Elden Ring Best Swords: Curved, Greatswords, Colossal, & More

Looking for the Elden Ring best sword but don't know which one to use? Follow along with the entries in this guide for tip-top results.

Just started your wild journey in the Lands Between and you can’t wrap your head around what weapon to choose? We’ve been in the same boat as you at one point, so you’re definitely not alone there. This guide is going to cover the Best Elden Ring sword, so you know which of these versatile armaments are worth picking up and investing your upgrades into. Read on as we dissect some of the best Elden Ring weapons.  

Key Highlights:

  • There are 7 different types of swords in Elden Ring- Colossal Swords, Curved Greatswords, Curved Swords, Greatswords, Heavy Thrusting Weapons, Straight Swords, and Thrusting Swords.
  • Colossal Swords require heavy investment in Strength and the best ones are Grafted Blade Greatsword, Maliketh’s Black Blade, and the Greatsword.
  • Curved Greatswords bring the power of a Greatsword in a somewhat dexterous weapon. The Bloodhound Fang and Onyx Lord’s Greatsword are great examples of it.
  • Curved Swords are recommended for players who prefer to be quick and agile. The best curved swords in Elden Ring are the Eclipse Shotel and the Magma Blade.
  • Greatswords are what players can call the younger brother of Colossal Greatswords. Dark Moon Greatsword and Blasphemous Blade are the best ones in Elden Ring.
  • Heavy Thrusting Swords have a quite unique combat style, compared to every other weapon type we have listed here. Great Epee and Bloody Helice are a few great examples of it.
  • Straight Swords are the standard sword that is versatile and easy to use. Sword Of Night And Flame and Carian Knight’s Swords are some of the best ones.
  • And finally, the Thrust Weapons such as the Estoc, Frozen Needle, and Antspur Rapier are a great balance between good range and swiftness.

The launch of Elden Ring has left players mesmerized. This IP blends the previous entries in the Soulsborne franchise and formulates them into a near-perfect winning formula. If you’re a beginner, do check out our in-depth tutorial on the best starting class in Elden Ring.

For now, let’s get going with the Elden Ring best swords featuring Curved Greatswords, Curved Swords, Greatswords, Heavy Thursting Swords, Straight Swords, and more. This guide will fully explain everything there is need to know about Swords in Elden Ring.

Types of Swords in Elden Ring

Swords are one of the major types of weapons in Elden Ring, boasting tip-top versatility and widespread compatibility with most classes. These are a cult classic that have been prevalent since the very first entry in the Soulsborne franchise. That is to say, swords can be wielded by every class in the title with favorable results. This weapon brings its own set of pros and cons to the table, with the major advantage confiding in flexibility.

You can equip a sword in one hand and a shield in the other, making it possible to block incoming attacks and return them in equal measure. This weapon usually doesn’t take up much weight either to bog down the character and also comes across as easy to use. Keep in mind this article is strictly focused on everything about Swords in Elden Ring. Therefore, if you may want to Read Elden Ring Weapon Tier List, it’ll focus on everything as a whole.

An Elden Ring sword can bring you can amazingly balanced gameplay when facing the terrors of the Lands Between, considering that you’re not wielding a Colossal Sword or any other large-sized sword. This can get a bit confusing, so let’s give you a brief idea of what we’re on about. In Elden Ring, you don’t get a single kind of sword to play and slay with. Instead, you get 7 of those, each with its own unique properties and characteristics. 

There are 7 Different Types of Swords in Elden Ring. These include:

  1. Colossal Swords
  2. Curved Greatswords
  3. Curved Swords
  4. Greatswords
  5. Heavy Thrusting Swords
  6. Straight Swords
  7. Thrusting Swords

There’s a ton of depth when it comes to swords in the title. You definitely need to spend some time trying each of them out to determine the Elden Ring best sword yourself. However, the purpose of this guide is to give you a nudge in the right direction. We’ve laid out the groundwork for you in the section ahead, so let’s get right down to the business straight away. 

It’s needless to say that Elden Ring is an overly expansive game. The title boasts a map so big, it can take you days to uncover all of it. The variety seems to have carried over to the armament section too in the action RPG. You’ve got more than 30 different types of weapons to wield and wreak havoc with. Moreover, 7 of these weapon types are swords.

Some of them are massive in size, dealing powerful damage, while others are more mobile and swift, inflicting a rapid flurry of attacks in their wake. We’re going to cover all the different categories of swords in Elden Ring and list down the best ones according to their respective category. Continue the read if you want to leave here knowledgeably well-equipped. 

Before you go ahead though, we would like to put it out here that unlocking all the map fragments in Elden Ring is the key to effective exploration. You’ll also need to utilize the in-game map to find many of the weapons listed ahead. Lucky for you, we’ve jotted down an entire article on how to find all the map fragments in the Lands Between.

