Worm boss into Elden Ring to compare its size.
  • The Ice Worm boss stretches from the First Step site of grace to Castle Morne in the Weeping Peninsula.
  • This continues the tradition of FromSoft games have increasingly more cinematic and massive boss encounters.

Armored Core 6 has a bunch of interesting bosses. However, its late-game Ice Worm boss is probably one of the biggest. Of course, FromSoft games are no strangers to oversized monstrosities. Just take Ceaseless Discharge from Dark Souls 1 as an example. But, the company has truly outdone itself this time. That’s because the Ice Worm’s sheer size trumps just about everything fans have seen so far.

To give players some perspective, FromSoft dataminer and content creator, Zullie the Witch, ported over the Ice Worm boss from Armored Core 6 to Elden Ring. Zullie has previously highlighted how both the games are made using the same engine. And that’s not all. They also use the same scale for everything. This means the tall mechs in Armored Core 6 retain their actual size when they’re ported into the world of Elden Ring.

YouTube video

In Zullie’s recent video, players can see just how massive the Ice Worm would be, had it been an Elden Ring encounter. When laid straight in a line, it’d span from the First Step site of grace, all the way to Castle Morne on the Weeping Peninsula. In fact, this thing is so huge, a player Tarnished is about as big as the size of the Ice Worm’s spiked teeth. 

The Worm stretches from the starting area of Elden Ring to Castle Morne. (Source: FromSoftware. Zullie The Witch)
The Worm stretches from the starting area of Elden Ring to Castle Morne. (Source: FromSoftware. Zullie The Witch)

Soulsborne fans have had their fair share of run-ins with mighty creatures. But, it’s clear something of this scale is still a novelty to many. And while it’s likely going to be a while before FromSoft dives back into the Souls formula again, with the help of mods and datamining, fans can still get to see new additions made to some of their favorite games from the company.

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Zullie mentioned how Sekiro was a definite turning point, in terms of stylized boss fights in Souls games. The series has always had more cinematic bosses, but the Divine Dragon really was a huge step up in terms of sheer spectacle. Elden Ring continued that trend with some truly otherworldly bosses like Astel, Naturalborn of the Void. Now, Armored Core 6 continues to deliver on that tradition and even pushes it to new heights. Literally.

Astel, Naturalborn of the Void in Elden Ring.
Astel, Naturalborn of the Void in Elden Ring.
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