The BEST Elden Ring Assassin Build

Our Elden Ring Assassin Build will help you make the perfect assassin on stealth build that focuses on stealth or bleed-based playstyle.

Elden Ring allows players to experience effective builds, test out different talismans and armor sets, and combine them to formulate some of the best builds that will decimate any enemy or boss that dares wander in front of the adventurer. With the Assassin Build, players will be able to obliterate foes easily and take control of them. 

Key Takeaways
  • The Assassin build focuses on the stealthy approach to dealing with enemies along with utilizing the powerful Bleed status effect, effectively mimicking an Assassin. 
  • When the Blood Loss bar is filled up through consecutive attacks, enemies lose a huge chunk of their health.
  • Prioritize leveling up Dexterity and Endurance as your primary stats and focus on Vigor and Arcane as your secondary stats. 
  • The weapons recommended for the Assassin build are Reduvia and Misericorde
  • The armor sets that are perfectly suited for the Assassin build are the Black Knife Set and the Alberich’s Set.
  • The Talismans that go well with the Assassin build are Assassin’s Cerulean Dagger, Lord of Blood’s Exultation, Crepus’ Vial, Crimson Amber Talisman, Concealing Veil, and Radagon’s Soreseal.
  • Ashes of War such as Bloodhound Step and Blood Blade go exceptionally well with the playstyle of the Assassin build.
  • The optimal playstyle of the Assassin build revolves around staying invisible on the battlefield so that enemies cannot spot you, all the while you pick them off silently one by one and inflict the Bleed status effect onto sturdier enemies to make quick work of them.

Stealth Or Bleed-Based Assassin Build

Here’s a quick summary of the Best Assassin Build in Elden Ring:

Build AttributesWeaponsArmor SetTalismansAshes of War
Black Knife Set
Alberich's Set
Assassin’s Crimson Dagger
Lord of Blood’s Exultation
Crepus’ Vial
Crimson Amber Talisman
Concealing Veil
Radagon’s Soreseal
Bloodhound Step
Blood Blade

Taking inspiration from Dare to Game on Youtube, the Elden RIng Assassin Build is formulated in a way where the main aim is to support players with stealth-based gameplay that will focus on wearing armor and using talismans that will make the player go soundless and help them get up-close and personal with enemies without alerting them. 

Combining it with the Bleed combination, bleed is not only highly effective but is considered overpowered in Elden Ring, allowing for easy depletion of health. Let’s take a look at what the build might entail! The bleed aspect of this build reminds us of the Elden Ring Blood Build that you can check out too! 

Assassin Build Attributes 

Elden Ring Assassin Build Character Attributes
Character Attributes

Players will benefit greatly from these attributes if they invest in them, as most of the scale of the weapon is off the three primary attributes and one secondary attribute. The main being Dexterity, Endurance, and Vigot, and the secondary being Arcane. Like these attributes, the Elden Ring Strength Build might help you in your future builds! 


Kicking things off with Dexterity, players will be able to march forward toward foes with ultimate confidence and take down enemies with ease. The main aim of Dexterity is to control how well a player can wield weapons that primarily scale off of Dexterity and how much damage can be dealt from the wielded weapons. 

Weapons that scale off Dexterity will also enhance their attack power, allowing players to kill opponents and achieve victory. Another benefit that players will achieve is that their spell-casting will be faster and let players stand their ground on the battlefield with decreased fall damage intake. 

Investment into Dexterity should be the main priority for the Assassin Build, and players should invest as many points as possible. 


Keeping things going, the Endurance attribute entails the control of a player’s overall stamina bar and how much effectiveness players will be able to use their stamina bar while sprinting across their opponents, taking them down. To gain higher stamina, investment is needed in Endurance. 

For players who want to focus on heavier armor or heavier weaponry apart from this build, Endurance also controls an adventurer’s overall Equip Load Limit. Even for this build, players are advised to place some points into Endurance. 


Another important aspect of gameplay with builds is the proper maintenance of HP. The end goal is always to stay alive for as long as possible so that the player can launch out normal and charged attacks and instead obliterate enemies without dying themselves. Players who want to take advantage of higher HP should consider investing points into Vigor, as it controls HP. 