Best Colossal Swords

Kicking this list off for the Elden Ring best sword are Colossal Swords. They’re exactly what their name depicts them to be. Massive in size, substantial in causing damage, but consequentially slow. In addition, most Colossal Swords require a high level of Strength, so they potentially go well with classes like Vagabond

If you’re an ingrained Souls player, you might recognize these as Ultra Greatswords from the previous games. Colossal Swords are the same as the latter more or less, but only with a titular change. The following are the best Colossal Swords that you can get in Elden Ring and start knocking the wind out of your foes. 

Grafted Blade Greatsword

Elden Ring Grafted Blade Greatsword
Elden Ring Grafted Blade Greatsword

A formidable Elden Ring best sword, the Grafted Blade Greatsword dons a terrifying look and an even menacing damage. It’s a sizable sword that requires at least 40 Strength (Str) to wield in one hand, although it is possible to two-hand it. The disadvantage that you get with that is the decreased ability to form vertical swiping attacks. The latter can potentially clear out heaps of enemies in a couple of strikes, so do look into investing yourself in the Strength attribute. 

The base statistics of the Grafted Blade are phenomenal in the game. It sports a 157 Physical Attack that can obviously be upgraded to higher levels. As for the main skill of this tool, you’ve got Oath of Vengeance. This ability buffs your attributes for a limited amount of time, increasing all of your stats in its wake. The Grafted Blade Greatsword scales nicely with Dexterity and Strength, so you can definitely rely on it to take out some of the toughest bosses in the game. 

You can get this weapon by defeating Leonine Misbegotten, a vile and vicious creature roaming around in Morne Moangrave. This area is where you meet the end of Castle Morne, which itself is a section that you can access early on into the game. The Grafted Blade comprises hefty weight points, 21.0, to be exact. However, you can alleviate its overall effect on your character’s total weight by building up the Endurance attribute and collecting the Arsenal Charm talisman. It’s definitely an excellent Elden Ring best sword that you can pick up right from the get-go. 


Elden Ring best sword
Greatsword in Elden Ring

The Greatsword is not to be mixed up with the “Greatswords” weapon type in Elden Ring. The former is a weapon on its own and is classified as a Colossal Sword. On the other hand, Greatswords are a group of unique armaments that differ significantly from Colossal Swords and include their own range of weapons. Now, as for the Greatsword and its capability, this is a fearsome tool of destruction that makes short work of bundles of enemies making haste toward you. 

With a set number of 164, it has the highest base Physical Attack damage out of any other Colossal Sword. In addition, it also requires a lesser level of the Strength attribute for wielding in one hand. The good news is that you will only be needing Smithing Stones to upgrade the Greatsword to a higher stature. In contrast, players normally require Somber Smithing Stones to level up the Grafted Blade Greatsword, which are a tad bit difficult to accumulate.

As for the main skill, the Greatsword allows players to perform an Upward Cut. This is a two-part ability that first makes the player take one hit from the enemy and follow it up with a skyrise strike. You can execute the latter part of the skill too without absorbing an attack from your foe. Upward Cut helps deal a significant amount of poise damage, even more than a fully charged strong attack. 

Finding the Greatsword is a straightforward affair. All you have to do is head over to the Dragonbarrow area in the Caelid region. Keep a keen eye out for red skies to find this place. Once you’re in the vicinity, you will have to find the Caelid Ruins Site of Lost Grace. From there, you need to head in the northwest direction until you come across a wrecked cart surrounded by foes. 

The Greatsword will be present inside the cart, waiting for you to pick it up. One more thing that’s worth noticing about this particular weapon is its special design. If you’re a fan of watching anime, you might be aware of Guts from the anime Berserk. There appears to be a wealth of similarities between Guts’ Dragon Slayer and the Greatsword. Since we already have an area in Elden Ring that pays an ode to the famous gory anime, you cannot help but feel like the Black Swordsman wielding this massive armament in the Lands Between. 

Malekith’s Black Blade

The final Colossal Sword that has made the cut on this list is the Malekith‘s Black Blade, embroidered with the screams of its victims and donned in a pitch-black color tone. This is a mean-looking armament that the player can potentially receive after felling Malekiththe Black Blade. This difficult boss can be found in the Crumbling Farum Azula where you’ll have to make your way to the end of the region to engage with the demonic entity.

Dispatching Malekith will reward you with the Remembrance of the Black Blade. This particular game functions similar to having the soul of the boss you defeated. Some powerful foes in Elden Ring, not all, will recompense you with Remembrances. You can trade these for runes or equipment, depending on what you would prefer.

