Elden Ring: How To Beat Fire Giant [Cheese Method]

Welcome to the Elden Ring Fire Giant Cheese Method. The goal of this guide is to show you the easiest way of defeating the fire giant.

Is it really a From Software game if it doesn’t contain a bunch of nearly impossible-to-defeat bosses? The fire giant is one of them. If you are also stuck at this point of the game, then worry not as I welcome you to the Elden Ring fire giant cheese method. In this guide, I’ll show you how to cheese this enormously huge cheating melon head and show him who’s the real boss (pun intended).

Key Takeaways
  • Encounter the Fire Giant at Flame Peak in Elden Ring with two distinct phases.
  • In the first phase, use the cheese method to avoid his fling attack and lure him towards a cliff edge.
  • Dodge his snow attack and make him jump down from the cliff to enter the second phase.
  • In the second phase, face scarier attacks and defend against them while staying on the upper ground.
  • Repeat the steps from the first phase to lure him to the cliff edge, jump from the side, and go to the advised spot.
  • When he rushes to the middle of the arena, he jumps down again, defeated instantly by fall damage
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Cheesing Fire Giant In Elden Ring 

fire giant elden ring
Fire Giant boss encounter in Elden Ring (Image by eXputer)

Fire giant encounter requires you to have leveled up your tarnished character appropriately. Otherwise, you’d have a hard time killing this big orange giant boss.

Luckily, my cheese method will help you navigate through this blockade and progress Elden Ring’s story after beating the boss. Beating the giant unlocks another map location after an interaction with NPC.

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Fire Giant Phase One Cheese Method

fog gate elden ring
The Fire Giant’s Fog Gate (Screenshot taken by eXputer)

All you need to successfully cheese the fire giant are a working pair of eyes, ears, and two responsive hands. If you think you have that, then lets start.

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Get Between His Legs!

fire giant leg cheese 1st phase
Aim for his legs (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

The Fire Giant cheese method in Elden Ring kicks off once you pass the fog gate. Immediately get on your Torrent Horse and rush between his legs at godspeed. However, just as you’re about to reach his legs he will fling his plate and throw snow at you.

You can get off the steed and simply block this with a hundred percent damage absorption shield or you can double jump on your steed and simply avoid it. After the initial fling, continue to go underneath him and pass him. Once you’ve passed his legs, dash straight towards the edge of the arena.

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Keeping Him In Sight

following Fire Giant elden ring
Keeping the boss in sight (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Now, DON’T MOVE! you need to wait here and lure the Fire Giant to where you’re standing. 

As soon as he’s about to reach you, he will do the snow fling again, when he does that you quickly need to jump onto the ground just to the right of where you’re standing. Don’t make the mistake of jumping on your own, you need the horse to actually make it across.

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End Of The First Phase

Fire Giant cheese strat
He precisely needs to be on this rock for this to work (Image by eXputer)

Once you’re on the ground, you need to wait for him to get on the bigger rock. One notable thing is that you precisely need to be at the spot shown in the above picture or you’ll run the risk of him falling down and not taking any damage.

Once he’s on the bigger rock, just run toward the middle of the arena and the dummy will simply jump down in hopes of catching you, and well congrats! You just made it through the first phase.

Fire Giant Phase Two Cheese Method

fire giant cutscene elden ring
Fire Giant’s second phase cutscene (Screenshot by eXputer)

Well now you made it through the first phase but what about the second one? Keep reading to find out. This is where things might get a little trickier, therefore make sure you utilize your weapons and have the Best Armor on!

Indication Of Phase Two

fire giant cutscene continuation
Broken Legs means Phase Two (Image Source: eXputer)

If you properly followed all the steps mentioned in the phase 1 section of the Elden ring fire giant cheese method, then the fire giant should have lost his legs by now and will be transitioning into his second phase shown in a cut scene. Is it not just the most satisfactory thing to happen?

Get Ready To Defend!

fire giant 2nd phase elden ring
Fire Giant’s Phase Two fight (Image Credits: eXputer)

Cheesing the second phase of the fire giant is relatively similar to what you did in his first phase. Once the cut scene finishes, you’ll find yourself standing in the middle of the upper ground (the one you jumped from before).

You need to run to the same spot as before, a key thing to note here is that he will hurl tracking fireballs at you from a distance so be prepared to do something about the. A shield with decent fire resistance can help make this phase easier by a mile or if you’re skilled enough, you can simply go full-blown ultra-instinct mode on him and dodge his attacks. Pull this fire giant cheese strategy in Elden Ringand you’re one step closer to beating the boss.

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