10 Elden Ring Interesting Lore Facts

You probably might have missed some interesting things while playing the game. So, we are here cover that for you

FromSoftware games never cease to amaze us with their complexity of lore. Dark Souls Series, Bloodborne, Sekiro, and Elden Ring have a narrative with some amazing facts that one might easily miss. In Elden Ring, the basic story is pretty straightforward. You have to seek out the Shardbearers, who hold the Great Runes, which will help you reassemble the Elden Ring, and you will become an Elden Lord after that. Players will find most of the Lore in the usual Soulsborne way, with item descriptions or vague character dialogues, which we tend to skip. 

Key Takeaways
  • Item description of Root Resin mentions a Great Tree. It also states that the roots of this tree and the Erdtree used to be linked. However, someone or something took the Great Tree down.
  • Life that existed before the Erdtree opposed it as if it were a parasite trying to take over the Lands Between. However, the Erdtree eventually took over all of it through countless wars.
  • To prevent humans from defeating the Elden Beast, The Greater Will buried Nokron and Nostella deep underground by sending a malformed star, Astel, crashing into the Eternal Cities.
  • After challenging and defeating the Storm Lord on his own, Godfrey lost the guidance of grace and was banished from the Lands Between, making him the first Tarnished.
  • The Loathsome Dung Eater wears armor made of cut-down Omen horns and defiles their victims’ bodies, preventing their souls from returning to the Erdtree. They also want to inflict everyone in The Lands Between with the Seedbed Curse.
  • Marika and Radagon’s exact relation remains unknown. However, we know they’re the same person and gave birth to Melania and Miquella, both of whom are cursed differently.
  • The Elden Beast came to the Lands Between and became the Elden Ring. The Greater Will then chose Queen Marika as the vessel of the Elden Ring, making her a god.
  • During the boss fight, Rennala and the Juvenile Scholars sing about how she’s trying to bring her daughter, Lunar Princess Ranni, back to life using the Amber Egg.
  • Equipping the Queen’s Bracelet also puts a tiny ring on your pinky finger, indicating another hidden jewelry piece. Later, we find Ranni’s Dark Moon Ring in the same room.
  • Radahn learned gravity magic because he became too massive in size, making him unable to ride his beloved horse, Leonard, and he did not want to abandon him.

It is not surprising if you miss out on some information. So, here are 10 Interesting Elden Ring Lore Facts you might have missed.

Great Erdtree

Greattree Lore in Elden Ring
Lore about Greattree in Elden Ring

You probably have heard of Erdtree. It is the symbol of the golden order which was created by the Greater Will. The glowing tree is the physical manifestation of the Elden Ring, and it is the source of life in the Lands Between. However, the truth of Erdtree’s origins is so much darker than we realize, but did you know there was another tree that existed in the Lands Between, and Erdtree is not the first tree?

As players progress through the game, they will be bound to find items that come from the Erdtree, except one item, Root Resin. The item descriptions say that it comes from the roots of the Great tree. Furthermore, it says that The roots of the Great tree & Erdtree were once linked together. This statement proves that there once existed a tree before Erdtree, which was eventually taken down.

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The Erdtree Is A Parasite

Fact about Erdtree being a Parasite
Erdtree is a Parasite in Elden Ring

At first glance, the Erdtree is just a Golden Symbol of Golden’s Order Rule over the land. We also know that there existed another tree by the name of the Great tree, but the Erdtree and the Outer Gods have a far more sinister nature, and Erdtree is just a parasite to take over the Lands Between. 

According to the lore, Erdtree is the Source of Life, but if it was the Source of Life, there existed a tree before that and even life. Remembrance of the Dragonlord says that Dragonlord Placidusax was an Elden Lord before the Erdtree came into existence.

This statement proves that life existed before the Erdtree, but what makes it a Parasite? The Incantation, Protection of the Erdtree, says that everything was against the Erdtree first, but through countless victories and wars, it came into order. It confirms the fact that Greattree was a powerful force that Outer Gods wanted to take control of. 