In the case of Malekith’s Black Blade, you will need to trade the obtained Remembrance with Enia at the Roundtable Hold. You’ll promptly get the armament that way. As for the capacity of the Black Blade, this is a fairly hard-hitting weapon with a keen inclination toward inflicting Holy Attack damage. The base Physical Attack of the weapon is also nicely slated at 127, so you’re truly dealing with an effective armament here. 

A nifty feature of Malekith’s Black Blade is its unique Skill attack that you can initiate with L2 if you’re any on the PlayStation consoles. It forms a cascade of swift strikes that grips enemies in the vicinity and deals blows to them. However, the key here is to time the attack right so you can actually trigger it before an interruption. The skill is known as Destined Death and is exclusive to the Black Blade. 

The armament breaks through shields like they’re a wall of cotton and fends off most enemies like a walk in the park. It’s definitely an amazing sword that you should consider looking into. There’s nothing better than walking around the Lands Between that looks like an absolute monster, on top of sporting intricate skill and vigor. 

Best Curved Greatswords

From a player’s perspective, Curved Greatswords are similar to most other Greatswords in the game, except for the fact that they comprise a curved design. They’re heavy weapons, require a fair amount of Strength and Dexterity, and are capable of inflicting a healthy amount of damage.

That is, of course, if you know how to field these armaments the right way since you’re basically giving up mobility with them. There are some genuinely terrific Curved Greatswords in Elden Ring awaiting your attention. Let’s talk about the best Elden Ring Greatswords below and talk about their respective locations and ways of obtainment as well. 

Onyx Lord’s Greatsword

The Onyx Lord’s Greatsword has quite the ring to it. Not only does this mammoth of a weapon plow enemies like a walk in the park, but it also looks absolutely dashing when doing so. You’ll notice a golden hue on this armament that won’t take long to get drenched in the blood of your foes. Despite being a Curved Greatsword, the Onyx Lord’s Greatsword doesn’t have a lot of weight to it.

Its weight points are slated for 11.5, which is almost half of what the Grafted Blade Greatsword sports. The base Physical Attack damage of the weapon is about 118—generous still—and can be upgraded to higher levels with Somber Smithing Stones. You will need a bunch of attributes at a certain point to be able to wield this armament. Apart from the usual prerequisite of having adequate Strength and Dexterity, you’ll also need 16 Intelligence levels.

The reason for that is nothing but straightforward. The Onyx Lord’s Greatsword goes hand in hand with gravity manipulation. Its main skill, called the Onyx Lord’s Repulsion, not only harms enemies in close proximity but also allows the player to maintain distance from the opposition. This weapon comes with boosted Magic damage as well, harnessed straight from the Onyx Lord himself. 

Speaking of which, the armament in question is dropped by an optional boss called Onyx Lord. He’s located just southeast of the Outer Wall Phantom Tree Site of Grace. There’s going to be a tunnel there that will lead you to the boss fight. Beating the Onyx Lord will earn you access to the Sealed Tunnel Site of Grace, and, of course, the Onyx Lord’s Greatsword. 

As far as the Elden Ring best greatsword is concerned, this outstanding tool of death definitely has the chops to make the cut. Its damage is decent, the skill is exceptional, and the forward range of slashing strikes are amazing to rely on. Do give it a go and let us know if you like it or not. 

Bloodhound’s Fang

This next entry on this list shouldn’t come as a surprise for anyone who’s remotely engaged with Elden Ring. The Bloodhound’s Fang’s baleful design strikes fear into the heart of your enemies and shreds it to pieces afterward. It doesn’t require an awful lot of attribute points for players to wield it, only demanding 18 Strength and 17 Dexterity. 

The base Physical Attack damage of the Bloodhound’s Fang is also quite decent at 141 points. In addition, the weapon causes Blood Loss Buildup of 55 as a Passive Effect. This is pretty wild, considering how capable the armament is in other aspects. It deals slashing strikes, has a good amount of range, and can be acquired early into the game, which is nothing short of the cherry on top.

Bloodhound’s Fang is located in Limgrave—an early-game region. You have to make your way to the Agheel Lake South Site of Lost Grace first and then make your way to the Forlorn Hound Evergaol. This is where you’ll encounter the Bloodhound Knight Darriwil. Defeat the optional boss to make the Bloodhound’s Fang drop. It’s as easy as that, minus the battle with Darriwil. 

The two-handed skill of this armament called Bloodhound’s Finesse is a class apart. It hurtles the player backward with a double slashing strike, dealing a ton of damage and giving a bit of breathing room as well. It’s a genuinely effective combat move for most situations, especially when you’re surrounded by a group of baddies. Lastly, you will be needing Somber Smithing Stones to get the Bloodhound’s Fang to higher levels. 

