How To Play Elden Ring GeoGuessr [Step By Step]

This guide briefs on how you can play Elden Ring's fan-made Geoguessr game, along with covering a few guidelines to understand its mechanics.

Geoguessrs has recently started to gain a ton of popularity in the gaming industry, encouraging players to retrace their steps and pinpoint a location of a specific game. Similarly, Elden Ring’s Geoguessr takes you back to the Lands Between, where it gives you a series of in-game images, and you have to determine their exact locations. It’s a fun and straightforward experience where you can see how accurately you remember the map.

Key Takeaways
  • Elden Ring’s Geoguessr is a web-based fan-made game where players are supposed to identify the exact map location of an in-game image.
  • Upon visiting the site, players can select 1 of 6 available regions to play the Geoguessr.
  • They can also tweak the In-game Settings beforehand to make the experience as long or as difficult as they want it to be.
  • This includes options like:
    1. Changing the number of rounds per game.
    2. Altering the Time Limit for each round.
    3. Toggling Zoom, Moving, and Panning capability.
  • Once players verify each image, they can place a marker on the map screen to pinpoint their location.
  • Subsequently, they’ll get a result screen showing the points they received based on the accuracy of the pinpoint.
  • Ultimately, as soon as the game ends, a Game Summary screen will be shown, giving a brief rundown of the player’s overall success rate.

How To Start Playing The Elden Ring GeoGuessr

After nearly a full year since Elden Ring’s release, a diehard fan of FromSoftware’s title decided to make a Geoguessr with over 8000 unique in-game locations! This intuitive experience encourages Elden Ring veterans to jump back and regain their bearings, making them test how much they remember. It’s free, has optional sign-up options, and is widely accessible in most regions.

  • To start, visit the Elden Ring GeoGuessr’s online website hosted by
  • Upon opening the site, you’ll land at a simple UI with six different regions to choose from.
  • You also have the option to try the GeoGuessr in either Singleplayer or Multiplayer mode, where you can connect to an online lobby, invite your friends, and challenge them to see who makes the higher score.
geoguessr start screen
GeoGuessr Homepage (Screenshot by eXputer)

The 6 locations here feature a full-map version along with 5 large-scale in-game biomes, namely:

  1. Limgrave
  2. Liurnia of the Lakes
  3. Altus Plateau
  4. Caelid
  5. Mountaintops of the Giants
  • Once you select the map you want to guess on, you’ll be given a range of Game Settings to tailor your experience, which includes:
  • Game Length: Select the number of rounds (5 – 40) that you want to play per game.
  • Round Timer: Select or remove the time limit (10 seconds – 5 minutes) for each round.
  • Pan (Toggle): Get a 360° viewing angle on each round to get a better understanding of your location.
  • Move (Toggle): Use the arrows to move to other points near the original location to get a more comprehensive view.
  • Zoom (Toggle): Magnify the images to get a clearer view of nearby landmarks and mobs.
  • Finally, after selecting your preferred settings, click on the “Start Game” button to begin the round(s).
elden ring geoguessr settings
Pre-game settings (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
Important: The Leaderboards below will change depending on your Game Settings, showcasing high scores and completion time of players with the same settings. These Leaderboards update after every 10 minutes, so it only highlights recent high-score records.

How The Mechanics And Rules Work

  • When it starts, you’ll be given a random location image within the biome you initially selected.
  • The goal here is to determine the exact location of the place you’re standing inside the image.
  • You can zoom, look, or move around the given area depending on if you toggled their respective options in the settings menu.
Navigating through images with the arrows (Image Captured by eXputer)
    • Once you think you’ve identified the right location, open the map at the lower-right corner of the screen and click on your pinpointed location.
    • You can move around and zoom in on the map screen to mark the exact spot.
geoguessr map
Marking location on the map screen (Screenshot by eXputer)
    • Following that, you’ll meet a result screen showing the location you selected, the actual location, and the points you garnered depending on how accurate you were.
result geoguessr
Result Screen (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
    • After completion, you’ll also get a Summary screen detailing your total points and all the locations you selected in previous rounds.
    • And if you managed to score a beefy total, your username will appear on the Leaderboard until it refreshes.
Elden Ring's Geoguessr conclusion
Game Summary (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
Important: The map highlights several in-game landmarks like Erdtrees, Legacy Dungeons, roads, and debris. As such, you can use this Map legend to clarify your position further.

That wraps up this brief guide on playing Elden Ring’s Geoguessr game online. When Reddit user TheEdenChild announced it in this Reddit Thread, the community warmly welcomed the dedicated fan’s work. And besides the overwhelmingly positive reviews thus far, the maker of this fan-made experience has promised continued support. So hop into the Geoguessr and put your memorization skills to the test!

Consider reading the guide on Volcano Manor location if you want to visit one of the more memorable locations you’ll likely find on the Geoguessr. For diving deeper into Elden Ring’s rich background instead, here are some top interesting lore facts you would certainly like to know. And if you’re looking for similar experiences, here the some of the best games like Elden Ring, to keep you hooked.


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