Elden Ring Player Astounds Everyone With World’s First 19-Minute Speedrun

Another astonishing Elden Ring Any% speedrun world record has been achieved, this time just under 19 minutes.

Elden Ring is not going slow, as players seem to be making and breaking the records repeatedly. FromSoftware recently released a major patch for the game to stop players from achieving these astonishing records and even more patches on top to fix the minor glitches that assisted these players in doing so. However, players did not stop, and they continue to break more and more records for the game. Not long ago, the speedrun world record for the game was slightly under 26 minutes, but astoundingly a new world record has been made by the same player, and this one’s just under 19 minutes.

Yet again, Distortion2, who holds almost all the previous Elden Ring speedrun worlds records, has once again achieved another one of them; this time, in 18 minutes and 57 seconds only, making him the world’s first player to have achieved a speedrun world record in the game, in under the 20-minute mark. The jump from slightly over 22 minutes just yesterday to only slightly under 19 minutes is remarkable.

It took the player around 15 hours of grinding, as they mentioned in the YouTube video’s description, saying, “This was after 15 hours of grinding and changing my upcoming flight for a sponsored stream so I could grind even harder.” The player further added to that by saying, towards the end, that he had almost lost hope and that he would not be able to achieve another speedrun world record, but somehow, he managed to pull it off.

However, the reaction when the player finally got the Elden Ring speedrun world record again was just priceless. He was not only screaming but was also just in shock at how he could achieve such a world record (again). After 15 whole hours of grinding, when the streamer said “the final run of the night,” it sounded a lot painful but with the joy of achieving such a milestone. The audience was no less emotional than the player, as they kept commenting and congratulating him on his well-deserved achievement.

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