Magma Wyrm’s Scalesword

The last Curved Greatsword to make it on this list is the Magma Wyrm’s Scalesword. Make no mistake, this armament right here is right up there with the greats of the Elden Ring best sword. The pleasure here is owed to the terrifying design of the weapon. It appears to be ominously emboldened with dragon skin scales, given that it comes out of the jaw of one as well. What players benefit from this development is the added fire damage of the Scalesword. 

Most enemies in Elden RIng are vulnerable to fire-based damage, making the infliction build up and deplete the opposition’s health bar piece by piece. However, the devil is in the details when this action RPG is in the question. You need to analyze your foes beforehand and make sure not to target their strengths instead of their weaknesses. With that said, the vast majority of entities in Elden Ring will suffer from your Magma Wyrm’s Scalesword’s slashes effectively.

The weapon’s base Physical Attack damage starts at 114, which is the lowest out of other weapons on this list yet. However, the versatility of this death-meanign tool quickly compensates for its lack of overpowered base damage. Don’t forget that you can also upgrade your armaments in Elden Ring using Smithing Stones, or Somber Smithing Stones, such as in the case of the Scalesword

To talk about its skill move, the Magma Wyrm’s Scalesword employs a stratagem called Magma Guillotine—an exceptionally diverse charge that delivers a devastating blow to the foe in front and covers the ground with molten magma afterward. The skill encompasses a decent amount of area and is highly practical for managing a collection of concurrently present enemies. 

You can get the Scalesword after laying Magma Wyrm Makar to rest. This is a fire-breathing, giant sword-wielding dragon found just ahead of the Ruin: Strewn Precipice Overlook Site of Grace. You can get to this section after going past the Grand Lift of Dectus, which is only when you collect both parts of the pertinent emblem. Other than that, since Wyrm Makar is in the north-most area of Liurnia of the Lakes, you can get to the boss right from the get-go as well. 

Best Curved Swords

Curved Swords are some of the most lightning-fast armaments in Elden Ring, making it possible for curious players to dish out tons of damage and not take up the entirety of your stamina bar either. These usually comprise low weight points and are one of the most preferable types of weapons for facing quick-witted enemies.

They’re definitely a lot lighter than Curved Greatswords, which although sound synonymous but stand far apart from each other. For now, let’s take a look at some of the best Curved Swords in Elden Ring.

Eclipse Shotel

Starting off with the Eclipse Shotel, prepare to arm yourself with an exceedingly atypical Curved Sword. It is deemed a “legendary armament” by the in-game lore and has quite the backstory to its name. The base Physical Attack damage of Eclipse Shotel is 77 which can be taken to new extremes with the help of Somber Smithing Stones.

As for the weapon’s scaling preferences, Shotel tends to lean more toward Faith and Dexterity out of other attributes. You will need about 25 Dex and 30 Fai to wield the Curved Sword in one hand. Unfortunately, no Ashes of War can accompany the armament in question nor can you apply any temporary magic boost to it. Still, what makes the Eclipse Shotel so preferable is the skill that comes with it, called Death Flare.

This unique combat move imbues the weapon with flame power, so burn damage in inflicted upon your foes with dept and rigor. Upon enough successful strikes, the enemy will manifest the fire attacks and continue to get burned for a set period of time. This trait is especially helpful in boss fights, allowing you to maintain your distance and keep the great enemy in front at bay. 

Acquiring the Eclipse Shotel in the game is relatively easy, but you will need to be in the Mountaintops of the Giants region for the purpose at hand. This is a fairly end-game section of Elden Ring that warrants defeating a couple of mainline bosses first. When you’re in that specific area, the next step is to make haste toward Castle Sol.

It’ll be easy to pinpoint the location of the Church of Elipse as soon as you’ve approached the large castle. You need to head to the southeast corner of Castle Sol to find the Church of Elipse. A bunch of soldiers will guard the Church as you enter it, but taking good care of them shouldn’t be too difficult. Go up to the altar in the church to find a wasted body and with it, the Eclipse Shotel. 

Magma Blade

The Magma Blade is certainly one of the best, if not the best altogether, Curved Swords in Elden Ring. The armament appears to be sporting live lava running through its middle section, striking a sense of death into the hearts of your enemies right from the get-go. Since the title is still in its early phase of release, many users might not be aware of the Magma Blade and how to find it. 

If you’ve built yourself a character totally around the Dexterity attribute, you’re going to like what this weapon has to offer. It scales decently with Dex and Fai and doesn’t even have exorbitant requirements. You’ll simply need 9 Str, 15 Dex, and 16 Fai to wield the Magma Blade. It inflicts fire-based damage upon your foes, given that it’s made out of molten rock. 

