Elden Ring Arcane Build: Gear, Stats & Playstyle 

Our Arcane Build guide will allow you to create the best Arcane build in the game for PvP and PvE engamgents.

Elden Ring has had massive success, with millions of players gaming every day. With character attributes that adventurers can invest in to get the most out of their build, Elden Ring indeed has a lot to offer in the character attribute department.  In this Elden Ring Arcane Build, I will focus on one of the primary stats, Arcane. 

Key Takeaways

The Arcane build in Elden Ring focuses on bleed-centric weapons, spells, and talismans for high damage output:

  • Stats: Invest in Arcane, Faith, Vigor, and Dexterity.
  • Weapons: Effective choices include Scavenger’s Curved Sword, Uchigatana, Rivers of Blood, and Elenora’s Poleblade.
  • Seal: Opt for the Dragon Communion Seal, scaling with Arcane for Dragon spell casting.
  • Armor Sets: Consider the Black Knife’s set, Land of Reeds set, and White Reed set for synergy with the Arcane build.
  • Talismans: Enhance key stats with Dragon Crest Greatshield Talisman, Erdtree’s Favor, Green Turtle’s Talisman, Lord of Blood’s Exultation, and Ritual Shield.
  • Spells: Utilize spells like Swarm of Flies, Flame of Frenzy, and Rot Breath for healing, curing, and offense.
  • Ash of War: “Bloodhound’s Step” allows invisible dashes to evade enemy attacks.

The Arcane build excels in dealing high damage and is a formidable choice for Elden Ring players.

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Below, I’ve outlined a comprehensive summary in the table for Arcane Build in Elden Ring:

-Scavenger’s Curved Sword 
-Rivers of Blood 
-Dragon Communion Seal
-Eleonora’s Poleblade
-Black Knife
-Land of Reeds 
-White Reed
-Dragon Crest Greatshield
-Erdtree’s Favor 
-Green Turtle’s
-Lord of Blood’s Exultation 
-Ritual Shield 
-Swarm of Flies
-Flame of Frenzy 
-Rot Breath 
-Bloodhound Step

Attributes For Arcane Build

Elden Ring Arcane Build 
Character Attributes

Attributes offer adventurers countless options to make and experiment with different builds. There are a few primary attributes and some secondary attributes that players can research and invest in for this build. 


Starting Arcane, the star of this build, is one of the most critical attributes that adventures can invest in to obliterate their enemies. Arcane is essentially concerned with “item-finding” when players kill off or get rid of difficult or lighter opponents, allowing players to get more resources and become stronger. 

In essence, arcane determine’s player’s ability to control the “Discovery” stat. If players choose to invest in the arcane, they will experience an immediate boost in their Holy Defence, and opponents launching Holy Damage attacks at them will see a maximum reduction. Investing in arcane considerable buffs Vitality, rendering players invincible. Not just that, investment into Arcane will allow adventurers to get increased attacks from weapons that scale off of Arcane. The higher the investment into Arcane Points, the more benefits players will experience. 

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Players are recommended to invest in faith as it is an important attribute. It controls how well an adventurer will be able to cast incantations, and how strong the incantations will be. To maximize the benefits of Faith, I suggest investing points into Faith. You don’t need to invest in Intelligence since this is not an intelligence build.


Yet another crucial attribute is Vigor, which controls players’ Health Points and how players will survive on the battlefield when they are in a heated battle with formidable foes. Since HP maintenance is essential to an adventurer during combat, investment in Vigor Points is essential. 

Players will also experience increased Fire Defence, allowing them to tank stronger Fire Damage attacks launched at them by enemies. Adventurer’s Immunity Resistance is also increased, and for that reason, the more points players invest in Vigor, the stronger the resistance will be. 


Following through, the only secondary attribute is Dexterity that players can look into. Dexterity is concerned with players’ capabilities to weird weapons that scale off of Dexterity and how much damage the weapons will produce. Weapons that scale off of Dexterity will experience an enhancement to their overall attack power. 

