Elden Ring Magma Blade Location [Farming Spot]

Did you wonder how to get Lizardmen's Magma Blade in Elden Ring? Yes, it's possible. So we're here with Magma Blade's location in Elden Ring.

The Magma Blade in Elden Ring is a great weapon that you can add to your arsenal. It brings in devastating fire attacks that melt enemies within seconds. The Blade has good potential for scaling in Faith and Dexterity. Curiosity might arise in you about the location of Magma Blade in the Elden Ring. Don’t worry, and we’ll guide you on how to get the Magma Blade in Elden Ring. In addition to that, we’ll discuss the stats of Magma Blade too.

Key Highlights
  • Just like the other best swords, the Magma blade isn’t present at shops or any specific location to purchase. The only way to get it is by killing the LizardMen in the Volcano Manor; only those carrying the molten blade will drop it.
  • After getting to the Volcano Manor, you’ll have to locate the spawning location of the LizardMen. By Activating the Site of Grace you can start farming them to get the sword.
  • Using the Lift next to the Site of Grace, at Volcano Manor. You can get up. Afterwards jump down to the path next to the lava and continue until the other platform and you’ll see the tower
  • A common question, Is this much hassle worth it for the Magma Blade. In short words, yes. You also get runes when you kill LizardMen which can be used to upgrade yourself.
  • The Magma Blade is a strong weapon. It has a high base attack (96) and most of all it spreads fire around you, continuously killing your enemies. This is possible because of its Fire Attack (62)
  • You can go to the Volcano Manor, either by using your horse Torrent or going through another route which is way shorter. The shorter way is more of a game exploit, and not many people know it.
  • While getting the magma blade is difficult, it proves to be worthwhile in the end due to its amazing power in killing opponents.

Magma Blade Location In Elden Ring

The Magma Blade isn’t available in any shop or specific location like some of the best swords in Elden Ring. You get the blade as loot in the Volcano Manor by killing the Lizardmen that are carrying this blade. To be specific, the Lizardmen that are carrying the molten version of this blade will drop it.

Lizardmen are the Magma Blade's location in Elden Ring.
Lizardmen drop the Magma Blade.

Magma Sword Farming Area

Once you get to the volcano manor, you have to get to the Lizardmen spawning location. Because at that location is the Magma Blade in Elden Ring. Once you get to that location, you need to activate the Site of Grace. Then, you’ll have to farm on the Lizardmen until you get the Magma Blade.

The Temple of Eiglay Site of Grace is near the Magma Sword location in Elden Ring.
Temple of Eiglay Site of Grace

Start from the Volcano Manor Site of Grace and activate the lift to your left. Get on it, and it’ll take you up and out of the Manor.

Lifft at Temple of Eiglay Site of Grace.
The Lift at Temple of Eiglay takes you up, whereas the lever brings the lift down.

Now you have to jump down to the lava and follow the path. When at the cliff’s end, jump down to another platform and go ahead. Now turn left on the lavafall and you’ll see the tower in front of you.

Magma slugs in the way to the Magma Sword.
You’ll have to jump down and walk past those magma slugs.

When you jump on the platform the tower is on, an iron maiden will come and attack you. Get past it and enter the tower’s open window. A lizardman will be there to attack you. Kill, but be cautious as they can deal tons of damage as they are wielding the Magma Blade itself. Yes, as you’re thinking about how to get the magma blade in the Elden Ring, it’s distributed among these lizardmen. So you’ll need the perfect set of Armor, Weapons, and Spells to fight them. Consuming special Items to Negate fire damage is a great option too.

Once you’ve killed this lizardman, get up the stairs and turn left, you’ll find yourself in a small room with the lift. Getting on the lift will unlock it. As you get on the lift, a creature with a round head will attack you. Kill it as it’s annoying. Once you get down on the lift, you can head straight forward and to the right and you’ll be at the Site of Grace again. Okay so, once you’ve gone back to the Site of Grace, it will unlock the lift.

lift back to the Temple of Eiglay.
Go down the lift to get back to Temple of Eiglay Site of Grace. Be wary of the monster as it will attack you.

Performing this task will unlock the farming potential of this area as you can use the site of grace to go and kill those lizardmen again and again.

Range attacks are useful to fight the Lizardmen.
One of the best methods to kill the Lizardmen is to use range attacks against them.

Acquiring Magma Sword

Are you asking whether the Magma Sword is worth all the hurdles that you have to come across? Well, yes, as you’ll be killing tons of these lizardmen to get the sword, you’ll be getting Runes too. You can use these Runes to upgrade yourself. Also, read our Elden Ring Fastest Rune Farming guide if you need to level up faster.

After a few runs, one of the Lizardmen will drop the Magma Sword after they’re killed. Pick it up, and you’ll finally have the Magma Sword.

Magma Sword Drop Location in Elden Ring.
The Magma Blade dropped by the Lizardmen.
Magma Sword picked up.
The Magma Blade Acquired.

You know that the Magma Sword is a dropping item, you can consume items that increase drop chances and get it quicker.

Magma Blade Stats

The Magma Blade has a high 96 base attack. But that’s why you’ll be getting the Magma Blade. It’s the Fire Attack that it does. Its Fire Attack is 62 and that’s what makes it special. As you use its special attack, it will sprew magma all around you and damage enemies standing near you. So, the Magma Blade is perfect for continuous damage.

