Elden Ring Homing Instinct Painting Location & Reward

Hidden puzzles and quests are the lifeblood of every open-world game. This additional content forces players to explore the entire map and go through everything with a fine-tooth comb. These puzzles are also important to 100% complete the game. They are specially added to make the process of completing the game challenging. Puzzles like this also offer amazing rewards in the form of some of the best weapons and other in-game treasures. These treasures can make the process of going through bosses and completing the game easy. However, the steps that are required to complete these puzzles make them almost impossible. If you don’t have an idea where to look, it is extremely easy to get lost. So, our step-by-step guide on how you can find the Elden Ring Homing Instinct Paining Location can help you locate one of the most well-hidden puzzles in the game.

How To Find Homing Instinct Painting In Elden Ring

painting quest reward
Homing Instinct Painting Reward

The Homing Instinct Painting is an Elden Ring puzzle that is hidden at a secret location. You are required to find the image and decipher the puzzle that is painted on it. The puzzle requires you to go to the location where the painting was created. It can be difficult to find this location if you don’t properly solve the puzzle. Once you find the location, you will receive a secret reward that can help you on your journey.

To locate the painting, you will have to travel to the Artist’s Shack in Limgrave.

Site of the homing instict painting
Artist’s Shack

Once you get there, you will see a few abandoned wooden shacks. One of them is the Elden Ring Homing Instinct Painting Location.

painting location
Homing Instinct Painting

Upon approaching and interacting with it, you will be given the option to collect it. The riddle that leads to the location of the reward is given in the painting description. If you open the painting in your inventory and examine it, you will be able to see this riddle.

painting site guide
Homing Instinct Painting Riddle

Location of Site Mentioned in Painting

To locate the scene that has been depicted in the painting, you will have to head south from the Artist’s Shack. You will keep heading south until you reach the Seaside Ruins.

elden ring homing instinct painting location
Seaside Ruins

After making your way there, you will have to make your way west across the ledge.

travelling to painting location
Ledge Leading to the Painting Site

You will also encounter a few enemies while you are traveling along this path. Keep moving along this ledge until you encounter a large structure. After crossing this structure, you will see the graves that were drawn on the homing instinct painting.

elden ring homing instinct painting location
Scene Painted on the Homing Instinct Painting

Collecting the Reward

Once you are at this location, you will see the spirit of the person who created the painting. It is important to note that this spirit will only be visible if you collected the painting.

elden ring homing instinct painting location
Homing Instinct Painting Spirit

After you get close to the spirit, it will disappear and leave behind the Incantation Scarab as a reward.

elden ring homing instinct painting location
The Incantation Scarab

You can equip this item right away. It will grant you the ability to cast some of the best spells while using 15% less FP. However, you will take more damage if you are attacked.

elden ring homing instinct painting location
Incantation Scarab Stats

This item can be good if you are going for a ranged intelligence build as it allows you to cast more spells.

This concludes our guide on how you can find the Elden Ring Homing Instinct Painting Location. If you liked this guide, you could also see our guide on how you can find the Sellia Crystal Tunnel Location. Let us know what you think about this step-by-step guide in the comments below!

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