Elden Ring: How To Get Tonic of Forgetfulness

Unveil new storylines by consuming Tonic of Forgetfulness.

Tonic of Forgetfulness in Elden Ring is an item that players can use in quests and progress the game’s story. This potion is able to banish distress and bitter memories. Originally, Rykard, the Lord of Blasphemy, gifted it to his wife, Lady Tanith. Its purpose was to help Lady Tanith forget Rykard’s descent into blasphemy and aberration. But she refused to take it, unwilling to forget her love for Rykard. Now, the Tonic of Forgetfulness can be offered to the player, promising to help them forget their past traumas and move forward in their journey.

Key Takeaways
  • Tonic of Forgetfulness erases traumatic memories in Elden Ring.
  • It was originally gifted by the Lord of Blasphemy to Lady Tanith.
  • It is Obtainable through Rya’s questline in Volcano Manor.
  • Two options after obtaining: offer to Rya or try giving it to Brother Corhyn.
  • Offering it to Rya makes her forget past, return to dining hall after Rykard’s death.
  • Offering it to Corhyn unlocks dialogue, slightly alters his questline ending.
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What Is Tonic Of Forgetfulness?

The Tonic of Forgetfulness plays a crucial role in Elden Ring’s narrative and character development. According to the lore, this potion has the power to erase one’s traumatic memories and help one move on from their past. It was originally gifted by the Lord of Blasphemy to his wife Lady Tanith.

The Tonic of Forgetfulness can be offered to two different characters, each with their own unique storylines and dialogues that provide a deeper understanding of Elden Ring’s lore. I experienced that by choosing to offer the tonic to one of these characters, players can unlock further quests and delve deeper into the game’s intricate narrative.

How To Find Tonic Of Forgetfulness?

These are the steps I took in order to get a tonic of forgetfulness. Here is how you can find this potion:

  • Complete Rya’s questline in Volcano Manor to obtain the Tonic of Forgetfulness.
  • Help Rya in Liurnia of the Lakes for an invitation to the manor.
  • Complete assassination contracts from Lady Tanith in the Lands Between.
  • Exhaust Rya’s dialogues and inform Tanith about her troubles.
  • Hit the illusory wall right of the Site of Grace, explore the hidden side of the manor, and reach the Prison Town Church Site of Grace.
  • Find the Guest Hall Site of Grace, inform Rya about the Dark Side of Volcano Manor, and trigger a Godskin Noble boss fight.
  • After defeating the Godskin Noble, I suggest you to activate the Temple of Eiglay Site of Grace, and find the altar with the Serpent’s Amnion.
  • Give the Amnion to Rya, reload the area, and Rya will disappear.
  • Talk to Tanith to receive the Tonic of Forgetfulness

Uses Of Tonic Of Forgetfulness

After obtaining the Tonic of Forgetfulness, players can choose to use it on Rya or attempt to give it to Corhyn. To get the tonic, players need to complete several steps in Lady Tanith’s questline, including completing assassination contracts and obtaining the Serpent’s Amnion. Each option has unique consequences and adds to Elden Ring’s narrative complexity.


  • The first option is to give it to Rya in her secret room as per Lady Tanith’s request.
  • Players can find Rya by using the lift from the Temple of Eiglay. There is a secret exit just before the top floor where players need to jump to get to Rya.
  • After players give the Tonic of Forgetfulness to Rya in her secret room, she will forget her past and return to the Volcano Manor’s dining hall after everyone leaves following Rykard’s death in Elden Ring.
Tonic Of Forgetfulness Elden Rings
Offering Tonic Of Forgetfulness to Rya – [image credits eXputer]

Brother Corhyn

  • Another option for using the Tonic of Forgetfulness is to offer it to Brother Corhyn. Players need to offer it when he is with Goldmask at the overpass near the Stargazers’ Ruin in Mountaintops of the Giants.
  • Giving the tonic to Corhyn unlocks additional dialogue. It slightly alters the ending of his questline when he ultimately refuses to use it.
  • If the player offers Corhyn the tonic beforehand, he will stay on the bridge in the Giants’ region. He stays until he disappears, leaving behind his possessions.
Tonic Of Forgetfulness Elden Rings
Offering Tonic Of Forgetfulness to Brother Corhyn – [image credits eXputer]

Summing Up

In conclusion, the Tonic of Forgetfulness Elden Ring allows players to erase traumatic memories and move on in their journey. Obtaining the tonic requires completing a series of quests in Lady Tanith’s storyline. Players have two options for using it.

Players can offer it to Rya in her secret room, as Tanith requests. They can also attempt to give it to Brother Corhyn, which adds further complexity to the game’s narrative. Overall, the Tonic of Forgetfulness provides a unique and fascinating element to Elden Ring’s lore and character development.

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