Elden Ring: Rivers Of Blood Katana [Location + Walkthrough]

Our Elden Ring Rivers Of Blood Katana Location step-by-step guide entails how you can get the best bleed katana in the game.

Rivers of Blood can be a go-to weapon in an Arcane build. Previously, I curated Arcane build, so make sure you read it, and for the sake of my Elden Ring Rivers of Blood katana location guide, I will stick to the subject of how to get this amazing Arcane katana in the game. 

Key Takeaways
  • The Rivers Of Blood is an endgame weapon, obtained once the players reach the Mountaintop of the Giant and have ended about 70% of the story.
  • Once you reach the Mountaintops of the Giant, keep playing the game as you normally would. Follow along with the story.
  • Once you have crossed the Frozen Lake, where the dragon resides.
  • Rest at the site of grace in the Chruch Of Marika.
  • As you move to the direction pointed by the grace, players will come across two enemies fighting. Go straight toward them and make a sharp right over a rock.
  • As players approach the Chruch of Repose, they will be invaded by Bloody Finger Okina. Defeat Okina to obtain the Rivers of Blood katana.
  • The stat requirements for Rivers Of Blood are 12 Strength, 18 Dexterity, and 20 Arcane.

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How To Find Rivers of Blood Katana  

Elden Ring Rivers Of Blood Katana Location
Forbidden lands

For the players to get Rivers of Blood katana, they must progress through a lot of the main story and reach the Mountaintops of The Giant region of the game’s map. It’s almost 70% into the storyline until you get into the location called Forbidden Lands. Now, through the Forbidden Lands, you will have to go across to Giant’s Gravespot by using the Grand Lift of Rold as a conduit and working your way through the Zamor Ruins.

Zamor Ruins Location

best arcane katana
Zamor ruins

Now, here’s my quick rundown on how you can get to Zamor ruins. Once you’re there, move forward and straight, and you will encounter a tanky enemy there.

You can avoid the enemy when they try to aggro you or surround you. So, avoid it or beat him, I would suggest avoiding it. Then you’d reach the junction of two pathways from where you must take a left turn because it is less traversed. Also, when you take the left pathway, avoid the gigantic birds because they can be annoying and intimidating.

Elden Ring Rivers Of Blood Katana Location
giant bridge crossing

Moving on, there will be a dungeon there; skip that dungeon, work your way up the mountain top, and then take a right. Traversing forward, you will encounter one of the most beautiful sceneries in the game, where you’ll meet red-colored armor-set enemies who will be praying to the mountain.

You can engage here or again avoid the conflict and run across the bridge you see at the end of the cliff, as shown in the image here.

Giant Firing Arrows

best arcane sword
giant on left rivers of blood location

Now, on the other side of the bridge, a giant at your left will bombard you with giant arrows. There will be little spaces as you cross the bridge, so use them wisely and dodge the incoming arrows. Crossing the giant firing arrows will be your biggest hurdle in reaching the Rivers of Blood katana location in the Elden Ring.

Evade the firing arrows and climb to the mountaintop. Take a right at the impasse and ascend the broken sled. Reach the Site of Grace for a brief pause. I would advise that you proceed cautiously, being mindful of the Giants’ attacks that can cause harm. Use your Torrent horse to keep moving and take a left at the next junction.

Elden Ring Rivers Of Blood Katana Location
giant near site of Grace Rivers of blood location

When reaching the hill, hit the resting place to avoid restarting far back if you die. Keep moving up and forward. Avoid a couple of rats; if they jump at you, leap forward with your horse instead of fighting them to conserve health. Ignore the two giants. Find a Site of Grace. To the right, a long frozen lake quickly fills with fog if approached. To the left of this Site of Grace lies another path not covered in this guide’s scope.

So, you would need to approach the frozen lake, which also is home to an ancient dragon. You can ignore this optional boss encounter and move on with the Rivers of Blood katana location guide – the choice is yours.

top tier katana
crossing the freezing lake

After you have done that, you must be able to see a frozen lake, just cross that and you will reach the Church of Marika. So, interact with the Site of Grace there and make sure to collect the Sacred Tear there before moving on with my Rivers of Blood Katana location guide.

Reaching Church of Repose

Elden Ring Rivers Of Blood Katana Location
ignoring enemies to reach church of repose

There is going to be a site of grace as you spawn in; you are going to head on a little bit forward and straight until you actually get to see a statue that has a skeleton upon it. Beware, there are going to be a couple of giants walking around. They will be roaming in this space so I advise that you shouldn’t go with minimal health.

Once you get to the far end you are going to see two enemies fighting, now go straight towards them and make a quick sharp right over a rock.

killing blood finger Okina
invader bloody finger Okina

Defeat the invader, Bloody Finger Okina, near the Church of Repose to obtain the Rivers of Blood Katana in Elden Ring. In my experience, using powerful spells or melee weapons against him while maintaining distance to avoid his slash attack is best. The Comet Azur spell is particularly effective.

Afterward, collect the White Reed armor set, including gauntlets, greaves, and Okina Mask, from Spiritcaller’s Cave in the Mountaintops of the Giants. Ensure you have two Stonesword keys before attempting to obtain the armor set. It’s an excellent choice for a Samurai build.

Rivers of Blood Weapon Stats In Elden Ring

Elden Ring Rivers Of Blood Katana stats
Rivers of Blood weapon stats

The Rivers of Blood katana in Elden Ring resembles Ninja Gaiden, offering fast hack-and-slash attacks with a blood-loss effect. It has a weight of 6.5 and low FP cost, dealing solid physical and excellent fire damage. It is considered an S-tier katana in our Weapons Tier List. Make sure your character meets the attribute requirements of strength 12, dexterity 18, and arcane level 20 for optimal use.

The Rivers of Blood katana can be upgraded at the Blacksmith for increased damage. Its attacks leave a trail of blood and can be followed up with additional inputs for successive strikes. It’s effective in both PvE and PvP, inflicting blood loss and dealing with physical and fire damage.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about Elden Ring Rivers of Blood katana location. You can pretty much use any katana in the game and make the best dexterity build. However, which katana has been your go-to weapon in the game? Have you tried Rivers of Blood after patch 1.03? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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