When players are out on the battlefield, they will also be able to tank more hits as you will not get knocked off as easily. Fall damage from higher points is also significantly reduced. Therefore, players should consider investing Points into Dexterity and upgrading it for maximum potential. 

Weapons For Arcane Build

I suggest you go through the brief overview of the best weapon for the Arcane Build in Elden Ring:

Scavenger’s Curved Sword Attack: 105
Guard: 40
Guard: 30Guard: 30Guard: 30Guard: 30Guard: 25-
UchigatanaAttack: 115
Guard: 45
Guard: 30Guard: 30Guard: 30Guard: 30Guard: 30-
Rivers of Blood Attack: 76
Guard: 47
Guard: 26Attack: 76
Guard: 52
Guard: 26Guard: 26Guard: 31-
Eleonora’s Poleblade Attack: 72
Guard: 42
Guard: 28Attack: 72
Guard: 38
Guard: 28Guard: 28Guard: 28-
Dragon Communion Seal Attack: 25
Guard: 25
Guard: 15Guard: 15Guard: 15Guard: 15Guard: 15Attack: 60

There are a set few weapons that will work well with the Arcane Build, and here they are! Also, you don’t need staff since this is far from an Intelligence build. 

Scavenger’s Curved Sword 

Elden Scavenger's Curved Sword
Scavenger’s Curved Sword

The Scavenger’s Curved Sword is one of the main components for the build, as it aims to support the players with close-range melee attacks launched towards enemies. Players can get close to opponents and launch heavy physical attacks that render enemies useless. Read my Greatsword build if you fancy heavy equipment playstyle.

The Skill, “Spinning Slash,” allows players to rotate their bodies while charging close to enemies and hitting them with consecutive regular and heavy attacks, resulting in a consistent Blood loss buildup, which will cause the opponent’s HP to deplete consistently. With the weapon scaling with Strength D and Dexterity D, players will need to invest about 14 Dexterity Points and 9 Strength Points to get the most out of the weapon. 

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Physical Damage 105
Magic Damage 0
Fire Damage 0
Light Damage 0
Holy Damage 0
Crit Damage 100
Physical Guard 40
Magic Guard 30
Fire Guard 30
Light Guard 30
Holy Guard 30
Boost Guard 25


Elden Ring Arcane Build 

The Uchigatana offers a compelling option for both PvP and PvE combat, excelling in consecutive bleed buildup to support players engaged in intense battles against formidable enemies. Boasting significant physical damage at 115, this weapon enables swift victories.

Navigating the arena, adventurers can strategically execute Pierce and Slash attacks, inducing the ‘Blood Loss buildup‘ status on opponents. This gradual HP reduction proves fatal over time, securing triumph for the wielder. The weapon skill ‘Unsheathe’ empowers players to wield the Uchigatana single-handedly, delivering precise and powerful regular and heavy attacks to obliterate foes. With scaling based on Dexterity D and Strength D, attaining 15 Dexterity Points and 11 Strength Points optimizes the Uchigatana’s effectiveness.

Physical Damage 115
Magic Damage 0
Fire Damage 0
Light Damage 0
Holy Damage 0
Crit Damage 100
Physical Guard 45
Magic Guard 30
Fire Guard 30
Light Guard 30
Holy Guard 30
Boost Guard 30

Rivers of Blood 

Elden Rivers of Blood
Rivers of Blood

In my opinion, another great alternative is the Rivers of Blood, though it is yet to be highly buffed in Elden Ring itself. The main aim of the weapon is to cause a high amount of blood loss buildup when approaching enemies, all the while dealing Physical and Fire Damage, which can pair up to be deadly in combat. 

The Rivers of Blood is one of the best Katanas that players can wield and make their way across the battlefield and gain dominance over their enemies. The skill “Corpse Piler” allows adventurers to cast a blade equipped with cursed blood, launch consecutive attacks at enemies, and kill them off. The weapon itself scales off Arcane D, Dexterity D, and Strength E and requires adventurers to invest 20 Arcane Points, 18 Dexterity, and 12 Strength Points. 