Another thing that it enhances is the player’s Fire Resistance and reduces the overall Fire damage intake incoming from the opponent’s end, all the while also boosting personal Immunity. 


Lastly, a secondary attribute that players should consider investing in is Arcane, as it primarily controls the Discovery of items for players, boosting up the adventurer’s overall protection against holy damage and increasing their Vitality, and boosting the best incantations launched towards enemies. Here is a guide on some of the best Elden Ring Arcane Weapons

Weapons For Assassin Build

Now, for the Assassin Build, plates can choose to either duel-wield one of the weapons that we will mention or dual-wield both of the weapons together to bring in the ultimate damage and deplete the enemy’s HP faster. Here’s a quick comparison of the Best weapons for the Assassin Build:

ReduviaAttack: 79
Guard: 38
Guard: 22Guard: 22Guard: 22Guard: 22Attack: 100
Guard: 16
MisericordeAttack: 92
Guard: 36
Guard: 21Guard: 21Guard: 21Guard: 21Attack: 140
Guard: 15


Elden Ring Assassin Build Reduvia

Starting it off with the Reduvia would perhaps be the best weapon for this build, as it is optimal for players who want to decimate opponents without needing to put in any sort of effort themselves. The main aim of the weapon itself is to backstab opponents and allow the players to deal a huge amount of blood damage, instantly bringing down the enemy’s health bar. 

The weapon itself scales primarily off of Arcane D, Dexterity D, and Strength E, and players need to invest in 13 Arcane Points, 13 Dexterity Points, and 5 Strength Points to properly wield it. Players can choose to take two daggers in both hands and charge toward enemies with slashes and pierce through them and cause bleed buildup. 

With the weapon skill, “Reduvia Blood Blade,” players can Slash their way through the opponents and cause severe Hemorrhage on the opponents. You can take more inspiration from the Elden Ring Reduvia Build

Physical Damage79
Magic Damage0
Fire Damage0
Light Damage0
Holy Damage0
Crit Damage100
Physical Guard38
Magic Guard22
Fire Guard22
Light Guard22
Holy Guard22
Boost Guard16


Elden Ring Assassin Build Misericorde

Another excellent weapon option for the assassin-focused build is the Misericorde, which can help the players achieve victory against harder-to-fight bosses. While pairing it with the Reduvia, the attacks can be ultimately deadly on the enemies, evidently murdering them in their wake. 

The Misericorde allows for normal and charged attacks, all combining beautifully to provide adequate damage that can help win the fight. The weapon itself scales off Dexterity D and Strength E and requires 12 Dexterity Points and 7 Strength Points. 

The weapon skill, “Quickstep,” can greatly help the players by letting them get back to their original stance and dodge damage being launched at them by the opponents and fight back. 

Physical Damage92
Magic Damage0
Fire Damage0
Light Damage0
Holy Damage0
Crit Damage140
Physical Guard36
Magic Guard21
Fire Guard21
Light Guard21
Holy Guard21
Boost Guard15

Armor Sets For Assassin Build

Here are the Armor Sets that you should aim to get for the Assassin Build:

Armor SetArmor NamePhysicalStrikeSlashPierceMagicFireLightHoly
Black Knife SetBlack Knife Hood3.
Back Knife Armor11.410.912.412.
Black Knife Gauntlets2.
Black Knife Greaves6.
Alberich's SetAlberich’s Pointed Hat1.
Alberich's Robe5.
Alberich's Bracers1.
Alberich's Trousers3.

Considering stealth is so important for the Elden Ring Assassin Build, players should look into lighter sets, and with two groups that are highly viable options, let’s take a look at what they are! The sets will typically comprise a mask/hat/helmet, chest armor, a pair of greaves, and gauntlets. 

Black Knife Set 

The first excellent option that is the star of the build is the black knife set, which will be highly focused on boosting the player’s stealth and will instantly help them gain victory. The collection will typically comprise a mask/hat/helmet, chest armor, a pair of greaves, and gauntlets.