The unfortunate side of this weapon, however, is obtaining it. The Magma Blade isn’t retrieved after going through a boss fight nor can you pick it up from a specific location somewhere. It is dropped by a chance occurrence in the game, but there are some pointers that can help you get the armament in question much quicker. After having our way with Elden Ring, we’ve found out that there’s a particular area in the in-game world that gives you the most chances of acquiring the Magma Blade. 

That area is called the Volcano Manor in Mt. Gelmir. This place is ridden with lava and all sorts of danger, so you best be careful traversing around these parts. One of the ways of getting to Volcano Manor is by helping a young girl called Rya recover her stolen necklace. You’ll find the NPC near the Scenic Isle Site of Grace which is in the distal portion of Laskyar Ruins. There’s going to be a telescope-like structure on the map if you zoom in to observe.

Rya will be nearby that area, allowing you to speak to her and trigger the sidequest. After accepting her request, you will need to head over to the Boilprown Shack, which is in close vicinity with Rya. There, you’ll find a man, offering you the required item for a fee of 1000 Runes. You can choose to pay and exit the area peacefully or end the man and steal from the thief. Do whatever seems the best to you and get the necklace back to Rya. 

You’ll then engage in a lengthy dialogue with Rya where she’ll inform you of her workspace that is in close relations with Volcano Manor. The conversation will end there and then and you won’t have anything to do with Rya at that moment. It’ll only when you go past the Grand Lift of Dectus, you’ll find Rya waiting for you in your way. Speak to her once again to get teleported immediately to Tanith’s Chambers which is in Volcano Manor. 

From there on out, you’ll encounter snake-like enemies carrying the Magma Blade, particularly past the Temple of Eiglay area after going up the lift. Kill these as many as possible until one of them drops the armament in question. It’s even possible to dual-wield the Magma Blade, should you find it getting dropped more than once. 

Best Greatswords

Next up we have another form of a heavy weapon in Elden Ring that does take away a fair amount of mobility from the player but grants them high attack power instead. Greatswords are a norm in the Soulsborne series, whether they manifest as Ludwig’s Holy Blade from Bloodborne or The Claymore in Dark Souls 3.

It’ll take quite some time to hurtle these giant armaments at your foes at full flight, but you’ll definitely feel their wrath as soon as the hit registers. The perfect weapon of choice for strength and dexterity-centric builds, right alongside Colossal Swords and Curved Greatswords. Read on as we explore the Best Greatswords in Elden Ring.

Dark Moon Greatsword 

The Dark Moon Greatsword has what it takes to fall under the category of the Elden Ring best sword. It’s got a great, glowing design that’s reminiscent of previous titles in the franchise and a good number of base stats for casual players. Elden Ring particularly likes to deem it as a “staple weapon” in the game. 

Veteran Souls players are definitely going to have one whale of a time cutting down their targets with what is otherwise known as the Moonlight Greatsword. It’s got a starting Physical Attack of 82 that can be taken up to a maximum of 1,114 with Somber Smithing Stones. The weapon scales chiefly with the Intelligence attribute and you’ll need 38 levels of this to wield it. As for Strength and Dexterity, 16 and 11 points will do respectively.

Furthermore, the Dark Moon Greatsword has a terrific Passive Effect as well. It causes the infliction of Frost Buildup, which causes additional damage to the player as you’re hitting them. When the buildup bar is full, the opposing party’s movements are slowed down, essentially freezing them. Frost and Bleed are two characteristics that work well together, whenever possible.

However, you can apply any Ash of War related to Frost when the weapon itself already comes with a Bleed Passive Effect. In other cases, the two buffs do not go hand in hand. As for the power move of the Dark Moon Greatsword, you’ve got a skill called Moonlight Greatsword. It’s a highly effective strength of this weapon that not only buffs up your magical attack power but imbues the armament with a hue of frost. 

What this does for the weapon is that it changes how Strong attacks are executed with the R2 or the RT button. Using the Moonlight Greatsword will allow you to release waves of moonlight with charged strikes. It’s outright awesome for maintaining distance from incoming threats and inflicting damage from afar. Now, the hard part about the Dark Moon Greatsword is its location and obtainment. 

Although it’s not complicated to get the armamentconsidering all you have to do is pick it up from a dead body—it’s this entire series of quests that you have to finish in order to get to the Dark Moon Greatsword. You have to take up a character called Ranni on her search for hidden treasures. You first meet the ominous witch at the Church of Elleh, but if you don’t go up to her at that time, you can find Ranni at the Ranni’s Rise Site of Grace, which is in Lirunia of the Lakes. 

