Elden Ring Hidden Paintings Location [All 7 Paintings]

Today's guide basically focuses on the location of the hidden paintings and the rewards that come along with it in Elden Ring!

You have to be honest, and it wouldn’t be a good FromSoftware game if there weren’t any secrets or hidden items involved in the game. It’s a pretty standard formula to include in any game, and FromSoftware does its best to reward the players extensively for finding hidden items found across the Lands Between. Today, I’ll be taking a look at the Location of the Hidden Paintings in Elden Ring.

Key Highlights
  • Hidden Paintings are optional collectibles found in Artist’s Shacks across the Lands Between.
  • After interacting with one, you can look at and read the description of these Hidden Paintings.
  • These paintings depict an array of locations around the Lands Between, and your objective is to find these locations.
  • Upon reaching the location, the Ghost of the artist appears and drops you a reward.
  • You can get good rewards for completing both steps, such as the Incantation Scarab helmet, Ashes of Wars, Larval Tear, Juvenile Scholar Cap & Robe, incantations, and weapons.

Hidden Paintings in Elden Ring can be found in various Artists’ Shacks scattered throughout the Lands Between. There are a total of 7 paintings to discover in this vast world. When you interact with a painting and acquire it, you’ll be able to view the painting along with a description of the depicted location.

Homing Instinct Painting Location

Elden Ring Hidden Painting Location
The Homing Instinct Painting

Artist’s Shack

In my experience you should start from the Outskirts of the Summonwater Village, for the first Elden Ring Hidden Paintings Location. As you make it to the location, start moving South aboard Torrent and climb up the rocks located right in front of you. Follow along the cliff, and you’ll finally come across the Artist’s Shack right before you. Head on inside and acquire the Homing Instinct Painting. That’s just stepping 1 of 2, as you now need to find out where the location of the Painting’s perspective is.

Ghost’s Location

I’ve got you covered with this one; fast travel to Seaside Ruins. Upon arrival, head north and navigate through the area with bats. You’ll soon spot a small gravesite, and to its right, you’ll find the artist’s Shack. Approach the ghostly figure, and it will disappear, leaving behind the Incantation Scarab.

Incantation Scarab

The Incantation Scarab is basically a Helmet in Elden Ring. It looks like a disgusting bug that firmly sits on top of your head. The Scarab has some runes inscribed on it and basically applies some defensive capabilities to the head of the user. The Scarab also changes the appearance of the player.

The Scarab basically reduces the FP costs of incantations but increases the damage taken by the player. The FP Cost of every incantation goes down by a dramatic 15 percent but at the cost of taking on some increased damage. Also, consider reading our Best Elden Ring Incantations guide. 

Prophecy Painting Location

Elden Ring Hidden Painting Location
The Prophecy Painting

Stormveil Castle

To find the Second Hidden Painting, I suggest you head to the open area within Stormveil Castle. Here, you’ll encounter numerous guards with their defenses set up, as well as a formidable enemy wielding an oversized sword and accompanied by a trusty companion. If you turn left and continue in that direction, you’ll discover the Prophecy Painting inside a building.

Ghost’s Location

To get the Warhawk Ashes in Elden Ring without needing to observe the painting, here are the steps that I followed:

  1. Fast travel to the Church of Pilgrimage, located to the north of the Weeping Peninsula.
  2. Make your way outside of the church and head towards the cliff in front of you.
  3. Look for a piece of ruins protruding from the ground, with some birds resting near the end to the right.
  4. On the left side of the ruin, you’ll find the Ghost. The tricky part is that the Ghost only appears when you approach the location.
  5. As you get close to the Ghost, it will disappear and leave behind your reward, the Warhawk Ashes.

Warhawk Ashes

Warhawk Ashes is the reward for finding the second Elden Ring Hidden Paintings Location. This Ash of War is basically a summon. You might have heard that summons aren’t the way to go if you wanna fully experience a FromSoftware game but I advise you not to listen to salty players. Summons are pretty useful for getting in some damage, and they die out if you don’t make your fair share of contributions to a battle.

Warhawk basically summons a hawk that is similar to the one that appears outside of the StormVeil Castle. The Hawk basically attacks via swords which are attached to its talons and to its beak. The Warhawk, being a notable hawk, also breathes fire. It makes for a great ally as you usually encounter it as an enemy. Beware before summoning it as it has an FP Cost of 52.

