Elden Ring D’s Brother: Location & Questline

D's Brother can be found after defeating Starscourge Radahn and is actually part of two different questlines in Elden Ring.

I found out that Elden Ring’s D’s Brother is actually an NPC, similar to Boc, whom you encounter quite late in the game. He is involved in two different questlines as well. He mentions that this NPC wouldn’t respond unless you had followed D, Hunter of the Dead’s questline before.

Key Takeaways
  • Found in Nokron, unlocked for exploration after defeating Starscourge Radahn.
  • Nokron is located in East Limgrave.
  • Enter Nokron after defeating Radahn.
  • Proceed to East Limgrave to find the city’s entrance.
  • Defeat the Mimic Tear boss in Nokron.
  • D’s Brother is located outside the Valiant Gargoyles boss fight.
  • Give D’s Armor Set to D’s Brother.
  • D’s Brother won’t respond without the armor set.
  • If players kill D and give the armor, D’s Brother becomes hostile.
  • If armor is given after D’s death, D’s Brother can be summoned for the Valiant Gargoyles boss fight.
  • Completing D’s questline ends with D’s Brother killing Fia in Deeproot Depths.
  • Reload the area after Fia’s death to obtain D’s Brother’s armor and weapon.
  • This also marks the end of the NPC questline.
Important: Make sure that you’ve beaten Starscourge Radahn as you cannot reach D’s Brother before beating him.
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Location Of D’s Brother

elden ring d's brother
The Location Of The Crater In Elden Ring (Image Captured by Us)

To reach D’s Brother, you need to make your way to Nokron, which gets unlocked after you defeat Starscoruge Radahn in Elden Ring

  • Once you beat Radahn, a cutscene plays that shows you a meteor striking an area in Limgrave.
  • That location is actually near Fort Haight in East Limgrave and you will easily spot the hole created by the falling star here.
  • You will need to descend down in order to reach Nokron.
npc in the game
Nokron In Elden Ring (Image Captured by eXputer)

Keep descending down and follow the linear path ahead of us to reach the entrance to Nokron which looks something like shown in the image above.

  • The exploration in Nokron is pretty linear and you won’t get lost in your journey to find D’s Brother.
  • First, you must beat the Mimic Tear boss fight which is the first hurdle in your path.
  • You just need to unequip your weapons before entering the boss fight to make the challenge easier for ourselves.
npc in the game
The Jelly Fish In Nokron (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

After beating the mimic tear, keep heading straight and traverse the long bridge in front.

  • You will come across an open area that will lead to various locations.
  • In order to find D’s brother, continue in the path where you can see the jellyfish flying around.
  • If you get lost, follow the location in the image above to reach these jellyfish.
elden ring d's brother
D’s Brother (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

The path ahead of the jellyfish is pretty straightforward. Just make sure not to bump into the two crucible knights in your way and you will reach D’s Brother in no time.

  • You can find him sitting outside the Valiant Gargoyles boss fight, and the exact location on the map has been marked in the image above.

Questline Of D’s Brother

elden ring d's brother
Getting Armor Set Of D, Hunter Of The Dead (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

D’s Brother will not respond to your interactions if you don’t have the Armor Set of D, Hunter Of The Dead. D’s armor set is obtained at the end of his questline when he dies or you can get the set by killing him early on in Elden Ring.

  • You need to follow Fia’s questline as well because both of these will go hand in hand.
elden ring d's brother
Giving The D’s Armor Set To His Brother (Image Captured by Us)

There are two different outcomes to giving D’s armor to his brother.

  • If you kill D, Hunter Of The Dead, and then give the armor set to his brother, then the brother will become hostile and start attacking us.
  • However, if D dies on his own at the end of the questline and you give the armor at that point, the questline of his brother can be continued.
  • At this point, he can be summoned for the Valiant Gargoyles boss fight as well.
  • At the end of Fia’s questline in Deeproot Depths when you receive the mending rune of death, he will attack and kill Fia at which point his questline will end.
  • You can reload the area to receive D’s armor set and the Inseparable Sword.


Elden Ring surprises players with its explorations, enemies, boss fights, and music. Fromsoftware has really created a masterpiece that excels in all categories. Elden Ring gives you so many weapons to play around with including axes, hammers, and bows. You can even utilize spells and incantations if you wish against memorable bosses like Malenia. Elden Ring is really fun and you’ll enjoy every step of your journey in the lands between.

This concludes my guide on Elden Ring’s D’s Brother NPC and location. You not only know his location now but also his complete questline in detail. The rewards that you get for following his quest have also been mentioned. I hope that the guide was helpful in learning everything that you need to know about D’s Brother. Let me know what you think about Elden Ring’s NPC questlines in the comments below!


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