You’ll get to this section chronologically as you go past areas like Northern Liurnia Lake ShoreCaria Manor, and then Ranni’s Chamber. As soon as you hand over Ranni the Dark Moon Ring she’s been prying for, you can make your way to the base of the Cathedral of Manus Celes to find the Dark Moon Greatsword. It’s easily an Elden Ring best greatsword due to its iconic design, commendable stats, and, a unique skill move that’s great for combat. 

Blasphemous Blade

The Blasphemous Blade is akin to looking like the devil’s advocate, sent to Elden Ring straight from the depths of hell. Its middle section is suffused with the souls the original wielder of the Greatsword has taken for himself. That is why you’ll observe minuscule hands sticking out from the blade, appearing to be exceptionally unsettling. You can get yourself this hefty armament at a later stage in the game, particularly from a boss called Rykard

Rykard, the Lord of Blasphemy embraces solitude in Mt. Gelmir near the Audience Pathway Site of Lost Grace, waiting for a formidable challenger. You’ll encounter him as the God-Devouring Serpent at first in the boss fight. Upon depleting the entirety of his health bar successfully, you will compel the inner demon to manifest, and thereby fight Rykard, the Lord of Blasphemy himself in the second phase of the fight. 

Apart from the Blasphemous Blade, you’ll also get Serpent Hunter at the start of the area where you engage with the boss fight. Rykard is an optional boss that does not need to be felled in order to advance the main storyline. If you ever find yourself struggling with the demigod, check out the following video for an easy cheese technique. 

Now, killing Rykard, the Lord of Blasphemy won’t get you the Blasphemous Blade that easily. It will, however, earn you Remembrance of the Blasphemy which you can easily trade at the Roundhood Table and get the armament. As for the skill move, this is where the tool of destruction readily stands out.

The name of the skill is Taker’s Flame and what it does is basically drive the Blasphemous Blade into the ground using a vertical smash and erupt a series of volcanic attacks. It’s pretty effective for wiping the floor with a group of enemies, not to mention the cluster of damage it inflicts on high-level enemies. The weapon can be upgraded using Somber Smithing Stones, but cannot be used with any Ashes of War or Incantations

Best Heavy Thrusting Swords

Heavy Thrusting Swords are a touch of something exceedingly special in Elden Ring. These pave the way to a mixed-breed combat gameplay where the character has enough mobility to cancel out incoming attacks from afar. That is to say, the armament in question has an incredibly long reach, making it possible to poke enemies and interrupt their moves before they can get their hands on you. A totally unprecedented scene is what’s truly up with Heavy Thrusting Swords.

In addition, this weapon type definitely has the most exciting moveset out of most other weapon types in the game. A few perks that avid Elden Ring players have commended regarding this equipment include heavy attack cancellation upon performing a dodge, low Stamina bar consumption, and higher chances of staggering enemies that sets you up to deliver a catastrophic blow. Let’s check out the best Heavy Thrusting Swords that come under the category of the Elden Ring best sword. 

Great Épée

Kicking off our cherry-picked collection of some of the most admirable Heavy Thrusting Swords is the Great Épée. This classically designed weapon is a keen reference to the real-life sport called Fencing. People who’ve tried the game out know that they are usually given one out of three different weapons. One of those anointed armaments is an Épée, characterized by a bowel-like guard right at the anterior portion of its grip. You’ve got an identical weapon here in Elden Ring, where the literal meaning of Épée translated to “Sword” in French.

That means we’re looking at another Great Sword here, essentially, considering its immense length. What makes this Heavy Thrusting Sword stand out is its blatant capability on the battlefield. It is adroit enough to pick out enemies one by one from a sizable distance with its long-reaching attacks and mow down a whole group with its heavy swings. A savagely versatile weapon, to say the least. 

Another stellar part that puts the great in Great Épée is how it is so easily attainable. You can grab this blade early on in the game, even if you’ve just started out. In addition, the cherry on top is the fact that you do not have to engage in any boss fights, not even a single enemy to grab the Great Épée right from the get-go. You do, however, need to get to the Agheel Lake South Site of Grace and head east from there.

Once done, you will come across some ruins and an enemy encampment zone. Again, it’s perfectly workable if you want to avoid any conflict at all and simply get the weapon and dash from the area. The Great Épée will be resting inside a chest east of the Agheel lake South Site of Grace. Make sure that your character’s attributes are leveled up enough to wield this Heavy Thrusting Sword though. To be specific, players will require 15 Strength and 15 Dexterity to use the Great Épée, which is nothing but easily achievable.

