Elden Ring Flame Cleanse Me [Location & Stats]

Burn through the poison with Flame Cleanse Me in Elden Ring.

The Elden Ring Flame Cleanse Me is a strong spell that removes poison and Scarlet Rot from your character. It is obtained from a flame sorcerer camp south of the Church of Vows, located in Liurnia. The spell can be a great addition to use if you’re someone who prefers Faith builds.

Important: Make sure you kill all enemies inside the flame sorcerer camp before you start looking around for the Flame Cleanse Me spell.
Key Takeaways
  • Flame Cleanse Me is obtained in a flame sorcerer camp located toward the southern side of the Church of Vows.
  • Once players have made their way to the camp, they can loot this spell from a corpse.
  • Killing the enemies inside is very easy as this camp is at an early game area.
  • The Flame Cleanse Me spell required 12 Faith to use. Also, it uses 12 FP per use.
  • It is a very valuable spell as it completely removes Scarlet Rot and Poison buildup from your character.

Location Of Flame Cleanse Me In Elden Ring

  • The Flame Cleanse Me spell is located toward the south of the Church of Vows at a flame sorcerer camp, located in Liurnia.
Location Flame Cleanse Me
Flame Cleanse Me Location | Image By eXputer
  • Also, a huge landmark near this location is the Carian Study Hall Tower.
  • Once players have made their way to this location, they can loot this spell from a corpse inside the flame sorcerer camp.
  • The enemies inside this camp are very weak, so killing them is not a problem.
Camp Flame Sorcerer
The Flame Sorcerer’s Camp | Image By eXputer

Stat Requirements Of Flame Cleanse Me

  • Flame Cleanse Me requires 12 Faith to use in Elden Ring. In addition, it costs 12 FP per use.
  • It is a powerful spell that completely cures Poison and Scarlet Rot buildup.

Ending Remarks

Elden Ring has proven itself to be one of the best games ever made with its gorgeous open world and gritty lore. In addition, it has enhanced and improved upon previous Souls entries with a fantastic PvP mode and refined combat. All in all, it is no wonder that Elden Ring managed to snatch the Game of the Year award with ease.

There you have it; with our guide on how to get to the Flame Cleanse Me spell in Elden Ring, you can obtain this powerful spell to make your exploration through swamps easier.

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