Resurrection Painting Location

Elden Ring Hidden Painting Location
Resurrection Painting

Artist’s Shack

The Resurrection Painting is located east of the Liurnia of the Lakes. Follow my advice and proceed your way to the East, where you’ll conveniently find the Artist’s Shack that sits on top of a few rocks. You can also find the Shack just west of the Carian Study Hall. Head on inside to acquire the Resurrection Painting.

Ghost’s Location

To locate the third Hidden Painting in Elden Ring, I recommend the following steps:

  1. Start from inside Caria Manor.
  2. Fast travel to the area behind Caria Manor. Alternatively, you can manually reach this area by going to The Three Sisters and then heading to the right, circumventing the manor.
  3. Once you arrive in the designated area, head east until you reach a graveyard.
  4. Look to the right of this area, on the other side of a rock, where you’ll find the Ghost standing diagonally upwards.
  5. Approach the Ghost, and it will disappear, dropping several items, including the Juvenile Scholar Cap, Juvenile Scholar Robe, and a Larval Tear.

Juvenile Scholar Cap

The Juvenile Scholar Cap is basically a helmet in Elden Ring and is a part of the Juvenile Scholar Set. It’s basically lightweight head protection that doesn’t offer you much defensive protection from physical damage. According to the Lore, the Cap was worn by young academy scholars. The juveniles were birthed anew by the amber egg of Queen Rennala, the head of Raya Lucaria Academy. 

Juvenile Scholar Robe

The Juvenile Scholar Robe in Elden Ring is a lightweight Chest Armor Piece. While it doesn’t provide substantial physical damage resistance, it excels in mitigating magical effects. This robe is worn on the player’s torso, enhancing defensive and resistance capabilities. Additionally, it alters the player’s overall appearance.

Larval Tear

The Larval Tear is basically an essential item in Elden Ring, which is used by Rennala of the Raya Lucaria Academy to grant rebirth. The Larval tear is basically the core of a creature of mimicry known as a silver tear. Rebirth basically enables players to boost their stats and attributes to new heights, allowing the players to take on more challenging battles.

Redmane Painting Location

Elden Ring Hidden Painting Location
Redmane Painting

Sellia, Town of Sorcery

Start off in Caelid. Then start strafing towards the Site of Grace which is known as Sellia Under-Stair. The area is located inside Sellia, Town of Sorcery. Make your way up the stairs, head towards the right, and then you’ll come across the Redmane Painting laying beside some rubble. While you’re at it, why not read our Elden Ring Sellia Crystal Tunnel Location guide.

Ghost’s Location

To reach the Ghost associated with the Hidden Painting, I followed the following steps:

  1. Start by fast traveling from your location in Caelid to the Dragonbarrow Fork.
  2. Head east towards the Minor Erdtree along the road.
  3. Continue along the road until you reach the Minor Erdtree. Congratulations, you’ve made it!
  4. You’ll notice many broken pots on your right. Proceed to the right of the Minor Erdtree, where a wind tunnel will project you onto a ledge above.
  5. On your left, you’ll see a single large pot, and nearby, you’ll find messages left by other Elden Ring players that indicate the location to drop down.
  6. Use the branches and broken arches to carefully navigate your way down to safe ground. Some spots allow you to drop down without taking fall damage, but for others, you may want to use Torrent.
  7. Once you reach the ledge below, walk towards the edge in the middle, and the artist’s Ghost will appear before you.
  8. Interact with the Ghost to make it disappear, and you’ll be rewarded with the Ash of War: Rain of Arrows.

Ash of War: Rain of Arrows

The Rain of Arrows is basically an Ash of War, as you can tell. It’s also an upgrade material and provides the player with the rain of arrows skill and standard affinity. It can be equipped along with weapons and shields to modify the skill or some of your other equipment.

The Archery skill is basically performed from a low stance as you ready your Bow and launch a barrage of arrows towards the sky. The skill can be used with all kinds of bows.It can be cast even if you have less than 20 FP. The Rain of Arrows is pretty helpful if you want to farm wildlife and gain some crafting materials.

