Elden Ring Flame Sling: Location & Guide

Learn how to use the Flame Sling incantation and also learn how players are able to get their hands on it!

Elden Ring offers some of the best incantations for players to choose from, including the Flame Sling and figuring out where players can get. The Sling is a uniquely potent early-game incantation that I personally classify as a must-have if you’re starting off as a Faith build.

Key Takeaways
  • The Flame Sling is a powerful Fire Monk Incantation for obliterating enemies in combat.
  • To use it, players must first have access to a Finger Seal.
  • Obtain the Flame Sling by purchasing it from Brother Corhyn at Roundtable Hold.
  • Acquire the Finger Seal from the Twin Maidens at Roundtable Hold through purchase.
  • Players need both items to combat opponents with the incantation, or it can’t be used. 

Using The Flame Sling 

Using Flame Sling
Using Flame Sling (Image Credits Exputer)

Before using the flame sling in Elden Ring, players need a finger seal, and after obtaining it, they should head to any site of grace to rest. Open the inventory, navigate to the right-hand armament slot, and equip the finger seal as an armament.

  • Visit a chosen site of grace, sit with your legs crossed, and wait a bit.
  • Afterward, memorize the flame sling spell and add it to an empty slot.
  • Equip the finger seal, stand up, and venture into battle.

Maintain distance to aim the incantation at enemies. When ready, the flame sling incantation appears in the bottom left slots, indicated by the player’s glowing right hand. Lift the right arm, and the spell intensifies before launching a powerful fireball toward enemies.

The process can be repeated, allowing players to test the flame sling as often as desired.

Flame Sling Location 

Flame Sling
Flame Sling (Image Credits Exputer)

To acquire and wield the Flame Sling in Elden Ring, players must initially visit the Roundtable Hold, an elusive location only accessible by unlocking it for the first time and subsequently fast-traveling there. Melina, encountered at the Stormveil Castle Main Gate site of grace after defeating Margit, typically provides an invitation to the Roundtable Hold.

However, I found an alternative method, which you can follow via the steps below:

  1. Start at the Gatefront site of grace and rest. Melina appears and offers the Spectral Steel Whistle for summoning a horse.
  2. Mount the horse and follow the uphill main pathway into the Stormgate area.
  3. Avoid barriers and soldiers by using the horse to bypass them. Take a detour to a broken bridge instead of entering the castle area.
  4. Confirm the correct direction with a lady at the start of the bridge. Reach the end of the bridge and find a cookbook.
  5. Mount the horse again and head to the left end of the broken bridge. Ascend the broken area and navigate a narrow cliffside pathway. Continue until reaching the Liurnia of the Lakes.

Following these steps will lead players to the Roundtable Hold, where they can acquire the Elden Ring and learn how to use the Flame Sling.

Liurnia Of The Lakes 

When you first encounter the Liurnia of the lakes text showing up on your screen, there will be a site of grace that players can find and need to rest at the site of grace

And here, Melina will be able to meet the player once again. 

  • Melina will once again invite you to assist her with the roundtable hold.
  • After that, you can travel to the roundtable whenever you want to buy something. 

NPCS And Merchants At Roundtable Hold 

Brother Corhyn
Brother Corhyn (Image Credits Exputer)

There will be quite a few merchants that players will be able to encounter at the Roundtable Hold, from which few will be like: 

  • Roderika 
  • Gideon 
  • Corhyn 
  • Diallos 
  • Master Hewg
  • Nepheli 
  • Fia 
  • D
  • Ensha 
  • Rogier 
  • Enia 
  • Twin Maiden Husks 
  • Dung Eater 

There will be an NPC by the name of Brother Corhyn. I would suggest looking out for him since he will be the NPC that is responsible for selling these incantations. He will be described as a practitioner who can help the player learn incantations that will scale off of Faith.

The incantations and their respective prices that he will be able to sell will include the following: 

  • Great Heal: 9000
  • Cure Poison: 1000
  • Magic Fortification and Flame Fortifications: 3500 each
  • Discus of Light: 11000
  • Urgent Healing: 1000
  • Heal Incantation: 1500
  • Lightning Fortification: 7500
  • Catch Flame: 600
  • Immutable Shield: 13000
  • Rejection Incantations: 1500
  • Flame Sling: 800

Using The Incantation 

It’s crucial first to comprehend what the incantation is and its mechanics. The Flame Sling relies on the player’s Faith stat.

  • The Faith stat governs the player’s ability to cast sacred incantations and enhances the magic power of chants scaling off Faith.
  • Weapons of the spell type require a certain amount of Faith points, with grades (such as S) indicating the effectiveness of Faith scaling.

When used, the Flame Sling summons a giant, burning fireball capable of devastating enemies. Players can charge the spell to intensify its brightness, leading to obliteration upon contact.

Finger Seal Location 

Finger Seal
Finger Seal (Image Credits Exputer)

The Finger Seal in Elden Ring is described as a sacred seal heavily dependent on the Faith stat. With a scaling grade of Faith C, this grading determines the effectiveness of the seal based on the player’s Faith stat.

  • Additionally, the Finger Seal scales off Strength E, impacting the player’s ability to equip heavier weapons, increasing overall weapon power, and influencing physical defense in combat.
  • To equip and use the Finger Seal, players must invest at least 10 levels in Faith and 4 levels in Strength.
  • Obtaining the Finger Seal can be achieved by choosing the Prophet or Confessor class, automatically granting the seal, or by acquiring it at the Roundtable Hold.
Twin Maidens
Twin Maidens (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The Finger Seal can be purchased from the Twin Maiden Husks NPC at Roundtable Hold.


And there you have it! A detailed walkthrough on how to use the flame sling and how to get it. You should also consider reading up on our Elden Ring Best Starting Classes if they want to know what classes you should go for when you are first starting out!

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