Physical Damage 76
Magic Damage 0
Fire Damage 0
Light Damage 0
Holy Damage 0
Crit Damage 100
Physical Guard 47
Magic Guard 31
Fire Guard 52
Light Guard 31
Holy Guard 31
Boost Guard 31

Eleonora’s Poleblade 

Elden Ring Arcane Build 
Eleonora’s Poleblade

Following through with Eleonora’s Poleblade, it is yet another weapon that I highly recommend investing in as soon as FromSoftware buffs its main stats. The main aim of this weapon remains to severely deplete the enemy’s HP by causing a high amount of Blood Loss Buildup. 

Players can follow through with Physical and Fire Damage that will cause players to lose HP and render them useless, allowing adventurers to come out victorious. The primary skill of Eleonora’s Poleblade remains “Bloodblade Dance,” which allows players to form a leaping stance and continue with tornado attacks toward enemies. With the weapon scaling off of Arcane D, Dexterity E, and Strength E, adventurers can pinch in 19 Arcane Points, 21 Dexterity, and 12 Strength Points to obliterate enemies with this weapon. 

Physical Damage 72
Magic Damage 0
Fire Damage 72
Light Damage 0
Holy Damage 0
Crit Damage 100
Physical Guard 42
Magic Guard 28
Fire Guard 38
Light Guard 28
Holy Guard 28
Boost Guard 28

Dragon Communion Seal 

Elden Ring Arcane Build 
Dragon Communion Seal

To cast strong Dragon Communion Seals, players can help by equipping the Dragon Communion Seal, which can help place the “Madness” status on enemies and kill them off quickly. The main aim of the weapon itself is to help adventurers with Dragon Incantations and spell casting. 

With the weapon itself scaling with Arcane C and Faith D, players can put in 10 Arcane Points and 10 Faith Points to gain access to it. 

Physical Damage 25
Magic Damage 0
Fire Damage 0
Light Damage 0
Incantation 60
Crit Damage 100
Physical Guard 25
Magic Guard 15
Fire Guard 15
Light Guard 15
Holy Guard 15
Boost Guard 15

Armor Sets For Arcane Build

Here’s a quick rundown of the Armor Sets in comparison to each other:

Armor SetArmorPhysicalStrikeSlashPierceMagicFireLightHoly
Black Knife SetBlack Knife Hood3.
Back Knife Armor11.410.912.412.
Black Knife Gauntlets2.
Black Knife Greaves6.
Land of Reeds Set Land of Reeds Helm
Land of Reeds Armor 8.89.511.99.510.211.411.910.9
Land of Reeds Gauntlets
Land of Reeds Greaves
White Reed Set Okina Mask
White Reed Armor 9.510.211.48.810.910.911.910.2
White Reed Gauntlets
White Reed Greaves

For the Arcane Build Class in Elden Ring, players can take advantage of these three armor sets that will greatly benefit them and help them out when they are in the midst of a fight with opponents. 

Black Knife Set

Following up with The Black Knife Set, is notorious for its primary passive, improving and buffing the player’s stealth moves, which can significantly help them move about while in combat. It comes equipped with Helms, Gauntlets, Greaves, and Chest armor. Let’s check it out! 

Black Knife Hood 

Elden Ring Arcane Build 
Black Knife Hood

They start with the Black Knife Hood, which is mainly used in the heat of the battle with difficult bosses. It will significantly aid the players when it is worn on top of the adventurer’s head, as its main aim is to enhance the player’s Robustness and Resistance. When players are under the protection of the Black Knife Hood, they can fearlessly slash and thrust their way through enemies and render them useless. 

The hood itself does not contribute a lot to the Equip Load Limit. Therefore, it can be easily worn by players. Significant emphasis is placed on negating Physical, Slash, and Pierce damage, as well as enhancing Robustness Resistance. I suggest checking below for numbers and stats.