In the lore, It is said that the souls of anyone who dies within the Lands Between are transported in the roots of Erdtree and fed to the Erdtree, or maybe the Greater Will. The Outer Gods probably saw potential in the Great tree and sent the Erdtree there to gain more power and control in the Lands Between.

The Eternal Cities Of Nokron And Nostella

Lore of Nokron and Nokstella
Lore about Nokron and Nokstella in Elden Ring

We know that the land is filled with landmarks and cities, but the two twin cities seem a bit out of place. The twin Eternal Cities of Nokron and Nostella are buried deep underground inside a vast crater. Any players who enter these cities will ask themselves, “why these cities are underground?”. As for most of the Elden Ring’s Lore, the answer to this question is told through the items and spell descriptions.

Nox Swordstress Armor says that ages ago, Nox once angered the Greater Will, and they were banished deep underground. That leaves us with the question, what did the people of Nox do to anger the Greater Will and suffer such wrath?

Well, the answer is hidden within the hidden treasure of the Eternal City of Nokron, the Fingerslayer blade, which says that It is proof of disloyalty that was done by the Eternal City. Furthermore, it also says that the one without fate cannot wield them, but it is able to damage the Greater Will and its vassals.

The answer now becomes simple, and the Greater Will did not want humans to defeat the Elden Beast and let them interfere in its plans. According to the Remembrance of Natural Born, Astel, the Natural born of the Void was the cause of the tragedy that happened to the Eternal City. Astel is a malformed star that once turned into a meteor and crushed the Eternal City. This is why the city is buried in the huge crater.

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Godfrey Is The First Tarnished

Fact that Godfrey is the First Tarnished
Godfrey is First Tarnished in the Elden Ring Lore

We all know that Godfrey is the first Elden Lord and the first husband of Queen Marika. The story of Godfrey starts as an intense warrior, and his name is “Hoarah Loux”. Later, he met Queen Marika and became her consort and first Elden Lord. Godfrey had led a long campaign on Marika’s order which was to defend the Erdtree and her Golden Order. 

Queen Marika bore three children with Godfrey: Godwyn, the Golden; and the twins, Mohg, Lord of Blood, and Margott, the Omen King. Marika being the Goddess, made her children Demigods. 

Godfrey led the battles against the giants, whose flames put a risk at Erdtree. He alone challenged the Storm Lord. But as his last worthy opponent fell, his eyes started to fade and became dull. He then was robbed of his grace and was banished from the Lands Between, which makes him the first tarnished.

Loathsome Dung Eater Lore

Lore of Dung Eater
Dung Eater Lore in Elden Ring

Loathsome Dung Eater might be the weirdest and most dangerous character we meet in the Lands Between. We first meet him in the Roundtable Hold, where he seems to be resting, but his real body is in his cell in the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds. If you approach him with at least a one seedbed curse in the Roundtable Hold, his quest will start. 

The Dung Eater is fully covered in armor made of cut-down horns of Omens. He defiles the body of its victims, which prevents their souls from returning back to Erdtree. He was executed by hanging and later was revived as a Tarnished by the gift of Grace. The goal of Dung Eater is much more evil; where he wants everybody to be inflicted with his seedbed curse. 

The Dung Eater has even got his own ending in the game. If we help him in his quest and use his rune on the fractured Marika’s statue, it will release the seedbed curse on all of the Lands Between, cursing everyone to a horrific death. 

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The Relationship Between Marika and Radagon

Relationship between Queen Marika and Radagon
Queen Marika & Radagon

Radagon was the husband of Queen Rennala, and they had three children together: Rydhan, Rykard, and Ranni. After Godfrey was banished from the Lands Between, Radagon left Rennala and joined Queen Marika to become her second husband and also receive the title of the second Elden Lord. 

Now, one of the biggest Plot Twists in Elden Ring is that Queen Marika is Radagon. Queen Marika & Radagon even has their own two children, Malenia and Miquella. But Radagon and Marika being the same person affected their children; they were both born cursed. 

