Reviewers Asked To Show Elden Ring’s Performance After Day One Patch

This got players worried, resulting in cancellation of pre-orders.

2022 is shaping up to be an excellent year for AAA titles. The amalgamation of genres like action-adventure and buckets of lore invariably concludes as an indelible experience. Soulslike games are renowned for that perfect blend of delightful genres. It’s no stupefaction that video games like Dark Souls have held a special place in the hearts of gamers. The Elden Ring is an upcoming installment in the soulslike games. Elden Ring is the lovechild of many notable figures in the gaming industry.

The epitome director Hidetaka Miyazaki to the quintessential lore builder, George R.R Martin, has brewed this soulslike videogame. Various individuals have added glimmers of their prowess to erect Elden Ring into its full glory. The game has taken a slightly different approach regarding its art style. Visually pleasant colors are used as well as the old darkened fantasy-Esque tints. However, the world of Elden Ring is full of lore, ready to be uncovered.

Digital Foundry To Not Analyze Elden Ring Performance Prior Day One Patch

Digital Foundry recently addressed a misconception that they heard about themselves. They were blamed for hiding Elden Ring‘s performance stats from the public. Apparently, FromSoftware has “not allowedDigital Foundry to reveal the stats just yet. And it’s nothing out of the ordinary; the game studios tend not to show stats before the release for various reasons. Digital Foundry posted a series of Tweets to put water over the kindling flames.

This tweet curbed the outcry to some extent. The main reason for not revealing stats is simply that the performance is judged based on the day one patch since players will be playing the game on that patch. The day one patch has become significant for games, particularly AAA titles.

Many bugs and glitches are squashed in the first patch, making the gameplay smoother for the general public. It’s complicated to polish the game wholly before release; that is why day one patches are significant.

Digital Foundry also addressed the situation further. “It’s worth pointing out that day one patch often arrives before launch, and we’re aiming to get the content out as soon as possible – but the reality of video production is that it takes time.” 

Reaction Of The Community Regarding Veiling Of Stats

A game that upholds Steam‘s most wish-listed game title results in a buzz in the gaming community. The leaks for this title have seeped through the internet’s pipes down to game forums like Reddit. So, it’s natural that gamers have been concerned about the performance of Elden Ring. The title ought to run smoothly on next-gen devices. However, players with a low-end PC are especially ponderous over how it may perform on their trusty machines.

After Digital Foundry addressed the situation, the situation seemed to be under control. However, it is only natural for players to agonize when much buildup surrounds a title. The hype of the game and just the excellency of it resulted in many players rightfully pre-ordering the title.

So despise the constructive response of Digital Foundry, players in forums demand a simple impression if not the performance stats themselves. It ensures that the game is fully optimized for the devices and won’t be a broken mess like *cough* Cyberpunk 2077 launch *cough*. On the contrary, some players have canceled their pre-orders because of the ambiguity of this situation.

Overall, the response of the Digital Foundry regarding this holler was coherent. It is certainly not enough to quench everyone’s thirst. The game is on its way to release globally on February 25, 2022. All the uncertainty concerning the optimization of Elden Ring will be answered in just a few days. What are your thoughts regarding this response? Are you excited about Elden Ring? Let us know in the comments below!

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