  Damage Negation
Physical Damage 3.8
Strike Damage 3.6
Slash Damage 4.2
Pierce Damage 4.2
Magic Damage 2.8
Fire Damage 3.1
Light Damage 2.1
Holy Damage 3.8
Immunity  11
Robustness  18
Focus  9
Vitality  9
Poise  4

Black Knife Armor 

Elden Ring Arcane Build Black Knife Armor
Black Knife Armor

Following up with the Black Knife Armor, while it is adorned around the adventurer’s waist and torso, it not only looks elegant, but it also beautifully guards the players against all physical and elemental attacks that are aimed at the torso. The armor itself is considered heavy-weight, allowing adventurers to tank all sorts of damage. 

Physical, strike, Slash, and Pierce damage negation is the main aim of the armor, but elemental damage is not ignored. Robustness, immunity, and focus resistance are also considered. You can see below for damage negation stats. 

  Damage Negation
Physical Damage 11.4
Strike Damage 10.9
Slash Damage 12.4
Pierce Damage 12.4
Magic Damage 8.8
Fire Damage 9.5
Light Damage 6.7
Holy Damage 11.4
Immunity  28
Robustness  46
Focus  23
Vitality  23
Poise  14

Black Knife Gauntlets 

Elden Black Knife Gauntlets
Black Knife Gauntlets

The Black Knife Gauntlets are another vital asset to the Arcane Build in Elden Ring. It focuses mainly on protecting the player from difficult opponents and is adorned around the hands and the arms. Any enemy that dares launch attacks at the arms and hands will damage the adventurer. 

The Equip Load Limit will not be affected by a lot, and Magic, Fire, Light, and Holy damage protection are prioritized over everything else. Robustness Resistance is also highly considered. The gauntlets add to the stealth enhancement that players can experience while under the guard of the set. 

  Damage Negation
Physical Damage 2.8
Strike Damage 2.7
Slash Damage 3.1
Pierce Damage 3.1
Magic Damage 2.1
Fire Damage 2.3
Light Damage 1.6
Holy Damage 2.8
Immunity  9
Robustness  15
Focus  8
Vitality  8
Poise  3

Black Knife Greaves 

Finishing off this set with the Black Knife Greaves is considered a relatively lightweight armor worn to guard adventurers against attacks launched at the legs. The leg protection is focused mainly on Magical and Physical protection; all the while, players can continue to launch attacks at their enemies and take down enemies. 

  Damage Negation
Physical Damage 6.5
Strike Damage 6.2
Slash Damage 7.1
Pierce Damage 7.1
Magic Damage 5.0
Fire Damage 5.4
Light Damage 3.8
Holy Damage 6.5
Immunity  17
Robustness  29
Focus  14
Vitality  14
Poise  8

Land of Reeds Set 

Getting along with the Arcane Build, the Land of Reeds set is another viable armor set that players can take protection from and go into the arena to obliterate the worst of enemies and come out utterly victorious. The Land of Reeds set comes with chest armor, gauntlets, greaves, and helms. 

Land of Reeds Helm 

Elden Land of Reeds Helm
Land of Reeds Helm

Starting with the Land of Reeds Helm, is armor wear that is meant to be adorned on the adventurer’s head and prevents you from taking any sort of headshots aimed at the player by enemies. It is a comparatively lightweight helm that can offer a consecutive balance between personal protection and damage negation. This headpiece also goes well with a Samurai build.

The main aim of the helm is to protect from Slash, Light, and Fire Damage, while also focusing on Immunity and Vitality Resistance. The weight is around 3.6, enough for the player to tank many hits. I recommend checking below for numbers.

  Damage Negation
Physical Damage 3.1
Strike Damage 3.4
Slash Damage 4.2
Pierce Damage 3.4
Magic Damage 3.6
Fire Damage 4.0
Light Damage 4.2
Holy Damage 3.8
Immunity  26
Robustness  22
Focus  22
Vitality  23
Poise  2

Land of Reeds Armor 

Elden Land of Reeds Armor
Land of Reeds Armor

The Land of Reeds Armor mainly aims to protect the adventurer from enemy attacks while also allowing players to launch consecutive slashing and thrusting attacks at the foes to take them down and gain dominance of the arena. Personal protection is the priority to keep the player alive for as long as possible.