 Damage Negation
Physical Negation24.5
Strike Negation23.4
Slash Negation26.8
Pierce Negation26.8
Magic Negation18.7
Fire Negation20.3
Light Negation14.2
Holy Negation24.5
Immunity Resistance 65
Robustness Resistance108
Focus Resistance54
Vitality Resistance54
Poise Resistance29
Black Knife Hood 
Elden Assassin Build Black Knife Hood
Black Knife Hood

Kicking things off, we have the Black Knife Hood is a light hood that aims to support the player when they are in the middle of a tough battle, and with the way the assassin build is going to work out, players will need to ultimately take the stance of a stealthy player and charge in with their attacks. 

The hood itself offers considerably adequate physical, slash and pierce damage negation, while also offering robustness and immunity resistance to all players that use the hood. You can check out the damage negation and personal resistance stats down below. 

 Damage Negation
Physical Negation3.8
Strike Negation3.6
Slash Negation4.2
Pierce Negation4.2
Magic Negation2.8
Fire Negation3.1
Light Negation2.1
Holy Negation3.8
Immunity Resistance 11
Robustness Resistance18
Focus Resistance9
Vitality Resistance9
Poise Resistance4
Black Knife Armor
Elden Assassin Build Black Knife Armor
Black Knife Armor

Keeping things going with the Black Knife Armor, players can confidently run towards their opponents and launch deadly attacks that will cause a bleed-buildup on the enemies with their weapons, all the while knowing that they are being heavily guarded with them the black knife armor. 

The armor is meant to be adorned on the stomach. It protects from stomach shots launched at the adventurer by opponents, providing excellent personal protection and enhanced defense. This is not to say that elemental damage negation is ignored as it is not, as you can see from the numbers below. 

 Damage Negation
Physical Negation11.4
Strike Negation10.9
Slash Negation12.4
Pierce Negation12.4
Magic Negation8.8
Fire Negation9.5
Light Negation6.7
Holy Negation11.4
Immunity Resistance 28
Robustness Resistance46
Focus Resistance23
Vitality Resistance23
Poise Resistance14
Black Knife Gauntlets 
Elden Assassin Build Black Knife Gauntlets
Black Knife Gauntlets

Now, the Black Knife Gauntlets are the perfect pair of gauntlets that adventurers can take advantage of, as they provides the ideal amount of stealth while also allowing players to be ultimately protected from any sort of attacks that are aimed at the player’s hands and arms. 

The gauntlets themselves are considered medium-weight. Therefore they will not contribute to the Equip Load Limit, allowing for increased mobility and sprinting across the battlefield. The main aim is to provide increased damage negation and personal resistance to players. See below for stats and numbers. 

 Damage Negation
Physical Negation2.8
Strike Negation2.7
Slash Negation3.1
Pierce Negation3.1
Magic Negation2.1
Fire Negation2.3
Light Negation1.6
Holy Negation2.8
Immunity Resistance 9
Robustness Resistance15
Focus Resistance8
Vitality Resistance8
Poise Resistance3
Black Knife Greaves 
Elden Assassin Build Black Knife Greaves
Black Knife Greaves

Ending the black knife set with the Black Knife Greaves, the player will be inevitably guarded after being adorned on the player’s feet and legs. Intake decreased overall damage from the opponent’s end, all the while also becoming stealthy and not making any sounds when they are sneaking up towards their foes to launch attacks at them. 

Physical, strike and slash damage negation is prioritized while providing the player with enhanced Robustness and Immunity Resistance. 

 Damage Negation
Physical Negation6.5
Strike Negation6.2
Slash Negation7.1
Pierce Negation7.1
Magic Negation5.0
Fire Negation5.4
Light Negation3.8
Holy Negation6.5
Immunity Resistance 17
Robustness Resistance29
Focus Resistance14
Vitality Resistance14
Poise Resistance8

Alberich’s Set 

Another viable set option is Alberich’s Set, as it combines the aspect of the coolness of a knight while also being able to properly do its main job. 

