Elden Ring 50 Hit Wall Location – Full Walkthrough

Bugs and Easter eggs can enhance the appeal of every game. They usually point at an error or a broken game mechanic left in by the developers. These bugs can range from broken weapons to glitchy areas on the map. Discovering these bugs can be a fun experience as you have to find specific areas and perform specific steps to access them. Easter eggs mostly function the same way as bugs with the key difference being that they have been intentionally left in by the developers. The game developers put in several hints that can help you find these places or items. The results are usually hilarious and can enhance your overall gaming experience. Today, we will discuss how you can find one such bug which is the Elden Ring 50 Hit Wall Location.

50 Hit Wall Location in Elden Ring

50 hit wall
50 Hit Wall – Elden Ring

Illusory walls are a big part of the Elden Ring game. These walls normally encompass secret passages, shortcuts, and merchants. Speaking of merchants, here is our guide on how you can find all Merchant Locations in Elden Ring.

From the surface, the 50 Hit Wall looks like just another illusory. However, instead of disappearing after one hit, you need to hit this wall 50 times to get through. Since its discovery, a lot of people have spent collective hours hitting this wall and unlocking the secrets behind it. So, before you can unlock the secrets behind this wall, you will have to locate it.

Where To Find 50 Hit Wall?

To find the Elden Ring 50 Hit Wall, you must first make your way to the Volcano Manor.

starting point quest
Volcano Manor

If you are having trouble getting to the Volcano Manor, you figure out how you can get there by going through our Volcano Manor Location guide. Once you have made your way to the Volcano Manor, you will be able to see the wall in question instantly. It is a wall located in the main dining hall area and has a crooked picture on it.

50 Hit Wall – Front

The Volcano Manor itself is full of puzzles and illusory walls that all react to different events. So the crooked painting will help you differentiate the wall in question from other illusory walls in the area.

Once you get into the corner area of the dining hall, you will see another wall with a painting. When you will get close to this wall, a message saying “Time for Rolling” will be displayed on the screen.

entrance point
Rolling Wall – Volcano Manor

After going through this wall, you will find yourself in a narrow passageway. At the end of this path, there will be another illusory wall that can be destroyed by one hit.

1st wall
First Wall in the Passageway

You can find a Depraved Perfumer Carmaan on the other side of this wall. At the other end of this passage, you will find the Elden Ring 50 Hit Wall Location. As the name suggests, you will have to hit this wall 50 times to get through.

main wall
The 50 Hit Wall

Now after going through all that you might be thinking there might be some crazy reward behind this wall. Sadly, that’s not the case. After you have spent minutes hitting this wall, again and again, you will be taken back to the dining hall. All this effort is for a simple shortcut that leads to the hub area of the Volcano Manor.

reward for hitting wall
Destroying the 50 Hit Wall

Our theory is that this wall was left in the game either as a coding bug or an Easter egg. Most of the players online lean towards a bug as there is no fun surprise or item behind the wall. It is simply a waste of time to discover a shortcut to the starting point of the Volcano Manor.

This concludes our guide on how you can find the Elden Ring 50 Hit Wall Location. If you liked this guide, you can also read about how you can find the Elden Ring Jerren Questline Location. Let us know what you thought about this walkthrough in the comments below!

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