Players will take over their foes when the Land of Reeds Armor guards them. Elemental damage negation is the priority compared to physical damage, and the main priority is focused on enhancing Immunity and Vitality Resistance. As someone who values survivability, I suggest checking out the damage negation stats below.

  Damage Negation
Physical Damage 8.8
Strike Damage 9.5
Slash Damage 11.9
Pierce Damage 9.5
Magic Damage 10.2
Fire Damage 11.4
Light Damage 11.9
Holy Damage 10.9
Immunity  60
Robustness  50
Focus  50
Vitality  55
Poise  6

Land of Reeds Gauntlets 

Elden Land of Reeds Gauntlets
Land of Reeds Gauntlets

Going right along with the Land of Reeds Gauntlets, they are there to aid the Player while in combat, whether PvP or PvE and allow adventurers to launch consecutive attacks at their opponents and obliterate them. The Player’s defense and personal protection are considerably buffed. 

Physical, Strike, Slash, and Pierce damage negation is aimed at and ensures players that their resistance to all kinds of enemy attacks is also catered to. Here are some of the main stats that you should invest in. 

  Damage Negation
Physical Damage 2.1
Strike Damage 2.3
Slash Damage 2.9
Pierce Damage 2.3
Magic Damage 2.5
Fire Damage 2.8
Light Damage 2.9
Holy Damage 2.7
Immunity  20
Robustness  17
Focus  17
Vitality  18
Poise  1

Land of Reeds Greaves 

Elden Land of Reeds Greaves
Land of Reeds Greaves

Lastly, the Land of Reeds Greaves participates in the Arcane Build to help players achieve victory as quickly as possible without needing to die or increase their health. The graves are adorned around the adventurer’s legs and feet, reducing damage intake from the enemy’s side. 

The greaves’ weight is around 5.1, which can determine that the greaves are considered heavy-weight armor and can add a bit to the Equip Load Limit. 

  Damage Negation
Physical Damage 5.0
Strike Damage 5.4
Slash Damage 6.8
Pierce Damage 5.4
Magic Damage 5.8
Fire Damage 6.5
Light Damage 6.8
Holy Damage 6.2
Immunity  37
Robustness  31
Focus  31
Vitality  34
Poise  4

White Reed Set 

Getting through the Arcane Build, the White Reed Set is a fantastic alternative to the Black Knife set or any others, as it is produced from banded iron plates and dramatically aids the players in the battle. The set comes with its Chest Armor, Gauntlets, Greaves, and Helms. 

Okina Mask 

Starting with the Okina Mask, its appearance does not need to fool any player, as it can provide excellent guard and protection, strong adventurers, fighting their way through to victory against the most challenging bosses and enemies. The mask’s primary focus is to enhance the player’s overall skill. 

The minor side-effect is that it will reduce the adventurer’s focus. The main focus is on Physical, Slash, and Light damage negation, allowing players to tank light and physical damage from foes. Immunity, Focus, and Vitality Resistance are catered to. 

  Damage Negation
Physical Damage 3.4
Strike Damage 3.6
Slash Damage 4.0
Pierce Damage 3.1
Magic Damage 3.8
Fire Damage 3.8
Light Damage 4.2
Holy Damage 3.6
Immunity  29
Robustness  18
Focus  23
Vitality  22
Poise  2

White Reed Armor 

Elden White Reed Set
White Reed Armor

The White Reed Armor is yet another fantastic piece, as it offers excellent damage protection when it is adorned around the waist and torso. Players can stay fully guarded while swiftly moving across the arena and working their way to the ultimate win. 