 Damage Negation
Physical Negation11.4
Strike Negation8.9
Slash Negation11.4
Pierce Negation11.4
Magic Negation27.9
Fire Negation25.8
Light Negation27.1
Holy Negation27.9
Immunity Resistance 93
Robustness Resistance55
Focus Resistance159
Vitality Resistance170
Poise Resistance2
Alberich’s Pointed Hat 
Elden Ring Alberich's Pointed Hat
Alberich’s Pointed Hat

Starting with the Alberich’s Pointed Hat, it is one of the best options for players who want to stay protected and guarded while also being able to move swiftly across the battlefield without feeling like they are being weighed down, as the pointed hat is considered a lightweight hat that can provide extra mobility. 

The main focus of the pointed hat is to be adorned on the player’s head and protect them from headshots while also providing ample personal protection and increased resistance against all incoming damage from the opponent’s side. The weight is 1.7, and you can check out the numbers below. 

 Damage Negation
Physical Negation1.8
Strike Negation1.4
Slash Negation1.8
Pierce Negation1.8
Magic Negation4.6
Fire Negation4.2
Light Negation4.4
Holy Negation4.6
Immunity Resistance 16
Robustness Resistance10
Focus Resistance29
Vitality Resistance31
Poise Resistance0
Alberich’s Robe 
Elden Assassin Build Alberich's Robe
Alberich’s Robe

Keeping the Elden Ring Assassin Build going, we have the Alberich’s Robe, which can greatly aid the player when fighting tougher enemies. As long as the robe is in the player’s arsenal, their torso will always stay safe from attacks. 

The armor itself is considered pretty lightweight, which will allow the adventurer to confidently move around the arena and decimate enemies with their deadly attacks and potent talismans. With enough personal protection, defense, and resistance, players can expect to last the entirety of the battle easily. 

 Damage Negation
Physical Negation5.3
Strike Negation4.2
Slash Negation5.3
Pierce Negation5.3
Magic Negation12.8
Fire Negation11.9
Light Negation12.4
Holy Negation12.8
Immunity Resistance 38
Robustness Resistance23
Focus Resistance67
Vitality Resistance71
Poise Resistance1
Alberich’s Bracers 
Elden Assassin Build Alberich's Gauntlets
Alberich’s Gauntlets

Going on with the build, the Alberich’s Bracer being adorned on the player’s arms is sure to protect them from all kinds of hits aimed at the player and ensure that nothing will happen to the adventure. Instead of depleting their own HP, they will be able to launch potent attacks on the enemies instead. 

The bracers themselves are incredibly lightweight but don’t be fooled, as they will still be able to provide the amount of protection you can expect from some of the best armor sets. While the main focus is on the elemental damage negation, physical and strikes damage negation are not ignored. 

 Damage Negation
Physical Negation1.3
Strike Negation1.0
Slash Negation1.3
Pierce Negation1.3
Magic Negation3.2
Fire Negation2.9
Light Negation3.1
Holy Negation3.2
Immunity Resistance 13
Robustness Resistance8
Focus Resistance22
Vitality Resistance24
Poise Resistance0
Alberich’s Trousers 
Elden Assassin Build Alberich's Greaves
Alberich’s Greaves

Ending the set with the Alberich’s Trousers, they are yet again able to provide them ample protection that the player needs in order to win a battle against any sort of enemies or bosses in Elden Ring

 Damage Negation
Physical Negation3.0
Strike Negation2.3
Slash Negation3.0
Pierce Negation3.0
Magic Negation7.3
Fire Negation6.8
Light Negation7.2
Holy Negation7.3
Immunity Resistance 26
Robustness Resistance14
Focus Resistance41
Vitality Resistance44
Poise Resistance1

Talismans For Assassin Build

Following through, players can take into equipment some of the best talismans that will further buff them in battle and help them with certain benefits that might help them achieve victory a lot faster. 

Assassin’s Crimson Dagger 

Assassin's Crimson Dagger
Assassin’s Crimson Dagger Talisman

Kicking it off with the direct name match, we have the Assassin’s Cerulean Dagger, an excellent talisman that players should have in their arsenal, especially when they aim to use the Elden Ring Assassin Build. 

When the talisman is equipped by the players, anytime that they launch an attack towards the general direction of an opponent and land a critical hit, they will restore a certain amount of HP. in terms of numbers, every critical hit that the adventurer lands will gain them back 10% of their total HP with a bonus 85 HP. 