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Magma Blade in Elden Ring description.
Magma Blade stats and description.

Reaching Volcano Manor For Magma Blade

If you still haven’t reached the Magma Blade Location in Elden Ring, that is the Volcano Manor, then there are two different methods to get there. In one, you’ll have to travel a lot and preferably on your horse Torrent. Whereas the other is a route to get there. We’ll talk about both of them as they are equally interesting. Read our Volcano Manor guide for an in-depth walkthrough. 

The Shortest Route

Okay, so the first method to get to Volcano Manor is to get to the Grand Lift of Dectus. From there, summon your horse and get ready for a lengthy ride.

Volcano manor, Magma blade location.
First, follow the red arrows, and then the purple arrows to get to Volcano Manor.

Now, begin your journey by going up the road. When the road splits into two, get on the path on the left and continue onwards. After that, you’ll come into an area with the boss named “Tibia Mariner”. You can skip past it without attacking it and getting into Mt.Gelmir. Ride past the canyon while evading small volcano eruptions until you come out with a castle in front of you.

On the route to Magma Blade in Elden Ring, save yuorself from damage.
Jump above the small volcano eruptions.

Then, go to the left of the castle and skip past it and you’ll end up in a lava pool with Magma Wyrm. now you’ll have to get across it on the right side, with a little walkway to get past the lava. And then you’ll get at a cliff end. Head to the left from there and you’ll get to a graveyard type of area with tombs. Go straight from it, skipping all the enemies in the way, and you’ll get to the Hermit Village.

Hermit Village comes in the way to Volcano Manor.
Cross the Hermit Village by going through it.

We know that our goal is to get to the Volcano Manor and get to the Magma Blade Location, you’ll have to evade every enemy that comes across. This will make the journey faster. You’ll have to jump up and down a few cliffs and you’ll end up in an open area with a ladder. Quickly get up it or an enemy will start attacking you. There are 4 long ladders in total that you need to climb on, and you’ll be on the top.

Climb stairs to get up to the top.
You’ll have to climb 4 sets of stairs to get to the top.

Don’t worry, the journey is almost over. Once you’ve climbed up, jump down to the tents and head to the left. You’ll come across a bridge that you have to cross. After crossing it, there will be a wind gist going up, jump on it and you’ll get up on the mountain.

The Wind Gust throws the player up.
Wind Gust will push you up to the boss. Run past it to save time.

Now you’ll find the Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast ready to fight you. Go to the right while ignoring the Beast and you’ll find a pointy cliff that you need to jump down. Go down it, and on your left, you’ll see a large manor, the Volcano Manor. You’ll find an ugly troll guarding it. Run past the troll and you’ll enter Volcano Manor.

Enter the Volcano Manor by walking past the troll.
Volcano Manor Reached.

The Secret Way

The long adventurous journey to the Volcano Manor can be completely skipped. For that, you’ll have to use a small exploit in the game. this will get you quickly to the Volcano Manor and the Magma Blade’s Location.

to get to the magma blade location, travel to the Schoolhouse Classroom.
Get to the Schoolhouse Classroom Site of Grace.

Firstly, you’ll have to start from the Schoolhouse Classroom Site of Grace in the Academy of Raya Lucaria. Now, go down the doorway and to the pathway to the left side. The conveyor belt will be right in front of you. Get on the platform after it has passed you.

Conveyer belt takes you down to bottom.
Get on the conveyer belt after it has crossed you, or else you’ll fall to death.

The lift will drop you on the bottom, and an iron maiden will come and attack you. Let the iron maiden kill you with its grab attack. If it doesn’t, the trick won’t work.

Iron Maiden kills you to get you to Volcano Manor.
Let the Iron Maiden kill you by putting you in it.

Once you’re killed by the iron maiden, you’ll spawn inside the Volcano Manor area. Here, you can’t fast travel until you get to a site of grace. This is called a soft lock. To get out of the soft lock, when you spawn in the volcano manor area, turn to your right and jump down the ledge. This is a hard fall, and you might have to retry a few times to get it right. Pressing attack while jumping helps a lot.

Jump down to get to the Magma blade Location.
You’ll have to make an impossible jump.

Okay, once you’ve made the jump, get on the roofs in front of you and get down to the lava. If this is your first time interacting with the lava, then don’t worry; it won’t kill you quickly. Now you can either roll past the lava, or you can use the Quickstep skill. As Quickstep skill is way faster compared to rolling in the lava, you’ll get there in no time.

Magma swords are near that building to the left.
Get past that building on the corner and cross it.

Now, you’ll have to go across the lava and head to the left, and you’ll find a small platform. Get on it quickly. After that, you’ll see stairs going up, get and get on the lift and press its button. When you get out of the lift, go up the stairs on the left, passing the knight. And you’ll get to a boss fight. After killing the boss, you can access the Site of Grace.

Killing boss is necessary.
Get across the knight and defeat the boss to get to the Site of Grace.


In conclusion, Magma Blade is a powerful weapon that can drastically increase your overall damage output. Getting to the Magma Blade location in Elden Ring is tough. But once you get there, it’ll be a matter of a while before everyone gets it.

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