Adventurers, under the protection of the White Reed Armor, tank both elemental and physical damage, rendering the enemies useless. You can see below the numbers and stats for damage negation and resistances. 

  Damage Negation
Physical Damage 9.5
Strike Damage 10.2
Slash Damage 11.4
Pierce Damage 8.8
Magic Damage 10.9
Fire Damage 10.9
Light Damage 11.9
Holy Damage 10.2
Immunity  67
Robustness  42
Focus  55
Vitality  50
Poise  8

White Reed Gauntlets 

Elden White Reed Armor
White Reed Gauntlets

The White Reed Gauntlets are meant to be worn around the arms and hands, and being made from banded iron plates, they are sure to allow players to stay protected the entire time they are in combat with their opponents. There is considerable resistance and protection enhancement from the player’s side. 

The primary damage negation comes from Slash, Light, Magic, and Physical damage, and the gauntlets provide excellent Immunity Resistance. See below for numbers. 

  Damage Negation
Physical Damage 2.3
Strike Damage 2.5
Slash Damage 2.8
Pierce Damage 2.1
Magic Damage 2.7
Fire Damage 2.7
Light Damage 2.9
Holy Damage 2.5
Immunity  22
Robustness  14
Focus  18
Vitality  17
Poise  2

White Reed Greaves 

Elden White Reed Greaves
White Reed Greaves

Ending it all with the White Reed Greaves, while they are adorned on the adventurer’s legs and feet, players will always be able to take in all sorts of damage that enemies dare to launch your way. Increased HP preservation is the primary goal of the greaves, all the while also providing excellent Physical, Strike, Slash, and Pierce damage negation. 

  Damage Negation
Physical Damage 5.4
Strike Damage 5.4
Slash Damage 6.5
Pierce Damage 5.0
Magic Damage 6.2
Fire Damage 6.2
Light Damage 6.8
Holy Damage 5.8
Immunity  41
Robustness  26
Focus  34
Vitality  31
Poise  4

Talismans For Arcane Build 

Talismans are a crucial part of an adventurer’s kit, as they can offer countless offensive and defensive benefits to the player and help them achieve victory. To get the most out of the Arcane Build in Elden Ring, here are the five best talismans to use, in my opinion. Elden Ring players will benefit from them greatly. 

Dragon Crest Greatshield Talisman 

Elden Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman
Dragoncrest Greatshield

Starting with the Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman, while it is in the hands of adventurers, it will significantly help them take down the toughest of enemies. With the main aim of the talisman being to enhance players’ physical damage negation, it can significantly help with specific armor kits. 

In essence, if a player has around 0% physical damage negation, they will get a 20% physical damage negation buff, which will help them tank more hits without losing a ton of HP, which will indirectly help them survive longer on the battlefield. 

Erdtree’s Favor 

Elden Erdtree's Favor Talisman
Erdtree’s Favor

Yet another essential talisman that adventurers can equip is the Erdtree’s Favor. In essence, the main aim of the talisman is to support and help keep players alive for longer by enhancing and buffing their overall Health Points. When players face enemies in PvE matches, it is essential to ensure HP maintenance. 

Players will find their HP buffed by 3%, Stamina by 6.75%, and Equip Load by 5%, and with the +1 upgrade, their HP will be enhanced by 3.5%, Stamina by 6.75%, and Equip Load Limit by 6.5%, which can help adventurers wear stronger armor and be a lot stronger. 

Green Turtle’s Talisman

Elden Green Turtle Talisman
Green Turtle

Based on my experience, another crucial talisman that adventurers might consider for the Arcane build is the Green Turtle’s Talisman. In essence, the talisman comes in handy when players sprint through the arena and takedown challenging enemies and bosses. 

With the talisman granting faster stamina recovery to players, they can regain 8 Stamina Points per second, which can significantly aid them in battle. 

Lord of Blood’s Exultation 

Elden Lord of Blood's Exultation
Lord of Blood’s Exultation

The Lord of Blood’s Exultationdeems itself incredibly useful when adventurers are working hard slicing enemies in half and making their central to gain dominance over their foes. The Lord of Blood’s Exultation allows players to experience enhanced attack power if there is a Blood Loss Buildup in a certain radius around them. 