If you’re fond of Elden Ring’s co-op mode and frequently immerse yourself into Player vs Player (PvP) situations, having the weapon in question at your disposal can do you one better. It’s a highly effective multiplayer weapon that can catch dodge-spamming opponents and punish them for their act of cowardice. The dodge roll attack of the Great Épée, both light and strong, has a lengthy hitbox to its name. Therefore, you’ll certainly appreciate this Heavy Thrusting Sword sticking its neck out for you and proving to be a weapon you can rely on. 

Bloody Helice

Another tight Heavy Thrusting Sword that gives your foes nothing but hell is the Bloody Helice. Its spiral design means doom for the opposing party while its long and eponymous thrusting attacks go toe-to-toe with high-level enemies. The reason the Bloody Helice is decorated with the taint of blood is outright special, and we have a feeling you’ll truly like it. This weapon is one of the bests in the game that cause Blood Loss Buildup as a Passive Effect.

With each successfully registered strike of the Bloody Helice, you raise the chances for full-blown incorporation of the Bleed status on your enemies. Passive Effects such as Blood Loss Buildup are amazing at taking on difficult foes and giving them a run for your money. When the buildup reaches its final stage, the foe starts to bleed and lose its health points over time. This Passive Effect comes together to make the bout a lot easier for you, especially in the long run.

The base Physical Attack damage of this Heavy Thrusting Sword is 121, which is fairly recent and can always be taken up to higher extremes with Somber Smithing Stones. One particular thing about the Bloody Helice that offensive players won’t exactly love is its skill strength, deemed as Dynast’s Finesse. This is a combat move that makes your character perform a backward spinning slash, allowing you to get out of the danger zone and land a hit as well, but only if the enemy in front was charging at you in the first place. 

It isn’t anything to write home about, especially if you’re not a defensive player. However, you will appreciate the protective strategy of Dynast’s Finesse if you’re a defense-first-attack-later kind of gamer. As for the attribute requirements of the Bloody Helice, you will need 16 Str, 19 Dex, and 17 Arc. One of the stats that this ominous sword primarily scales with is Arcane, so you will be needing to get that attribute as high as possible to yield the best results.

With that said, getting to the Bloody Helice Heavy Thrusting Sword is a fairly involved process. First off, it is not an early-game weapon like the aforementioned Great Épée. You will be required to activate the Grand Lift of Dectus and get into the regions of Altus Plateau and Leyndell, Royal Capital. The armament in question is found inside a chest within the Writheblood Ruins. This area is close to the Windmill Village Site of Lost Grace and sets you up for the Sanguine Noble boss fight.

After besting the sword-wielding beast, you’ll go straight on, open yourself a door, and find an unlockable chest. Pop the trunk of the chest open to find the Bloody Helice inside which is easily an Elden RIng best sword for the amount of pizzazz it packs.  

Best Straight Swords

Straight Swords are similar to Curved Swords in Elden Ring if we compare their versatility and ease of use. They’re standard, consistent armaments that bode well for a shield and sword combo, and most of them can be blended with almost every Ashes of War skill. Read on as we jot down the best Straight Swords in Elden Ring.

Carian Knight’s Sword

A terrific Elden Ring best sword that makes its presence well-known is the Carian Knight’s Sword. It goes hand in hand with the Intelligence attribute, mainly because of the backstory that the armament is linked with. You can find the Carian Knight’s Sword in the Liurnia of the Lakes region, particularly in the northwest section. There’s going to be a caravan in the area being towed by a duo of Trolls.

As for the sword, it’ll be residing inside a chest at the back of the caravan. What makes this armament so well-grounded are its ridiculous stats and its inclination toward magic-based builds. Its Physical Attack damage when maxed out is capped at 879 points where the average Guarded Damage Negation is 32.8, which is actually pretty good as far as Straight Swords go. 

For what it’s worth, the design of the Carian Knight’s Sword is quite eye-catching as well, donning a blue-colored Glintstone that lends the blade its magical powers. The main skill of the armament is called Carian Grandeur which capitalizes on the sorcery-induced capability of the sword and delivers a heavily charged attack. That is to say, you can keep the skill button pressed to gather more energy and unleash a powerful blow with the Carian Grandeur. 

Crystal Sword 

The Crystal Sword is a dazzling Straight Sword that boasts a royal blue color scheme throughout its build. We deem it an Elden Ring best sword purely because of its adaptability to take on multiple types of enemies. Its base Physical Damage is 106 but you can upgrade the weapon with Somber Smithing Stones to get it up to 886. It bodes well for Intelligence-centric builds and requires 15 levels of this attribute for wielding. 

You will need to venture into the Village of the Albinaurics to get your tarnished hands on the Crystal Sword. We’ve penned down an entire guide on how to do that, so make sure to check it out here for extra information and an in-depth tutorial. As for the skill move of this armament, you’ve got the handy Spinning Slash to take care of your enemies for you.