Champion’s Song Location

Champions Song
The Champion’s Song Painting

Shaded Castle

The Champion’s Song can be acquired by fast traveling to the Shaded Castle. To be specific, I’d say you need to make your way to the Shaded Castle Ramparts. As you reach the destination, make a left at the stairs located behind you and keep walking along the castle wall until you reach an area where you can drop down. It’ll be located to your left. Also, consider reading our Elden Ring 50 Hit Wall Location guide.

After you’ve dropped down, you’ll find a wooden hut. On the first floor of the cabin, you’ll find the Champion’s Song Painting.

Ghost’s Location

Back to the Site of Grace, make your way to the Rampartside Path in Altus Plateau. Make your way southeast until you finally reach a small encampment. Look to your right, and make your way along the path which will lead back to the way you came from. Climb to the very top and then approach the cliff which overlooks the Sainted Hero’s Grave. There, you’ll find the Ghost, which will drop the Harp Bow.

Harp Bow

The Harp Bow is basically a light wooden bow in Elden Ring. It primarily scales with your strength and dexterity stands, so you need to polish up on your attributes. It’s a pretty good weapon for most archer builds.The Bow is basically designed from a minstrel’s harp.

It resounds in sonorous tones when the Bow is fired. It requires the user to have a strength of 9 and a dexterity of 9 and weighs just two units. The Bow comes with the barrage weapon skill and can be upgraded using smithing stones. Although it’s a late-game item, it’s still pretty weak and light compared to its counterparts.

Flightless Bird Painting Location

Flightless Bird
The Flightless Bird Painting

Leyndell, Royal Capital

To get to the Artist’s Shack, I suggest you make your way to the first floor of the Fortified Manor located in Leyendell over at the Royal Capital. You’ll notice it pretty fast, considering it looks pretty similar to the Roundtable Hold.

Ghost’s Location

Now I’ll talk about the sneaky Ghost. In my experience make sure to Fast Travel to the Windmill Village, which is located in the Altus Platea, and make your way to the southeastern location of the area. Here, you’ll find the Ghost that’ll disappear and drop you the Fire’s Deadly Sin Spell.

Fire’s Deadly Sin

The Fire’s Deadly Sin is an incantation in the Elden Ring World. The incantation enables the user to cast fire onto the area and their body. The incantation originates from a profoundly ominous prophecy. Raging flames surround the caster and the region. Charging the spell enhances the potency. The spell requires you to have a faith of around 19. It costs 26 FP to use.

Sorcerer’s Painting Location 

Sorcerer's Painting
The Sorcerer’s Painting

Castle Sol

Now, make your way to the location of the Final Painting, known as the Sorcerer’s Painting. The Painting is located over at Castle Sol in the Mountaintops of the Giants. From the entrance of the Castle, take a sharp left and proceed through the spiked barricades. Climb the staircase. You’ll be greeted in a room located on your left. Make your way up the ladder inside and walk along the linear castle wall all the way to the end. Climb your way down, and there, you’ll find the Sorcerer’s Painting.

Ghost’s Location

Now that you’ve located the Hidden Painting, I’ll guide you how to find the Ghost. From the Mountaintops of the Giants, fast travel your way to the Snow Valley Ruins Overlook. Proceed your way westwards and make your way through a valley that is full of massive skeletons that continue to spew out of the ground. Towards the end, you’ll find a bridge to your left, and there, you’ll find the Ghost minding its own business. Approach the Ghost to make the Great hood armor piece drop.

Great hood

The Great hood is a helmet in Elden Ring. It’s a pretty unique item and isn’t part of any armor set. The headpiece has some heft to it as it weighs 5.1 units. The headpiece enhances your intelligence and faith. It boosts your faith and intelligence by 2 points but lowers your health by 10 percent. 

Need some armor to tank up some damage. Keep dying to the same tedious boss again and again? Try your hand at all the armors you can choose from in our Elden Ring best Armor sets Guide. Now, taking that boss down will be a piece of cake!

Need some protection from hordes of enemies? Are you tired of rolling and dodging enemies? Well, try your hand at some shields. Time your block and parry to gain the upper hand in battle. Make the most of your defensive capabilities with our Elden Ring Shields Guide!

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