Elden Ring: How To Get To Hermit Village [Quickest Way]

Learn the fastest way to get to Hermit Village and obtain all loot.

In Elden Ring, the Hermit Village is one of the optional locations in the Altus Plateau. It is found near the Volcano Manor and has many valuable items that players can obtain from going there.

Key Takeaways
  • From the Erdtree Gazing Hill site of grace in Altus Plateau, head left.
  • Head northeast from the lake in Wyndham Ruins and drop down to the Grace.
  • Head straight forward and take a left. Now keep riding on this path until you reach an enemy camp.
  • Ignore the camp and turn left. Now, keep riding until you arrive at a lake of lava.
  • Ignore the Magma Dragon or kill it, then cross the lake of lava and turn left.
  • Keep heading forward until you reach a village reinforced by wooden barricades.
  • Now, you have arrived at the Hermit Village.
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How To Get To Hermit Village 

If you want to get to the Hermit Village, go to Altus Plateau and head to the Erdtree Gazing Hill site of grace. You can get to the Altus Plateau in two ways.

Path To Altus Plateau

  • Activate the Grand Lift of Dectus in Liurna by attaining both halves of the Dectus Medallion. These halves can be acquired from Fort Haight and Fort Faroth.
  • Alternatively, you can get to Altus Plateau through the Ruin Strewn Precipice in Liurnia if you do not wish to collect the medallions. It is a decently lengthy climb with many enemies that can poison you, so be ready.

Path To Hermit’s Village

Once everything is ready at the Erdtree Gazing Hill site of grace, the following are the steps I took:

  • Head west from the site of grace and up the cliff. You will arrive at a big lake in the Wyndham Ruins with a boss called Tibia Mariner. 
  • You can skip this fight and head northwest until you see a path extending deep into Mt Gelmir. There will be the Seethewater River site of grace right at the start of this path.
Seethewater Elden Ring
The Seethewater River | Image By eXputer
  • From the Seethewater River site of grace, head straight and then left. Keep in mind to avoid or jump over the firey eruptions on the ground. You are on the correct path if undead enemies fall from the sky.
  • You will arrive at the Seethewater Terminus site of grace by following this path. From the grace, head straight ahead to an enemy camp and turn left.
  • You will see a giant lake of lava after turning left. A Magma Dragon will spawn here. You can run past it as it is an optional boss; however, killing it will reward you with a dragon heart.
Lake Of Lava ER
The Lake Of Lava | Image By eXputer
  • Cross the lake of lava and turn left. Now, keep heading on forward from the graveyard.
  • While heading forward, you will encounter a rune bear. Simply run past it and look for a site of grace in a shack.
  • You will find the Craftsman’s Shack site of grace here.
  • From the Craftsman’s Shack site of grace, head towards a village reinforced by wooden barricades. 
  • This is the Hermit Village.

Enemies In Hermit’s Village

A gigantic swarm of aggressive monkeys will overwhelm you as soon as you enter the Hermit’s Village. Therefore, I recommend using Spirit Ashes or a weapon with a strong AoE (Area of Effect) attack, such as Godfrey’s Axe. 

After killing these mobs, head forward, and you will find a boss called Demi-Human Queen Maggie. She will be accompanied by the Academy’s Sorcerers. 

  • Based on my gameplay experience, I suggest you kill the sorcerers first to ensure you’re not overwhelmed by magic spam.
  • The Demi-Human Queen Maggie in Hermit’s Village is a relatively easy boss. To avoid her magic attacks, simply stick behind her and hack away. 
  • She is especially weak to bleed, so I recommend bringing a weapon infused with bleed for this encounter.

Loot In Hermit’s Village

There are 3 items you can find in Hermit’s Village:

Prattling Pate “You’re Beautiful”

From the entrance of the Hermit’s Village, head forward and then turn right. You will find the Prattling Pate “You’re Beautiful” on a short flight of stairs. This item is purely for fun; you can comment on the beauty, or lack thereof, of the players you encounter on your journey.

Hierodas Glintstone Crown

From the Prattling Pate, turn right. You will see a unique item on a corpse. Loot it to obtain the Hierodas Glintstone Crown headpiece. This headpiece will increase your Endurance and Intelligence stats by 2 while reducing your FP by 11 points.

With this FP reduction and lackluster stat boosts, it is not very useful, and neither is it very good-looking for fashion. However, it is worth getting if you are a completionist.

Comet Azure

After killing the Demi-Human Queen Maggie I’ve mentioned above, you can find a crystallized sage nearby. He will be silent after interacting with him, and after a few seconds, he will give you the Comet Azure spell.

Comet Azure is one of, if not the best spells in Elden Ring for PvE (Player versus Enemy). You can completely eviscerate bosses with the “Kamehameha” type blast this spell fires. It is a must-have for all magic builds.

That concludes my guide on how to get to Hermit Village in Elden Ring. While you’re here, be sure to learn how to gesture in Elden Ring to get an enjoyable experience out of its punishing gameplay.


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Your information was on how to get to the village very well explained (the first time I got some where the first time I tried) well done guys

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