Malenia was cursed with the Scarlet Rot, which damaged her from within and cost her several limbs. On the other hand, Miquella was cursed with eternal childhood and suffered being a child forever. 

Though, the exact relationship between them still remains unknown.

How The Elden Ring Was Forged

Elden Ring before shattering
Elden Ring

The goal of the Elden Ring is to reforge the Elden Ring by reassembling the Great Runes. That leaves us with the question, “How was the Elden Ring even created?”.

We know that the Greater Will threw a meteorite in the Land Between, which eventually resulted in the growth of Erdtree. However, the Elden Stars Incantation suggests that it was not a meteorite but actually a creature, Elden Beast. Moreover, the text also says that the Elden Beast will later become the Elden Ring.

Now according to Elden Ring lore, Queen Marika didn’t hold the Elden Ring but was just a vessel for it. It suggests that Elden Ring isn’t actually a physical object, but instead, it has a physical form just through a vessel. 

That might be the reason Elden Ring floats inside the Radagon while we are fighting him and why the Elden Beast comes out of him when we kill him—leaving us to the conclusion that without a vessel, the Elden Ring falls back to its original form.

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Juvenile Scholar Lore

Lore of Juvenile Scholar
Lore of Juvenile Scholar in Elden Ring

Have you ever wondered what words her children are singing while you fight Renalla? It’s hard to listen to them with all the chaos going around. But if we try to hear the individual’s voice line in the midst of the fight, we would hear, “Sleep tight, bound tight, by mother’s amber”. 

Now, Mother’s Amber means Rennala’s Amber Egg. Inside this egg is the Great Rune, which was gifted to her by the Radagon, her former husband. 

And with this egg, Rennala can rebirth her Juvenile Scholars anytime she wants. Further listening to the lullaby, it says, “Sleep tight, find life, in mother’s umbra”.

Cracking this, we found out that Umbra means “Shadow”. And going deeper, Umbra is the darkest region of shadow during Lunar Eclipse. 

Now, this becomes much more poetic as Rennala is the Queen of the Full Moon, and she wants to resurrect her daughter, Lunar Princess Ranni, because her former husband, Radagon, left her, and even the academy rebelled against the royal family.

Queen’s Bracelet Lore

Lore of Queen's Bracelet
Queen’s Bracelet Lore in Elden Ring

When you equip the Queen’s Bracelet, you do not just put the bracelet on, but you put a tiny ring on your little finger too. Furthermore, it’s said that if you wear a ring on your little finger, it means that you also own another expensive piece of jewelry that is stored away, and that’s what Rennala seems to be doing.

In her boss’s room, there is a chest that has Ranni’s Dark Moon Ring, a ring meant for betrothal, and it is to be given by the Lunar Princess Ranni to her consort.

With this ring, you can become Ranni’s Consort and unlock a new ending, where you will help Ranni become a god; the ending is known as the Age of Stars. The ring’s description furthermore states that “Ranni is an Empyrean, and her consort would by rights earn the title of the lord”. This shows how the royal family deemed betrothal as.

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Radahn Learns Gravity Magic

Horse Ridden by Radahn
Starscourge Radahn Riding his Horse

Radahn is the son of Radagon and Queen Rennala. Radahn was well influenced by the first Elden Lord, Godfrey. Being so influenced that he even decorated his armor with lions, which was actually the symbol of the first Elden Lord, Godfrey.

As Radahn grew in age, his size also grew massive. Eventually, he was not able to ride his beloved horse, Leonard. So, he learned Gravity Magic in Sellia through a Master. Learning Gravity Magic allowed him to manipulate the forces of gravity and also allowed him to ride his beloved horse.

His powers were so great that he even conquered stars by using Gravity Magic to hold the stars in one place and also saving Sellia in the process. He then earned the title “Starscourge”. The fact of not want to abandon his horse made players love him.

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That’s it for our Elden Ring Lore Facts. Do tell us in the comments section which Elden Ring Lore Facts intrigued you the most.

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