Lord of Blood’s Exultation 

Lord of Blood's Exultation
Lord of Blood’s Exultation Talisman

Perfect for the assassin build, since players are aiming to cause a bleed buildup on their foes anyways, the Lord of Blood’s Exultation deems exponentially crucial for the adventurer since it can easily buff the player’s overall attack power anytime there’s any amount of blood loss buildup in the radius of the talisman. 

Under the casting of the talisman itself, players will experience that their attack power will be enhanced by 20%, allowing them to charge toward enemies with swift but brutal attacks, rendering them useless. The talisman effect lasts for 20 seconds, and after that, the attack power returns to normal. 

Crepus’ Vial 

Crepus' Vial
Crepus’ Vial Talisman

As mentioned before, we explained that the black knife armor set could massively reduce the sound made by the player. However, suppose players wish to not equip that armor set but remain stealthy. In that case, they can get help from the Crepus’ Vial, which can get rid of any sound that the adventurer makes during combat, whether in PvP or PvE battles. 

There is no set duration for the equipped talisman. Still, it does allow the player to become a stealth player, backstab the enemies with the Reduvia with ultimate speed and take them down effectively without getting caught. 

Crimson Amber Talisman 

Crimson Amber Medallion
Crimson Amber Medallion Talisman

Since the maintenance of HP is so important during a battle, players should take any help that they can to stay alive and come out victorious on the battlefield. To achieve that, the Crimson Amber Talisman is here to help, as the main aim of the talisman is to boost the overall HP of the adventurer. 

With the increased Health Points, players can fearlessly charge onto the battlefield and attack their worst opponents with slashes and piercing strikes, not having to worry about their HP depleting. 

Concealing Veil 

Concealing Veil
Concealing Veil Talisman

Another important talisman that players should consider having in their arsenal is the Concealing Veil, as it can greatly buff the overall stealth aspect of this build. Anytime the player is in an active battle with an enemy. After launching an attack, they hit the crouch button to crouch away; it will trigger the effect of the talisman, which will make the player go invisible. 

There have to be a certain number of rolls to naturally trigger the talisman, and anytime the player stands back up, it will negate the effect, or kind of spell is cast, or a weapon is used, it will automatically break the impact. 

Radagon’s Soreseal 

Radagon's Soreseal
Radagon’s Soreseal Talisman

Last but not least, an excellent talisman to have for this build is the Radagon’s Soreseal, which will mainly increase the overall effects and points of attributes like Dexterity, Vigor, and Endurance which is important for the Elden Ring Assassin Build. The minor side effect of equipping this talisman is that players will get more damage. Or players can get the Radagon Icon talisman as well. 

Ashes of War To Equip 

Lastly, adventurers might want to equip a few ashes of war on their weapons to strengthen the Assassin build’s overall outcome and improve the player’s widespread damage.

Bloodhound Step 

The first ash of war, Bloodhound Step, grants the adventurer the player the ability to cast invisibility upon themselves to avoid being noticed by the enemies, all the while being able to still go all out and attack them back, and ending it all with a dodge away from their foes. 

Blood Blade 

As we mentioned before, the blood blade skill allows the player to cover their weapon in blood, which will cause a severe blood buildup on enemies, all the while enabling adventurers to slowly deplete their opponent’s HP and render them useless. 

Assassin Build Playstyle 

The Assassin Build build playstyle is pretty simple, as it grants players immense blood loss abilities and allows them to be invisible during their battles, all the while being so stealthy that the opponent will never get the chance to catch sight of the player. 

With the weapon Reduvia and Misericorde in both hands, players can easily go all-in towards their enemies and slash and pierce through their bodies and cause them to die within no time, and at the same time, players will be safe from depleting their health. 

With talismans like Lord of Blood’s Exultation, players can cause severe bleed buildup and hemorrhaging on enemies and render them useless. For players that want to be extra quiet during their movements, the talisman Crepus’ Vial allows them to do just that. 

Pair it all with the player being under the guard and protection of the Black Knife Set, which will further silence any sound made by the player, and we wrap up the Assassin Build here! Let us know what you think! If you want more help with builds, take a look at our Elden Ring Pyromancy Build!

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