Elden Ring Speedrun World Record Is Now Under 15 Minutes

Player breaks the Elden Ring speedrun world record once again; this time, under an astonishing 15 minutes only.

Elden Ring is becoming more and more massive than it already is and players have been pushing not only themselves but the game as well. Distortion2 has been on a run to keep breaking Elden Ring speedrun world records. He was the first to make an Elden Ring speedrun world record, and then later broke his own record, despite BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment heavily patching the game to avoid those. Recently, the player was able to finish the game in under 19 minutes, and now he has done the impossible yet again by completing the game in slightly over 14 minutes.

In the video, the player completed the entirety of Elden Ring in just 14 minutes and 8 seconds, which is barely over the 14-minute mark. One person in the comments section also went on to explain a few things that allowed the player to break the world record again. Firstly, Distortion2 uses the Zip Glitch or rather “new “MEGA” zip,” as the player puts it. This glitch allows the player to teleport from one place to another and helps them avoid all Elden Ring Bosses except Maliketh and Elden Beast.

However, it seems that the streamer was still able to get through the Elden Beast without having to fight. Distortion2 uses a recently discovered method to avoid the Boss to his advantage, making it possible to achieve such an incredible feat. Furthermore, the streamer also wrote “I suck at the new “MEGA” zip, I’ll get a good one eventually though,” which means that we are soon going to get even a more outlandish Elden Ring speedrun world record from the player. This was indeed remarkable and seemed impossible when the game was first released, but the player has done what most thought could not have been accomplished.

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