This can work exceptionally well with weapons that cause Blood Loss buildup, as it will proc this talisman and instantly buff the player’s attack power, which can again increase the weapon’s overall damage output. 

Ritual Shield 

Elden Ritual Shield Talisman
Ritual Shield

Finishing off with the Ritual Shield, this talisman greatly aids the players in combat, whether PvP or PvE, and it buffs players’ defense if their Health has not dropped at all. 

The talisman itself will decrease the incoming damage by 30%, allowing players to tank more hits launched at them by enemies and stay at total Health all the time. This can help in turn players launch attacks and render enemies useless. 


Moving on, players can use spells to get buffs and healing, curing, or offensive buffs that can help the player get as many victories as possible and take out enemies with style and Vigor. Here are three essential spells that I suggest focusing on for the Arcane Build. 

Swarm of Flies 

Starting with the Swarm of Flieswhen the adventurer equips the incantation and casts it, it causes the launch of a large crowd of flies infused with Blood that will be aimed to head in the direction of the opponents. When approached by the enemy, they will assault and attack the enemy, consistently building up Blood Loss and dealing damage. 

Even as the caster moves across the battlefield and takes down enemies, they can cast Swarm of Flies. The magic requires around 16 Arcane Points and 11 Faith Points from the caster, and it uses up around one 1 Memory Slot. 

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Flame of Frenzy 

Moving on with the Flame of Frenzy, when the player casts it, it launches down a burst of flames infused with enhanced Fire damage that will obliterate enemies and cause them to intake increased Fire Damage. This will continue to move all across and engulf the enemy in flames. 

Holding the incantation for a while charges it up, and when unleashed again, it buffs a broad range of flames that engulf the foes, causing an overall increase in Fire Damage output. The casting speed of Flame of Frenzy is fast, and it uses up 1 Memory Slot.

Rot Breath 

Finishing off with the Rot Breath Incantation is yet another essential one in the Arcane Build. The adventurer who approaches the enemies casts it, unleashing rotten breath in the direction of the foes as its main aim. 

The incantation requires players to invest in 12 Arcane Points and Faith Points, and it uses up 48 Stamina and one Memory Slot. In my opinion, having a Rot Breath is crucial for survival in Elden Ring.

Ash of War

I recommend equipping only one optimal ash of war for the Arcane Build. 

Bloodhound Step 

The Bloodhound’s Step ash of war grants the adventurer the skill, “Bloodhound’s Step,” which allows the player to become invisible to every opponent surrounding them temporarily and offers them enhanced dodging abilities so players can better dodge incoming damage. 

Arcane Build Tips 

  • Wield Scavenger’s Curved Sword for fast victories, using heavy attacks for physical damage and blood loss.
  • Use Lord of Blood’s Exultation for consistent Blood Loss Status, paired with Erdtree’s Favor for HP benefits and Green Turtle Talisman for agility.
  • Equip Dragon’s Communion Seal to cast incantations, summon Swarm of Flies for extra blood loss, and utilize Flame of Frenzy for Fire Damage.

My Thoughts On The Arcane Build

Elden Ring Game Hours
My Elden Ring Game Hours (Image by eXputer)

After spending many hours in Elden Ring, I consider the Arcane Build to be one of the most potent options, if not the outright strongest. Despite bosses being immune to bleeding in the Arcane build, you can offset this limitation with powerful incantations. Though not a fan of spells, their overwhelming effectiveness cannot be denied.

For an optimal Arcane Build, prioritize upgrading Arcane, Dexterity, Faith, Vigor, and Endurance. Weapon-wise, opt for either Rivers of Blood or dual-wield Uchigatana for a remarkable Blood Loss effect. If you choose the Uchigatana build, enhance it further by utilizing Senpukku as the Ash of War for an incredible bleed build.

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