Sword of Night and Flame

Elden Ring best sword
Sword of Night and Flame

The Sword of Night and Flame is an unreal Straight Sword in Elden Ring. It’s easily one of the best armaments in the entire game that can give you amazing results if you’re willing to put in the effort with it. As far as the looks go, this is an accurately designed fantasy weapon. As far as the statistics go, you’re looking at a real killer. It scales with multiple attributes, including Faith, Intelligence, Strength, and Dexterity

The Intelligence attribute is required at a high level though and you will have to get it up to 24 points in order to wield the Sword of Night and Flame. As for its location, you’ll obtain the weapon in Caria Manor. The closest Site of Grace from the sword’s location is the Manor Lower Level

The in-game lore deems the blade as a “legendary armament,” particularly due to its dual-faced nature. You’ve got the Night-and-Flame Stance as the major skill of the weapon that represents a bond between the Astrologers and the Fire Giants. Pressing and holding the skill button on your platform will prompt the character to dual-wield the sword. Once done, follow it up with a light or a strong attack for a taste of both magic and fire.  

This terrific weapon has whole character builds revolving around itself, and we’ve managed to write our own guide on it too. It’s definitely worth a read if you’re into Straight Swords and want an exceptionally robust class for one of the best ones in the game. Read our Elden Ring Sword of Night And Flame Build.

Best Thrusting Swords

The last weapon type falling in the Elden Ring best sword category are Thrusting Swords. These are rapid-paced, have good range, and are able to slash and pierce enemies. A variety of Ashes of War can be used with Thrusting Swords to enhance their stats even further as you wipe out opponents with lightning-quick strikes and pokes. Let’s check some of the best Thursting Swords ones that you can get in Elden Ring as you soar through the Lands Between. 


The Estoc looks like a Heavy Thrusting Sword, but don’t let its size and design fool you initially. It can deal a flurry of attacks in mere moments and allow enthusiasts to experience versatile gameplay with it. You can take its Physical Attack damage as high as 639 with maximum upgrades. If you begin your journey using the Prisoner class, you’ll get the Estoc as a starting weapon, so there’s a plus in terms of obtaining it. 

You can get the armament for other classes by finding the Nomadic Merchant who’s seated near a campfire in the Liurnia of the Lakes region. He’s most likely to be found near the Liurnia Lake Shore Site of Lost Grace, selling the Estoc for 3000 Runes

Frozen Needle

The Frozen Needle is an intricately designed Thrusting Sword that looks as dangerous as it looks fragile. Now, of course, all sorts of trickery run rampant in the world of Elden Ring, so making a functional weapon using nothing but ice does fall in the norm of these lands. The sword has a base Physical Attack damage of 99 points, but Somber Smithing Stones are there to help and enhance those stats dramatically. 

One noteworthy part about the Frozen Needle is its Frost Buildup Passive Effect that potentially freezes enemies with enough registered hits. You’ll find the armament in the Kingsrealm Ruins region, specifically where the Royal Revenant boss is encountered. Killing the great enemy will lead you to a door that, in turn, will house a chest inside. Pop the coffer to retrieve the ice-laden weapon. 

Antspur Rapier

The very last weapon to land a spot on this comprehensive list is the Antspur Rapier Thrusting Sword. This is a Strength- and Dexterity-focused weapon with a fantastic main skill called Impaling Thrust. The latter can actually break past the shields of your enemies and cause them to lose their stance. This allows you to deliver a staggering attack, which is almost always cataclysmic.  

The maximum Physical Attack damage of the Antspur Rapier is 756, minus the Passive Effects of Frost Buildup and Scarlet Rot Buildup. As far as obtaining the Antspur Rapier goes, you will get it by pillaging the remains of Maleigh Marais. This is a non-player character that’s found west of The Shaded Castle Site of Lost Grace. Marais isn’t the friendliest of people out in the lands Between and will jump to kill you upon contact. 

Lay him to rest and pick up the Antspur Rapier to get going on your journey. Definitely, an amazing Elden Ring sword to play around and wreck bosses with. 

Elden Ring takes pride in encompassing a large, vibrant world with a seemingly never-ending exploration factor. The game world teems with innumerable details, and an even greater amount of enemies lurking and seeking your demise. Little do they know that you’re the Tarnished who wields the best swords in the game, hungry to deliver death to all those asking for it. 

In this comprehensive write-up, we have talked about all the different swords in Elden Ring, ranging from Colossal Swords right down to Thrusting Swords. All of these nifty armaments come with their own pros and cons and specific stats. We encourage spending some time with the ones that seem the best to you for favorable results. Don’t forget to commend down below and tell us your current favorite weapon in Elden Ring. 

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